Sharia Comes to the Gothenburg Culture Festival

The previous post highlighted the way in which YouTube enforces sharia law against the “hate speech” of Counterjihad activists. Now we have a culture festival in Gothenburg that is considering enforcing a sharia-style segregation of the sexes at its events. All in aid of providing a “safe space”, mind you.

So that’s how the venerable Islamic institution of purdah comes to Sweden — as a feminist innovation to provide safe spaces for wymyn. And at rock concerts, no less.

Sweden is always in the vanguard, so we may assume this is the wave of the future for Europe.

Many thanks to Tania for translating this article from Aftonbladet:

Gothenburg Culture Festival wants women-only zones to counter sex offenders

Gothenburg Culture Festival is considering introducing a special area in front of the event where only women are allowed.

Safe zones in front of the events, where only women are allowed to be. It is one of the measures that the Gothenburg Culture Festival is considering to prevent sexual abuse during the festival.

“It would be a dramatic measure for us as an open festival. But everyone should be able to experience the festival without feeling unsafe,” Stafilidis said.

Abuse of female festival-goers has received considerable attention recently, particularly after several rapes during Bråvalla festival ,and a large number of reports of sexual molestation in connection with Putte i Parken in Karlstad.

“No one should feel unsafe”

The Culture Festival in Gothenburg has so far been spared from similar problems, says the business leader Tasso Stafilidis. But for this year’s edition, in mid-August, the festival has nevertheless, as a last resort, developed a program which includes safe zones in front of the stage.

“We must be prepared to actively do something about it. It is for that reason that we are considering these zones.”

“Securing the space”

In the first place, however, he hopes that other measures such as tailor-made training for both the volunteers and security personnel, should suffice.

“But if something still happens, then of course those other actions are not enough. Then maybe we have to offer voluntary, safe spaces in front of the largest events.”

28 thoughts on “Sharia Comes to the Gothenburg Culture Festival

    • Too late. Many of the cultural enrichers are now second or third generation Swedes.

    • And so infidel women caught outside of their ‘permitted area’ will be treated even more as easy targets.

  1. Why don’t they just have special zones restricted to infidels? Then the infidels could at least enjoy the evening with their friends and family.

    • Yes safe zones for infidels. A brilliant idea… Everything is about a good name, a brand… Let’s see… Lots of infidels in same place they are together, not rare , got it: they are concentrated into the same safe area… Ok the other part. Group, no… Place… no, well everybody like camping because it is such fun. Now let’s put together the two things: “concentrating for camping”… no this lack pizzazz, ah got it: “Concentration Camps”. You see that is it! An awesome name a brand will bring this into acceptance.
      Salome – this is what you were thinking right?

      • Crosswire, this is what the authorities are thinking for the ethnically Swedish women, you know, the ones who were born there, and who can trace an unbroken line back to the Vikings. Is that worse?

  2. I’m sure that hiring some local racist thugs as “Security” would solve the problem quite quickly.

    Unpalatable solution? Not any more than what they’re doing instead.

    So obviously something else must be done.

    • Agree, the social contract has been broken by the Swedish authorities. When a contract is broken, it frees BOTH sides. No more protection for the citizen? Then the citizen must protect themselves.

  3. Haven’t they heard about the special anti-rape bracelets? Women simply wear bracelets and it stops the offender dead in his tracks.

  4. “I’m sure that hiring some local racist thugs as “Security” would solve the problem quite quickly.”

    They are rather hard to find in Sweden these days.

  5. “Gothenburg Culture Festival is considering introducing a special area in front of the event where only women are allowed.”

    In FRONT of the event??? This Aftonbladet: article makes little sense to me since the festival is made up of about 1200 activities scattered all over the place, opera, art, music, carnival, street performances, crafts, theatre, literature and films, whole streets of venues where people are milling about, as well as cultural enrichers. How do you create “safe spaces” with that set-up? Women will be everywhere. I must have missed something.

  6. “In FRONT of the event???” Sure it is a bad translation!!!

    Safe zones in front of the various scenes, where only women are allowed to be. It is one of the measures of Gothenburg Culture Festival that is considering to prevent sexual abuse during the festival.
    – It might be a drastic measure for us to introduce this. But everyone shall experience the festival without feeling insecure, Stafilidis said.

  7. .
    Gothenburg Culture Festival wants to ban all men in some areas of the festival: introduces marked zones in front of scenes for single women to prevent muslim men sex offending.Swedish girls à la Cologne.

    The Islamization of Europe – Now beyond the point of safe return.

    Nu finns ingen återvändo.

  8. Simple solution. Maybe the “men”, if I may use this term that designates a gender with specific body parts(potentially offensive micro aggressive terminology) could “man” up and take care of the women in their own freaking country? You were once Vikings, for Thors sake! Women are groped and raped by muslim men(animals) in public spaces? Really? Pathetic. Try that in Texas and see what happens. Europe needs a huge injection of testosterone. These daily accounts of European women being assaulted by your beloved culture enrichers are embarrassing to me as a civilized male. Step up and take care of business.

    • What they need is to eradicate feminism which is directly to blame for this problem. This is what they get when almost all of the men have been turned into male feminists.

      • Don’t fret, Nimrod. There is a self-correcting mechanism that will take care of the insanity of feminism. I believe it’s called “Islam”. 🙂

        Alas, the cure has some unfortunate side-effects. 🙁

  9. I’m trying to imagine middle earth where the elves take in millions of Orc “refugees” and constantly make excuses for them while elves are getting their heads bashed in, raped, the forest is getting burned, etc. And the whole time they keep harping on about integration and how the forest is “too elvish” or something.

    Might make an amusing book.

  10. Sweish Men are [vulgar intensifier] weak here and pathetic here in sweden. It’s a lost battle with fence sitters as defenders…..

  11. This is exactly what Islam wants. The gropings and rape over the last year or so has but one aim. And that is women put themselves in purdah voluntarily. An Islamic sigh of relief is heard. Job done, pat on backs all round. I have a different idea, how about, anyone breaking the law, is arrested, charged, tried and sent back to whichever cess pit they originally came from? Or am I revolutionary?

  12. But what about those who are physiologically men but psychologically women?

    I am sure they will be given the right to be in the women’s sector. Quite a few of them might turn out to be, after all, lesbians. Even aggresive lesbians, who, finding themselves surrounded by women only, may lose control over themselves and start harassing other women.

    Dear Swedish ladies, beware of bearded Middle Eastern transgender lesbians!

  13. Never mind “racist” security guards, don’t the wretched Swedes have riot police?

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