Send the Romanian Dhimmi to Prison!

A group of Romanians want to bring former Prime Minister Victor Ponta to justice in court because he approved the construction of a mosque in Bucharest.

The man shown in this video is the one who threw pig’s meat and blood on the designated site for construction of the mosque, desecrating and stopping the construction.

He is wearing traditional Romanian clothes.
Many thanks to Stefan cel Mare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   For breaking the law concerning religious cults.
0:04   To be more specific…how did he break the law? – His decision is prejudicial to the state,
0:08   and the Romanian people weren’t asked through a referendum about building a mega-mosque.
0:12   …this must be also a signal to the rest of the politicians, who are doing the same thing as Victor Ponta,
0:17   that they will also believe it. We are going to follow him also in prison, and we will
0:21   send him meatballs in prison, and ask him if he still wants a mega-mosque.

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  1. Thanks heaven Eurpeans have started to wake up and they now know who the real enemy is:


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