“Refugees” Ride for Free

Native Germans have to pay for their train tickets. “Refugees”, in contrast, get to ride for free, since they’re generally understood to be penniless.

Such is the logic of the German railway system.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Discrimination against light-skinned passengers on local public transportation

I spend about a half hour daily in the trains of the German Railways and in a train of a private operator. The amount of “southern-looking” passengers fluctuates, depending on the time of day, between a quarter and half of all passengers. There are multiple controls on the trains and often I witness how passengers are being controlled that do not have a valid ticket. In slang we call them “black riders”. As of late, a lot of them are “refugees”. When the tickets get controlled, there are now distinctions being made based on the color of the skin: If you’re a light-skinned black rider they take your personal information, and you’ll eventually receive a penalty by mail from the railways and you pay. But “southern-looking” passengers are generally just left to exit the train, or they are allowed to ride on without having to pay a penalty.

I wrote a letter to the German Railways, in which I complained about this discrimination, and I received the following answer:

[Translation of the letter pictures]

Ticket control on the train

Dear Mister ———

Thank you very much for your letter from May 3rd, 2016, which was forwarded to us from the Hannover metropolitan traffic area (GVH).

In the letter you lament the fact that you have repeatedly experienced our train personnel who control train tickets repeatedly only made passengers who weren’t in possession of a valid ticket leave the train.

You are asking yourself why they have not been asked to pay the penalty.

In the tariff and transportation requirements it is affirmed that passengers who cannot produce a valid railroad ticket have to pay an increased penalty. It is also affirmed that in case of refusal of payment and production of valid personal information, the person is prohibited to further make use of the train.

Migrants and refugees are generally penniless, so that the collection of an increased fee usually produces no success.

Unfortunately, you have written your letter in too general terms. Only with timely and concrete evidence do we have the opportunity to investigate an incident and to question our personnel why a certain case was handled the way it was.

With friendly regards…

[End translation of the letter]

So now I know: With migrants and “refugees” there is no increased penalty fee imposed because they are generally seen as “penniless”.

For me this is a clear case of discrimination against the domestic population. I am treated as a second-class passenger. On one hand I already pay around €900 for a yearly railway card, and on the other hand I pay an increased penalty whenever I forget my card. Those “southern-looking” passengers eschew from the get-go the purchase of tickets and are exempt from punishment in every case.

Now I am going to fight against this discrimination. The first step is a letter to the federal anti-discrimination office. I will produce the result here. But regardless of that, I invite everyone to not just take without a word this kind of discrimination. Everyone can write a letter or an email. People have to call attention to this discrimination against local traffic by departments, in the housing market, and in schools. It just cannot be that “refugees” and migrants are being treated better than the indigenous, tax-paying population.

8 thoughts on ““Refugees” Ride for Free

  1. While you’re at it write a letter to God and lodge a complaint against foul weather.

  2. There’s also the unmentioned issue that any pushy ticket collector who tries to enforce the rules against a “penniless refugee” might get beheaded as a result. Not that this has anything to do with Islam, mind you.

  3. It cannot be but unfortunately that’s exactly how it is and exactly how the Marxist nutters in charge like it. Socialism means redistribution and the pleasure of redistribution lies not in giving your money to other people but in taking it away from you.

  4. Rail staff are obviously frightened of tackling self entitled, aggressive, ignorant migrants, should they be assaulted no one would be arrested and excuses would be made on behalf of the perpetrators anyway.

    These uncivilised interlopers would never have dared to behave in this manner in their home countries and cannot believe their luck at being permitted to run riot throughout Europe whilst being financed by their hosts too.

    Rape, sexually assault, fare dodge, mug and shop lift at will folks, mad mutti Merkel says it’s a price Germans have to pay and all for the joys of diversity!

    Wake up people, you have been abandoned by your churches, your unions and your local and national representatives, letters of complaint are just not going to hack it!

  5. Infowars was not allowed to say Islamic terrorist attack in their FB site.Facebook is anti Trump. We need a truly conservative social media.

    • Just ignoring FB would be a good start. It’s useful for family pictures, cat lols, and reminders to pray…otherwise useless.

  6. This is how they do within sharia. The dhimmi takes the burden.

    We already see this is European states. Ethnic Europeans work and pay taxes. Muslims are entitled to free housing and support on first class terms. In this respect, everything is prepared for more sharia.

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