Open Season on Easy Meat in Östersund

Östersund is a town of 44,000 in central Sweden that has recently been culturally enriched with “Syrian” “asylum seekers”. As reported here back in March, police in Östersund have advised women not to venture out alone after dark, due to a wave of assaults and rapes.

Now, four months later, the authorities have acknowledged that the culprits in these assaults are asylum seekers, a.k.a. “New Swedes”. Furthermore, staying home at night hasn’t been sufficient protection, as more recent assaults against women have occurred in broad daylight.

Other Swedish towns are experiencing similar numbers of sexual assaults by culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to Tania for translating this article from Fria Tider:

“Asylum-seeker youths” behind the wave of assaults against women in Östersund

By Mattias Albinsson
June 26, 2016

It was mainly the “young asylum seekers” who were behind the sex attacks against women in Östersund during the winter and spring, says Stephen Jerand, Police Area Manager in Jämtland, to Östersund Posten.

On the night of March 6 two women were assaulted in central Östersund. On one occasion, a woman of about 25 was knocked down in Prästgatan (Priest Street) in the town center by three men who then tried to rip off her clothes.

Later that night another woman was assaulted in the central part of the city. She was knocked down by a man who tried to press her head against the ground before he gave up and disappeared from the scene.

On both occasions, the perpetrators were identified as immigrants.

The attacks were just two in a series of assaults against women in Östersund that a few days later prompted the police to put out a warning to the women of the city.

“We encourage people, especially women, not to go out alone at night,” said police area manager Stephen Jerand on 7 March.

But the warning not to go out alone at night did not prevent the perpetrators from attacking during the daytime. At five o’clock in the afternoon on March 11 an 18-year-old woman was assaulted and beaten after she refused to give her phone number to a group of immigrants.

The attack, which occurred in the town center near a shopping mall, was the eleventh reported assault to the police over the course of just a few weeks.

The Police Report

But Östersund is not the only city in Sweden that is being hit by a wave of rapes and sexual assaults against women in the wake of the influx of asylum seekers.

Last month police received a report that shows that refugee and other immigrant groups were behind at least 80% of the sexual molestation reported in Swedish swimming baths last year.

The report also addresses other cases of sexual molestation and assault against women, which occurred at those establishments, and notes that they too were mostly perpetrated by immigrants.

The report additionally described eleven cases in which girls and young women were subjected to everything from sexual molestation to rape.

Stephen Jerand now confirms to the local newspaper that the same situation applies in Östersund as in the rest of Sweden, and that is that it is immigrants who are behind the vast majority of assaults against women in the city.

“When we receive refugees it is essential to let them know the rules that exist in Sweden, and that women are also covered by them.”

34 thoughts on “Open Season on Easy Meat in Östersund

  1. Don’t you just love it when the media grudgingly says: “Mainly young asylum seekers….”
    Implying, by omission that some were native Swedes, they ALWAYS say that. As if Native Swedes would be out raping with the moslem filth!

  2. “When we receive refugees it is essential to let them know the rules that exist in Sweden, and that women are also covered by them.”

    Right, the culture enrichers care about Sweden’s rules. All we need to do is explain it to them. Yeah, right.

    • The migrants are unaware that in Sweden it is illegal to rape women, sure. If only someone told them…

      In a Muslim country, committing a rape leads to a vendetta against your family. Your punishment is most likely death at the hands of the girl’s male relatives.

      But in Sweden the migrants know that they are safe from serious punishment. Plus the migrants view all Swedish women as whores, and the Swedish men as cowards and cuckolds.

      Swedish men must take their country back, with violence if necessary, first against the Swedish traitors, and after that they can send all migrants back wherever […] they came from.

      MSWGA-Make Sweden Great Again

  3. Everyone knows what’s happening here in Sweden except the deaf dum blind and ignorant politicians and femist wHo live in denial. It need to take one of the female politicians to be ganG raped themselves for them to finally wake up. But I doubt that would probably never happen. Unfortunately it’s only gonna get worse until jimmy comes in to clean up the [fecal matter]! By the way. Can some whisper in Åkesson ear to get a decent publicist so he can win the next election if it’s not too late!

    • “Needs to take one of the female politicians to be raped….”
      I seem to remember one was–and kept quiet about it for fear of “offending the moslem community”

      I fear the brainwashing has been too successful in Sweden, and the country is, largely, lost.

      Yet there are places in Sweden that are free of the rabble; where the old idyllic Sweden still exists. A friend of mine lives in one such place–and it’s only a stone’s throw south of Malmø!

    • There are all sorts of shadows darkening our credibility: just depends on where the viewer is standing and how he chooses to view us. Our stalwart friends know we always act in good faith. Our enemies wouldn’t believe anything good about us even if God came down from the clouds and declared it so.

      We learned a long time ago not to sweat the small stuff. The wonderful thing about having one’s own blog is that one gets to decide what is and what is not “small stuff”. This is small stuff, in my humble opinion. However, it’s good information to have. Thank you.

    • I spit on the grave of my credibility!

      I found it on a Swedish website that identified it as Östersund. Exponerat, I think it was. I needed a header; best I could do.

    • Did you thought the perps of the rapes did some model shoots for the article? Of course it’s stock photo. Jeez…

  4. When are the authorities going to see that these sexual attacks on white European women are an Act of War designed to stop us from reproducing? These women will be traumatised for the rest of their lives and are unlikely to ever have proper relationships with even white men. No wonder why our birthrates are below replacement levels.

    Within ten years we will hit the demographic tipping point in which we will never recover recover from. It will take [fomenting violence, redacted] to stop us becoming hated minorities in our own lands.

    • I disagree with your theses and conclusions, sir.

      Western civilization has been on a suicidal binge since World War I, ff. Actually, since the turn of the previous century -from 19th to the 20th. Here is a crucial history lesson, one which I urge you to read:

      The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

      Once you read it, you’ll keep going back to it.

      As for birth rates, they began dropping in the 1960s with the advent of the pill, and speeded up with the wider acceptance of abortion as a “civil right”. But the birth rate is dropping everywhere. Google is your friend: look at Iran’s birth rate – one of the worst.

      You fail to take into account the coming demographic implosion – due circa mid-century- which will have a global impact, but no one is sure of the form it will take. Good or bad?

      But the drop in world population is a mathematical certainty. That’s why China has gotten rid of its draconian one-baby law…however they haven’t been able to convince couples to have more than one. It was easier to enforce the one-baby law: soldiers regularly went into rural hamlets and ripped out those illegal “extras”. Now government has changed its mind, but they haven’t come up with a way to enforce the new thinking of “more babies”…not yet, anyway. Listen to Putin talk about the need for families and babies for Russia sometime. He’s a good speechifyer, but doesn’t seem to have convinced anyone.

      I would suggest more reading on the coming times. Sir Gregory Copley’s work is worth your time. His “UNcivilization” book on the coming chaos is on our sidebar. Fascinating. Looking at what a variety of historians have to say about our past, combined with some insight into predictions for our future that don’t rely on linear thinking might change some of the paradigms you use to make your dysphoric calculations.

      There are simply too many Unknown Unknowns to be able to predict anything. As one small example: Suppose that within the next five years someone – or some group – develops a way to address all our fuel needs, totally by-passing the fossil fuels on which we now depend. What would be the ramifications of such an ‘invention’, technology, or however you care to define this amazing development. What do you think the Unintended Consequences might be – the BAD ones – for the civilized world??

      Widen your horizons beyond 20th century thinking. Find a way to stop worrying about white people…

      • Widen your horizons beyond 20th century thinking. Find a way to stop worrying about white people…
        I don’t know what you mean by this. Is not worrying about white people the corollary of worrying about Islam?

        • The race thing has to go. On both sides of the divide. Worry about your family (mine includes blood relatives with partial African, partial Chinese, and even some English DNA, God help us), and take care of them first. Next comes your various voluntary community groups – vets, church, the volunteer fire dept, the local animal shelter, groups like Habitat for Humanity that help LOCAL poor people who are willing to put their own sweat equity into building or repairing their homes. Or perhaps community gardens? Mentoring school children by volunteering to read to kids one-on-one, esp for the kids having trouble with reading (see Ben Carson’s group).

          Since you’re a man, your help is desperately needed by Boy Scout groups…

          IOW, worry about your family, your extended kin, and then your local folks. If you have time left over, join a civic group trying to bring about change via grassroots volunteers. In the voting district next to ours, volunteers got a fat cat incumbent, beholden to every lobbyist in D.C., the second most powerful man in the House, booted out in favor of an economics professor with no political favors owed to anyone…The fat cat had more money to spend on food for his volunteers than his opponent had in toto. But he failed to listen to his constituents who told him repeatedly, “STOP IMMIGRATION”. He didn’t think he had to listen.

          It’s not worrying about Islam that changes anything. It is forceful, targeted pushback. It is finding a group (in the US at any rate) like ACT! for America and joining up.

          This isn’t easy. The mayor of Manchester NH, when he found out he was powerless to stop the Feds from continuing to pour migrants into his town (the schools already have 60 languages in them), decided to run for governor so he could stop the madness in his town and in the rest of beleaguered New Hampshire.

          Fight back, Patrick. Work against the white ‘feminists’ who are destroying men and the very foundations of any culture: the family. I hung out in an English-speaking Swedish forum for a while and the hatred Swedish women showed toward men was not only ignorant, it was attacking the foundations of their own security as women…and now they have reaped the whirlwind.

          Worry wisely. Read as much as you can about the history of Islam – start with Bill Warner’s videos (they’re free on You Tube) and his booklets – do a search for his site, Political Islam.

          If you want to understand how Western civilization’s history has been distorted and faked for over a thousand years, read that book on our home page, Emmet Scott’s riveting “Mohammed & Charlemagne” (or maybe vice versa?). That book will change the way you think about the past and the present.

          White people are the problem, sir. Black people make up about 12-15% of our population. You’ll read scare stories about minorities taking over, but they’re wrong. I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re around come mid-century or so, you’ll have a ring-side seat to watch the unprecedented *global* demographic implosion. As in die-off. And no one can really predict what things will look like after that.

          Make incremental changes in your self, your family, and your associations. Remember to be generous and compassionate with them all since that’s all you can successfully affect, or even nudge off the places they’re stuck by as much as a millimeter.

          Here’s a thought experiment: if you were stuck on a desert island for a year, never seeing a soul, what would that be like? Say you had enough to eat, the climate was mild, but you were utterly alone and wondering if you’d die of loneliness after that long. Then let’s say a dinghy washes up on the beach. in the bottom of the boat is a human figure lying on its stomach covered in a blanket. You can’t really see them but you can tell they’re alive since you see shallow breathing. You run to get a gourd of water and race back to the dinghy…the person is sitting up by then and turns around, afraid of you…but it’s *your* first human encounter in a year when you had been scared there would never be another one. And she turns out to be a beautiful black woman…what would you do then?

          Just a thought experiment.

          • Dymphna:

            Your inner liberal is showing. Your virtual island in reality has very limited resources. Your virtual dinghy is more likely to contain a couple tattooed gang bangers with a hungry look in their eyes. Now, are you going to be lunch or dinner? I ask, because meat is back on the menu for these guys. Ask a South African.

          • I was writing ONE scene, not a book. The scene was intended to highlight and perhaps change the perceptions of ONE person regarding his fear of black people – if fear is the right word.

            Wait till you’ve been snowbound for a week and a black man driving an old tractor rattles down your driveway with his scraper pushing that snow out of the way…suddenly you see a path back to the rest of the world. No, I don’t want to marry him (and the feeling is mutual, no doubt) but he has been our friend for many years. An ex-Marine who runs 10 miles a day even though he’s pushing 80.

            I’m sooo tired of the white bashing, black bashing irrational fears emanating from both sides of the chasm. When some visiting white friends brought their hooligan white kids with them and unbeknownst to us, those kids vandalized that same man’s home place, the house he and his sibs had been raised in, he refused payment for the damage. Just fixed it himself and shook his head over “city kids”…

            I’m not in South Africa. I’m in the midst of a colony of people descended from the slaves who once worked the land we all live on now. South Africa’s bloody history has NO innocent bystanders. Karma is a dog…

          • Excellent points Dymphna. Though the last point is strained. I could equally ask what you’d do if the person you came across was a radical islamist. It’s only the two of you, there is no longer a culture to protect, suddenly radical islam may not seem so bad.
            Whatever answer you have could be felt by someone else for any other example.

          • Dymphna:

            “South Africa’s bloody history has NO innocent bystanders. Karma is a dog…”

            Wow, so you are telling me that some 20 year old white person currently living in SA is somehow responsible for apartheid and should suffer because of it? That’s like saying that you are responsible for slavery or atrocities committed to Indians. The basis for your entire argument is based on a false premise that all cultures and all peoples can somehow be compatible (the same false premise that affects liberals today, resulting in your blog). Show me somewhere in history this is true? In fact the reverse is true, because politicians like to emphasize those differences for their own political advantage. I am currently reading “Midnight’s Furies” (, a book about the 1948 partition of India. Here we have three classes of people, practically genetically identical, and we see that provocation by politicians sets off rampant violence resulting in millions of deaths. I don’t see the situation that much different in the USA, yet you continue to believe that somehow everyone is compatible and can live together. Do you also believe in unicorns?

          • You’ve bruised yourself jumping to conclusions and making inferences from what I said. Believe as you will but you will never find me saying that “everyone is compatible” – or even implying such a trite statement. The only people who are compatible are those who determine to attempt that long process. People bunch together in like groups, and there is probably a hardwired fear of The Other in all human beings, as part of our self-preservation. From my extensive work with little kids I have seen that fear operative in many situations…it is not a trait I would ever deliberately work to eliminate in children, either: judicious fear keeps one safe. Trust has to be earned. With abused kids it is truly icky to see a tiny one going from stranger to stranger seeking attention. Makes my skin crawl.

            There is no shortage of evil in any neighborhood, nor is there any family who can say with certainty (and truthfulness), “no problems here”…

            In studying the history of Africa I’ve read about ceaseless slaughters on both sides – colonists and indigenous. In fact, the indigenous Africans sold off competing tribes to strangers who came looking for slaves. But the same murderous cruelty is true everywhere else, none worse than the massive global blood-letting in the ‘civilized’ world in the 20th century.

            Show me *any* place where I’ve ever said I believed that somehow everyone is compatible and can live together. For heaven’s sake, man, I come from a people who were defeated repeatedly because they couldn’t ever stop fighting with one another long enough to provide a united front against a common enemy. And now I’m watching my country become ever more fragmented and polarized with each passing year. I don’t think in such terms, never mind say them out loud.

            Besides, the “why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along” plaint is a stupidly shallow sentiment. While I have many flaws neither of those fit my characterolgocial make-up.

            As for unicorns, one has to be a liberal and a virgin to be permitted to possess one. But President Obama does allow us peasants to gaze upon his herd on occasion. We’re all so terribly grateful when he does.

            From reading your rant and all those words you have me saying, it’s obvious you’re not a careful reader.

          • Obviously, I have more fears than solutions, but I don’t believe that makes me entirely wrong.

    • Francis: way less than ten years as the tipping point is now, since masses of third world invaders pour in constantly unabated, having four wives with many offspring. No way Americans, Canadian or Euro women can compete with that. The cost of living is so high women have to work, no time to have babies and must help pay bills and some must help elderly parents. I am retired and run into middle age couples and retirees who never had offspring, including myself. Invaders are coming to U.S. , get in the dole, few work. (

      • laura m:

        It depends on what “afford” means as to whether or not one decides that having kids is a priority. The Baron and I were limited to one bec we met late and ran out of time, but our druthers would have been to have more if fate had allowed. (I had four children all told).

        I know families who have decided to go simple – not getting off the grid, but getting off the greed induced by television ads and shows. The couples’ priority was children.

        We did it partly because we both loathed television (though we did have an old monitor hooked up to a DVD player with movies from the library).
        One car eventually became two old junker cars, one for back-up,
        vacations are camping trips to near by state parks…
        clothes from yard sales in pricey neighborhoods and Good Will…
        Grow food or buy it cheap from neighbors – much of it given away by the end of the season.
        Who *needs* a cellphone?
        Or electronic games?
        Or more than one computer per family -unless you make your living at it?

        It’s sad but children are no longer a priority; personal fulfillment is.

        Yes, we do have invaders and there aren’t any easy answers since the government is facilitating the invasion. We’re always asking Europeans why they don’t “do something” about it even as small towns across the country fill up.

        One of the things I like about Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch is her search engine for any number of categories. This is a new-ish one:

        Read the top post!

        Ann’s website is a good example of crowd-sourced information: people on the front lines send her information all the time.

        one has to have a 1930s attitude but it can be done and done with grace IF children are a priority for a couple. Our “cost of living” was always lower than our friends in the big cities but we were hardly the only ones who decided to home school, live close to the bone, and have fun doing it.

  5. I don’t mean this to be a judgemental, finger-pointing exercise, but I can’t help asking the questions:
    – Where are the Swedish men (or German, English, Italian, etc.)?
    – Where are the brothers, the partners, the boyfriends – yes, the fathers even?
    You know the ones I mean? Those of the MALE variety who
    – love their women,
    – cherish their women,
    – respect their women,
    – honour their women,
    – LOVE THEIR WOMEN enough to
    – stand beside them,
    – defend and
    – protect them?

    • Not there at the time of the attack.

      I dare say the women were doing what they always did assuming that Sweden was safe.

    • Feminism has killed that will in the majority of European men. This coupled with a mindset of the law of the land should deal with it, has pretty much done it for the West. I was watching Sky News a while back and one of the women on the show commented at how insulted she felt whilst travelling on the bus one day that an old age pensioner offered her his seat. I’m afraid in some respects it’s this kind of attitude which has led to the situation that we find ourselves in today.

    • Swedish (German, etc.) men have been for decades exposed to relentless feminist propaganda that taught them that:

      a. women are as strong as men and treating a woman as a damsel in distress is humiliating, reactionary and chauvinist;

      b. men (first of all, straight white Christian men) are horrible violent animals responsible for all imaginable evil on Earth and must therefore be re-educated and turned into timid harmless creatures incapable of any sort of violence, even in self-defence.

      Besides, both men and women in the West have long been brought up in the spirit of individualism and hedonism. Which, logically, encourages selfishness and cowardice.

      In a nutshell, however you look at this problem, it all comes up to the loss of traditional Christian values on which the whole edifice of Western civilisation stands. Remove them – and the civilisation begins to shake and crumble.

    • I totally agree with you, you cannot look at modern Scandinavia today and believe that the people are descended from the Vikings.

      In the pursuit of feminism and equal rights it seems that the back bones of the European male have been sucked out of them and they have allowed themselves to become psychologically, if not physically neutered accordingly.

      By all means be in “touch” with your feminine side as the modern jargon would have you believe but for pity’s sake try and keep in “touch” with your masculine side whilst you are about it!

    • I guess you are an american.

      You have to realize that there are almost no hanguns in Europe owned by law abiding citizens. In most countries it is illegal to carry a knife in your pocket.

      The only way a man can prevent an attack such as the ones described (three attackers) is either to be a huge guy or to be a martial arts expert.

      The invaders are not dumb. They usually assualt women walking alone and do it in groups and with knifes.

      No guns, no chance.

      • Thanks Zé. No I’m not American, I’m a European but I’ve have been living “down under” for many years.

        My questions were not motivated by this single, sad incident alone but by the growing trend wherever we find “the enrichers”.

    • SoliDel: I wonder the same thing, so I’m assuming there isn’t any men who care or respect their women.

      • laura & soli –

        Judge much?

        Try listening to Swedish feminists for a while. I used to read them in discussions on the Swedish version of “The Local”. The only use they had for men was to obtain some sperm for the sake of having a child and then move along.

        “Feminism” in Sweden is a cancer…creepy and all-consuming.

        Smart women stay home after dark in Sweden. Or they run from the club to the waiting taxi.

        If you’re going to judge the men in Sweden, try judging the women in that country, too.

        • I regret having given the impression of being judgemental; I was hoping to avoid that very thing in couching my point with questions, as well as enlarging my argument by including other fellow-European men (see my reply to Zé above).

          I have not been exposed to the kind of feminism you speak of, I’ll have to take your word. Be that as it may, I’m not totally convinced that even extreme feminism is solely to blame; in my opinion at least some of the responsibility must be borne by men who have chosen (for a whole plethora of reasons) to abdicate their God – given Manhood (I’m not talking about Hollywood’s hollow macho men & the like).

          Anyway, I always look forward to reading yours and the Baron’s comments, as well as all the responses – thank you.

  6. I wonder what will be the breaking point for the good people of Sweden? Passive under brow beating from leftist politicians, seeing their laws and customs trampled upon and now “new Swedes” taking liberties with their women folk. When the mild mannered folk snap, it could be volcanic.

    • Let’s fervently hope so, because if not they will be slaves living in an islamic country.

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