Old Enough to Rape, Too Young to Deport

Below is another instance of culturally-enriched sexual assault in which the perp got off lightly. In this case the crime is the rape of a Swedish woman by an Eritrean “refugee”. The rapist can’t be deported after serving his (minimal) sentence because — wait for it — it would violate his rights, and besides, he is only 19. Such is the lunacy of Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Many thanks to Tania for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Migration Board stops deportation of rapist

June 28, 2016

A 19-year-old citizen of Eritrea raped a Swedish woman inside a restaurant toilet in Sundsvall. Now the African has been sentenced to imprisonment for one year and four months — but can stay in Sweden because the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) does not believe that he, as a “refugee”, should be deported back to his homeland.

The rape took place in a toilet stall inside the Allstar restaurant in Sundsvall in April of this year. The Eritrean held onto his victim and penetrated her with both his fingers and his genitals.

When a security guard heard “screams” and phrases like “no, stop” coming from the toilet facilities, he went in and managed to pull the African out, while the crying woman was sitting half-naked on the toilet. The 19-year-old responded by elbowing the guard in the face so that he began to bleed.

When Sundsvall District Court on Monday sentenced 19-year-old for rape and forcibly resisting arrest, he was given a very short sentence in view of his allegedly young age.

“At sentencing we should take N.N.’s youth into consideration. The length of the prison sentence should reflect his young age (19), and is determined to be one year and four months,” read the judgment.

The prosecution had wanted the Eritrean be deported back to Africa after serving his sentence. But the district court did not agree to this, stating that the 19-year-old had received a permanent residence permit from the Migration Board as a “refugee” on March 4, 2015, and that “there is a general prohibition on forcibly deporting a person to Eritrea”.

“The court believes that, taking these things into consideration, N. N. should not be deported. The prosecutor’s request must therefore be dismissed,” reads the judgment.

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  1. Insane judges.

    A better scenario: 5 years in prison, after which he gets let out for an appeal and clearly understands that he’ll have a 10-15 year additional sentence… and oh, look, there’s a plane going back home, why don’t you get on it instead?

    • When he is released, fit and well fed, HE WILL DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING AGAIN.

      Who cares if he wouldn’t be safe back in Eritrea?

      Direct action people – your churches are failing you, as are your judicial system, your police, your schools and your politicians too!

      Savages like this individual have no place in any civilised society yet you meekly watch your country’s rapid downward spiral into a third world country failed state.

      If you keep sucking it up they are going to keep coming until there are none of you left (apart from a few sex slaves possibly)

  2. Not too young to face vigilante justice. And the same for the judge as well.

    I have often wondered how much smoother the wheels of justice would turn if judges, lawyers, and prosecutors knew that gross miscarriages of justice such as what occured in this story would expose themselves and their loved ones to the possibility of harm from those who would avenge the victims of their negligence. It would be much better for all concerned if the legal system did what it was supposed to do in the first place and such speculation was not necessary.

    • Reading articles like this one, which are becoming more and more common in Europe now, thanks to the madness of our so-called leaders, reminds me of something called ‘Assassination Politics’, an essay published by Jim Bell in 1995. It ended up getting Mr Bell some serious harassment from the feds, and prison time on trumped-up charges.

      I strongly urge others to read this essay, with the advent of Tor, Bitcoin and Darknet, it might be something worth considering.

    • Remember, assassinations work both ways. Your side is not the only side that can initiate assassinations. In fact, the word “assassin” itself is derived from a Muslim sect.

      Your call for extra-judicial violence is way, way too premature. The Swedes need to try political change. If the majority of Swedes still support unlimited immigration, then what’s the hope? Will a violent coup make things better? And whose violent coup will succeed?

      If the Swedes can’t even move the government to allow individual self-defense measures, and it’s a democracy in any sense, then the population is so passive and degenerate, it’s questionable if there is anything worth saving.

      I would like to offer an alternative scenario. The ultimate goal of the left is to initiate enough street violence so the government takes over in a coup, while any democratic opposition is intimidated and scattered.

      The best way to defend against this is to organize in self-defense. This involves political and judicial risks, since any self-defense is strictly illegal in most European countries. But, this is the correct direction of resistance, not assassinations. This provides a concrete focus for making a more reasonable legal environment, provides a barrier against the government-sanctioned street violence of the immigrant gangs, and gives people a sense of self-respect and self-worth. All in all, far better than the use of assassinations.

    • I enjoyed the Heinlein reference, but targeting the “loved ones” of those (ir)responsible is an appalling idea.

    • When the government fails to protect the citizenry, which BTW is allegedly one of the duties of the political class and the state, the citizens must look into ‘taking care of business’, by any means necessary to convey the ‘message’ to the ‘newcomers’ that their behavior is unacceptable.

  3. I’m getting thoroughly depressed looking at Europe’s future. The middle-right movements of UKIP, AfD, FPO etc unfortunately just look like death-throes of a demographically dying population. A suicidal one.

    • Old enough to rape, too young to deport, too smart by far. Crusades, blood baths, volcanic eruptions and nukes. It seems to be the way of the world?

  4. @Guest – The future of Europe is an Eastern bloc led by Poland once the EU fades into irrelevance. If I was interested in buying property this is where I where I would be looking, the West is lost.

  5. What does a 9mm round cost in Sweden?
    That is all the government should spend on that savage.

    • They don’t even have to extort the funds from their citizens; I would donate one for free.

    • In your dreams, Mr. Bracken. One has only to look at how their ‘cousin’, Norway, treats mass murderer Anders Bering Breivik – i.e., he’s kept in luxury and Norway’s prison system is scolded for depriving him of his human rights.


      I recommend a dense but worthwhile book, Totalitarian Democracy, (presciently written in the 1950s) as a starting place for understanding the real enemy.[Yes, Pogo was right: ’tis us].


      Swedes themselves consider their own country so repressive that when they want to cut loose they go to…Norway. Meanwhile real men in Norway are actually from Norway, i.e., expatriates who flee to maintain their sanity. I’m sorry that one of them, Beach Bum, no longer comments here. He had much to say about the stifling confines of his matriarchal mother country.

      In America and the British Isles and Scandinavia we see this phenomenon being spread like a cancer, a cancer called “consensus” which is destroying critical inquiry all the way down into our sciences. Any day now I expect we will be called upon to swear that the world is in reality a cube.

      Sadly, what has become the triumphant “soft power” of the north countries is merely a backwater revulsion/reaction to the global carnage of the 20th century. The Spanish ‘flu could only take twelve million out so it was up to the various “freedom” tyrannies to raise that by several orders of magnitude.

      The 20th century awakened some atavistic need to kill our way past our problems. In our country, this madness is evidenced by the presumptive election of bat guano crazy Hillary Clinton and the vast importation of foreign mass murderers to perform the “wet work” it is claimed Americans won’t do.

      There is no path back to undo the ravages of the 20th century. Nor is there really a way forward as we are stuck waiting for the global demographic implosion due at mid-century. What could possibly lie beyond that unprecedented die-back?

      One thing is sure: use a 9mm round to rid us of one savage and seven will arise to take his place. They have told us: they love death more than life. I always wondered if there was anything more base than barbarism. Now we know what it is.

      • BTW, one thing to consider about the strange episode of Breivik’s revenge on the political elite is that he murdered their own children, and still they tolerate him to live. If a privileged group will not fight even for their own flesh and blood, whom or what will they ever consider worth defending?

        • Agreed. I found this the most awful aspect of the judicial response to Breivik’s heinous assault on his fellow Norwegians: they let him live, even after he killed some 70 or so of their children.


          • Ladies, don’t ever forget who those leftist, Jew-hating, Palestinian loving teenagers were in your hatred of Breivik and your irrational love of those poor, poor kids, who were fanatical supporters of rabble who would happily slaughter you.
            And I don’t want to hear the nonsense “they were only kids”, since kids can kill you just as quickly as any grown-up. Nor are their lives any more worth than yours.

          • I don’t hate Breivik. He was a weaponized tool – the only question is WHO weaponized him. His stepfather set him up by telling him he would never be as good as these spoiled twits. Doesn’t mean they deserved to die, but they were left to their own devices when their “leaders” sneaked off in boats. Sixty something teenagers went meekly to their deaths because no one ever taught them self-defense.

            And the public was whipped into a frothing mess by the evil media who turned their wrath on Fjordman, as if he’d had anything to do with it…he was forced to flee his own country because its leadership failed to take responsibility for what it had created…

            …ABB is probably a paranoid schizophrenic. The first two psychiatrists said he was insane but the PTB and the public didn’t want that so they got in another two who would give them the diagnosis they wanted which allowed them to have that circus trial. At the time of the killings, whose anniversary is coming up in two more weeks, it was clear that the tamed Norwegian blood lust would be permitted to demonize an innocent man and imprison a crazy one. No wonder sane men have to leave their homeland.

            If you infer from my mention of those dead kids that I somehow loved them, you need to research our work on that mess, which went on for a purgatorially long time. Who I loved and cared about was Fjordman. He did not deserve what Norway did to him.

            Research the story before you come here and lecture us.

          • Actually, ABB is probably not treated any better or worse than others in prison. And ‘probably a paranoid schizophrenic’–good guess, but still only a guess.

            Fjordman? Where did you get him? A man you and I both admire. Yes, Norway’s disgustingly leftist media did their level nasty best to make his life a hell.

            But I’ll take your Fjordman and raise you one lebensborn. It was the media who went after Mr Jensen, but it was the wider Norwegian public who went after (or at least kept silent) when so many completely innocent children born to Norwegian mothers and German soldiers were treated so terribly–and still are even today, as you may or may not know.

            Only one (Annifrid Lynstad) is known to have broken free from the stigma, for obvious reasons. And yes, there are miserable bastards and Jew haters (and Hamas lovers) in Norway, plenty of them–as there are in many countries; but there are also plenty of decent people who know right from wrong.

            I just don’t know why you seem to have a grudge against Norway and it’s people. Several times over the last few years you have ranted against them–and only them, not Denmark or Sweden.

            And BTW, this is just an opinion–not a lecture!

          • I just don’t know why you seem to have a grudge against Norway and it’s people. Several times over the last few years you have ranted against them–and only them, not Denmark or Sweden.

            Not several times,sir. Make that many, many times I ranted against Norway. By horrible karmic circumstance, when the fertizler truck bomb went off in Oslo on 7/22/11 Fjordman was sitting in his small apartment, having a Skype conversation with the B and others – a frequent event in those days. The explosion was loud enough for him to remark on it and excuse himself to turn on whatever media he used to see what had happened.

            I don’t know how many hours it was before the slaughter on Utoya was over, but surely you are well aware that the Keystone Kops were many hours getting to the island as those kids were being gunned down. A TV helicopter flew low enough along the beach to film that crazed butcher as he methodically checked every body to make sure it was dead, finishing off those who weren’t. So the criminally complicit media had a way to get to the island, but the cops? Not so fast…

            I have a grudge against Norway for the way it used an innocent, gentle person to ratchet up national feeling and then pin it all the blame for this psycho whack job’s massacres and paranoid delusions on someone who wasn’t in the slightest to blame.

            I have a grudge against Norway for the screeching hate-filled emails we rec’d from some very strange people who laced their venom with sexual perversions.

            I have a grudge against a mediocre “justice” system where the judges openly sat playing solitaire during that circus trial…and where the first, sober diagnosis by two respected forensic psychiatrists was rejected by the political elites bec their findings would have sent ABB to a hospital for the criminally insane and that went against the public howling they’d ginned up to make sure there was a public trial that dragged on past all reason, while the media ran stories about Fjordman – no pictures they could find, so they had a blank space next to Quisling.

            I have a grudge against Norway because they never inquired past the surface of the Crazy Guy. At the very least, forensic linguistic analysts should have closely examined that “Manifesto” to ascertain if some of the sections for which he claimed authorship could possibly have been written by anyone other than a native English speaker. A native American-English speaker, at that.

            I’d like to know how a fellow hunkered down in his basement, dosed up on steroids and playing World of War non-stop, could have come up with a thousand email addresses, many of them to people not much known beyond American neocon circles. He admits freely now that his cover story – the Counterjihad – was designed to mask his neo-Nazi dedication – and when he wrote to major Anglophone media, plus Norway’s state media – to tell them this truth, there was only silence – he was still an idiot, but he was no longer a useful one. IIRC, one Swedish site got hold of the letter, though. And published it. The Wall Street Journal? Silence. The Norwegian state-owned media? Yawn.

            Fjordman and the Baron became acquainted via the internet circa 2005…I think. He would remember more accurately. The B was thrilled to find an English-speaking Norwegian writer whose mind wasn’t owned by the state. Their friendship developed quickly and was cemented firmly in place before that bomb went off in Oslo.

            I have a grudge against Norway bec I have rec’d sad, heart-rending and despairing emails from desperate parents who believe their small children – especially their boys – are being indoctrinated, not educated and they haven’t the money to flee what they clearly see is a totalitarian democracy.

            The scape-goating of Fjordman was ugly, demeaning, and total. He fled not only for his safety, but also because he knew he’d never be able to find work in his native land again.

            But I know other expats, men, who left the stultifying atmosphere of Norway’s gilded cage because it was killing their souls, their manhood. Some do try to go home for visits, but it’s not long before the walls close in and they cut their visits short once again.

            As for Denmark,does Norway have anyone in the field of child development who is willing to examine the deleterious effects of Islam on Muslim family culture – and get fired for publishing his findings? Show me an Norwegian version of Nicolai Sennels…and tell me if he can live unmolested in Norway as Sennels does in Denmark: http://www.newenglishreview.org/Nicolai_Sennels/Muslims_and_Westerners%3A__The_Psychological_Differences/

            Show me a member of the Norwegian elite who, as Denmark’s queen has, spoken out about being “lazy” re making demands for assimilation to immigrants.

            Give me a name of a Norwegian political party with half the courage and integrity of Sverigedemokraterna.

            And show us ANY other state besides Norway that supports and approves of the terrorist group, Hamas. Every other Western state has named them as the terrorist killers they are. Norway gives them moral support, money, and materiel…

            I could go on, but I’m too fatigued to actually do any research on that benighted place.

            Norway is a disgrace. It will reap the whirlwind it has sown…

          • Cynthia, Peter35, and Dymphna–

            I am most sympathetic to Dymphna’s post here.

            But, re those “leftist, Jew-hating, Palestinian-loving kids”, a seventeen-year-old stands a very good chance of being mugged by reality and taking a socially/politically useful lesson from it. Hence, I have little sympathy for ABB. I continue to pray that the politics of assassination and terror remain things from which the Lord in his mercy (towards sinners in need of repentance and redemption) will deliver us.

            But I fully agree with Dymphna that what was done to Fjordman, Robert Spencer, and others by the Leftist media was despicable. The MSM showed itself the heir of Communist propagandists in its race to humiliate and destroy rather than inform.

          • My last response to this nonsense.
            You and I actually see eye to eye on many issues, but unfortunately like so many people, you read but only take in what you want to see, and answer accordingly.

            e.g., “Give me the name of any Norwegian Party with half the courage and integrity of the Sweden Demokraterna…”
            Fremskritspartiet. But like Jimmy, they’re not in power. (well Siv is Finance Minister, but Erna has the power, so Siv is over-ruled.
            No point going on is there?
            You might look at the ‘Good ‘ol USA! Doing everything you accuse Norway of, and more!

          • Don’t pick on Cynthia. It was I who enumerated the many faults of Norway’s elite and its culture. The poor woman hasn’t done nuthin’.

            The Good ol’ USA is a corrupt mess. Doing all of it and more. But the country hasn’t turned as though it were a single-celled amoeba and attacked my good friend, Fjordman.

            And the one-on-one against Ed Cline was resolved very well by the generosity of Americans and Canadians who donated enough to allow him to get a fresh start in this very big country. When he finally recovers emotionally from knowing that he is on the ISIS KILL list, and has learned how to hide his tracks, he’ll be okay. Back during Fjordman’s living hell, the police went through his belongings, taking his computer, even his socks and underwear… If I had known then what I know now, we’d have been more skilled at raising funds for a fresh start for him. Instead he had to depend on the generosity of a few friends with couches while he tried to recover from that horrible trauma of being hunted down in Norway, not to mention the ceaseless ridicule and mean-spirited attacks, cloaked as “humor”. Anyone remember the quadriplegic sad sack in a Nazi uniform named “Fjordland”? It was gruesome.

            All of these men – Fjordman, Tommy, and now Ed – endured soul-shaking trauma merely for speaking out against the smothering consensus. The poor doofus in the US, the Coptic immigrant/petty criminal who was set up in a sting operation to make the “video” which “caused” Ben Ghazi was finally let out of prison not too long ago. He’d served his purpose…No one bothered even learning his name, which he changed not too long ago to Mark Basseley Youssef.

            No one in Norway comes close to Hillary for pure evil and lust for power. But as July 22nd draws near again, Fjordman’s trauma cycles back to remind me what a hell it was.

  6. I used to respect Swedes until they willingly adopted a ‘false consensus effect’ by projecting their own values onto the savage death-cult known as Islam.

    I can no longer respect such willful stupidity and societal suicide.

    It could only be worse if the rest of us fail to learn from this.

    • Looking back Sweden was a force to be reckoned with for centuries, in the last 80 yrs. they have gone totally soft and IMHO will not survive as a nation of any worth.

    • The islamic conquest of Scandinavia was pronounced from the Temple Mount years ago, by some mohammedan warlord.

      Why targeting Scandinavia? Because the small populations in these countries were considered an easy match.

      • 2005, Temple Mount

        “The party has targeted Europe, specifically Denmark, for spreading its ideology, and providing a springboard for renewing Islamic conquests in Europe. A senior party activist in Jerusalem, Sheikh Issam Amira, expressed this philosophy in a recent speech which he made on the Temple Mount:”

        “After Denmark, the Sheikh said, the party will carry the revolution to Oslo and change its name to Medina. “They will fight against their Scandinavian neighbors in order to bring the country into the territory of the revolution,” he said.

        “In the next stage, they will fight a holy jihad to spread Islam to the rest of Europe, until it spreads to the original city of Medina where the two cities will unite under the Islamic flag.”

  7. If he rapes again hold the Imagration board totaly and financialy liable and responsible

  8. A Swedish prison is like a five-star hotel to an Eritrean. There’s planned activities, outdoor games, television, a wonderful library, food that is tailored to each inmate’s diet preferences and — inmates get paid for each visit for menial tasks performed. So this Eritrean will rape again and be forced into another five-star accommodation courtesy of Swedish taxpayers. This 19-year-old will think how bad it was in Eritrea. He’ll kick back in his prison leisure chair, let a smoke ring curl from his lips and realize that life ain’t so bad after all — as long he keeps raping and killing.

    There’s no need to raise one’s blood pressure over these state-controlled antics. Liberals are, in fact, insane. Women are sacrificed for the liberal cause, as are children and the population in general. These are merely collateral damage. The elites know best.

    • I noticed in the five-star Norwegian prisons that male prisoners have unarmed female guards. In America those chicks would last about a New York minute.

      The whole thing was creepy…

  9. “The 19-year-old responded by elbowing the guard in the face so that he began to bleed.”

    Yeah that probably sums up the wimpish Swedish male. In capable for defending himself or the woman.

  10. Keep women in
    separate areas at concerts?
    Sweden 2016

    Festival organizers in the Göteborg area are suggesting women zones, forbidden for men, in order to avoid rapes and harrassment at the Göteborgs Kulturkalas festival coming up.


    • Wouldn’t this be fully implementing sharia based segregation between men and women, apart from music festivals, of course, being non-islamic?

      By having Swedes getting used to this sharia segregation at concerts and music festivals, it will be easier to implement more sharia once this segregation has been established.

  11. He’s 19. So he has another good 40 years at least (and far more at best) to rape and possibly escalate to beating, torture and murder. The number of women he can assault in the next 40 years can reach the high 10,000’s now that he realizes there is absolutely no consequence. I lived in Denmark and used to want to visit the rest of Scandinavia. They are now crossed off my list.

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