Mastermind of the Istanbul Jihad Attack Lived on the Dole in Vienna

As more information emerges about the Islamic State’s jihad attack on the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul last Tuesday, it appears that the operation was conceived and carried out by Muslim terrorists from the former Soviet Union.

The latest reports indicate that the mastermind of the attack was a Chechen mujahid named Ahmed Tschatajew. Mr. Tschatajew was wanted by the Russian government for his terrorist activities, but Austria refused to extradite him, on the grounds that his human rights might be violated if he returned to Russia. The Austrian government decided to give him asylum, and he lived for a while in Vienna on public assistance.

After leaving Austria he lived in other European countries, all of which refused to extradite him to Russia. He eventually made hijra to the Islamic State in Syria, and the rest is history.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Kronen Zeitung:

Islamic State Terrorist with asylum status: How he lived in Vienna

The one-armed and one-legged IS terrorist Ahmed Tschatajew is considered one of the possible masterminds of the carnage at Istanbul airport. For eight years, the Chechen held asylum status and lived in a Viennese municipal housing — and was therefore entitled to social assistance, and from September 2010 on to guaranteed minimum income in the amount of €837.76 per month. Those eight years could have cost taxpayers more than €80,000.

No one in the Interior Ministry yet wants to officially confirm the terror connection to Austria: “We are in contact with the Turkish authorities; participation by the suspect Ahmed Tschatajew cannot be ruled out.” But unofficially, from investigators’ circles, there is already more to be known about the Chechen-born IS warlord: “It is quite conceivable that Tschatajew had something to do with the attack in Istanbul. However, it should be kept in mind that there could be political interests in Russia to name a Chechen as a mastermind behind the attack.” As reported, 41 people died in the terrorist drama in Turkey.

Tschatajew deemed “major player in IS”

Well informed sources in the Interior Ministry confirm to the Krone that it is certain that the one-armed and one-legged Chechen is currently not a rose breeder or geriatric nurse in Syria, “This man is a big shot in the Islamic State. It is quite possible that the Chechen is the mastermind of the terrorist attack — as in most of these cases, you never, or only months later receive confirmation. He is in any case a radical Islamist suspected of terrorism, and he therefore lost the right to asylum in Austria.”

No official denial: social assistance for the terrorists

For eight years — from 2003 to 2011 — Ahmed Tschatajew lived undisturbed in public housing in Vienna Mariahilf. And without a job, the Chechen with asylum status was entitled to receive social assistance, which was paid from 1 September 2010 as a minimum security.

A monthly support payment of €837.76 would make €80,424.96 in eight years. However, there is no minimum security file under the name Ahmed Tschatajew at the City of Vienna, city hall insiders say. A Krone informant: “Ahmed Tschatajew could have used a false identity — he even had a false German name, because due to a Chechen feud he was under police protection temporarily.”

Ex-wife: “He had someone else in Syria”

On Friday morning, at a visit to the council flat of the terrorist, the Krone met the ex-wife of the IS leader; the woman with her five children still lives in Vienna. She said: “The divorce is through now, he had someone else in Syria.” The former wife had no idea about his work for the IS, “The last time Ahmed was in Vienna was three years ago.”

36 thoughts on “Mastermind of the Istanbul Jihad Attack Lived on the Dole in Vienna

  1. Another ‘Vienna vagabond’. You’d think the Austrians would have learned something the first time around, eh …

    • The all pervading sickness bleeding Western European countries especially is advancing apace in the US and Canada too. Austria is not alone. It seems near majorities of western depopulations have transferred their patriotism to supporting the insatiable Islamic lust for infidel blood.

      • It is astonishing to see that the crazy, self-destructive ideology of the political elite has taken root in the minds of so many normal people.

  2. Good grief! Don’t expect me to cry when Austrian chicks or dudes are raped.

  3. I would make the host country (Austria) fully responsible financially and legally for the terror act. Let them feel the full financial weight of their migrant collecting hobby.

  4. Amnesty International – organized in 2010 a signatutre campaign to stop Tschatajew to be sendt to Russia – because Amnesty stated that Russia would torture the poor terrorist. Amnesty succeeded – John Peder Egenæs, the General Secretary for Amnesty states that “There are no shame” in Amnesty’s involvement to stop Tschatajew from being sendt to Russia. No shame, indeed – but a lot of dead people.

    Just look at this Egenæs guy – grooming himself to look like a living communist symbol:

  5. The Freedom Party candidate, Norbert Hofe MUST use these facts and the Jihadi’s photo in the new re-vote. Come on Austria – now is the time to show that the limp Greens will lead to a major European civil ( Islam) war. Do not prevaricate.

  6. Muslims can integrate with people of other nations and faiths if they follow the Sanatana way of life. Today many educated Muslims want to leave Islam but are afraid that they will be killed by their fellow religionists. By adapting the Sanatana way of life they need not change their name, diet, customs or undergo purification ceremonies; or say prayer in an alien language or visit places of worship; and live harmoniously with their neighbours.. See

  7. One arm and one leg? So what happened, a blunder with a bomb he was making? Should get a disability benefit for that.

    • Back in the days of the IRA, that was known as ‘scoring an own goal’.

      (He says, remembering all those Terence Strong novels – The Tick Tock Man etc!)

  8. For the millionth time, please do NOT call the violent cretins ‘masterminds’. At best they are an ‘organiser’ or perhaps ‘community organiser’ :).

  9. Excuse my spelling but I wish in these cases they would just say he he is living on his government jizya.

  10. So, to protect this mass murderer from potential human rights abuse in Russia, Austrian authorities refused to extradite him, gave him asylum and provided over 800 euros a month to him.

    Kindly Austrians are so mistrustful of the Big Bad Russian Wolf (or, rather, Bear) that they regard any Chechen tough wanted by Russian justice as an incarnation of Little Red Riding Hood.

    Am I alone who finds it a tad silly?

    • Ask the Polish government who by popular demand invited in a very very significant number of Chechens as “refugees” or whatever. Now happily settled and integrating into Christial Polish society. An all consuming mutual hatred for the Russians is worth it’s weight in conquest gold. To the Chechens and all Muslims we are all Russians i.e. Poles. That good old Schengen Agreement rocks – for Islam.

      • What specifically is a “very very significant number of Chechens”?

        I don’t understand what you mean when you say they are “happily settled and integrating into Christia[n]? Polish society”. Are they really or is it just a cover? Is that what you mean to have us infer?

        I’m starting to feel like Mark Spahn here, but *what* does the rest of your comment mean? Either it’s very cryptic or you have some kind of special information on Chechens, Muslims, and their continuing wars in Eastern Europe that you think we ought to have too. If that is the case, please share.

          • The more specific link which Mlp could have put in is to this article at the Political Criticque blog —


            — where, among other things, it notes these apparent facts:

            When still in office a few months ago, Ms. Ewa Kopacz said in the Sejm that “Poland took thousands of Chechen Muslims in the last two decades and there was no terrorist attack in the country”.

            Mr. Grzegosz Schetyna (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland from 2014 to 2015 and leader of PO since 26 January 2016) also referred to Chechen refugees as an example that shows Poland as a welcoming country in Europe: “…in the past twenty years, almost 90,000 Chechen refugees have come to Poland, as it was the first safe country they reached. We took them in, we showed solidarity, because Poles know what it is like to need help from abroad at times of need.”

            This is yet more data to show that PC MC is a River of De Nile that runs through not only the entire West from sea to shining sea but also into the allegedly politically incorrect Eastern Europe (and no doubt all the way to the Urals and beyond).

  11. The West funded and supported that Chechen war in Russia.
    When Putin’s military kicked their collective A$$ the rebels went to shelter in the arms of their Western backers. Places like Denmark, Sweden, Austria , Germany, the UK and the USA.
    Those Tsarnaev brothers of the Boston Marathon bombings are the sons and nephews of those types of rebels. The families came here and were sponsored by the STATE DEPT. After all we have to take care of those rebels fighting Russia for us. Right??

    Why do you think the FBI did NOTHING when the Russian authorities let them know that the older brother was spotted in Russia with suspected terrorists?? The Tsarneav family were clients of the US Govt. OUR VERY OWN PALS.

    Russia has stated that have been requesting to all who would listen in the West, that this man who is suspected of plotting the Istanbul Airport bombing, be extradited for over 10 years for court trial on charges of killing innocent civilians during the Chechen War.

    The same goes for the Orlando mass murderer .. . except his daddy was working with the Muhjahedin/Taliban in Afghanistan against the Russians per the deal worked out by Brzezinski. His family is a client of the USA government too.

    There is also something odd about the family of the California Islamic mass murderer and his wife, too. Special priviledges to get her into the USA??? Yes, they sound like clients too.

    Dare I write C.I.A. involvement ????

    TALK about BLOWBACK!

    Which brings me to all these Syrians ( SUNNIS) getting special priviledges to come to the USA and Europe too.
    Are they the rebels and their families that the USA , Europeans and the Saudis armed and trained to take over Syria??

    Will we be just sitting here waiting for their WAVE of terrorism in the USA???

    I hate to say it BUT yes. We are sitting ducks here in the USA.

  12. These are EU rules not Austrian per see, the EU does not allow extradition where a ‘victim’ might face the death penalty

    • Fair enough, MC, but if Russia (or, say, the US) wants to extradite people from countries without the death penalty (including, I believe, your own Israel) maybe they should be pragmatic and undertake not to apply it in such cases; at least it gets them off the streets.

    • There has an effective moratorium on death penalty in Russia for quite a long time. Nobody is sentenced to death or executed. So, the ‘victim’ in question could have got a life sentence, in the worst case.

  13. Whose human rights are more important?
    Is Amnesty International going by the sharia rights, the Cairo Declaration, so that protecting mohammedans are more important?

  14. Planning to fly soon? The Istanbul airport attack was initiated OUTSIDE the security areas. Mark Steyn noticed this six years ago:

    “The second thought that strikes you is that the ever- longer lines to get into the ‘secure’ area are now the least secure area in America. Why not blow up the security line? You could kill as many people as on an airplane, and inflict more long-term economic damage.”

    • The concept of human rights has been very much instrumentalised for various political purposes which are often inhuman in themselves.

      It is inevitable. On the one hand, politicians exploit everything they can lay their hands on – from motherhood and apple pie to sexual perversions and psychoses.

      On the other hand, you cannot protect absolutely equitably the human rights of various persons, groups and communities with contradictory interests and incompatible world views. So, some people will get preferential treatment and others will be treated as second-, third- or fourth-rate citizens.

      In the modern West, it is Christians of traditional denominations who seem to be given the fourth-rate status while Muslims compete with feminists, anti-racists and gay activists for the most preferential treatment.

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