Law of the Jungle at the Food Bank

The video below was found at Politikversagen. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Translator’s notes:

Young strong asylum seekers regularly storm the local food banks in Germany and demand halal food. Food bank workers and needy local elderly residents are being pushed out of the way, run over, ridiculed and laughed at (and probably robbed, too, along the way).

It does not say where this video was filmed but the accent is Swabian German, so it took place somewhere in the Swabian area (Württemberg and part of Bavaria).


0:36   Stop stop stop
0:41   some of you have to go out
0:44   there’s too many people in here
0:47   there’s way too many people in here
0:53   (yadda yadda wuzza wuzza inshallah blah blah)
1:28   This is a catastrophe, isn’t it
1:32   I tried the number one, now they just destroyed everything…
1:36   you have to … (?)
1:41   But you do have to defend yourself a bit, don’t you?
1:45   Simply unbelievable,
1:49   But that’s their mentality, you know.
1:52   How can they be so brash and just stand there?
1:55   If we want the number five, and they just cut right in front of me,
1:58   and they laugh at me, I just can’t…
2:03   Yes, but we are not allowed to take more than two.
2:06   Yes, it’s OK; you can take more —really, I appreciate it.
2:09   For four months I’ve come here now I can’t believe this.
2:12   Just take it, it’s OK. —And when I want number 28… I have a lot of that at home,
2:15   because it doesn’t help, it’s not available anymore.
2:23   What do you think of here?
2:26   I think it’s great because I only have 853 (…?)
2:31   but I can’t get back in … (?)
2:35   But there was an increase in pension benefits now, right.
2:41   I think in the West 5.95, and in the East 4.62, or something.
2:47   Twenty euros.
2:51   But this is just horrible,
2:54   because here everything is paid for. They get everything, and I get nothing,
3:00   and with 853, that’s nothing, they get everything, and then they cut in front of you,
3:07   and they smash everything — They just don’t know any better, they don’t have all this stuff
3:11   and cleanliness, the filth…
3:17   Yes, they don’t have that,
3:22   and they just threw the nicest apples on the ground, you know;
3:26   that just makes me cry, we Germans, we…
3:30   ???
3:36   oops one fell out, but this is just sad…
3:50   So now I’m gonna go look over there. —You see,
3:54   there’s hardly a single German here, we’re the only ones here.
3:58   They laughed at me out there because I said…
4:04   (migrant asking for halal)
4:10   Uh that’s no, no pig, very good for bread.
4:15   Is halal, halal?
4:19   Should I drive you home? Is your wife at the school?

8 thoughts on “Law of the Jungle at the Food Bank

  1. Reminds me on the situation a few years ago, when there was an earthquacke in northern Italy.
    And migrant families pushing aside the (often elderly) Italians to grap the goods from disaster relief agencies.

    • Obviously, Europe has been conquered. The Europeans refuse to stand up for their rights out of cowardice. If real Euro men existed, sons or brothers would escort the women (mothers or sisters) to the food bank and help them get home. Europeans are submitting to shiria law, and soon their women will be slaves wearing hijabs or burkas and long robes. Am waiting for the leaders (nightly news) to announce a Caliphate any day.

      • No it has not been conquered. War is coming to Europe and collapse of the EU. This is not “if” but “when”. The stupid Police are the problem and Marxist parasites and atheist priests masquerading as “Christians”. They are losing in UK big time since we voted “Brexit” and they winge “It wasn’t fair” beacuse they lost. Now their brats are on the streets because they had their “lives ruined” by the “uninformed and uneducated”. These creeps will get their “Let them eat cakes moment soon”…If they try to [reverse] “Brexit” you will see the real anger just beneath the surface of the supposed “Uninformed”. The Brexit vote was tampered with by the way and the real figure for “Out” is around 8% higher and maybe even as much as 70% in many areas.

        They have had their backsides well and truly kicked. We will ensure they are “informed and educated” very shortly as to what happens to those that harm their own people. The English are awake at last.

        • By “informed and educated” I mean placed in a court and tried for crimes against Humanity.

  2. [do carnal things to] the Caliphate — when are we westerners going to finally stand up for our rights? When are we going to chase these [creepy] people back to their country of origin?


    Are we not as brave as the people during the crusade period? They at least knew enough to fight back and at the Gates of Vienna they WON. Are we too wimpy to do the same thing? We have the better weapons, we could bomb them back to the middle ages, but of course our government leaders are really wimps. So sad.

    ADMIN to M.D. This comment is more fraught with holes than some of your others. So…are you celebrating the Fourth with a fifth? I do hope so…–D

    • Governments will never respond, this is part of their plan for betrayal. Ordinary people won’t fight back unless the cost of not responding exceeds the risk. That may not come until people are being routinely attacked and several killed daily. What makes it worse is the authorities will protect the Muslims and use state power against any European who defends himself. So there’s that too. Plus look at how resistors like Tommy Robinson are treated.

      • Mr. Carter and Bishop : A soon “Tet offensive” type warfare will be the take down with mayhem, destruction, and mass killing of infidels. Leaders will stand by pushing for a caliphate. Women and girls taken into slavery and forced marriages. Women will be killed or else comply to forced wearing of female Muslim attire among other things . The Euro males are so cowardly/ sissified it’s baffling. Have they been gelded?? Euro leaders are neo Marxists betraying their own people.

  3. Polar Bear hunting, writ global. Just read that howling has begun at the Hagia Sophia for the first time in eighty five years.

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