8 thoughts on “It Takes a Village to Raise an Army

    • Gosh, we sure wouldn’t want him to drown crossing that dangerous Mediterranean ocean. Let’s have a fund raiser, and bring him over and embrace the cultural diversity that he represents.

  1. Oh man, I always enjoy your memes, but this one, I think it just too close to truth. (Not your fault of course)

  2. I do not know if Trump can make a good president, but Hillary is simply an idiot. Putting her at the helm of the only remaining superpower would be too irresponsible to contemplate.

    In general, what’s happened to the political class of the West?! It seems to consist mostly of arrogant narrow-minded opportunists of limited intellectual capacity. Hillary Clinton is bad enough, but look at Hollande, at Boris Johnson! How can anyone take such buffoons seriously? Even Grandma Merkel, for all her mediocrity, looks respectable in comparison. One feels, she could excellently manage a chicken farm in a picturesque Bavarian village. It’s a pity someone told her she could rule a country…

  3. Can the artist replace America for Europe? It’s even truer.
    Politicians that have encouraged mass immigration are leftist losers. People were abandoning their ranks and vote other parties -so import voters.
    A sociological study: at Utoya ‘half’ of the young people from the Labour Party were…Muslim. But Norway hasn’t half of its inhabitants with Arabic names, or has she?

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