Islam Kills Women

Anne Marie Waters of Sharia Watch is organizing a protest in front of the House of Lords on August 20. Her aim is to address the harm being done to women by Sharia — the femicide, the FGM, the misogyny, and all the other aspects of Islamic brutality against women. In particular, she is speaking out against the silence of the feminists on this issue.

Here’s what she had to say in her Breitbart article:

Islam Kills Women is a joint effort between Sharia Watch UK and It aims to do one thing and one thing only: show the world just why it is that women are treated so utterly appallingly in every Muslim society on earth.

As well as producing articles from various writers and information packs and videos, I will challenge every feminist organisation in Britain to debate me, so that they can attempt to prove me wrong. When they realise that they cannot do this, I invite them to stand alongside me at the culmination of this campaign — a protest rally to be held outside Parliament on August 20th.

Islam kills women not only physically — although of course it does — but it kills the spirit of far greater numbers. From birth, girls are degraded and humiliated, most often by their own mothers. These girls accept their status and then pass it on to their own daughters in an endless cycle of what can only be described as evil.

Often forced into marriage, forced to live with domestic violence, and enslaved under a system of ‘honour’, life can be sheer misery for girls unfortunate enough to have been born in to Islam. To top it off, many will have their clitoris cut off so that sex will be painful and they can suffer the further humiliation of incontinence and other side-effects.

All of this, but all of it, is maintained and sustained and justified by Islam. That is a matter of fact.

And from her own website:

The Suffragettes didn’t stand around making statements about how wonderful it would be if the world was perfectly just and free. They didn’t spend their time debating theories and congratulating themselves for tolerating the oppression of women in the name of their culture. They took action, they demanded, they starved themselves, they chained themselves to Parliament, some even committed suicide. They did so for a reason, to win the right to vote, not to condemn misogyny in general.

I am asking you to do the same. I am asking you to cease the cowardice of making a virtuous statement and then going about your lives; this achieves nothing. If we are to preserve the freedoms won for us by our mothers and grandmothers, we must demand that men who pose a threat to those freedoms are not permitted to move here en masse. It’s a real solution, not a grand statement. We must also demand an end to sharia law, which is facilitating the slavery of women right under our noses in the UK. We must demand prosecutions for forced marriage and jail-time for the obscenity of FGM. If this occurred, not only will it save countless individual girls, but if you’re a fan of grand statements, one could hardly be grander than that.

Its time to show some courage, feminists, stand up to this. It won’t solve all the world’s problems, but the world’s problems are solved one at a time. To solve problems, you must fight, and to fight you must recognize who threatens you. Putting your head in the sand is not an option.

Its time to stop your virtue-signalling and do something worthwhile. Forget about all the nonsense and lies about “far-right” that you like to apply to others. This isn’t about labels, it’s about the freedom of women, and if you truly are a feminist, that should be your greatest concern.

I shall conclude by asking you to join me to protest against the mass migration that is bringing Islamic misogynist norms to our shores. Protect the places where women are free — it helps no woman anywhere when women’s rights go in to reverse.

I will be at the House of Lords in Westminster at 2 pm on August 20th. I will shout and protest and demand that I have the right to maintain my freedom from all threats — including immigration.

I suspect some of you will agree with me but have too much fear to say so. Come along anyway. Nobody needs to know.

We need numbers at this protest, we need loud voices at this protest, its time to stop being naïve about the world and the various societies and cultures within it. We are not all the same, we are not all alike, and we do not all value women or believe in our autonomy.

Take a step feminists, this time in the right direction.

See you on the 20th of August.

Anne Marie Waters is the founder of Sharia Watch UK, a former UKIP candidate for Parliament, and one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK.

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As more information on the August 20 event comes in, it will be posted here.

12 thoughts on “Islam Kills Women

  1. I noted Islamic women together with their Islamic men are one of the worst perpetrators in their imposition of Islam and imposing their Islamic nonsense on us innocent nonbelievers who don’t have anything in common with their evil ideology/culture. They even purposely(?) put their Islamic prayer room(infested and infesting every public places) in for example public eating place, e.g. public dining compartment in their Islamic operated train in a certain part of South East Asia. They caused inconveniences and extreme discomfort to us nonbelievers with their extremely endless harsh, extremely inferior and inconsiderate imposition. Even their Islamic infested hostel run by them are noted to be one of the most filthy and most uncomfortable for us nonbelievers.

  2. Islamic women are noted to even happily advocating and pushing Sharia!
    People should stop supporting their deceptive Islamic evil expansion and their
    Islamic nonsense on us innocent nonbelievers. We don’t need them to make our life worst.

    We who suffered so much under their horrible and extreme discriminative Islamic policies just hope to have nothing to do with them.

  3. About two months ago a statement was issued from an Islamic head honcho from Egypt
    saying that it was OK for men to beat their wives “lightly” for (a) refusing to have sex with them and (b) for not dressing up as their husbands wanted them to! (Presumably they meant within the privacy of the home for (b) since we all know what sharia observant Muslim women are supposed to wear outside!) I mailed two Australian female senators with this ground breaking news and asked them for their comments. To date I have had no response. This was in the middle of a Domestic Violence “push” here in Australia where the feministas, leftists and all the usual suspects were going around beating their breasts about the dreadful men who were perpetrating terrible violence on innocent women. But when it comes to confronting sharia observant men with their behaviour – no response. Just deathly silence. Cowardly, hypocritical bitches!

  4. “Take a step feminists, this time in the right direction.”

    I’m not sure why she is even bothering to address feminists, that’s an audience she can’t win.

    • I agree. Initially, the concept of feminism was a communist construct and Anne Marie is no communist.

      Many feminists are, however. I remember when Germaine Greer’s “The Female Eunuch” was first published. The sleeve note contained a comment attributed to her to the effect that the work was published in support of communism.

      She subsequently appeared topless in an edition of “Oz” – even then she was not a pretty sight.

    • In fact, feminists care about actual women in the same way that gay rights organizations care about gays and “Black Lives Matter” care about blacks.

      If “Black Lives Matter” cared about blacks, which they don’t, they would act on the very clear statistic that many more black lives are lost when police lighten up on law enforcement in black neighborhoods due to political pressure.

      But, feminism, gay rights, and black rights are simply wedge issues used by communists and nationalists to dissolve and destroy the predominant culture of the US and Europe. So, hopefully anyone appealing to feminists realizes their appeal is for publicity’s sake rather than reality. I can’t believe Anne Waters is so naive as to think that invoking the best interests of actual women will be at all attractive to feminists.

  5. I continue to wonder what is the matter with people these days. How can they NOT see what is going on?

    Deport Muslims. Do it now, do it fast. Send them back to where they are most comfortable — their own desert countries. The are incompatible with western civilization, as most people, other than the lunatic Angela Merkel, know almost instinctively.

    I will add that I admire Ms. Waters.

    • I just read that even the modest deportations have been failing because those countries are refusing them. Bet they emptied their prisons for the great push to Europe… they know why they don’t want them back…

      Speculation, on my part. But there was a news item that Saudis emptied their prisons and sent the prisoners to help the Islamic State.

      • Yes. It’s a serious problem. Migrants often destroy their real identity papers and purchase false replacements or just do without.

        The result is that their place of origin cannot be proven, providing a “valid” reason for their home countries to refuse them repatriation. In the meanwhile, the European country stuck with them in the game of migrant musical chairs is forced to take responsibility for them.

        There’s no good solution. European countries would understandably rather give deportees the opportunity to at least end up in their home country. However, the current stance of European countries makes it a winning move for migrants to destroy their identity.

        The Saudi solution should be implemented: unidentified aliens are put on a plane and dropped off at the Mogadishu airport. The paradox is that once this happens to a few hundred immigrants, the thousands of annual deaths by drowning will probably completely stop. It will no longer be a feasible gamble to risk their lives getting to European territory.

  6. It’s too late. The Muslims know it. Unless the leaderless and sold out Eurotribes go absolutely berserk with a no holds barred slash, burn and nuke for survival Islam will.
    What are the chances of that happening? Let’s hope there are some very keen minded ruthless patriots meeting in secret places. The Muslims broadcast their kill the Christians and Jews intention. For some sick perverse sleepy reason Islam rocks.

    • It is NOT too late. More and more people are waking up to their evil Islamic agenda and their extremely crippling, oppressive economic effect Islamic had on many places that is being infested by them.
      The world don’t need them or their filth. They have been using their Islamic women, Islamic children and other religious groups to gain political, economic and religious support for their too many evil Islamic agenda. It is time those Islamic bullies sort out their own insane Islamic problems without Western interventions or Western advancements or Western aids. Hopefully, peace and prosperity would return to us nonbelievers soon.

  7. Anne Marie Walters should have had addressed the great harm done to us, disadvantaged nonbelievers(e.g who has to suffer so much walking under the hot sun while their Islamic women drive in comfort in their privileged life in their Islamic infested sharia zone) as a result of those Islamic women supporting the expansion of their numerous evil Islamic agenda.

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