“I am Palestinian, and I Have Butchered Many Jews”

We reported yesterday on a recent culture-enriching incident from Germany, in which a surgeon named Attila Tan was threatened with beheading by the family of a dissatisfied patient. No ethnicities were mentioned, but the unhappy patient’s father was alleged to have cried “Allahu akhbar!” while brandishing his knife, which provides a clue.

As a follow-up, the TV news report below features an account about what happened from Dr. Tan, who says the man holding the knife claimed to be a Palestinian with ample on-the-job experience in butchering Jews. The fellow evidently assumed that since Dr. Tan was a successful surgeon, he must also be Jewish.

The most dismaying part of the story is that the four suspects have now been released, due to a lack of evidence. It seems that the testimony of the doctor, his two assistants, and a patient — four kuffar witnesses — carries less weight than that of the four Muslims waving knives. Sharia in action in Modern Multicultural Germany!

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I can’t grasp it; I want to put it behind me. I’m done.
00:04   The shock is deep-seated for Attila Tan from Troisdorf.
00:07   Again and again, he describes the brutal attack right in his surgery.
00:13   While he was operating on somebody, three men attacked his wife.
00:16   He struck my wife with his full hand, with the full hand, like this,
00:22   so that she — that she — that she hit the ground hard.
00:25   One of the men holds a huge knife in his hand and forces Attila Tan to apologise.
00:30   He allegedly did not treat one of the attackers properly.
00:34   “Get on your knees! Kiss his hand!” — I apologised, and —
00:38   I said, it’s alright, I apologise, I apologise, please, please.
00:44   Please, I apologise.
00:48   And then, he had the knife in his hand, I —
00:53   It felt confusing to have this knife in front of you, thinking he will cut your head and throat.
00:59   The two assistants are scared that the attackers will come back and do not want to be identified.
01:05   While their boss is being attacked, they lock themselves in the operating theatre and call the police.
01:11   We thought… our boss and his wife… were killed.
01:17   It is over. And then words were yelled.
01:21   And at that moment, the two patients, and the two of us, thought,
01:26   it is over, they will blow us up.
01:32   I recall: “Who I am? I am Palestinian.”
01:37   With the knife here. “I am Palestinian, and I have butchered many Jews.”
01:42   Dr. Tan is not Jewish. The attackers allegedly
01:46   shouted “Allahu Akbar”. That is why State Security got involved.
01:50   The police arrested two of the attackers. The other two turned themselves in.
01:55   For the time being though, all four are out of prison.
01:58   According to preliminary investigations,
02:01   there were no incriminating aspects that would justify an application for a warrant.
02:07   But we have to note after preliminary investigations,
02:10   that the suspicion of a religiously or politically motivated crime has not solidified.
02:15   That does not reassure Attila and his team. They do not feel
02:18   safe here anymore, in their practice in Troisdorf.

11 thoughts on ““I am Palestinian, and I Have Butchered Many Jews”

  1. Moral: If you’re a successful surgeon and you get a Muslim patient, botch the operation. That way the Muslim will think you are a Muslim doctor rather than Jewish and won’t try to behead you.

  2. Meanwhile today the treacherous, disgusting creature named Merkel has announced that she is determined to carry on with her deluded, criminal immigration policies stating “she never said it would be easy”.
    I think it would be safe to assume that this childless, former communist, humourless harridan has not had any of her nearest and dearest directly affected by her disastrous immigration policies?
    Like Hollande in France she is a traitor and should be treated as such.
    If the Germans and French peoples want their lives to return to anything like normality they need to rid themselves of these useless political pygmies!
    Next time she visits her Turkish master in Ankara I would suggest that she just simply state there, hopefully the Germans might summon up the courage to ensure she is not welcome back!!


    You can never know if a Muslim surgeon is a Dhimmiphobe!

    Can you imagine a more discreet but effective method carrying out stealth JIHAD than being a Muslim surgeon or a Muslim medical doctor whatsoever, who with undoubted competence, in secret, more or less directly and in full compliance with Quranic commandments can inflict hated and detestable infidels to unneeded suffering or evan premature death.

    For example: a not in time “discovered” malignant prostate alteration leads almost certainly to the patient’s 20-40 years untimely death.

    The Hippocratic oath is of human origin and thus invalid for a sufficiently faithful (ca 60%) Muslim. Therefore, if you know yourself as a “detestable infidel” never consult a Muslim doctor or accept care from any Muslim medical staff.

    For your own safety, boycott all Muslim healthcare ‘professionals’!

    This is particularly required in Sweden, where gullible authorities are uncritically overwhelming helthcare institutions with all sorts of Middle Eastern alleged doctors and nurses, not least Syrians.

    • I am a doctor and I can tell you that it is easy to harm a patient without being acused of any wrongdoings. Malpractice cases are only those, when the harm to the patients is made unintentionally.

  4. Paople in several European countries are talking about setting up Citizens Militias to address islamic misbehaviour. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  5. Listening to that account of the incident from the victims, I think we can conclude that bears all the hallmarks of a Terror Attack. No one killed (though the Dr’s wife had a heart attack) but these people were terrorized. The prosecutor chap said there was no religious or political angle, so they are bailed and back on the streets. But not so, they cried “Allahu Akbar” and made reference to killing Jews. Bravado? Those comments alone should have kept them in custody.

  6. My great grandfather lived in that vicinity (Hennef) before he immigrated to America in 1882.

    Isn’t assault and threat of murder illegal without a religious or political motive? If somebody in Germany is assaulted by a thief, and the motive was robbery, would the police ignore it and make no arrest because there is no religious or political motive?

    The mainstream media here in America tries to give the impression that everybody in Europe wants more immigrants, especially Muslims. I know that is not true, but I suspect that some people must feel that way. If they didn’t, people like Angela Merkel could never be elected. I have a question for our European followers of GOV. How much support do Merkel and politicians like her really have?

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