How to Avoid Civil War in France?

Marion Maréchal Le Pen, the young photogenic niece of Marine Le Pen, has just announced her decision to join the French Army Reserve. In the brief interview excerpt below, Ms. Le Pen discusses the role of her party, the Front National, in averting an outbreak of vigilante justice in France as Multiculturalism takes its toll on the country.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   — I mean, I’m pretty admiring, by they way, of the serenity of the French, regarding
0:04   what is happening. And I think as well that the National Front is also the way to preserve harmony.
0:09   Because it is a means, through the ballot box and through the democratic voice specifically,
0:14   to change things, and if we didn’t exist,
0:18   well, maybe there would he much more anger. — So for you, the civil war, that is if you’re not there.
0:25   — Ah, but I think, the political voice is a way precisely to avoid civil war,
0:29   because the people take justice into their own hands
0:32   if the sovereign state does not ensure that justice.

13 thoughts on “How to Avoid Civil War in France?

  1. One in three French adults are on a pychotropic drug. Not exactly a prescription for active self defense, n’est pas. Les Francais have a lot of mal de tete.

  2. I think she is either expressing a self-serving bias – she makes her livelihood as a member of the government – or she is unable to entertain a thought foreign or repulsive to her world view. War is politics by other means. It should be used as a last resort, when peaceful political means fail to right a wrong. Most of the West have become pacifistic after the horrible two world wars and seem determined to remain pacifist no matter how dire our condition.

  3. If terrorists had shot up hundreds of citizens of any Middle Eastern country, say for example, Egypt, if the terrorists had mowed down a hundred citizens on the streets in Cairo, if terrorists had gone into a mosque and cut the throat of an Imam performing religious services, with the terrorists claiming they did it in the name of the Christian God, there would be a bloodbath throughout Egypt in which Egyptians would hunt down every Christian they could find and exterminate them.

    In contrast, after every identical terrorist action in France, the citizens gather at the sites of the terrorist acts, lay flowers, cry and hug each other. Isn’t self-preservation a natural instinct? To act contrary would be unnatural?

    • Totally agree with you. The biggest problem is the weak, vapid, treacherous faux leaders in the EU like Hollande and the clinically insane, sociopathic Merkel are only to aware of the Muslim populations willingness to wreak havoc and are genuinely frightened of them.

      Nothing will change until those that are too arrogant to admit their mistakes are removed from power and the sooner the better!

      It took Hitler a decade to bring Germany to its knees and Merkel will achieve the same in less than two years if she isn’t stopped. Next time she slithers off to Ankara arrest her for treason on her return or better yet sanction her under a mental health order!

        • Being a committed Communist after those 70+ years of slaughter and misery is a sure sign of insanity. A mental weakness our president and the current Democrat candidate for president share.

          • A related phenomenon is the creation of the ever-increasingly authoritarian E.U. as a cure or — wait for it — the crimes of the authoritarians after 1917 in Russia and Germany. Totalitarianism is just extreme authoritarianism. We do not need to focus on any word or phrase with “ism” at the end of it.

            Like a magician, the finger of horror was pointed at “nationalism” while the other hand set in motion another grisly experiment in authoritarianism. The precise, exact lesson of the last century was thus denied and concealed and Europe acquiesced. The horrific killing and destruction was as though it had never taken place.

            Now the morons and traitors in the E.U. and European and British governments fall over themselves to inundate their countrymen with savages and parasites.

  4. Voila:
    France’s love of anti-depressants, sleeping pills and other prescription medication has reached new heights according to figures showing one in three adults in the country use some form of psychotropic drug.
    France 24 quoting Le Parisien
    Google it [gratuitous insult redacted].

  5. Words matter.

    Replace “as Multiculturalism takes its toll”
    with “as Islamic Monoculturalism takes its toll”

    There is no Multiculturalism when Muslims are included in the mix.

    • That is very true.
      Islamic Backward Morons craves the advancement from the West.
      They would implement or do all sorts of foul, evil, oppressive and disgusting actions just to gain an upper hand to commit even more atrocities for their obsession with e.g their Islamic religious/political agenda, evil Islamic Palestinian cause, etc Many of their haughty Islamic communities are already so filthy rich and yet they continue to beg for welfare money from already impoverished Western countries.
      Western countries who really believe in freedom should stop giving welfare money to Islamic welfare seekers/trouble makers. Shame on them.

  6. Better start the war now, before they let another million into the country. They seem too stupid to live, the French, but if they are all taking drugs — hmm, that might explain it. Lack of weapons doesn’t help either. But any fool can make a bomb, right?

    Get the beer out and let the war begin! We can watch it on CNN or something.


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