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A Russian military helicopter was shot down by Islamic State fighters in Syria, killing two airmen onboard. Some analysts assert that the chopper was downed by an American-made missile originally supplied to anti-regime “rebel” groups.

In other news, a third Italian child, this one in Milan, has been hospitalized for severe malnutrition after being kept on a strict vegan diet by his parents.

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Financial Crisis
» IMF Says EU on Brink of Collapse, While Euro Currency May Have to be Scrapped
» 1 Dead: 3 Injured in Wild Truck Chase
» Caroline Glick: AIPAC’s Moment of Decision
» Officer Who Shot Minnesota Man Reacted to Gun, Not Race, Lawyer Says
» O’Reilly: Black Lives Matter ‘Essentially a Hate America Group’
» Palin: ‘#BlackLivesMatter is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us’
» Sydney Schanberg (1934-2016), RIP
» Twitter Rewards Black Lives Matter With Official EMOJI Less Than a Day After Dallas
» You Are a Problem to be Policed
Europe and the EU
» Italy: Ex-Heads of Cesena Bank Probed
» Italy: Another Small Child Hospitalised After Vegan Diet
Middle East
» Downing of Russian Helicopter Highlights Islamic State Threat to Aircraft
Far East
» North Korea Test-Fires Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
» More Than Half a Million Migrants Have Entered Europe This Year

IMF Says EU on Brink of Collapse, While Euro Currency May Have to be Scrapped

THE FUTURE of euro currency and the entire EU project looks unsustainable without major change, according to a damning review by the International Monetary Fund and renowned economists. …

In the damning statement, it said the migrant crisis could even spell the end of free movement and warned that other countries in the bloc could want their own referendums following the Brexit vote.

A Nobel Prize winning economist even said that Europe may have to “abandon the euro”.

The economist, Professor Christopher Pissarides, has said that the uncertainty would reduce investment and hit job creation.

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1 Dead: 3 Injured in Wild Truck Chase

ELIZABETH — One person was killed and three were injured when the cab of a tractor-trailer crashed head-on into a car after a pursuit by police in Elizabeth early Saturday morning, authorities said.

The incident, which occurred around midnight, first began when the truck hit a another car in the area of First Street and Elizabeth Avenue, according to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

Police responded to the scene after the first collision and pursued the truck, which continued down the road for another half mile before crashing head-on into the car with three occupants at North and Newark avenues, the prosecutor’s office said. One of the three occupants, an adult male, was killed, and the other two were injured, according to the prosecutor’s office.

During the pursuit, police fired at the truck, hitting the driver, authorities said.

The truck driver was taken to the hospital, authorities said. His injuries were not life threatening, they said.

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Caroline Glick: AIPAC’s Moment of Decision

Later this month the Republicans and Democrats will hold their respective conventions. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will officially become the presidential nominees.

Ahead of the conventions, both parties selected delegates to draft their platforms. The Democratic platform committee convened late last month.

As soon as the delegates to the Democratic platform committee were named, it was clear that the future of the party’s support for Israel would come under assault. After Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination with her primary victories, she decided to allow her defeated opponent, socialist senator Bernie Sanders to appoint a third of the committee’s membership.

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Officer Who Shot Minnesota Man Reacted to Gun, Not Race, Lawyer Says

A suburban Minnesota police officer who shot and killed a black motorist was reacting to the man’s gun, not his race, the officer’s attorney said Saturday

Minneapolis attorney Thomas Kelly told Fox News that St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez that Philando Castile failed to comply with a “do not move” order, which lead to Yanez opening fire.

In addition, police scanner audio appears to indicate Yanez telling Dispatch he was pulling the car over because Castile fit the description of a wanted suspect in a armed robbery that took place a few days prior. The officer briefly describes Castille before exiting his cruiser.

Kelly told Fox News that if Yanez pulled Castille over that day because he believed him to fit the description of a wanted armed robbery suspect, the officer was doing “good police work and approved police work.” He called this a “standard investigatory stop.”

Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds was in the car and streamed the immediate aftermath of the shooting live on Facebook. She has said Yanez shot Castile several times after he told the officer he had a gun and a permit for it and then reached for his wallet.

Yanez “was reacting to the actions of the driver,” Kelly said. “This had nothing to do with race. This had everything to do with the presence of a gun.”

[The BLM narrative appears to be BS. — PW]

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O’Reilly: Black Lives Matter ‘Essentially a Hate America Group’

O’Reilly concluded, “Micah Johnson was a hater and a terrorist. Black Lives Matter inflames, rather than illuminates. It is essentially a hate America group. Law enforcement leaders should make fair dealings with minority Americans a top priority. Finally, we as a nation need to fight the racial madness that is harming the USA, by being fair ourselves, and calling out the haters wherever they may be.”

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Palin: ‘#BlackLivesMatter is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us’

Palin posted the following to her Facebook page on Friday in response to the ambush and murder of five police officers and wounding of seven others in Dallas Thursday night during a Black Lives Matter protest.

#BlackLivesMatter is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us

Our prayers are with the fallen on that Thin Blue Line in Dallas. America lost heroes last night as men in uniform did their unfathomably courageous job running into danger to protect others from it. Honorable first responders deserve our utmost respect and support.

Shame on our culture’s influencers who would stir contention and division that could lead to evil such as that in Dallas. Shame on politicians and pundits giving credence to thugs rioting against police officers and the rule of law in the name of “peaceful protests.” It is a farce. #BlackLivesMatter is a farce.

Media: quit claiming the rioters are “peaceful” as they stomp on our flag, shout “death to cops!” and celebrate violence. It is sick. You perpetuate a perverted message evil men thrive on to intimidate and warp malleable minds that would believe one race matters more than another. Blood is on your complicit hands when you naively or purposefully refuse to tell of this movement’s truth.

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Sydney Schanberg (1934-2016), RIP

by Diana West

The renowned journalist Sydney Schanberg has died. He was 82.

The New York Times reports:

Sydney H. Schanberg, a correspondent for The New York Times who won a Pulitzer Prize for covering Cambodia’s fall to the Khmer Rouge in 1975 and inspired the film “The Killing Fields” with the story of his Cambodian colleague’s survival during the genocide of millions, died on Saturday in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. He was 82.

His death was confirmed by Charles Kaiser, a friend and former Times reporter, who said Mr. Schanberg had a heart attack on Tuesday.

A restive, intense, Harvard-educated newspaperman with bulldog tenacity, Mr. Schanberg was a nearly ideal foreign correspondent: a risk-taking adventurer who distrusted officials, relied on himself in a war zone and wrote vividly of political and military tyrants and the suffering and death of their victims with the passion of an eyewitness to history. …

What the New York Times does not report — not even in passing — is the intensity, tenacity, and fearlessness with which their Pulitzer-Prize-winner approached another subject, one that consumed him for much of his later career: the fate, the cover-up of the POWs/MIAs that America left behind in Vietnam.

In 2008, as John McCain was running for president, Schanberg discussed what was a media blackout then and previously, and what remains a media blackout now.

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Twitter Rewards Black Lives Matter With Official EMOJI Less Than a Day After Dallas

Despite the outbreak of deadly anti-police violence in Dallas yesterday evening, Twitter has chosen today to reward the Black Lives Matter movement with their own custom emoji.

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You Are a Problem to be Policed

By Richard Fernandez

It’s easy to see the events in Dallas through a racial prism. It is harder to see them as the consequences of a political system which relies on keeping people in dependency, in which black Americans are the furthest advanced and therefore the most afflicted. As Mark Blyth, a professor of Political Economy at Brown University put it, the problem is global. In Europe the Romanians, Spaniards and the Greeks are given the part African Americans must play. Blyth points out that after one creates a class of dependents, the next and inevitable step is to control them…

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Italy: Ex-Heads of Cesena Bank Probed

For false accounting, other crimes

(ANSA) — Milan, July 8 — Forlì prosecutors on Friday said they had wrapped up a probe into 17 people linked to the Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena bank including its former top executives, auditors and general managers in charge until April 13, 2013. Possible charges include fraud, obstructing an oversight body’s probe, illicit distribution of profits and false accounting, the prosecutors said. The probe into the 2012 balance sheet was opened in 2014 after a Bank of Italy inspection showed the bank had not correctly written down more than 40 million euros in loans to the Isoldi real-estate group.

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Italy: Another Small Child Hospitalised After Vegan Diet

Milan case follows similar incidents in Genoa, Milan

(ANSA) — Milan, July 1 — A one-year-old boy has been admitted to a Milan hospital hospital suffering serious malnutrition after his parents imposed a vegan diet on him, Corriere della Sera reported on Friday.

The case follows similar ones in Genoa and Florence recently. The Milan child, born in May 2015, was first taken to the city’s Fatebenefratelli hospital and doctors reported “very serious malnutrition and calcium levels almost incompatible with life”. Corriere reported that the parents ordered doctors not to give the child milk or lactose, then they said they would not cooperate and finally they took him back home.

The doctors informed prosecutors, who told police to take the child off the parents.

He is now in Milan’s San Donato hospital and his condition is said to be improving.

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Downing of Russian Helicopter Highlights Islamic State Threat to Aircraft

TEL AVIV — Russia’s military says one of its helicopters was downed by the Islamic State in Syria, killing two of its airmen.

The incident highlights the continued threat to low-flying aircraft posed by IS.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense released the followingstatement :

“On July 8, Russian military pilot-instructors Evgeny Dolgin and Ryafagat Khabibulin, were conducting a calibration flight on a Syrian Mi-25 (export version of the Mi-24) helicopter loaded with ammunition in the province of Homs.”

“The crew received a request from the Syrian command group to help defeat the advancing terrorists and fire for effect. The captain of the aircraft, Ryafagat Khabibulin, made the decision to attack.”

RT furtherreports:…

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North Korea Test-Fires Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea fired what appeared to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile off its east coast on Saturday, the U.S. and South Korea said, the latest in a string of tests that are part of efforts by the North to advance technology capable of delivering nuclear warheads.

The missile was fired from a location near the North Korean coastal town of Sinpo, where analysts have previously detected efforts by the North to develop submarine-launched ballistic missile systems, said an official from Seoul’s Defense Ministry. The official, who didn’t want to be named because of office rules, couldn’t immediately confirm how far the missile traveled or where it landed.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that it presumed the missile successfully ejected from the submarine’s launch tube, but failed in its early stage of flight. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said that the missile likely flew only a few kilometers (miles) before exploding in midair, but the Defense Ministry official couldn’t confirm the report.

The U.S. Strategic Command also said that the missile was tracked over the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, where it apparently fell…

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More Than Half a Million Migrants Have Entered Europe This Year

A new report from the European Union has revealed that over half a million migrants have entered Europe in 2016, 226,000 of them are in Germany.

The media and politicians across Europe have been downplaying the number of migrants coming into Germany and the European Union with many officials saying the numbers have slowed to a “trickle.” New information from the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has destroyed any notion that the migrant crisis is coming to an end, claiming that the numbers for the first five months of 2016 exceed the first five months of 2015 Austria’s Kronen Zeitung reports.

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  1. .

    Bundeswehr is preparing for missions with the police inside before coalition holds procedure for grundgesetz Compliant
    09/07/2016 – 01:00 Cologne (ots) –

    The Bundeswehr is currently preparing to exercises with the police for use at the interior front. This was reported by the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” in its Saturday edition. Appropriate planning should begin for security policy in the coming week, as the Department of Defense confirmed on request of the newspaper after publication of the new White Paper.

    Thus the armed forces put an agreement into the grand coalition, which should clear the way, deploy the army in the event of a major terrorist attack as assistance for the police of the federal and state governments.

    In the coalition, the conviction has gained ground that this approach is possible without amending the Basic Law. So far had been argued that the armed forces could help out in the interior only natural disasters or serious accidents.

    The legal basis is Article 35 of the Basic Law, which for the states to “maintain or restore public order” in cases “of particular significance” regulates the assistance of the armed forces. “We want and need no constitutional amendment,” said Rainer Arnold, the defense spokesman of the SPD, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”.

    The planned exercises of army and police were “helpful”. You should prevent “caused by inexperienced processes problems”. Also Henning Otte, defense policy spokesman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, stressed joint exercises between armed forces and police were in times of increased terrorist threat “a step in the right direction”. Recently, the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels have shown that “in certain situations, deployment of armed forces in the interior can be useful to ensure the safety of the population.” This applies particularly, “when the police at the limit of their capacity comes,” said Otte.

    Press contact:
    Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
    Phone: 0221 224 3149

    • Is this surprising? Maybe in a German context.

      As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, the SAS (UK Special Forces) are training with American instructors on the V-22 Osprey hybrid helicopter; I saw a couple, apparently on exercise, over central London on May 25th. I find this reassuring, but not surprising.

  2. Caroline hopefully knows that Wendy Sherman helped N. Korea and Iran get the bomb.

    She’ll be President Hillary’s Secretary of State waging war on behalf of Marxists and the Musselman. God preserve Israel from her poison.

    Meanwhile, Victoria Nuland of State will continue her quest to have a nice war with Christian Russia.

    • That war will not be nice and the USA is in for a mess.

      Russians fight for their homeland and will do what is needed to save themselves. Hit the West hard and fast and never look back.

      American leaders are more than willing to sacrifice a huge number of Americans so George Soros and his Nazi EU can TRY to get Russian treasures and LAND!

      THIS is what happens when psychos like Hil and Bil and Obama run the country.
      RUSSIA is NOT the old USSR. The Russian people have their freedom back and they are not becoming slaves to the NEO-fascists.

      I think moving to the mountains in North Georgia might be a good idea for the grandkids.

      Any place flat might be the nuclear testing ground for Russian missiles. JUST DARN!

      I hate war mongering jerks in the USA.
      Oh! That General Flynn who Obama fired for calling jihadis , well… jihadis… is also in favor of trying to work WITH Russians to end ISIS .

      General Flynn is being vetted by trump for VP.

      PEACE on earth please. SOON.

  3. Surround Russia with NATO puppets and Article Five. Send Victoria Nuland to destabilize Ukraine, and effect a coup against a democratically elected government. Call the resistance by Ukrainian Russians an “invasion” . . . and then start propagandizing about so-called Russian aggression.

    Why are these sickos that rule us busy manufacturing another war that will be against the interests of all but the select few who have tickets to the fallout bunkers?

    Can you imagine hostile troops sitting on the borders of America . . . spouting off about American aggression? (Remember the Cuban missile crisis?)

    Wake up!

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