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A man named Lakeem Keon Scott went on a shooting rampage in Bristol, Tennessee, killing a newspaper carrier and wounding three other people, including a police officer. The alleged shooter was shot by police and is now being treated in the hospital. He is said to have been angry over recent incidents where black men were shot by white police officers. The shooting may have been racially motivated.

Meanwhile, the killing of five police officers in Dallas last night is now thought to be the work of a single sniper, a former soldier named Micah Xavier Johnson.

In other news, in Valdosta, Georgia, an Asian man named Stephen Paul Beck put in a fake 911 call about a robbery in order to lure police into an ambush. He exchanged fire with responding officers, was wounded, and is now recovering in the hospital. A police officer was also wounded, and is being treated.

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1 of 4 Suspects in Dallas Shootings Dies

The Dallas Police have three suspects in custody and a fourth is dead following a shooting attack that targeted law enforcement on Thursday night.

Authorities negotiated with that fourth suspect in a downtown parking garage for several hours, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a news conference.

The suspect was not cooperating and told negotiators he intended to hurt more law enforcement officials, the chief said.

Brown said earlier that at least two snipers opened fire on police officers in Dallas on Thursday night, killing five officers and injuring seven others.

The gunfire broke out around 8:45 p.m. while hundreds of people were gathered to protest fatal police shootings this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and suburban St. Paul, Minnesota.

Video footage from the Dallas scene showed that protesters were marching along a street in downtown, about half a mile from City Hall, when the shots erupted and the crowd scattered, seeking cover.

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American Unrest: Officers Shot, Killed in Dallas

by Michael Yon

Using Iraq as example, after things truly began to spin out of control in 2004, many people were fighting for vastly different reasons. The situation was difficult to track even for dedicated analysts. Just who was fighting whom, and for what reasons, often was a great mystery even to our intelligence people.

Amid the chaos of unstructured conflict and war, the always-there lunatic fringe is uncorked. Suddenly the actions of a serial killer look like the work of an insurgent or group. Criminality skyrockets, and what would earlier have been seen as just a bank robbery looks like part of a movement. …

In the U.S., this could translate into the normal unleashing of the insane, of the criminal elements, and people who are merely fighting “the man,” ethnic divides of many sorts — white and black is only a subset — religious, and other motivations ranging from environmental terrorism, anti-globalism, save the dolphins, save the whales, pro-life, anti-Semitism, and endless sorts of backwater motivations that become wrapped in violence.

All this white noise is perfect breeding ground for militant Islam, and anti-Islamic violence also no doubt would raise its head.

Nobody knows where this will go.

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Breaking: Man Exchanges Gun Fire With Police After Placing Fake Call About Robbery in Valdosta, Georgia

A 22-year-old man is in serious condition after firing at Valdosta, Georgia police in an ambush early morning Friday.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the man Stephen Paul Beck, was identified as an Asian male by officers on the scene.

The man called 911 early Friday morning claiming his car was broken into. When officer Randall Hancock arrived on the scene, Beck opened fire.

The two exchanged fire in an apartment complex, wounding each other.

Officer Hancock and the suspect were taken to different hospitals, Valdosta’s WALB reports.

Since the incident, Hancock is recovering after surgery, while Beck is in serious condition.

“You start to wonder,” the police chief Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress stated in an early news conference. “But any motive of why this happened this morning, it would be speculation.”…

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Google Announce Support for #BlackLivesMatter: ‘We Need Racial Justice Now’

Google announced their support for #BlackLivesMatter yesterday evening, tweeting a statement featuring the controversial hashtag demanding “racial justice now.”

“#AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile’s lives mattered. Black lives matter. We need racial justice now” posted Google on their official Twitter account this evening. “We’re devastated by the senseless deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Today Googlers held vigils in their memory, and in memory of all those like them whose lives have been cut short unfairly”.

“We stand in solidarity with the fight for racial justice” concluded the post, before finishing it off with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

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Lenin: Crush, Smash the Police

by Diana West

In The State and Revolution, V. I. Lenin elaborates on Marx’s demonic ravings about a violent revolution to create a state of “armed workers” that will itself “begin to wither away.” Madness. Beginning with the first Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union under Lenin, all such revolutions have only created monstrous dictatorships, which, far from withering away, have slaughtered millions and millions of their own and other peoples all over Planet Earth.

Did five more die in Dallas last night?

Lenin saw police as the front line of the enemy — the enemy, of course, being existing society, which had to be destroyed…

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Man Who Opened Fire in Tennessee Was Troubled by Police Shootings

A Tennessee man who fired on a motel and shot at passing cars on a highway was upset over recent police shootings, officials said Friday.

Lakeem Keon Scott, 37, killed one person and injured three others, including a police officer, when he opened fire early Thursday outside a Days Inn in Bristol, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Investigators believe Scott wanted to harm police officers and others because he was angered by high-profile encounters between the police and black people across the country. Scott is black and all four of the shooting victims are white, according to the TBI.

“The work to investigate the motivation for this incident remains active and ongoing,” TBI said in a statement Friday. “Preliminarily, the investigation reveals Scott may have targeted individuals and officers after being troubled by recent incidents involving African-Americans and law enforcement officers in other parts of the country.”…

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Rush: Black Lives Matter is ‘A Terrorist Group, ‘ ‘Quickly Becoming a Terrorist Group Committing Hate Crimes’

Limbaugh said, “Speaking of President Obama, in part of show prep today, I found a story from March, I think, of 2015, in which, President Obama welcomed two founders of Black Lives Matter to the White House and commemorated them and their efforts, and praised them as being better organizers than he is. And that’s the — Black Lives Matter was just exactly who they are then as who they are today. They’re a terrorist group. They’re quickly becoming a terrorist group committing hate crimes. And the attorney general today is saying that she’s going to look into this, investigate this as a hate crime, which is amazing they’re not trying to find out if this guy is a member of the Tea Party.”

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Tennessee Investigators ID Alleged Shooter in Bristol Rampage

BRISTOL, Tenn. — Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officials have identified the alleged shooter involved in Thursday’s early morning shootings along Volunteer Parkway in which a Bristol Herald Courier carrier was killed.

Officials say 37 year-old Lakeem Scott was armed with at least two weapons, an automatic-style rifle and a pistol, along with a large amount of ammunition.

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Collapse of Mattson Libel Suit Signals Victory for Free Speech and the Lawfare Project

Former ISNA President Ingrid Mattson Claimed Reputation Damaged by “Radical” Label, but Gave Up on Own Defamation Lawsuit

Backed by The Lawfare Project, Leading Counter-Terrorism Expert Refused to Make Concessions; No Damages, Costs, or Apology

A hallmark Islamist libel lawfare lawsuit has collapsed following more than a year of legal action supported by The Lawfare Project.

Dr. Ingrid Mattson, former longstanding senior functionary of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), launched her proceeding — judged meritless by The Lawfare Project — against David B. Harris, a lawyer and one of Canada’s leading terrorism experts. But Harris, a recent witness before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee, never relented in his refusal to withdraw a public characterization of Mattson as “radical,” nor would he offer apologies, damages, or costs. This forced Mattson, likely fearing what a full legal-disclosure process would reveal, to give up all her demands. In a stunning reversal, and despite her claim of grave reputational damage, Mattson recently agreed to have the Superior Court of Ontario dismiss her own suit…

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Bulls 7, Runners 0, In Annual Pamplona Spectacle

PAMPLONA, Spain — Six foreigners, including three Americans, were among seven people gored in a hair-raising second running of the bulls Friday at Pamplona’s San Fermin festival, the Navarra regional government said.

A 58-year-old Spaniard identified only by the initials F.L.R., a 73-year-old South African man identified as M.H.O., and a Canadian aged 48 with the initials P.C.O., were in serious condition after being gored, a government statement said.

The regional government said one American, 55 and identified by the initials P.G. O., and another aged 23 years with the initials W.R.O., were gored but their injuries were reported to be less serious. A third, 46-year-old American with the initials J.G.O. and an Indian aged 26, with the initials N.S.O. were also said to have suffered less serious goring injuries…

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Tony Blair Could be Impeached and Put on ‘Trial’ In Parliament Over Chilcot Report, Under MPs’ Plans

Tony Blair could be put on ‘trial’ in the Houses of Parliament for his role in taking Britain to war in Iraq, under plans being examined by MPs, The Telegraph can disclose.

MPs led by SNP leader Alex Salmond are understood to be examining whether the former Labour Prime Minister can be impeached and forced to account for his actions in front of MPs and peers.

Under impeachment rules, “holders of public office, for high treason or other crimes and misdemeanours” can be put on ‘trial’ in Parliament….

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Killing of Mother in Saudi Arabia Sparks Debate About Islamic Scholar

DUBAI (Reuters) — Driven by radical beliefs, twin brothers allegedly killed their mother in Saudi Arabia after she tried to stop them from joining Islamic State in Syria in a case that outraged Saudi Arabians worried about rising Islamic militancy.

The June 24 killing, in a country where respect for elders is seen as a bedrock of society, whipped up a storm of debate over the possible influence of a mediaeval Islamic scholar revered as a forerunner of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam.

Saudi interior ministry spokesman General Mansour al-Turki said the pair were suspects in the killing.

“The only thing (we have established) is that they (the twins) follow Takfiri ideology,” Turki told Reuters, using a phrase which Saudi authorities use to refer to Islamist militancy. “The case is still under investigation,” said the spokesman, who declined to give further details.

Reuters was unable to contact the 20-year-old twins, or their lawyers or family members, and could not independently confirm if the alleged killing was influenced by Islamic State or religious ideology — or what the mother actually said.

In a statement after the attack, the interior ministry said that the twins, Khaled and Saleh al-Oraini, were arrested on suspicion of stabbing their 67-year-old mother Haila, their 73-year-old father and their 22-year-old brother at the family home in the capital Riyadh…

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Cashed-Up Foreign Buyers With More Than $1m to Spend Target Melbourne Properties

by Catherine Lambert

THERE were 61,000 foreigners seeking to buy homes in Australia last financial year and they all had more than $1 million to spend.

New figures from Australia’s leading property investment specialists, Performance Property Advisory, showed that last financial year the Foreign Investment Review Board approved a whopping $61 billion foreign investment in residential real estate.

Performance Property Advisory director and co-founder David McMillan said 80 per cent of sales took place in Melbourne and Sydney.

“That’s the equivalent of 61,000 foreigners coming into our marketplace holding a bag of a million dollars ready to snap up local homes and, while that may seem like a good thing for the economy, it also means these cash-rich foreign investors are competing with local mums and dads, most of whom definitely don’t have $1 million and just want to find a home they can afford,” Mr McMillan said….

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Egypt Threatens to Let Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants Into EU as Row With Italy Erupts

EGYPT is set to grant hundreds of thousands of migrants free passage into Europe as a bitter row with Italy over a murdered student intensifies.

More than 70,000 migrants have travelled from Egypt and Libya to Italy so far this year, but now the North African country is threatening to do nothing to stem the flow — prompting fears countless more could enter Europe in the coming months.

The flare-up in relations comes after Italian politicians voted to stop supplying Egypt with spare parts for F-16 fighter jets after the North African nation failed to investigate the death of an Italian student in Cairo.

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Italy Among Top EU Countries for Asylum Seekers in 2015

Record 1.4 mn applications in Europe, says EASO

(ANSA) — Brussels, July 8 — The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) on Friday said almost 1.4 million asylum requests were filed in Europe in 2015, the highest number of applications since 2008, when the agency started registering data at an EU level.

Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Austria and Italy were the countries to welcome the highest number of asylum seekers, according to the report.

Most asylum seekers in 2015 hailed from Syria, Western Balkan countries and Afghanistan, EASO said.

At the end of 2015, the number of people awaiting a decision on their application exceeded one million, the agency noted, saying pending asylum requests had almost doubled compared to the previous year.

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Italy: Solution for Baobab Migrant Center by Next Week, Raggi

Mayor to discuss relocation outside city with prefect

(ANSA) — Rome, July 8 — Newly-elected Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi on Friday said a solution will be found “next week” to relocate dozens of homeless migrants after the capital’s Baobab migrant reception center was closed last December. Speaking to reporters at the Prefecture where she attended a meeting on the issue, Raggi said the migrants could not camp in the street in “inhumane” living conditions.

“We will understand with the prefect where they will go”, the mayor said.

Roughly 40 migrants from North Africa, Eritrea and Ethiopia who were staying at the Baobab center in Via Cupa near the Tiburtina station are living on the street after the center, which also provided meals, was closed.

Local authorities said the center had to be shut down because it was under court order to be handed back to its private owner but promised the migrants would be relocated to other reception centers in the city.

Shortly before it was closed, in late November last year, police raided the center and identified 23 migrants without legal documents as part of tougher security measures following the deadly November 13 terror attacks in Paris before the start of the Vatican’s Jubilee Year on December 8.

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‘Misguided’ EU Policy Means Migrant Crisis to Continue for Next Two Centuries, Bloc Admits

BRUSSELS’ “misguided” immigration policy means the effects of the European migrant crisis will continue until the end of the next century, European Union (EU) bureaucrats have admitted.

Hungarian MP Károly Kontrát hit out at the way the bloc is dealing with the crisis, saying it was “endangering the security and unity of Europe”.

The fed up Hungarian state secretary for the Ministry of Interiors said even Brussels bureaucrats have admitted the migration crisis is out of control.

He said Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs, said the movement of migrants will be a determining factor in the world until the 23rd Century — 184 years away.

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Surge Continues: 34,463 Illegals Apprehended at the Border in June

More than 34,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended entering the U.S. via the southwest border last month, according to new figures from the Department of Homeland Security.

The total of 34,463 apprehensions in June — an indicator of attempted illegal entries — exceeded the 29,388 apprehensions exactly a year ago in June 2015. The number of “family units” or adults traveling with minors as well as unaccompanied minors were also at elevated levels last month.

According to DHS, Border Patrol apprehended 4,809 unaccompanied minors attempting to illegally enter the U.S. in June, more than the 3,833 CBP picked up last June. Another 6,633 “family unit” members were also apprehended illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in June, higher than the 4,042 family units detained last June.

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Swiss Do the Unthinkable With Muslim Population

As one of the more independent-minded European countries, Switzerland is now doing the unthinkable with their Muslim population: denying citizenship for failing to integrate into Swiss society.

One recent example involves two Muslim sisters, ages 12 and 14, who refused to take school swimming lessons because of the presence of boys. They said their religion prevents them from participating in compulsory swimming lessons with males in the pool at the same time.

The girls live in the northern city of Basel. They had applied for Swiss citizenship several months ago, but their request was denied because the sisters did not comply with the school’s curriculum.

“Whoever doesn’t fulfill these conditions violates the law and therefore cannot be naturalized,” Stefan Wehrle, president of the naturalization committee, told TV station SRF.

Wehrle said the case in which citizenship is denied for failure to comply with a school program will set precedence for future cases.

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The Left’s Bloody War on Women: Sending Chicks Into Combat Betrays Men, Women and Civilization

by Milo

We all know what the progressives are up to. We know they hate and want to tear down the military, that they hate America’s presence in the world and see this as a new front in the war on men and the masculine. But let’s interrogate this ghastly development as though it were sincerely intended, just for the sake of argument. …

From rampant sexual harassment — real and alleged — to the Navy wasting time and resources developing special regulations for “maternity uniforms,” it should be pretty clear to observers that women on the front lines are more trouble than they’re worth.

Or, in the words of an Iraq veteran, with whom I am loosely acquainted: “In my experience, most women in the military like men either too much or too little.”

As if women weren’t enough of a burden for the combat soldier’s ecosystem to take on, now they will also shoulder the mentally ill in the form of transsexuals. The US Armed Forces just announced it will start accepting transgender soldiers into its ranks. This could make things even worse. …

Not to mention the offence to gallantry, respect and good taste presented by hurling women into trenches. As one Marine veteran has elegantly put it, “A civilization that sends its mothers and daughters into combat is serious about neither civilization nor combat.”

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  1. I hope the Chinese–the *Chinese* for pete’s sake–can offer a way round this censorship. They do not allow Youtube to run and Google is hard to use, but there are local video-sharing platforms such as Youku and Tudou. At the moment they operate in Chinese, but if the sites are translated, Communist China could end up a force for bringing freedom to the West. Absolutely unbelievable, isn’t it.

  2. Pls inform yourselves on the background, identity affinity of the Dallas shooter

  3. .
    1970 THERE WERE 100 000 MUSLIMS IN USA
    2008 THERE WERE 9 000 000 MUSLIMS IN USA

    “Oh God, make the Mohammadans, the enemies of humanity, ridiculous.”

    The Islamization of Europe – Now beyond the point of safe return.

    Nu finns ingen återvändo.

    From Bat Ye’or’s:
    ”Immigrants can enrich a nation. But there is a difference between immigrants and colonists. The former are eager to learn the ways of their adopted home, to integrate and perhaps assimilate – which does not require relinquishing their heritage or forgetting their roots.

    Colonists, by contrast, bring their culture with them and live under their own laws. Their loyalty lies with Allah and the Quran, and none of us or them can rebuke this fact

  4. “the killing of five police officers in Dallas last night is now thought to be the work of a single sniper, a former soldier named Micah Xavier Johnson.”

    Why have police throughout the incident thought it was a coordinated operation involving many suspects?

    From Breitbart News:

    Update 12:40 a.m.: Chief says four suspects were working together and were “triangulating” their shots from an elevated position. He said the suspects are not cooperating at this time but are being interrogated. He said this took a lot of planning.
    Update 11:39: CBSDFW is now reporting two suspects are in custody and a suspicious package has been found and is being secured.

    Two Suspects In Custody; Suspicious Package Found Being Secured By DPD – READ MORE:

    Update 12:19 p.m.: Reminder that more suspects are at large.
    Dallas PD Chief Brown, just now at Dallas rally, stating that they are pursuing “suspects” in attack that was “well planned”
    — Gabe Ramirez (@GabeRamirez) July 8, 2016

    Are we seeing the mainstream media spin a “lone gunman” narrative to cover up the terror attack that occurred by a larger cell?

  5. It’s pretty well established that transsexuality, like homosexuality, is the result of the wrong dose of testosterone in utero, not a mental illness.

    This is not to deny the problems integrating such people, or women, into combat units- but that’s a separate subject.

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