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During a protest in Dallas about the killing of a black man by a police officer, two snipers opened fire on police. Ten officers were shot, and three have died so far. This is a breaking news story, and new details will probably emerge during the night.

In other news, 25 passengers were injured when a pipe bomb exploded on a train in Taiwan.

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» 10 Dallas Officers Shot by Snipers at Police Protest
» Three Officers Dead, Seven Shot at Dallas Protest
» Trump Clarifies: It’s Just a Star
Europe and the EU
» Poll: Geert Wilders Would Lead Dutch Party for Freedom to 50% More Seats Than Nearest Rival
» The People’s Wisdom on Islam: Serious Threat
Israel and the Palestinians
» ZOA: U.S. Condemnations of Terror Biased Against Israel
South Asia
» Bangladesh: Death Threats for Christian and Hindu Traders
» Forty-Two Pakistani Christians Acquitted of Terrorism Charges
» Nepal: Kathmandu: Eight Communist Politicians Arrested for Human Trafficking
Far East
» Blast Injures 25 on Taiwanese Passenger Train

10 Dallas Officers Shot by Snipers at Police Protest

Two police officers were wounded Thursday night as multiple shots were fired in downtown Dallas near the end of a protest of officer-involved shootings in other cities, Star-Telegram media partner WFAA reported.

WFAA reported that the scene was at the end of Main Street close to Lamar Street.

Dallas officers were searching a parking garage at El Centro College, and officers were seen running toward the Greyhound bus station.

A WFAA photographer near the scene recorded the sound of gunfire. A reporter said she heard three dozen shots, while some witnesses say they heard 50-70 shots and saw the shooter pause to let the protesters go by before targeting officers.

Police called for the public to leave downtown.

The protest was scheduled in downtown Dallas after Alton Sterling was killed by an officer in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile was killed in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. The shootings were captured by cellphones.

Soon after the shooting, the Fort Worth Police Association tweeted “Pray for our friends” in the Dallas Police Department.

The search was centered on the Texas Club a few blocks east of Dealey Plaza. The Omni Hotel is also receiving attention from police, according to reports.

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Three Officers Dead, Seven Shot at Dallas Protest

At least three officers died and seven others were wounded after gunfire erupted at a protest in downtown Dallas, according to police.

Police Chief David Brown said that two snipers opened fire at a demonstration from elevated positions around 9 p.m. and that neither suspect was in custody as of 10:30 p.m. local time.

Videos from the scene showed dozens of shots being fired, with other clips showing protesters fleeing to safety…

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Trump Clarifies: It’s Just a Star

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday once again defended his controversial “Star of David” tweet, The Jewish Insider reported.

Speaking at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump insisted that the “sick” media stirred up the tweet to cover up for Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview on Saturday.

“It was a star. A star. Like, a star,” Trump said, according to The Jewish Insider. “It’s a star! Have you all seen this? It’s a star. My boy comes home from school, Baron, he draws stars all over the place, I never said, ‘Oh, that’s the Star of David, Baron, don’t!’ And it actually looks like a sheriff’s star, but I don’t know.”

“To me it was just a star,” Trump continued. “But when I really looked at it, it looked like a sheriff star.”

He said that his campaign should not have deleted the star meme in the first place because it’s “just a star” and those who think otherwise are “sick people.”

“I would have rather defended it, just leave it up, and say, ‘No, that’s not a Star of David. That’s just a star!” he asserted.

He went on to defend his social media director, Dan Scavino, and pointed to his daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner and their three children to prove he’s not anti-Jewish.

“Dan is a really wonderful guy. I didn’t get angry at him,” he said. “I said, ‘Dan, that’s a star! Don’t worry about it.’“

The Clinton campaign said the image on the controversial tweet was blatantly anti-Semitic. […]

[So SHE (who must be obeyed) has also hijacked Judaism in her utter desperation to demean the Trump, in Hebrew the ‘Shield’ (Magen) of David is a 6 pointed star, but not all stars are Shields of David, Jews lay no claim to exclusive use of 6 point stars, only dumb journalists and politicians with something to hide do that]

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Poll: Geert Wilders Would Lead Dutch Party for Freedom to 50% More Seats Than Nearest Rival

A new poll in the Netherlands shows that Geert Wilders would, if an election were held today, lead his Party for Freedom (PVV) to 36 seats, or 50% more than the seats that would be obtained by the nearest rival party.

The Brexit results appear to have significantly boosted the popularity of the PVV. The same poll conducted a year ago had the PVV projected to receive 20 seats, almost half the level of current support.

Euroskepticism appears widespread in the Netherlands. When asked their opinion about the statement that “[t]he EU has made a significant contribution to economic growth in the Netherlands,” just 14% of PVV supporters and 50% of the overall public agree.

Similarly, only 14% of PVV voters and 51% of the public agreed that the “EU has helped to ensure that there are fewer wars in Europe.”

Only 2% of the PVV base and 14% of the Dutch public want the EU to become one country. An overwhelming percentage (83%) of PVV voters and 46% of all Netherland residents believe that the EU will fall apart within a decade…

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The People’s Wisdom on Islam: Serious Threat

By Geert Wilders

Islam is growing rapidly in Western Europe. According to the Pew Research Center, France has a Muslim population of 7.5%, the Netherlands of 6%, Germany of 5.8%, Austria of 5.4%, the United Kingdom of 4.8%, Sweden of 4.6%. The real figures are even higher. Indeed, Pew’s figures predate the refugee tsunami of 2015, when 1 million immigrants flocked to Europe, most of them Muslims.

Last week, The Washington Post wrote that “annual net immigration into Europe is projected to increase steadily from current levels for another 20 years.” The paper points out that by 2069, the 28 current members of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, will see a net immigration of 77 million people. This will have severe consequences for Europe’s culture. The Post writes euphemistically that Europe will become “substantially more diverse than it is today.” The truth, however, is that Europe will Islamize. If there is anything opposed to diversity, then it is Islam.

As a result, Europe will become less free and less safe. Islam is an existential threat to Western civilization. No honest individual can say with a straight face that it is a doctrine of peace or freedom. Just read the Koran with its murderous verses. They are a license to kill. We can see it on the television news almost every single day. Terror attacks in Istanbul, Paris, Brussels, Orlando. The very word Islam means submission. Islam commands the submission of every nation on earth to Sharia law, if necessary by war. It is inhumane. It is totalitarian. Everywhere it settles, it brings hell with it. That is why immigration from Islamic countries is so dangerous.

And while Europe’s ruling classes are cultural relativists, who no longer believe in the superiority of our own Judeo-Christian culture and, having lost this belief, are no longer willing to defend it, the good news is that the people in Europe are neither stupid nor blind.

This week, the publication of an EU-wide opinion poll, conducted by an Hungarian think tank in each of the 28 EU member states, was cause for optimism. It revealed that 70% of Europeans see Muslim migration as a serious threat. And that those who still prefer to turn a blind eye to the danger are a small minority in every single EU member state.

In each of the 28 countries, the think tank had a representative sample of at least 1,000 people questioned. 65% of Europeans realize that the influx of immigrants increases crime levels — a majority in every country. 65% also realize that it increases the threat of terrorism — again a majority everywhere, with the exception of tiny Luxembourg, where immigrants are predominantly affluent foreigners. A staggering 87% acknowledge that a terrorist attack, like the one in France in November last year, can also happen in their own country.

And 63% of all Europeans are aware that immigration imposes a risk on the cultural integrity of the countries impacted by it. In the Netherlands this figure is 81%, the highest of all EU countries, closely followed by Sweden. Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom.

If so many people, in so many countries — as diverse as Finland and Greece, or Ireland and Romania — feel this way, politicians should draw their conclusions. As always, the people realize far better what is happening than the elites, living in their ivory towers.

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ZOA: U.S. Condemnations of Terror Biased Against Israel

The U.S. State Department appears to have a set style-sheet for condemning terrorist attacks around the world — but when the victims are Israelis, the style-sheet is changed, to Israel’s detriment. So finds the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), based on research into State Department condemnations over the course of the past year.

Israel has suffered two vicious and lethal attacks by Palestinian terrorists over the past week; for only one of them did the State Department issue a statement of condemnation and condolences. The ZOA notes, however, that the condemnation of Hallel Yaffa Ariel does not mention that it was a Palestinian Arab who committed the heinous crime of murdering her as she slept in her bed, nor that the murdered girl was an Israeli.

This, as opposed to the general State Department pattern by which it generally identifies the victims’ nationality and expresses support for the victims’ nation, army, government, sovereignty and countrymen and women.[…]

[This is real institutionalized anti-Semitism as opposed to the totally faux anti-Semitic use of a sheriff’s star, what is the betting that the MSM fails to pick this one up]

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Bangladesh: Death Threats for Christian and Hindu Traders

The death threats from a banned Islamic group demand store owners enforce eight specific rules. These include having a copy of the Koran, serving beef in Hindu restaurants, not allowing women workers, removing Christian sacred images.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) — Christians and Hindus owners of shops, restaurants, hotels and other businesses are being threatened with death if they do not comply with a list of eight Islamic rules. The death threats, contained in a leaflet, were delivered to dealers by members of the Islamic Khalafot Mojahidin Bangladesh (Ikmb), an Islamist group banned in Bangladesh.

Following the intimidation and attack in the Dhaka coffee shop, non-Muslim traders are now living in fear, but say they are not going to surrender. Albert Prodip Baperi, a Catholic who manages the Sino-Thai Yean Tun restaurant, told AsiaNews: “I will die, but I will not comply with the militants rules”.

The Catholic says: “A stranger handed me this flyer and then moved away from our counter. We reported the incident to the local police station. “

The letter was delivered a few months ago to his restaurant, which also organizes wedding receptions and birthday parties, as well as to some five-star hotels and other shops run by non-Muslim staff. Since that time the stores have placed high security measures and hired private security guards.

The directives are clear. Commercial establishments must comply with eight rules: their entrance must bear the inscription “Bismillah Rahman Rahim” [the invocation “In the name of Allah, the Clement, the Merciful” the opening lines of the Koran’s surah’s, ed]; have a copy of the Koran; have an image of Kaba Sharif [the cubic building in the center of the mosque in Mecca, considered the holiest place of Islam — ed]; remove paintings or sacred statues of their own religion; have a dedicated space for Muslim customers to pray; not serve haram (forbidden) food such as pork and if Muslims customers order beef in a Hindu restaurant [considered sacred by Hinduism], they must be served beef; closure of restaurants during the month of Ramadan; no music of any kind, except Islamic songs; women forbidden to work and, if they must then they must wear a hijab [headscarf] or bhurka [the dress that covers from head to toe, leaving only the eyes uncovered].

The penalty for those who contravene these guidelines is one: death at the hands of Ikmb militants. A Catholic restaurateur reports: “In our restaurant there are images of Jesus and Mary, and they will remain where they are.”

Even the Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd, the largest cooperatives of micro-credit in Bangladesh, run by Catholics, has received threats. Hemento Corraya, the secretary, says: “We have been the subject of threats. We have raised the alert levels in our offices. It is very sad that the Islamic fundamentalists are trying to control us by force. We have sought police help to guarantee our security”.

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Forty-Two Pakistani Christians Acquitted of Terrorism Charges

A Christian NGO successfully defended the pastor and 41 members of the Christian Life Ministries, a Faisalabad-based Church, who had been arrested on false charges. Their crime was to have saved two young men from police brutality. Whilst in prison, the pastor and the other men were tortured in an appalling manner. Police are now under investigation for corruption.

Islamabad (AsiaNews/Agencies) — False charges of terrorism have been dropped against a group of 42 Christians, and the police who arrested them are now under investigation for corruption, thanks to the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), an organisation that defends Pakistan’s Christian minority.

The Lahore High Court filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the head of the Gulberg police station and other officers who used unnecessary violence and unlawfully arrested Christians under the country’s anti-terrorism laws.

BPCA’S lawyer Rana Hafeezhas successfully proved the Christians’ innocence. The case began in May when some police officers arrested Rev Chaughtai Kamal, a former member of the Punjab Assembly and head of the Christian Life Ministries, a Protestant Church in Christian Town, a Faisalabad neighbourhood, as well as 41 other Christians, on charges of terrorism.

Events had begun a few hours earlier, in front of the church, as a religious service was underway inside. The pastor and his congregation rushed out of the building when they heard the screams of two young men who were being brutally beaten by police.

The Christians stopped the beating but were all arrested and taken to prison, including women and children (pictured). The pastor and the other men were subjected to appalling tortures whilst in custody.

As a result of the beating, the clergyman had to be hospitalised with hypertension for two days. “This would not happen in any other country,” the pastor said. “We simply tried to stop two young men from being killed by police before our very eyes.”

Police chief Waheed Shahid and the other police officers tried to clear themselves by claiming that they had gone to search the church because they had been tipped off that illegal alcoholics were being made there.

However, no evidence of illegal alcoholic drink making was produced, and the officers’ petition for a stay order was dismissed. The Lahore High Court instead ordered an investigation into police conduct.

BPCA president Wilson Chowdhry was happy about the outcome. “It is rare for Christians to get justice in a country that considers them pariahs (outcasts, untouchables).”

“During the court hearing, police officers’ behaviour was such that now they are under investigation for corruption. The evidence on the excessive use of violence, the absence of equipment to make alcoholic beverages, and the detention of women and children are enough for universal condemnation.”

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Nepal: Kathmandu: Eight Communist Politicians Arrested for Human Trafficking

The lawmakers are accused of providing their assistants’ identity to the victims to travel to Spain. The case broke when the Spanish Embassy in Delhi found irregularities in the travel documents. Nepal is becoming an international hub for human traffickers.

Kathmandu (AsiaNews) — Eight Nepali lawmakers have been charged in connection with a human trafficking case.

The eight, who are members of the country’s Maoist party, are accused of providing eight people with fake papers to travel to Spain as their personal assistants. This included a request for diplomatic passports for such “assistants”, Nepal’s Foreign Ministry said.

When the Spanish Embassy in Delhi (India) checked the travel documents it found irregularities. “The documents did not match,” said Jagat Man Shrestha, a senior police officer. For now, “the investigation is to continue.”

At least one lawmaker acknowledged what happened. “My personal aide is a different person and the documents were managed in the name of another person to go to Spain,” she said.

However, the others denied responsibility, saying they did not know why the victims were connected to them.

One of the people that was supposed to go to Spain said that “Communist parliamentary have now begun to traffic innocent citizens. This is bad luck for poor Nepalis.”

Pankaj Gurung admits he was the victim of a scam. “I do not know how it happened, but I paid money to be sent abroad for work.”

This is the second scandal to hit Nepal in recent days and puts the spotlight again on human trafficking.

On 26 June, Punya Prasad Dangal, a 75-year-old teacher and guru, was arrested on charges of cheating a large number of young people out of their money by convincing them to pay him so that he could get them abroad (mainly to Japan, the United States and Canada) as earthquake victims.

Last year, following a massive quake in April, thousands of Nepali children disappeared, reportedly taken by human traffickers.

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Blast Injures 25 on Taiwanese Passenger Train

A suspected pipe bomb injured 25 people on a passenger train in the Taiwanese capital late on Thursday, officials said.

The blast shook Taipei’s Songshan station close to midnight and witnesses quoted on Taiwanese television described seeing a man leaving a long black device on the train just before the explosion.

Premier Lin Chuan told Taiwanese television the blast appeared to be a deliberate “act of malice”.

Police and the Taipei fire department said a “steel pipe” was the origin of the blast.

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  1. Re. Dallas: I am of a mind that President Obama’s tacit, non too subtle encouragement of racial confrontation rather than racial harmony may be a contributing factor.

  2. The police shooting in Dallas reminds me of the Buffalo Springfield song:

    There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a gun over there
    Telling me we got to be ware.
    It’s time to stop people, what’s that sound
    Everyone look what’s going round.

    We have to get over this horrible Obama hate or we are all going down together. 34 shot in Chicago over 4th of July weekend, 6 dead. It barely made the news. Doesn’t anyone understand this?

  3. Most. Divisive. President. Ever.

    Eight (seven?) (six?) more months! Of course, what’s coming next (killary) is not too encouraging, either. My gut feeling is people will vote for her simply because: First Woman President! Despite the fact that she is a liar and a crook and possibly a traitor, as well.

  4. 1) American blacks don’t engage in guerrilla style commando operations as happened in Dallas. But we know Muslims do, across the globe (and we know that their Islam is a blueprint and motivation for guerilla violence in order to make Islam supreme). And we know that Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been courting the Black Lives Matter movement:


    3) and we know that the NOI, while not orthodox Sunni, is a “gateway drug” cult for American blacks to convert to Sunni Islam

    4) and we know that the organizer of the BLM rally, at which this commando operation killing 5 police officers were murdered and 6 others wounded, is a radical Leftist “Baptist” who in his adoration for Islam sounds and looks more like a Ginger Muslim convert:

    5) and finally we know that by now, the mainstream news media and our mainstream political representatives & law enforcement have cultivated an irrationally extreme See-No-Islam attitude & policy whenever Islamic attacks occur on Western soil anywhere in the West.

    Put 1-5 together and it would take an irrational stubbornness (and/or an ethically narcissistic indulgence in the virtue of skepticism) to resist the reasonable inference that this event was a razzia.

    • Right on target, this was an act of terrorism. Not in the MSM )the Government Media Complex) but in other sources one of the perpetrators Mosque affiliation has been confirmed. As usual the now deceased ‘shooter’ will be branded as a ‘mentally ill’ person.

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