France Has Two Options — Civil War or Submission

The pace of jihad in Western Europe is accelerating, especially in Germany and France. Paul Weston has eyed the steep slope of the Islamization graph and drawn some sobering conclusions.

France Has Two Options — Civil War or Submission

by Paul Weston

In the aftermath of the Bataclan theatre massacre in 2015, President Hollande declared France was at war with ISIS. In the aftermath of the Islamic carnage in Nice, Hollande declared France was at war with ISIS. In the aftermath of the Islamic attack on the church at Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray and the beheading of Father Jacques Hamel, President Hollande declared France was at war with ISIS.

What strange times we live in. Hollande cannot declare war on ISIS because ISIS is not just some foreign power in far-away lands which can be bombed from the air with impunity. ISIS is Islam and Islam is in France. Islam is in Paris and Marseilles. Like a rapidly expanding virus, Islam has invaded France and is attacking the racial base, the cultural base, the spiritual base and the political base of the host country itself.

So Hollande’s war is a myth, which is hardly surprising. After all, what is he realistically able to do? Invade Paris and level the banlieues? Build internment camps and lock up everyone with a beard? Hollande knows he is on difficult ground here, as can be gleaned from his following abject statement: “We must fight this war by all means, while respecting the rule of law, what (sic) makes us a democracy.”

In other words, the plump, jowly, bespectacled, soft-handed Hollande intends to take a small plastic knife into a fight against a muscular, fanatical opponent toting an AK-47 — with all too predictable results. France, like so much of the West these days, finds itself in a no-win situation. Our ruling elites have allowed a supremacist people and a violently supremacist culture into our peaceful liberal democracies and are now surprised to discover this was not really a very good idea and cannot be solved by mouthing liberal platitudes alone.

Some of us have pointed out the foolishness in allowing the barbarian 7th century to jump into bed with the advanced 21st century, but we failed to make much headway. In point of fact, we were cast into the wilderness allocated for the dissident class of racists, xenophobes and Islamophobes who thought they knew better than our illustrious Traitor Class of cowardly political careerists and media whores.

And now we in the West find ourselves in desperate trouble. The slow march of time is finally speeding up. The demographic shift is starting to make itself known. When 100,000 Muslims in France became 200,000 the end of the world was not nigh. But when today’s 6 million Muslims of France become 12 million by 2030 and 24 million by 2050 — then the end of France becomes very much nigh indeed. And please bear in mind that a baby born today will only be 34 in 2050. This is not about something in the unimaginably distant future.

New Year’s Eve 1999 seems only yesterday. Who can ever forget the madly grinning Tony Blair and his ghastly wife coercively linking arms with the poor old Queen as they cavorted and capered their way into a new millennium of Labour Party-based hope and optimism; into a European Union whose glorious future was laid out under the oxymoronic EU motto of “United in Diversity”? How we laughed and cheered in the final hours of 1999! How we danced, drunk on the promise of a brave new world!

But here we are sixteen years later in an altogether different world. A world where Islam weighs heavily on the West. A new world which started on the 11th of September 2001 and continues through to the present-day beheading of Father Jacques Hamel. Where will we be in another sixteen years? If Islamic terror went from occasional stories in 2000 to constant front page news in 2016, who would rationally argue against a civil war in France by 2030? Apart from half-witted left-liberals I mean…

Who remembers the news stories from the final decade of the 20th century? 1989/1990 gathered a lot of interest as communism withered and crashed in Eastern Europe, but there were few horror stories about Islam. And now? Every day brings fresh stories of fresh Islamic atrocities around the world and within the West. Bombings, shootings, stabbings, rapes and sexual assaults. Again and again and again.

And after each new Islamic horror the West lights its candles, holds its vigils, clasps its teddy bears and buries its dead. When Hollande proclaims France is at war, he is lying. He is just grandstanding, just generating vainglorious sound bites. He is shouting at the pub brawler safely under police arrest, long after the pub brawler bashed Hollande on the snout and put him firmly on his backside in the Frog & Firkin. It is not a real war, you see, because it takes two sides to make a war. One to attack and one to defend. If there are only attackers and no defenders it is not a war — it is a massacre.

France is in desperate trouble. For all the talk of war, there is no resistance. Patrick Calvar, head of the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) warns of impending civil war, but talks mainly of aggression coming from the Right, not Islam. Hollande talks about war but never mentions the real enemy, which is Islam, not ISIS. The enemy is not in Iraq or Syria. The enemy is in Paris and Nice and Marseille. The enemy is within. The enemy holds a French passport. The enemy of France is French and the enemy of France is growing exponentially.

It certainly looks like war in France though. With half the French army on the streets providing “reassurance” patrols it hardly looks like peacetime does it? But Hollande needs to stop shouting about war against ISIS and start doing the basics in terms of safeguarding French citizens. Such as monitoring known jihadists, for example, in order that they might be stopped from chopping off priests’ heads.

The descent of post-Christian France into Islamic France will take decades, but if there is no resistance, Islamic it will become. Islam by a thousand cuts is perhaps the best way of understanding France’s future. Prime Minister Valls has stated that French people must get used to living with terrorism. I don’t think he said Islamic terrorism, just plain old terrorism, which rather goes to show just how successful Islamic terrorism is…

Can France be saved? It can, but it would mean removing Islam from public life. It would mean closing down the mosques. It would mean deportation. French Muslims in their millions wouldn’t like this, so it would also mean civil war. Real civil war à la 1990s Yugoslavia. Hollande and Valls are not prepared to take the steps necessary to ensure France’s survival. Even Marine Le Pen might baulk at instigating civil war, but France’s survival has moved beyond peaceful measures now, through the sheer weight of Muslim numbers combined with a fanatical belief system.

So we wait to see what happens. And whatever happens to France could also happen to many other Western European countries. Germany, Holland, Belgium, Britain and Sweden are all on the same incremental but remorselessly unstoppable trajectory toward Islamic confrontation or post-Christian submission.

No one can predict the future but I think one thing can be said with absolute certainty — the next ten years will be NOTHING like the last sixty-five years of relative peace and prosperity. Really nothing at all. And right now, all eyes are on France.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK, and is also the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

114 thoughts on “France Has Two Options — Civil War or Submission

  1. Its not really an option.
    Because even an islamic France would be a place of violence, terror and civil war.
    Over time Muslims always fight each other.

    • I suspect their ancient Sunni v. Shiite schism with all its attendant horrors will come to Europe.

      • It’s already here. That’s why “refugee” camps segregate themselves along those lines and also why there can be bloody outbreaks within the confines of a camp.

      • Shiite are not interested in invasion they have culture & respect other religions and cultur. Many jews still live in Iran and Christians with respective churches and synagogues!

    • This article is a concise rhetorical analysis of the reality France (and the rest of Western Civilization) faces.

      Pass it around to your thinking friends. Hopefully it will open minds to the real horror of Islam.

      • Absolutely agree . I wonder if my MPs is a thinking person …I will write to her to find out.. And ask that she asks her ‘thinking’ friends in the House to discuss the questions it raises….it would be I tersting to know how many “think” differently and how many are prepared to sell us all down the river through the gates of Vienna again!

  2. The French can start by placing all Muslims on an official register – country of ancestral origin, name and factual practice of Islam can be taken into account in determining who is a Muslim.

    Prepare to seal off the ghettos (ZUS) and terminate all public utilities within them. Let overcrowding do the rest.

    • Even Marine Le Pen would be reluctant to take action to preserve French Civilization if it involves acting forcefully to counter Muslims. I once thought it was sad that she wasn’t an American. How about her father? Does he also lack the “fire in the belly”?

      • I don’t think he has any say anymore.

        Marine’s niece, however, is the up and coming family member within that party. Strong woman.

    • Register ? With names like ‘Little John’ that should work-out brilliantly!

    • I hope you are joking, that is legitimately inhumane and not far from what the Nazis did, and I feel this is not necessary yet. just ban Islam, and make their spiritual life incredibly hard to live out, they wont want to live in a country that suppresses Islam, and make leaving the country as easy as possible. Be ready to deport people, by force is necessary if they wont denounce Islam, especially if it gets harder, but don’t resort to inhumane and cruel methods, that would be stooping to their level. Do you also want to give leftists of the future leverage over more crimes in the future? More sins of the father type stuff to pass down to future generations? In my opinion, that’s one of the worst things you could do.

      • You will simply drive them underground. “Banning” ideology and thought is not the way. One of our civiilisational strengths is the ability to withstand criticism and also analyse and deconstruct heresy or untruths. The Internet itself is banning everything these days it doesn’t like. “I may not like what you say but I will defend your right to say it!” We need to keep an open mind always otherwise we become like those that do not like what other people think and say. You defeat an ideology by superior ideas not simply taking offence and shutting it down. That’s the easy way out.

        • The issue is not criticism, it is behaviour. A civilised society may, indeed should, permit discussion of murder, mass rape, genocide and all the other vileness that Islam preaches, but it will not last long if it permits their implementation. Even the European Court of Human Rights has decreed that Islam is incompatible with the human rights basis of Western Civilisation.

          This problem will only be solved by making Islam totally illegal throughout the EU – ban its practice and preaching, destroy the mosques, deport the Imams and make it very difficult for Muslims to legally enter. Anything less is like rearranging the proverbial deckchairs on the Titanic.

          I am sure Spirit Breaker is right in asserting that without the constant brainwashing in the mosques, the preferential treatment and toleration of its contempt for the law, and the witless encouragement from the Lefties, Islam will retreat; like a fire deprived of oxygen.

          There should be no need for Civil War, mass deportations or imprisonment; all that is required is determination on the part of the EU leaders to protect the civilisation they have been specifically charged with protecting. Fat chance of that, sadly.

          Raymond Ibrahim, as ever, puts it well:

          If the spineless poltroons currently running the EU do not have the courage to address this impending disaster very soon, the people will be forced to replace them with someone who does. And history shows that men with the ruthlessness that will be needed at that late stage tend to come at a price.

          Appeasement, as Churchill pointed out, only ever emboldens the crocodile. And the bolder it gets, the tougher its vanquisher needs to be. If Islam had been proscribed decades ago, as it should have been, the peoples of Europe would now be basking in the civilised peacefulness that generations of ancestors fought and died to bequeath them.

  3. I said this very thing 3 days ago on Facebook in a plea to my French friends to wake up before it’s too late!

    • I also have just been recognizing they have only a few clear paths. Submit, fight or convert them. If they don’t want to do the first two they should put much more effort in doing the latter and protecting those that do.

      I am just completely theorizing but if a civil war or obvious suppression starts all of the other countries may have to fight it as well. One group of Muslims will certainly go to the aid of the others and avenge them where ever they are. Eg. France has a civil war and Sweden gets raped and beheaded. On the other hand in the right country it may be something that can provoke a civil war.

      • I was thinking this myself. Civil war or at least, intense civil strife (some commentators mentioned guerrilla style insurrection) is imminent. The only question is which country will fall first, and I think France is ripe for the picking (Germany and Sweden aren’t far behind, but my money is still on France).

        What will the Europe wide reaction be? Will Eastern Europe come help out the West? Will some Western nations like Portugal and Ireland with low Muslim populations lend a hand? Or will borders shut, and countries retreat into themselves to prevent their own outbreak of destruction? Will the U.S. and Canada come to the rescue like in Normandy? I guess it depends on when this happens. If hapless Trudeau and snake Clinton are in power than us North Americans will be sorting out our own mess…

        You’re right that the Muslims will aid each other. The question is will Europeans do the same?

        • I predict eastern Europe will abandon the EU and align with Russia. At some point they will be overwhelmed with refugees from western Europe.

  4. Here in Israel we do not try to kid ourselves that Islam is a religion of ‘peace’, since the British reneged on their mandate to build a Jewish homeland, we have had to fight for our existence. But not only do we have to fight Arab supremacists, we have to fight their supporters and financiers around the world, especially places like France, who has tried to pull the plug on Israel many times.

    There is part of me that sees the retribution, sowing the Saudi oil polluted wind, backing Islam against Judeo-Christianity for money, and the reaping the whirlwind of Islamic hate.

    Read the Koran, read the Hadith, read the sura, Mr Hollande (like Jefferson did) and you will see what you and your predecessors snuggled up to, you now have a venomous serpent in your bed and has you panic stricken and petrified you cannot now move without being bitten. Was the cheap oil (and the under-the-table economy) really worth it?

    • It is my belief that Hollande and many others of the traitor class indeed understand the nature of the serpent they’re trying to handle and act bewildered and play dumb for public theater to obscure their treachery. They do this to protect their position and advance their political agenda, while enriching themselves at the expense and suffering of their citizenry.

      No longer am I willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for being ignorant or incompetent — this is being too generous. We extend this charity because from our perspective their behavior is mind-boggling naïve and self-destructive. But we’re dealing with people who are amoral ideologues, nihilistic materialists whose rewards are those of worldly kingdoms; for the multicultural relativists there is no objective good nor a just God (they better hope they’re right).

      So now, I always ascribe the worst of intentions to the technocratic elite and their allies because, really, can they be that stupid? No, they can’t. They need to be called out for they’re dastardly deeds and made to defend the indefensible. If cluelessness and incompetence is their best defense, make them own it, and continue to hammer them with accusations of ill will so they have to keep on explaining that, “no, we have no secret agenda, we’re just unqualified idiots.”

    • Charles Martell most likely, didn’t even have a koran to read. He still fought the invasion. As any sound leader should.

  5. “Monitoring” known jihadists is worthless. I am sick and tired of hearing, in the various massacres lately, even in America, that this or that murderer was being monitored, some for years. Makes me nauseous. Then, following on the heels of the monitoring nonsense, comes the news of perpetrators being caught, then released, often to simply disappear.

    The question for France is this: are their police and military still capable of acting, or are they so infiltrated that effective action has already become impossible?

    • If action is taken by the French against its Muslims, the people doing the fighting will have to literally fight French Leftists as well. Both are enemies of France and Europe.

      • It’s quite possible that French leftists (make that all leftists) see in Muslims their own fighting army and are pitting them against Jews, Christians, and non-religious non-leftists.
        “Our” army will have to take out the Muslims first before we can get our hands on the leftists orchestrating this coming clash.
        At least, that’s what I imagine leftists are playing/planning for, and maneuvering for now — and over the last two decades in particular — in such a manner as to defeat us before much of a real war gets going.
        Ergo the mass “migrations” of hostiles in the recent past; add these, to the thousands of ways in which our culture and civilization has been contaminated and weakened ever since Marx conspired 150 years ago to rule the world by destroying what God has created.

        • You could very well be right. For the Left in the 60’s and 70’s, blacks were supposed to be their army – their vanguard. But they turned out to be a disappointment when they got too comfortable and decided that they could live on the handouts that the Left provided them.

          The “Black Power” movement of yesteryear, much like “Black Votes Matter” today, never really believed in the “cause” of empowering blacks. They were – and are – nothing more than puppets of the Left. The ones on the top got rich and famous. The ones on the bottom got to feel self-righteously victimized.

          Muslims are a different story: they actually believe in their cause. The Left knows this and will use them as an army – right up until the Muslims behead their “masters”. Leftists have never been good at thinking long-term.

    • The reality would be that, like during WWII, quite innocent people who may have the wrong connections (back then Japanese and German) would need to be put in internment camps.

      I can’t see any modern Western politician doing that to people just for being muslim, however bad things get.

      Regarding the demographics, the only hope is that currently the wrong people are being ‘paid to breed’ by benefits. Changing that kind of policy would at least curb reproduction.

      I’d consider this a good policy not just for muslims. Where I live, people of low education are most likely to end up on solo parent benefits and this often becomes the pattern for the next generations.

      A much better policy would be to actively encourage highly educated career women to take a few years out of their jobs to have a family, without losing too much money or career goals.

      • The birth rate will defeat the West even if not one more “refugee” arrives in Europe. Muslim families have way more babies than Europeans. The birth rate in countries like Sweden for ethnic Swedes is virtually below population replacement rate. And it’s the same for other Western European countries. Bring in a migrant group with high fertility rates and it’s a “perfect storm” for demographic change.

      • The “internment camps” red flag is bogus. Muslims need to be deported not interned. It’s simple and requires only firmness.

        Option B is suicide.

        Withdrawal of benefits will not stop Muslims from outbreeding us. Once they are back in their home countries how fast they choose to breed is a matter of indifference to us all.

  6. I disagree with the terminology. Civil war is too far strong a term. Civil conflict with a 10% minority is very far from the all encompassing armed struggle that is Syria for instance. Another example : Serbia proper suffered little from the civil strife in Kosovo until we the west mistakenly intervened. The trashing of a banlieu or twenty is not the same as devastating the whole Ile-de-France.

    The message that should be is that strong action (if need be, repressive) by the state now, will avert civil war later.

    • I agree with you on the terminology distinction. You very correctly say that a strong action now will avert a civil war later. But we all here have given up any hope for such a strong repressive action against the enemy within. Nobody – even Marine – will have the guts to do it. Nobody? – Maybe somebody, though – look at small Hungary. They are pretty determined. But they do not have the staggering millions in their Fifth Column.

      Hence, a civil war in one form or the other is inevitable. As frightening as it sounds and is, Europe is at the crossroads and France even more so …

      • Agree that another terminology is needed. What we are witnessing is relatively low key guerrilla warfare within France, against the French. This war has been going on for some time, and is gradually intensifying. (The boiling frog syndrome.)

        France has several choices. It can stage a massive crackdown, ala Erdogan. It would have to commit to significant application of terror, ala Gestapo, against all that step over the line. Not a palatable choice for many. It would involve gradual removal of benefits for people who do not work and the creation of something similar to Roosevelt’s measures to create jobs during the Depresssion. It would involve sabotage of ghetto infrastructure and more. It would involve mass deportation.

        Or it can follow the example of Islamic militants, and evolve guerrilla warfare from the grassroots. If the French institutions are still capable of giving such efforts some slack, looking the other way, and so on, it could succeed. Trouble is, this slack is more often given to Islamic guerrilla warfare, or at least it looks that way from the outside.

        Or it can do nothing, and eventually the situation will either come to a point where many French will be fleeing, some will join the partisan underground, and there will be political battles over all the institutions — not a civil war, but certainly a revolution. Or the French will give up; some will flee, and some will live as Islam’s serfs.

        Since France is one of the countries with considerable nuclear capability, the last option leaves it all in the hands of the jihadis. Does not seem like a viable path for anyone with a shred of sanity left.

        Does anyone see another path?

        • Ooops, that nuclear stuff in the country of the Gallic rooster. Very good point … have not read much of analysis of this aspect. This all makes the French situation so much harder and dangerous!

          I have entertained this thought, many times actually: Imagine a scenario when all this terror in France is not happening. The Fifth Column grows steadily throughout the decades, nothing outrageous is happening, just small concessions here and there: divided pools, special banking and mortgages, halal food in schools, building of new places of worship etc. etc. When the size of the Fifth Column reaches its critical mass, West in France becomes dead in one elections.

          So we should be (ironically enough) glad that this bold and crass scenario prevailed – still chances to clean up France’s act.

          • Good point, Lu. Perhaps Islam, in its arrogance, has ‘shown its hand’ as a card player might say. Perhaps soon enough for the civilised world to change its tactics.

            I’m not holding my breath though. It feels like a bully who has been given enough confidence from his victim’s craven acquiescence to start slapping said victim around the face instead of just pushing and prodding, knowing there will be no backlash.

            I remember learning about bullying as a youngster. I was standing in the street being poked and prodded by the local bully when my mother came round the corner. She immediately shouted: “He’s just a bully. They’re all cowards. Hit him!” (This was in the days before PC)

            I thumped him on the nose as hard as I could, and was amazed to see him run off crying. Never encountered the lout again. ‘Nuff said.

      • What Marine Le Pen would do down the road is an unknown. All nationalist parties have to deal with problem of defeating the Treason Class. The rest is speculation.

        She and the nationalists represent a healthy impulse, a hopeful beginning. Europeans should long ago have been driven to a white hot fury by their treasonous elites but they were not. That is an astonishing reality that requires nationalists to make the most simple-minded arguments. It is truly pathetic. Effective action is wayyyy down on the agenda in all but a few European nations and the U.S.

    • A 10% minority equates to… how many percent of males of military age?

      In any conflict – be it day-to-day stuff on the street, or a full-blow civil war, I think you’d find old-age pensioners don’t make much of an impact. And it’s in the fighting age demographic – and even more so in the children demographic (the fighting age of tomorrow) – that Islam is making its largest impact in Europe…

    • FGS, FP, you’ve just read Paul’s essay, he gets it dead right–and straight away you get it dead wrong!

      Of course I agree with Paul, who writes what I’ve been saying for decades, and what Debi Schlussel also understands, as does our friendly Bishop Guy; we ARE in a fight for our survival, and the only way we can win is by getting rid of the cancer in our countries–not by ‘monitoring’ them.

      Can’t get rid of them? Here in North America Japanese citizens were rounded up during WW2, now many would say we can’t do the same today.
      What’s the alternative?

      Oh, BTW, you’re right about Kosovo; the Serbs were only defending their country against the Islamic cancer, and as we all know, Clinton and the traitorous west decided to back the moslems. Which leads to today’s Presidential race…..

        • There’s a good wiki on Abedin’s career – she began as an intern for Hillary while the Clintons were in the WH. She began in 1996, more or less the same time frame that Monica began working for Bill.

          Abedin was twenty at the time; it was the beginning of the Clintons’ second term in office.

          She married a more sexually neurotic/obsessed human being than even her boss managed to do – Anthony Weiner is a bizarre person, that’s for sure. I’d love to hear an opinion and/or contrast compare the two couples from some family systems expert…plus a comparison between their respective interns.

          AFAIK, except for working for her mother and for Hillary, that’s the extent of Abedin’s “career”, though this has included a number of positions:

          Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, raised questions about Abedin’s work as a State Department employee, concerning the fact that she held four jobs[20] from June 2012 to February 2013. These included serving as a part-time aide to Clinton at the State Department, while also working as a consultant to private clients for the consulting firm Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm run by Douglas Band, a longtime aide to former president Bill Clinton.[24] At the time, she was also being paid a salary for work at the Clinton Foundation, and working as Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant.[20] The State Department and Abedin both responded, with the State Department indicating that it uses special government employees routinely “to provide services and expertise that executive agencies require”, and Abedin stating that she did not provide any government information or inside information gained from her State Department job to her private employers. Grassley said he found the letters unresponsive.[23] In July 2015, Grassley released information indicating that the State Department’s inspector general had found that Abedin was overpaid by almost $10,000 for unused leave time when she left the government, resulting from violations of the rules governing vacation and sick leave during her tenure on the payroll as a Federal employee in the department.[24][25] Abedin’s attorneys said that she had learned in May that the Department’s inspector general had found that she improperly collected $9,857 for periods when she was on vacation or leave, and responded with a 12-page letter contesting the findings, and formally requested an administrative review of the investigation’s conclusions.[24] Her lawyer, Miguel Rodriguez, told The New York Times that the inspector general’s report showed that Abedin worked during her maternity leave and had thus earned that pay.[26]

          Judicial Watch has kept a close eye on her; except for double and triple-dipping at the government till – all too often par for the course at that level in federal govt – she’s done nothing exceptional. But her devotion to Hillary appears to be a large factor in keeping Mrs. Clinton on her feet and functioning. Some of HA’s emails are advisories to others about HRC’s ineptitude with computers; others are warnings about her health…

          IOW, since Chelsea can’t/won’t do the private-secretary-cum-nanny position, Huma serves in that capacity while her husband raises their child. It is obvious from watching Hillary and Huma’s interactions that HA performs her role with great assiduousness.

          The book someone writes five years from now will be fascinating but creepy. If Hillary wins, the book will be delayed by that much. HA is going to become more and more the power behind the throne. She’s so good that Mrs Clinton could be dead for two weeks and none would be the wiser what with Huma standing behind her keeping the corpse vertical.

          (BTW, three members of HA’s family are Muslim Brohood members.)

          • “(BTW, three members of HA’s family are Muslim Brohood members.)”

            Dymphna, this is exactly the kind of statement that needs to be expanded on and verified with documentation. A person who uses this fact arguing with/educating a liberal will be left with nothing other than “I read it on the web” and the reply will be, “probably one of those ‘right wing’ websites – do you believe everything you read on those sites?”

            However if you expanded on that little tease with something like identifying her father, for instance, giving his full name and the name of the MB office he held and the dates when he held such office a GoV reader using the info gleaned here would be much better equipped for debate.

            We can’t reach the unthinking progressives who never go off the reservation, but there are still those who are either on the fence or uninformed about the true nature and threat of Islam and we need to reach those peeps and get them thinking right.

          • The wiki has a huge bibliography.

            I can’t get rid of the bad formatting…but that will have to do unless you want to do independent research.

            I don’t want to do a feature on the woman. She’s pathetic and peripheral. But if someone else does, we’d be glad to consider publishing it.

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          • BTW, I have zero interest in EVER talking with a Leftie about politics. It’s a waste of time. So while I wouldn’t mind showing someone of more or less the same political persuasion as I evidence I might have gathered on a subject, I wouldn’t bother.

            Once at a school reunion an old classmate made an obviously liberal mind-set remark about “rightwing” ranting. I offered her a deal: if she’d agree not to believe everything she read in The New York Times, I’d do the same with The Washington Times. Her mouth fell open: the very idea I’d ever dream of reading TWT…quelle horreur! She’d no idea I was that lost to reason…

          • I believe the three relatives you are referring to are her father, mother, and an uncle. I have read of this background before. People need – no, we need people – to know that Hillary is sleeping with HAMAS, quite literally. This needs to be widespread before November.

            Huma is Hillary’s Valerie Jarrett.

          • 1. Huma is way too young and frankly, too limited, to have the kind of clout Valerie Jarrett had. Beyond the Iranian connection, there is little similarity.

            2. What does “literal” mean to you? In this case, you are saying that Hillary Clinton has engaged in sexual congress with members of Hamas (whose name you misspelled). Where is your proof? That would be photos or signed affidavits, please.

            3. Her relatives – mother, father, uncle – are in the wiki about Mrs. Weiner, and that has been up for several years. Those that want to have such information already do have it. It’s as widespread as it’s going to get unless the Trump campaign wants to indulge in some ugly metrics there.

            For that matter, Trump’s daughter and Clinton’s daughter have been casual friends for many years. They run in the same NYC elite circles. That’s not news either.

            So I’ll be looking forward to your photos and background papers on Hillary’s close working relationship with Hamas. That *would* be worth discussing…the leftist Jews in NYC who’ve given her so much money and support will choke on it.

    • You may want to reconsider your objection to the term civil war, since the very example you gave – Syria – actually proves that it is right on the mark according to your own numbers.

      When the Syrian Civil War started, the Alawites – the minority sect that has been in control of Syria since the 1970’s – were only about 10 to 12 percent of the country’s population. (see “Alawites” on Wikipedia – and the data is the same in other resources too.)

      Being a mere 10% of the population did not prevent the Alawites under Bashar al-Assad from very effectively fighting the huge Sunni majority (about 75% at the beginning of the war), while getting almost half a million people killed, bringing wholesale devastation to the country, driving half of the population abroad, and getting support from powerful foreign powers. They also managed to do all this while surviving in power for five years and counting.

      If the Alawites could fight like this against the thoroughly barbaric Sunnis, do you have any doubt that an equally ruthless and determined 10% minority is capable of mounting a full-scale civil war against a suicidal, multi-culti, sissified, lethargic European population?

      • Having read all the comments until this spot here is a good place to jump in for several points………

        1 – The reason the Alawites were and now are (relatively speaking) doing so well in the fighting, aside of course from help from Russia and Iran, when things started going downhill aprox. 3 years ago, is because Bashir’s father, Hafez al-Assad on assuming control of Syria, being not only very tough but also very smart installed into the police and military forces virtually all Alawites. That is how 10 – 12% of the population controlled the country.

        2 – For all those people who keep saying “deport all the Muslims from France”, exactly who is going to take them? Want to just dump them into Saudi Arabia from 20,000 feet in the air? That would take what, 30,000 flights? So Trump is right when he says “build safe zones” though I doubt he has any idea where, and who will allow them in. But he is right in principle and should he win the election he can start making public suggestions to the Saudis, et al. But just a refusal on letting more Muslims in at this point, on his part, which would of course be a refusal on the United States’ part, would be a signal to some Europeans to say “if the U.S. can stop them from coming in why can’t we go into mosques that we have even an inkling or suspicion about?”

        3 – Regarding mosques in France, I find it doubtful that Marine Le Pen, who basically threw her father out of his formerly fascist party, would not go into radical mosques and shut them down. Would it be a permanent solution? Doubt it. But it might change the dialogue.

        4 – I once asked on this site, and didn’t get a satisfactory answer, who would do the shooting in a “civil war” on the side of the native population, since from what I think I know there aren’t many weapons in the hands of most of the native Europeans. Someone suggested that German farmers had (something like) shotguns. Seems inadequate in street fighting to me. I would suspect the French police and army would do the fighting. But then they have to have a plan and figure out how to get the Muslim combatants out of France – see my point 2 above. But one can worry about them later if an actual shooting war broke out.

        5 – Hate to say this. Depending on who the gov’t is run by, what makes everyone so sure a civil war would break out? Think Merkel at this point favors her German ancestors? Her goal would be to stop a civil war, which from a practical point of view means the Muslim population grows in population, while the natives lose same. So right now the important country to look at, it seems to me, is France. A combo of Hollande and (whatever his name is the last pres right before Hollande) running as Pres and PM versus Marine Le Pen might determine the fate of Europe.

        5 – Finally – Dymphna, if you have read this far, or read this at all, a long while back you and the Baron had a piece about Tony Blair, I think he was out of power about a year or so, maybe more, and was quoted as mocking the British working class, and laughingly said he was happy to stick it to them (my words) by bringing Muslims into Britain. Talk about treason. If it’s not too much to ask, do you know where the article is? Thanks

        Mike from Brooklyn

        • You must be thinking of Andrew Neather, Tony Blair’s speechwriter. Paul Weston has written about him more than once. I think the famous quote was in 2010. The original news link is dead now, but here’s what Paul said about it back in 2011:

          This genocidal policy was explained by Tony Blair’s speech-writer Andrew Neather in 2010, when he rather foolishly came out with the following treasonous nuggets:
          ‘It didn’t just happen: the deliberate policy of ministers from late 2000 until at least February last year was to open up the UK to mass migration… to make the UK truly multicultural…the policy was intended to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date… this shone through even in the published report: the “social outcomes” it talks about are solely those for immigrants’

    • Furthermore, ‘civil war’ implies a war of like on like. The Muslims are an identifiable minority. Of course, there may be some of their number who prefer to be French, and some few of the French who prefer to be Muslim, but generally it would be action of the majority against an identifiable minority of relatively recent arrival.

      • An interesting aspect of civil war is that it is not just inter-group conflict but intra-group as well arising from fractures even within families about which group to align with. So with Islam pushing against larger but weaker cultures, e.g. the west today or exhausted Eastern Romans and Persians in the 7th Century, the weaker but larger group fractures and turns one against the other as we see on the streets today with Socialist Action groups, or the state, attacking those who resist, while Muslims look on and see their work being done for them.

    • In many fools there is what I call the “bias of the present”. They cannot conceive a future that is different than what they currently experience. In their conceit they think that their condition will remain unchanged, and that life will go on as it has before.

      In this delusion, they look at numbers and cannot conceive how a small minority can conquer a nation, even though history is replete with so many examples that it would take all of my time to even begin to enumerate them.

      That a population is only 10% of the total means nothing. The key is organization, intent and the will to power. Idi Amin conquered Uganda will the support of a small Muslim tribe and was then able to kill thousands of Christians. It did not matter that Muslims were only 10-15% of Uganda’s population. Similarly the Tutsi were able to overrun Rwanda after the genocide even though they represented only 10-15% of that country’s population. Finally, we can use the example of either the Russian (or even the French) revolutions, neither of which were supported by a majority of the people.

      But another issue is paramount, and that is demography. A population that is growing can accept a disproportionate number of casualties, while a larger population that is not replacing itself cannot.

      • Psychologists have identified such a bias as existing in most people with respect to themselves. At 20, 30, 40, we see ourselves in the mirror and think of the reflection of ourselves as ‘done’, ‘completed’, not to change from what we see that day. Ten, 20 years on from 40 we are yet older, 50 or 60, but convince ourselves subconsciously that now that’s it – not allowing the idea that in another 20 or 30 years time today’s grey hair and wrinkles could ever possible be the flabby fragility of the 80 or 90 year old. It’s as difficult as imagining yourself dead and the world going on.

        Like you, I despair of people not understanding we in the west have been living in a rare extended bubble of peace and stability that is now ending.

  7. Nothing they do now will matter, since invaders keep coming into the EU countries in unlimited numbers, out-numbering the citizens, if not already. France like Germany and other EU countries is ready to be handed over to Islamic sharia rule. People will be pushed out of their houses and Muslims will move in. The apathetic “infidels” will do as told since they refused to stop any of this before it got out of control. Families will be separated and many killed, churches burned or shuttered. Very little or no resistance to this tyranny. Police will do as told until they serve their purpose.

    • Mmmm…. how much of what it takes to run Germany or France can be done by those Muslims? Suppose they misplace the populace, take universities, hospitals, high tech firms… what then? You can throw people out on the garbage heap and expect them to run things for you. Masses of the people coming into Europe are functionally illiterate.

        • Egypt was the wealthiest province in the Roman Empire. Syria was number 2, and the most advanced technologically and most diverse economically.

          Carthage province (approximately the same geographically as modern Tunisia) was the wealthiest province in the western half of the Empire.

          At the time of the Saracenic invasion, Visigothic Spain was the wealthiest, most advanced, and most artistic nation in western Europe.

          Nothing says anything has to work after the barbarians have taken over.

      • Do you really believe that Muslim fanatics even think about continuing the infrastructure of Europe when they take over? They are inbred fanatics and not nearly sophisticated enough to care about such trivialities.

        Having Europe regress to the 7th century is a feature, not a bug to these barbarians. To them, everything that came after Mohammed’s life is an abomination.

  8. [I]The Arab conquest created the conditions for a state of almost permanent warfare in the Iberian Peninsula that put especial emphasis upon destruction and the display of dead enemies, with a lively slave trade as an additional incentive. This continued throughout the period covered in this book, and in scale and intensity exceeded anything to be found elsewhere in Western Europe in these centuries. Even in Córdoba at its cultural apogee it will have been hard to escape the reek of decomposing flesh from the decapitated heads displayed on the gates and the bodies of those publically crucified, left to rot in front of the palace.
    Caliphs and Kings, Spain, 796 – 1031, Roger Collins[I]

    That’s the wonderful multicultural tolerant Islamic Spain during its golden age. It’s the fate of Europe when the Mohammedans take over. Slavery and the slave trade that Christendom ended will return.

    • William: I figured they’d execute people into large mass graves . The Europeans never learned or studied their history-absolutely baffling! You would think the older generations would know something. Euro citizens will remain tolerant to the invaders to the end, and follow orders when they are forced to line up over open trenches about to be executed. They care nothing about their future or their children’s future. They are like sheep to the slaughter.

      • Laura, I wonder if it’s a matter of not learning, though. I am beginning to believe that there is a sort of mass delusion going on. When people act contrary to their interest, it suggests to me that they are no longer operating under free will. In other words, the large mass of people are no longer free to act. They are under a sort of compulsion, a force under which they are able to take only one action, an action that is by design. Only one mode of acting is allowed to be contemplated.

        What is this force? The people are manipulated by the deceptive, subtle power of persuasion coming from instruments such as mass media, schools, politicians, etc. All of them work from the same message. We know what it is. And anyone who publicly steps out of line is attacked. All who wield the manipulative force have most of us under their spell. Most of us comply willingly. Few comply only under threat of violence. Overall, we all fall in line. Anyone who falls out of line is broken. It is now 1984.

  9. On a positive note, the French have a solid history with civil destruction, mainly the Reign of Terror some 220 years ago.

    To add on another commenters point, civil war in any Western European nation roll be a geo-politics mess. Will German troops be sent to support s western government, or to protect the poor defenseless 3rd workers?

  10. What about the welfare state that is being used pay Jizya to these fine specimens? The money will not last forever. The collapse of the welfare system will be the trigger not the brutal murders of French citizens.

    • That is the greatest insanity. Europe should send the bill to the Muslim countries with tax added like we have to pay.

  11. The problem in France is that a large part of the political establishment and the socialist government are already under submission, are collaborating fully with islamists and are betraying their people.
    France has been gangrened by Marxism since the 1970 (1968). There is a huge part of the population, especially the “baby boomers” who simply can’t see the world outside of the marxist prism of their youths. Fortunately, they are old and hopefully will die in the next decade (it’s awful to say that but these people vote for socialists and pro islamic parties).

    Most of the media in France are leftists or are under the politically correct permanent (self) censorship called “one-way thought” there. Most journalists are form the left, most journalist schools are headed by leftist who teach their pupils their way of thinking (or rather the lack of it).

    Everybody having a different opinion than the “norm” (the media norm which is a minority of the population) is catalogued under “far-right, fascist, neo-nazi, xenophobe, racist etc….

    However, like in most of Europe, the population is against massive immigration, doesn’t want muslims everywhere and knows the enemy is islam.

    However, politicians do what they want against the will of the people.
    Example: Gerad Collomb president of Lyon metropolis signed a check of 2 million euro to build a new islamic “cultural centre” (mosue or madrasa in fact) just 3 days after the Nice massacre !
    2 millions taxpayer money of course. One can think that he just paid ransom to his muslim masters or a ransom to be protected from another terrorist attack. Or simly that he is a full time islamic collaborator like the Vichy regime was with the Nazis during WWII.
    Bernard Cazeneuve, minister of interior tried to make the tapes of the video of the Nice massacre erased. The Nice city hall refused.
    He then tried to put pressure on a policewoman in charge of the videos in order she’d lie about the security in place. She refused to lie and told the truth in the press. He sued her !

    Many people are calling for Bernard Cazeneuve’s resignation but he won’t resign even with having the worst record ever for failure to protect French people.

    Everyday this government and their relays are making concessions and submit to muslims demands to the point that a large part of the population think they are working hand in hand with muslims towards the islamisation and take over of the country.

    So far, people are not acting, not going into the street to demand these people to leave or not taking weapons to kill muslims and burn mosques for example.

    In April 2017 are the presidential elections. Hollande is flying at an altitude of 12-18% of real approval from the French population (another record in French history).

    People who expect a big change think Marine Lepen will be elected. Others will vote for the liberal right who renamed themselves by coying their US masters with the original name of “the republicans”.
    One of the favourite candidate is Alain Juppe, a rigid, corrupted islamic lover who authorised the building of a new mega mosque in Bordeaux and once almsot decorated one of his preferred imam with the Legion d’Honneur (it happens that the imam is an extremist one).
    Basically, if he’s elected it would be exactly the same policy than the actual socialist government.

    If Marine Lepen is not elected, then civil war or rather revolution will be the only solution for France. People are piling stock of weapons as of now and start to understand they have to defend themselves.

    Some people also now think that the socialists instrumented the terrorist attacks and islamists to gain voters, stay in power and impose martial laws used not to fight islamism and terror but to destroy their most potent opposition: the patriots, the nationalists, the FN and other political opponents.

    Today, people are enraged about the atrocities committed by muslims, they are enraged against their leaders for their total incompetence, collusion or betrayal.

    It seems to me that France, is now a dictatorship, a socialist one, like the USSR and that this government has lost so much credibility that anything can erupt at any time.

    France has nuclear weapons, so the US, will have to help France with its muslim problem because no one wants a nation of muslims in Europe with nuclear weapons !

    • If civil war or rebellion comes, where will the state sit? The physical arm of the state are the police and military. They have the most firepower and the most training. Where will they fit in the conflict? Will the state regard the native rebels the enemy? If so, will the police and military follow orders to put down the rebellious natives?

  12. From the original post above; “Can France be saved? It can,”

    I have to answer that question with a solid, NO. Why?

    In every society over the entire history of mankind, no matter the political construct, the strong has always overtaken the weak. The determined has always overtaken the complacent.

    France was a world power for hundreds of years, they consistently fought with, and defeated, the British, Spanish, German, and yes Muslim, until WW1. They have never been the same. I would suggest they lost the entirety of their strong, determined population at that point.
    Germany took over the reigns of Europe, for a time, and completely obliterated the strong, determined of their country by the end of WW2.
    America took over the reigns, and virtually decimated the world with their strength and determination, but America was too humble about it’s winning, and fell back into it’s sleep, I fear never again to be awakened.
    Islam is the new strong, determined force.
    France will not stop it this time. Germany never recovered. Britain is already over-run. America is so diluted with third world invaders, there is no base left to draw potential heroes out of, and Social Justice and Political Correctness prevent any movement upward in all countries today, anyway.
    No friends, our fate is sealed.
    Ronald Reagan was absolutely right when he stated that freedom is only one generation away from disappearing forever, he just didn’t know it was to be the very next generation.

  13. Scenario: Civil strife infects Europe and the slow trickle of European femme fatals turns into teeming shore of European fembots yearning to breathe free.

    Partisan political consternation is eliminated as we take upon the burdens of the women and children first ethos circa WW II as European men due the hard work of war reminiscent of the days when British young ones where evacuated to America for their safe keeping.

    But alas, European women have been so well groomed in political correctness they come to America and see our wretched refuse and see only our wretched refuse and scream racism and misogyny and oh such environmental degradation. My my must vote and correct this untenable situation. Thus with the votes of the Chicanos Muslims and the Euro fembots and our fembots our old New Colossus is reduced to a miniature. Ain’t life grand.

  14. I see you took my “Blah” post down. I made my point and you have confirmed it. Talk talk is all that will ever happen. Too late now. I know about war. There is no fight left in Europe. Sending emails and posts is not going to protect us. Sorry if I “offended” with my “Blabla” post but frankly what is there left to write or say on a video? Anybody that fails to “get it” or understand reality “must be mad” as Enoch Powell said in 1968.
    My father met him you know and Alec Home.Powell was a great scholar and Classical Don that spoke several languages. We have dropped from an Age of Silver to and Age of lead. Can you name one decent politician or leader? A good orator with the charisma and gravitas?

    I can’t.

    Our civilisation is over. I am glad I will not live to see its final dying embers. God has been kind to allow me to do so and go out with dignity. Oh how I long for the days and real men and women of my youth. Now that was a real generation. By now the Moslem “thing” would be over if it was ever allowed to start at all.

    Taper lighters and Candle lighters, vigil holders on Left and Right- in reality a slow moving wake in front of the European corpse already turned black in its coffin and the stench of purification rot, cloyingly clings to the molecules of air to the point the windbags cannot even smell it, their own words acting as nosegays. However we all know its over.

    • Correction “Purification rot” read “Putrification rot”.

      I have direct experience of “civil war”. Weston and his fellows think it will be years away. Personally I think it will be a lot sooner. It only takes a handful of men and women to start one as the Moslems show. You can take a whole country or civilisation with but one legion, as Tacitus quotes Agricola in his monologue dedicated to his Father in Law. The Romans knew how to fight and take countries with limited numbers.

      Caesar took Italy with one legion. Fear did the rest. Singapore fell in 1942 for the same reason- the feared “invincibility” of the Jap soldier. The British Army In Singapore vastly outnumbered the Japs and caved in without a shot hardly being fired. 5,000 jihadis appraently in EU.

      That tells me these fellows know their business. Hate them, fear them but they are professionals. Nobody want to listen to those of us that do now the truth and what to do about it- even wannabe “politcians”…

      We are all “waycists”, “mad”, “extreme”, etc. I learned to listen to older folk years ago. They’ve “been there”. I am one of the “older ones” now and far from alone. We are told “You don’t understand”, “We know better old fool”…..

      A mate of mine in Leeds has a point when he asks “Why bother Bishop when they don’t want to listen? We warned them years ago! Sit back and watch their stupidity come back to haunt them!!” He has a point hasn’t he? We tried.

    • If your point is to insult the translators, writers, editors and videographers whose hard work makes all this possible, then yes, you have made your point.

      All “we” do is talk — that is, elderly people like me — because talk is all that’s left to us. Which is the same in your own case, Your Grace, if I am not mistaken.

      Some people ARE doing things, but they’re smart, and they don’t talk about it. Revealing what they’re up to would land them in prison. Discretion is the better part of valor, my dear bishop.

      • No my comment was on wider society. I am one of those same writers and you know this Baron. When people start killing the talk is over. The situation now is beyond farce. It is pathetic and sad.

        Can you imagine our forbears holding candlelight vigils and arresting soldiers for defending the Dunkirk beaches and the brave civilians that risked their lives in Dynamo? That is what I mean, Frankly we are wasting our energy. That is what the Traitor Class is doing.

        I am simply expressing my disgust at the reactions to all that has been said over the last few years and more. What has changed? More vigils, more appeasement. I have lost close friends and yes I am angry but not with anti jihad types. I am angry at the “Eloi” that seem to think those of us of older once normative outlook are “Far Right” and “Racist” or are ignored and abused.

        The situation is beyond saving now.

        • I am one of those older “Eccentrics” that believe in funny old ideas about “Honour” and other old style chivalrous ideas……May seem “quaint these days” but hey why do I care anymore? My spirit does though and that is the problem. I love my country and that “love” need to be seen to encourage les autres…..

          Appeasing oiks that butcher fellow priests and nuns shames the Church and me. I take this personally. I cannot repeat politely what I would like to say and see. People think I jest when I say I will die for my faith and to do so with honour. Those “values” seem not “fashionable” today. Tommy Robinson is a man of Honour and courage that I can relate too.

          I am already under a fatwa .

          • We are at war and that will become very apparent very soon. We are being tested and at present found wanting.

          • I think you a bit hard on the bishop, Baron. The time has come for all of us to wonder what each can do. You’ve already chosen, and are doing it ably. But each one of us who can see has a role to play, and it’s time we each decided what it is, and jumped in. Find trusted allies, or do it alone. But do it! Only the frail and the witless are exempted.

          • The consistently dystopian message of his Grace wears down the soul. If only he could find one small shred of the evidence of God in this, His created universe, and speak about it here on occasion…then his despair and contempt would be easier to process.

            I do feel sorry for his congregation – they must listen to some bummer sermons…

            As everyone knows, the B is kinder than I – the comment to which he responded was one I’d already put in the circular file. The B resurrected it and gave it the dignity of a response. I admire him for that.

            If you read C.S. Lewis, you know what response a Christian takes in hard times…it’s not the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness. That seems to be the Bishop’s default response.

          • I deleted one of his comments that had no content, and might well have been taken as an insult by one or more of the writers and translators who work so hard to produce material for us.

            I’m willing to let him express his opinions here in full, but he is required to take care to make it clear that his scorn is NOT directed at the writer of the current piece. Which he did not do in that content-free comment, so out it went.

          • To Dynphna -“Dystopian message”? interesting turn of phrase. No the Dystopian message is from Islam. My congregation like my sermons very much. “pithy and too the point” is often the response. “Straight talking” is another.

            Islam wears the soul down. We can still win this if we act in unison. God literally helps those who help themselves. We have free will and choice and must use it as required. Unlike Islam we are not the hapless victims of Fate or Will of Allah. We are made in God’s Image and free to decide and act just like Him.

            Aquinas said “God is a Actuality outside of space and time, that may through an act of grace choose to intervene in Man’s affairs”. That is what we do too. We can either fail to act or do so to save ourselves. God will see we are determined to earn his grace. He gave His Son on the cross so why should he assist folk that will not help themselves?

            I see God in the birth of my adopted grandaughter and the love she shows me as he adoptive “Dad”. It is for her and her kind-innocents that I see God and for whom I will fight. I also recommend Psalm 45…..

            You see as usual I don’t bear grudges or take offence. What is the point? Neither do I give it…intentionally.

            However look at the state of Christians in the Near East- almost totally ignored by the West. I have close links with them through the wider Communion of my Church. What hope have they in their “Dystopia”? What is needed is a global Christian renewal and without it we are lost. Secularism will not beat Islam.

            I have stated this many times.

            That is where the hope is and God. I realised long ago that only through Renewal in the Holy Spirit will the West survive and win. We can beat this evil- the worst threat to our existence since the Fall of Rome- through faith in Christ. But where is it in the West today? That wears my soul. By this I mean the total failure and refusal of modern Europeans to recognise that we need to bring Christ back into the equation and embrace Him. He is the only true antidote to this vile pernicious cult.

            Yes my “Dystopic consistency” may well irritate and anger but it is better to recognise the full horror of what is ahead of us unless we resist. We can start by learning to love one another again and recognising what unites us.

            I know there is much division in the anti-Jihad movement and too many “personalities” determined it seems to pursue a secular personal course.

            We need to do a Leonidas at the Gates of Fire as a united force. You know this as much as I do. There are two evils we face- A nasty traitorous lying and indeed murderous Globalist elite that I call the NAGE (New Amoral Global Elite) and Islam. Both bloodsuckers feed off the other and the lost souls of their victims.

            I feel the forces we face are indeed demonic. Only through the combined force of prayer and writing together with all the rest can we withstand the full force of what we face.

            My anger is aimed at the enemy that kills the innocent and the appeasers- so let us be clear. But we do ourselves no favour by failing to unite. People complain that the Church will not speak out but instead “dialogues” with Islam. This Bishop does not nor ever will. I will stand in the line like the rest of you and shout out defiance as long as I can against the oiks that dare to besmirch such a wondrous creation of God, namely Western Freedom and Liberty. My Church will stand as a rock defiant to the end!

            I keep saying this time and again. Nobody listens but simply ignores or abuses us.

            That is a Dystopia Dymphna. Sorry if I offend but I speak plainly.

  15. Western Europe will not fight again, no matter what. The best they can hope for is a smart scientist to bio-engineer the muslim genome from reproducing.

  16. Re. the halal butchery of Father Hamel.

    Can one really believe that in a France under a state of emergency, this known jihadi was currently under house arrest?
    That he’d been arrested in Munich and Turkey for attempting join ISIS and been returned to a French prison, but released after a year?
    That the Prosecution begged the judge not to release him because he was a clear and present danger?
    That he’d been banned from his local mosque because they thought he’d gone a bit extreme?
    That his own mother begged the authorities to tag him because his religious mania was getting out of control?
    That this specific church was known to be on a list of ISIS targets?
    That known Islamist fighters were operating in the area?

    How much more in the frame could an individual possibly be? They had full chapter and verse on this guy and yet let him wander around with his electronic tag switched off for 5 hours every weekday.
    This has to be the clearest proof to date that the French authorities are doing nothing to keep their citzens safe.

  17. The French intelligence is highly competent and has the necessary data.

    The problem is the lack of political will to take the action required. It is a matter of intentions.

  18. I remember reading Paul’s article dated 2007 about civil war in Europe. In it he said that by 2017 the tensions with Islam would be jangling and here we are on the doorstep of 2017 and the tensions are indeed jangling. A precise prediction in his 2007 theory that by 2025 we would be in a civil war.

    For what it’s worth, IMHO, the French will roll over and submit. I disagree with Ric Gaston, the French have never defeated the Brits and the Germans flattened them in 1870 and would have done so again in 1914 but for the British. It was down to the Brits to keep the fight going in 1917 when the French army mutinied. When hostilities resumed in 1940 they were overrun in 6 weeks. Granted we did not do too well in that but the big decisions in that campaign were made by the French. It was down to us and our transatlantic cousins to dig them out of that hole in 1944. My point, the French have a distinguished history of surrender. Surrendering to Islam will just be another surrender in a long list.

    In Britain, the indigenous Saxon population will have to fight for its freedom and when it finally blows up the muslim invaders will be facing a people who have risen to the challenge before, and will do it again.

  19. At some point, even stupid people realize they are in danger. That day is approaching.

    Self-preservation is an inborn instinct, isn’t it?

    Since I live in the middle of nowhere I am not too worried about myself but I am worried about the future. Civilization must not die just because we are inundated by muslims who have no concept of civilization. In the 1950’s, it was communism. Then we had all the wars. At some point, I would hope people will wake up and realize that America is the strong-hold of freedom, not stupid Germany (always willing to bow to the strong man (Hitler) or the stupid woman Merkel) and France — a country I have never understood. Good food, good wine, but utterly stupid politically. Maybe they should elect cooks and vintners to office in the future. Hollande is a joke. Merkel is a disaster. I haven’t figured out England yet but . . . I’m not confident there, either. Government leaders seem to be squishes who refuse to open their eyes and see who the enemy is. (See our own occupant of the White House).

    They did the same thing before WWII started, so history repeats. I’m going to get a beer and some potato chips and watch it all on television. Heh (just joking of course).

    For the sake of my children and grandchildren I do worry terribly, which is why I come here every day to see what new horror has occurred. It’s also why I support GoV financially and I would encourage all other readers to do the same. This is important work that the Baron and Dymphna do!

  20. Given that so many millions of ethnics are already here, imported by treacherous elites without a mandate, given that they are already at war with us and given that most of them will never integrate or leave peacefully, there is no option but a bloodbath the like of which the world has never seen. Whether it is our blood or theirs remains to be seen.

  21. I have wondered for many years why the West was behaving as it did. I saw England importing these people who gave absolutely nothing and took everything and it didn’t make sense. I decided that the people in power were not stupid, that is a get out of jail card, they don’t deserve. In truth to get where they are, they need to be very politically astute, and very bright. I have come to the conclusion, it is oil. We either accept these swarms, or the oil tap is turned off. The powers in the West are terrified of what might happen if this were to occur. Would the oil producers do it? I am not sure, as without the Millions that oil brings, they would have nothing. They import engineers, builders, doctors, technicians and all manner of Western intelligence, as they have none themselves. No oil sales, would also mean death to their decadent lifestyles, but maybe they would accept that. What is the long term goal? Why, a Muslim Caliphate of course. They know they cannot do it by traditional warfare, so they use the enemies’ weaknesses against them. I don’t believe the nonsense that is talked about some Kalergi plan, only madmen plan the annihilation of their own kind. But, a long term, well planned invasion by a religion that does think long term? Yes.

    • Yes you are exactly right. This is the most intelligent comment on here. I have said for over decade that this is a religious war that used a NAY+TO stooge to fight it.

    • I also noted how extremely miserly, pretentious and lazy they are in most ways, in their behavior. For, example, they would ask you to go for a shower even though they did not provide any clean or proper shower facilities. Or they would run an extremely shabby hostel like a prison camp and charged quite an exorbitant rate. Be very alert and be very cautious, if one have to be around them out of NO choice. Their Islamic community are so lazy, greedy and obsessed for power and they tend to turn extremely intolerant, hostile and nasty for even the slightest reason. They would also try to use our need for their worthless money to manipulate, exploit and bully us nonbelievers.
      They would pretend to be friendly with people whom they think have money or power or intelligence or anyone that they can exploit for their evil and oppressive Islamic causes. Islamic people also tend to be the most unhelpful, most hostile, most scary(whenever they have any power) when one is alone or disadvantaged and surrounded by them.
      They would turn every place that is infested by them into a deserted or horrible place. It seems they are only mainly interested in extracting money(for their inferior goods and services) from us nonbelievers or imposing or spreading their scary Islamic harsh culture on us nonbelievers.
      They would also make use of other willing or ignorant people from other religious groups to push their horrible Islamic agenda.

    • A major contributing factor has been the introduction of feminism into Western society. The breakdown of the traditional social structure has led to falling birthrates across the continent, which in turn requires the importation of large numbers of people from elsewhere in the world. Video blogger Black Pigeon provides a breakdown of the problem here;

    • “I have come to the conclusion, it is oil. ”

      I beg to differ with you. The specific oil fields of the Middle East were strategic in World War I and II. Now, North America has more proven reserves than Saudi Arabia. Europe and America can easily provide their own strategic oil supplies.

      The leverage of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the other oil kingdoms lies in the huge amounts of money they accumulate through the oil market. They strategically use their huge fortunes to bribe politicians, educators, and communications media. The Clinton Foundation is a particularly open example of almost pure bribery, but there are many, many others.

  22. Beirut-ization is the future of European cities. I marvel at the pictures of Lebanon , not too long ago.

  23. First – kill the socialist nanny-state, built on massive debt and printed money. That will stop the growth of Islam in France. After that, common sense will eventually return to the French people to deal with the threat that remains.

    • No sector off the affected country. Appoint Regional Legates and mop up. Arrest the traitors and appoint people that will do the right thing. France and UK are superb countries to achieve this. It is also historically accurate and infrastructure already in place. Any officials that do not comply are arrested along with the rest and kept in confinement pending investigation and trial.

      The original County system in England was a military organisation based upon the Roman. These were further broken down into “Hundreds” for recruiting the Fyrd or Home Guard, each “Hundred” supplying men and material.

      Every County or “Canton” has a police-spy master to keep him informed. As for troublemakers you use a roving Field Force to support local law enforcement to impose the Rule of Law.

  24. Well, you have to start somewhere. If any our western democracies can vote to declare war (DAW) against the generic Radical Islam, that will be best. But that’s unlikely. So a DAW v. ISIS and Al Queda will have to do–and that hasn’t happened yet. But if it did, then IMO that would be the enabling legislation to allow the gov’t to intern (or ankle bracelet) known supporters of those groups living in the west. It’s a start.

    • We need to stop Islam like we did in wold war 1.We broke
      up the ottaman empire.We need to control the Muslim
      Countries by disarming them.Send all the trouble makers
      back to there home country. They can do what ever the want,but no weapons.I just feel sorry for the weman.

  25. Europe is doomed. They believe in nothing so they will believe anything. As long as they have football and beer they will ignore the rape of their women and debasement of their culture.

    As for their leaders who was it who said a nest of the greatest collection of scum and villany in the universe.

  26. Europe will be just fine.
    These Orks have an Achilles Heal.
    Bullets dipped in pigs blood worked for the Philippines.
    Just lob them in their direction till they get to the sea.
    A Gentleman would provide boats to take them HOME!

  27. I read a comment recently that the French response to the recent Islamic slaughters would determine whether there would be a France or whether it would become Islamic. If France were to remain as we know it now, it would have to pursue Islam into the banlieues and destroy them there. If they do not do this, they are doomed to becoming an Islamic state.
    So long France. If you are not willing to fight for your civilization, then Islam you will be.

  28. While living in France I learned that hunting is a very popular sport.

    Despite “gun control” the populace is well-armed.

  29. Europe must find a rational label to place onto Islam is doing to the continent. Until they can actually label it as an 5th column enemy seeking to destroy the very freedoms that exist, Christian and Jews and men and women of good will and common sense will continue to be at the loosing end of the grand bargain that was conceived under Charles DeGaulle.

    Two recommended reads:
    Bat Yeor — Eurabia
    Martin Luther — On War Against the Turks

    Luther said the first thing the people of Germany and Europe needed to do against the invading Turk army was 1) to seek God and 2) to repent and then 3) decide who would do the fighting. In kicking out Christ and the laws of God, Europe has 1) no ideological defense against both extreme socialism which has destroyed their will to defend their christian based civilization and which opened the door to 2) the islamicists see the vacuum caused by the socialists and are moving rapidly into the total domination.

  30. my grandma, grandpa, father , aunts and uncles, cousins and family friend all got deported from muslim Algeria back in the 60s .
    my grandparents didn’t have time to sell their homes, only time to pack a couples suitcases as full as possible and get on the boats to France, which was a foreign land to them in the end.
    my father was 4th generation born in Algeria.
    if they chose to stay, they would have died most likely or suffered persecution.
    my grandma was 36 when that happened. she had to start her life all over.
    she is now 94 years old and has lived a long pleasant life. she still misses her hometown. our ancestors are buried there. we know the tombs got pillaged . from time to time, the old wound comes back.

    I guess my while point is this. the “pied noirs” were litterally kicked out, with no time to prepare. many of them left everything behind to go to a land they weren’t born into. and guess what, most pied noir were successful in France .

    I am saying this for all the people who think deportation is inhumane.

    it doesn’t have to be.
    they are born here ? so what ? my father was 4th Generation born.

    I say it was inhumane for my grandparents who had to abandon multi generational investment. my grandparents farmed there. all that work just abandoned .

    yet it wasn’t the end of the world.

    so if we politely told Muslims that they aren’t compatible with us. and tell them, you know it before any one. so please, go back. we will leave you a whole year to get ready. after that, we will treat you the same way my grandparents were treated.

    I mean France and Algeria and morroco would have to also cooperate and organize it peacefully.

    my conclusion is this. it is completely possible and can be done in a much more human way than it was done 50 years ago with my grandparents .

  31. Read the book ” Catholic Prophecy..”The Coming Chastisement”by Yves Dupont available through Tan Books..1970/73.Shows there were prophecies about civil wars in Europe in the future written years ago.Father Nectou’s one written about 1760..and one by some woman called The Ecstatic of Tours written in 1872-73.All,not pleasant! And one can mention the Rwanda Apparitions going back before their civil war.. where a simple peasant man was told by Jesus that..”when you see the out break of religious wars…know my second coming is near”…and where the Blessed mother told another visionary that the same thing (the Rwanda Genocide)would happen in other places in the world if people do not change for the better… Scary!

    • If there is one constant throughout European history, it is war after war after war. Endlessly. I don’t know how America escaped that internecine blood-letting. Perhaps our one experience with it, the Civil War, was so disastrous that few want to repeat it.

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