Explosion in Ansbach

Update (Egri Nök):

A security staff member at the festival said that a man with a backpack was refused entry. He walked to the restaurant; shortly thereafter the explosion occurred.

Bavaria is getting more than its share of excitement this month. The latest incident occurred tonight, and involved a heavy explosion in the town of Ansbach that was not an accident. It killed one person and wounded ten others, some of them seriously.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this brief report from Nordbayern:

The explosion in the inner city of Ansbach was not a gas explosion, but was caused by an explosive device. So said Ansbach Mayor Carla Seidel in front of journalists. It remains unclear how many explosions were involved. It is not known at this moment if it was an attack, or who set off the explosives. The explosion occurred in front of the Weinstube in the Pfarrstraße, in front of the entrance to the Reitbahn [Riding Course, not sure if that’s a proper name, or a just a riding course — translator]. There the Ansbach Open Air is taking place, a three-day music festival that attracts many visitors. The concert was terminated; some 2,500 visitors left the area. The police initially spoke of a “restaurant explosion”.

From Egri Nök:

A witness says the town center is completely shut off. People cannot get back to their houses. There is probably a communication block by authorities, or something like that. The hotel and houses nearby have been evacuated.

So that is why we are not seeing pictures or tweets or anything, and why reports mentioned the streets were quiet: there is no one there.

Late addition:

Official police source: Police think the dead person might be the suspect. Press conference scheduled for 3am.

19 thoughts on “Explosion in Ansbach

  1. Four incidents in Germany in just a matter of days.

    I’m terrified for my boyfriend’s safety.

    He hasn’t been near any of the attacks thus far, but with each attack my worry skyrockets.

    Angela Merkel has blood on her hands and I only hope that someone soon holds her accountable and gets her out of office. Does Germany have any kind of recall or impeaching system?

    • When this was happening in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem everyone said the jews had it coming because of the occupation. They said the Muslims (AKA Palestinians) must be accomodated with the Two State Solution or better still the One State Solution where the Jews become a minority in their own land.
      So let us apply the same to Germany. Let us offer Bavaria as the Muslim State, so that peace reigns. Nice -Marseille could be the French Muslim solution
      Trouble is, they might take the Hamas way, acquire rockets and start shooting those rockets from schools and mosques trusting the Germans and French and Belgians to respect houses of worship and warfare.

  2. Breaking News; “Ansbach Police are searching through the debris for any sign of Breivik’s manifesto”

  3. Please, a person died. It is insensitive to refer to what’s going on as “excitement”.

  4. Angela better get her guests under control before fest season. Beer tents make great targets.

  5. I’m pretty sure we’re going to hear that the bomb was detonated by a “German man” who was “mentally ill” and the “motive is unclear”. Anything else would be a violation of the style manual. More details would be bad style you see, and we can’t have bad style.

    The scorpion continues to sting the idiot frog….

  6. The Ministry of Truth, over at the BBC are reporting a “failed Syrian asylum seeker had been killed by his own bomb”. It was admitted he had been barred entry into a festival nearby. Oh and some suggestion that the backpack bomb had “metal fragments”,( can’t imagine why that would be). No mention of muslims, ISIS, or Terror. But it was thought he might be mentally ill. Ah, that explains it; depressed over not being granted asylum (though he was still allowed to stay in Germany as Syria was considered unsafe) this chap commits suicide.

    • All you say was reported in our tv news here, with an extra detail: the German official said also that the failed asylum seeker should have been deported to Bulgaria, which is also in the EU!!! This would come as a surprise to our Bulgarian friends, who didn’t imagine until now that their country is to become a dumping ground to the Syrians rejected by Germany. What other Christian countries, I wonder, are on Germany’s list?

  7. I just had an argument with a German in another site comment section. He condemned me calling Islam a totalitarian political ideology instead of religion. I guess ignorance is still alive and well in there. I told him I hope he lives in Germany he will get an education soon…

    • I agree with his summation. I would never condemn you for your opinion, but I agree with the German.

      Islam is indeed a totalitarian political ideology. It’s a juridical system. The closest analogy is Soviet Communism: in both you could be killed for leaving or trying to leave. Islam is utopian, just like Marxism. Both believe in some kind of global Ummah. Allah is just stuck atop Islam to make it look like a theistic religion. In practice it is not.

      Until we recognize there is nothing resembling “religion” as that word is understood by other cultures, we’ll be saddled with a definition that is true neither in its precepts or its practices.

      This is a long learning curve. It takes a lot of reading – you can find some of it on our sidebar. Emmet Scott will cause a paradigm change in your view of “Western” “History”. Also, take a look at Bill Warner’s excellent work. He’s a stellar teacher.


      His pamphlets on various facets of Islam are designed with busy people in mind. As I recall, they’re not expensive, either. Check out his bookstore and in particular his videos. I’d love to have been one of his students back when he was teaching physics.

      • Islam and Islamic people breeds more cruelty, more filth, more dysfunction, more oppressiveness and more divisiveness wherever it rules or infiltrated. Their subtle and blatant aggressiveness in pushing their totalitarian Islam everywhere(e.g banks, workplaces, etc) is very obvious wherever they have the majority.
        They are even more cruel than Communists.
        The West needs to wake up before Islam ruined the whole world.

  8. For sure the perps name is David, well at least that is what the BBC will be reporting

  9. No picture and no tweets…..? If the government, police, or whoever in that area can shut down social media what has stopped the State enforcers from doing that at other events in Germany and the rest of Europe? Technically I don’t know yet how they could zero in on a particular area to block communications. Maybe it’s a slight of hand the enforcers haven’t fully rolled out yet.

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