Behead the Surgeon!

Axes, knives, machetes, and beheading — it’s the new craze in Modern Multicultural Europe.

The perpetrators described in the article below are presumably culture-enrichers, based on the allahu-akhbar factor. But no names or photos are available, and there’s no mention of their specific “migration background”.

Is the surgeon an Islamophobe? Or is the perpetrator perhaps a chirurgiophobe?

Nash Montana, who translated this piece, includes this note:

This is a frightening incident. People are being held in perpetual fear. The whole country of Germany is held hostage by these [redacteds].

The translated article from

Attack in doctor’s practice: The father of a patient attacked a surgeon and threatened him with a knife. The surgeon says the man threatened to behead him.

Dr. Attila Tan, the surgeon who escaped beheading

The incident took place Monday in Troisdorf. “The patient came to the practice around 10am. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, who was veiled. He emanated aggression, and it got more intense as I wanted to treat him,” the surgeon tells FOCUS Online.

The patient had a fracture of the fibula. “I had explained everything to him, even showed him exercises that he was supposed to do. But he didn’t even listen to me.” Finally the 19-year-old stormed out of the office — only to return shortly thereafter with his father and his brother. The father was armed with a knife.

Then he wanted to behead me

The doctor was in the middle of a surgery when his wife at the reception desk called for help. The physician ran to the front — right into the arms of the armed man. “He yelled ‘allahu akbar’. Then he wanted to behead me!”

The two sons held down the surgeon. “Their father kept yelling at me: ‘Apologize to my son, get on your knees and kiss his hand’,” he says. The office broke out in panic; one 82-year-old female patient even fled out of the window.

Luckily for the man: When the trio stormed into the practice, two female employees and two female patients immediately fled and notified the police. And before anything worse could happen, the police were on the scene.

His wife suffered a heart attack

The police arrested the 19-year-old and his girlfriend. The father and the younger brother managed to flee, but later turned themselves in Monday night in company with their lawyer. The surgeon’s wife suffered a heart attack and had to be admitted to the hospital.

19 thoughts on “Behead the Surgeon!

  1. This behavior by these 7th Century cultural misfits will become as commonplace as the daily terror attacks. The Doctors offices will now need armed security guards, the new growth industry in Europe.

    • I posted in reply of article on this site concerning the priest being killed, and that this type thing will happen next in hospitals and Dr’s clinics and it is now happening. Why are Europeans condoning all this? The EU is turning into third world mayhem, as things continue down hill. No one seems to stand up or care. Too busy with the smart phones. We in the U.S. will be next, the phone addiction here gets worse every day turning people into zombies.

  2. Not unlikely for a Hungarian Attila surgeon to be working in Germany, I would say

    • I think Attila is a mighty fine name for an orthopaedic surgeon, in any event.

  3. Reading this makes me obsessively think about “concealed carry” we have in the US. Basically pacifying this vermin in situ with your personal handgun would be perfectly appropriate and even legal (i.e. without charges pressed) in the Great State of Texas …

    • Lu; If you haven’t gotten one yet you should. More so living in the great state of Texas. A CCW permit was the first thing I did when we escaped from Kalistan (AKA California, where it’s almost impossible to get one) to Nevada. Wife is now taking a course to get one too.

    • This is just a typical Syrian malpractice suit, all perfectly legal under islam. If you have your permit, I guess you could say “allow me my retort”.

  4. These incidents will only stop when the indigenous population takes it to these islamic vermin. Unfortunately, all western governments practice cultural marxism and legal action would only be taken against anyone who retaliates.

    • Peter: Also, their social life/addiction to smart phones and gaming apps keeps them busy 24/7 that the people have no idea what’s really going on or even care. Soon they will be living under tyranny and apathy will remain high, even after families are separated […].

  5. I can imagine someone in Europe possibly getting inspired by the tactics of the drug cartels in Mexico. Where people just disappear. It seems to be an awful mess. On one hand I will think the unlikely conversion of Muslims is the only solution that some would try. On the other hand, a case can be made for harsh warnings.

  6. These bizarre incidents from guests from other countries, seem to contain a common thread, a complete lack of respect for local people and institutions. Thank goodness the woman in this incident was not asked to shake hands with the doctor. It could have ended tragically.

  7. Mr Tan should better go back to Hungary. It’s a safer country, for the time being.

  8. You can never know if a Muslim surgeon is a Dhimmiphobe?

    Can you imagine a more discreet but effective method carrying out stealth JIHAD than being a Muslim surgeon or a Muslim medical doctor whatsoever, who with undoubted competence, in secret, more or less directly and in full compliance with Quranic commandments can inflict hated and detestable infidels to suffering or evan premature death.

    The Hippocratic oath is of human origin and thus invalid for a sufficiently faithful (ca 60%) Muslim. Therefore, if you are a detestable infidel, never consult a Muslim doctor or accept care from a Muslim medical staff.

    For your own safety, boycott all Muslim healthcare ‘professionals’!

  9. Attila is an old respected and historical name in Hungary. I bring this info as an American, with roots in Hungary.

    • Attila is also used as a last name in Turkey . . . than bastion of the Amish in the Middle East. Can Attila is a famous composer.

    • Atilla was the most famous chieftain, warlord (or what would you call him) of the Huns that ravaged Europe in 5-6 century AD. The Hungarians (actually not a Turkic but an Ugro-Finn nation) and the Turks appropriated the name in the 19-20 centuries, lead (or mislead) by the hypothesis that the Huns were the first Turcic tribes to attack the Roman Empire. We have a couple of Attilas even in Bulgaria (among people who believe Bulgarian warriors were actually Huns). So – Attila may well be a Turk as well as Hungarian.

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