Another Thousand Words Saved

The zealous protector of the commonweal in the foreground is Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission. The object of his, ah, intervention is MEP Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP and the motive force behind the “Brexit” referendum.

Hat tip: JLH.

10 thoughts on “Another Thousand Words Saved

  1. What does it take for a drunken idiot like Juncker to actually lose their job?

    His behaviour and arrogance would not be tolerated in any other workplace that I can think of.

    As usual Nigel Farage takes it all in his stride, unfortunately the mainstream media in the UK are determined to traduce his reputation but the public know who the true hero of the BREXIT vote is.

    The Satchi and Satchi (unused) posters depicting him as Hitler were truly disgusting only surpassed in notoriety by the rapper’s tweet with a sex doll threatening to gang rape his daughters!

    Where was the public outcry? Will the rapper be prosecuted for a hate crime? Unfortunately not I am afraid.

    • Where indeed was the public outcry?
      While I am delighted the Brexit vote showed a small majority of Brits would indeed like their country back, I’m utterly dismayed at the number of them siding with the EU, multi-culti country-destroyers.

      It’s exactly as I’ve said before–many Brits have become inured to the present situation as ‘normal’, the way things are, which is perhaps understandable since the invasion has now been going on for about 4 decades, and there are fewer and fewer people who remember what it was like to be able to walk down any street in any British city without being accosted by moslem gangs.
      Some will perhaps say there have always been gangs of British youths, but any comparison with the now ubiquitous moslem gangs is ludicrous.

      • The majority for Leave was so much greater than the official figures indicated that the establishment was unable to cheat.

    • No, simply a drunk who has probably induced alcohol related brain damage at this point. It can present in many and varied subtle ways.

    • Then it becomes waterlogged, sinks to the bottom, slowly becomes covered in mud and then it either rots away or becomes fossilised 😉

  2. Is there any wonder that Brexit prevailed when drunken bums such as Juncker are at the EU helm? I never was a big fan of Farage, but seeing him getting up that rather large red hooter of Juncker I’m beginning to like the man.

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