Anne Marie Waters: An Appeal for Two Minutes of Your Time

Anne Marie Waters of Sharia Watch is writing a book, but she’s having trouble finding a publisher — no surprise there! However,

Here’s her appeal, as posted on her website:

An appeal for two minutes of your time
by Anne Marie Waters

I’ve been writing a book for a while. I have been to countless publishers. Those who replied told me how good it was, but…

Not one will print it. I know why. I’ll explain.

Beyond Terror is simply a no-holds-barred account of the enormous damage that Islam and Muslim immigration has done, and will continue to do, to Western society. I have given countless examples of how and why this is a simple statement of fact. I will show how Islam is bringing horrors to the West that are unprecedented in modern history. It has injected our civilization with poison — this poison is particularly potent for girls and women and anyone who demands the right to freely express an opinion. Islam is dragging the free West in to a nightmare and I will prove it.

I will also explain my own story in full; why I turned my back on Left-wing politics and now actively campaign against it. I will describe my entire journey from Labour feminist activism to standing for Parliament as a UKIP candidate. I will tell the story of the Mohammed cartoons, the police visits to my home and the effect of this on my private life, and the character assassinations I’ve endured at the hands of the toxic and totalitarian Left-wing — a Left-wing that has aligned itself with Islam because it sees this religion as the key to bringing down the West.

I’ll also describe in detail one of the most significant and alarming realities surrounding this issue — the collusion of the United States of America with Islam. This is an alliance that could well hasten the demise of democracy in the West. It is that serious.

I cannot self-publish this book as I simply cannot afford the legal fees involved. Rather hilariously, many people seem to think I am rich on the back of my work on Islam. On the contrary, I make nothing — no money whatsoever. I have also lost my legal career and am dependent on the kind donations of supporters to keep Sharia Watch going.

I do not make this appeal to ask for money, merely a few moments of your time. If you, like me, want Beyond Terror to be published, please follow this link and vote. If I receive enough votes, my book may be published.

Thank you.

Anne Marie

You can vote by clicking here:

‘Beyond Terror’ by Anne Marie Waters

37 thoughts on “Anne Marie Waters: An Appeal for Two Minutes of Your Time

    • Look forward to Anne Marie’s book but I recommend 2030: Your Children’s future in Islamic Britain by David Vincent (available on amazon).

  1. To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to critize…Voltaire

  2. Voted… Sadly only one vote is permitted. Good luck, hope to see it published

  3. I voted for it. Has this message been forwarded to, or is it outside their ambit?

  4. Publishing a book, i.e. staining a lot of paper with 5% coverage of ink, is easy. Promoting it so that it reaches a wide readership is hard. Nigh impossible unless the publishing house has the resources or the inclination

  5. Ms. Marie,
    Try self-publishing on Amazon Kindle. I’ve heard it’s not expensive; best of luck to you. God bless and thank you for exposing this evil ideology!

    • It’s not expensive at all; in fact if you can write a bit of HTML code, it’s all pretty straightforward & doesn’t cost you anything, apart from whatever image you want to use on the cover.

    • Marie: great idea, also an important book, perhaps a companion book to this new one is The Legacy of Jihad (Andrew Bostom) goes thru the whole history and slavery of infidels. Very detailed.

  6. Anne Marie can publish on Amazon Kindle.

    Everyone can.

    Search on Amazon : “How to publish your book on Kindle”

    It involves formatting your book in a Microsoft Word file, according to a few simple rules concerning text and chapter formatting.

    You need the word file, front cover artwork .jpg, and some 500 word resume, a title and a price.

    Royalties are 70% if your price is below 10$ or 10£ or 10€ and
    30% if your price is above that.

    About the same system is used by the Barnes and Noble NOOK.
    Royalties are 65% and 40% there.

    Publishing is totally free, just upload everything and your e-book is available on Amazon an Barnes&Noble. After the closing of the month, it takes 60 days to receive your royalties.

    30% of the people read e-books and they are the top of the market.

    Once you sold some you will be approached by a publisher for the paper book : he will want to sell to the other 70%. Do not sell out too cheap. If you sold 30.000 e-books, the publisher is pretty much guaranteed he can sell 70.000 print books, try to get 10$€£ per book.

    • You can also code it in HTML & upload that to Amazon & voila! There’s your book. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

  7. I love you anne marie waters, you are a real fighter, i b first to buy your book, and Will tell others to buy it.

    I used go visit speakers’ corner in hyde park in the late 1980s.

    Lord soaper was my favourite speaker.

    I visited speakers corner in 1999, and it was very dangerous then, it had been
    Taken over by arabs, muslims, and i saw people attacked there.

    I like you, was once on the left, but i read books, lived in many countries, and put the jigsaw pieces together, I grew up, I realised that the left utopian multi culti is load of hogwash, and the socialists are in reality, are the Nazis.

    Humanity’s enemy, are these leftist marxist brain dead anti white racists,
    Who are aiming to wipe out european white people,
    But its not going succeed,

    Islam and the left multi culti nazis have been found out.

    The tide is beginning to turn.


    God bless you anne marie x


  8. Hi Anne Marie,
    there are many way to self-publish. I have published my German translation of an “islamophobe” book on Createspace. I do not want to make publicity for this Amazon company, there are others like Tredition, and more print-on-demand pubishers.
    I found it really easy, and there was no “legal stuff”.
    Please do not wait for any votes, simply just do ist.

  9. I look forward to doing something about it before Europe turns into present day Syria. Should not be too long now. Keeps getting closer. Running, ducking and diving and dodging bullets through all those bombed out remains of family living rooms where the smug huddled in denial and ignorance. TV finally off.

  10. I look forward to reading it as well. Also, may I suggest that a publisher in either America or Israel may be a better option than one in Britain.

  11. In 2016, e-books are the dog and printed books are the tail. It costs nothing to upload a manuscript to Kindle and offer it for sale at the price the author sets. I would forget about printed books and go straight to Kindle. 70% royalties from a self-published Kindle book will carry you a lot further than 12% royalties from a few dead tree books, unless you are already a famous best-selling author.

    • If you don’t support it, don’t vote. Not at all complicated, really.

  12. I have published an ebook on Amazon and a hard copy version using Createspace, both free of charge. I wouldn’t say it was easy but it was straightforward enough. I think the hardest part was doing the graphics for the cover. I ended up paying less than £20 for some stock images, but it’s obviously possible to avoid buying any images at all. If you want any guidance let me know.

  13. Anne-

    I hereby pledge to buy your book. If not more than $50 US, I will buy a copy signed by the author!

  14. There is a spelling mistake on top of the book cover: “writter”. Also, I would say the lettering is too pretty, something starker would be better. Hope you get it out.

    • I fixed my copy of the image. The one on the publisher’s site is beyond my reach.

  15. Consider contacting Beale over at Vox Days web site. They do publishing and even consider publishing books beyond their science fiction specialty. You will certainly get some publicity through their website and followers.

  16. I really hope they can judge it’s a book that’s well worth publishing. Good Luck Anne Marie

  17. Unlike others chiming in on this thread, I really HATE self-published Kindle books , and I no longer purchase them because of wasting so much money — I can’t be the only one. I recently purchased a book by a French author who ran into the same problem of being turned down by all traditional publishing houses for fear of lawsuits. The book is called “L’assassinat de la France expliqué à ma petite fille”. The author put up a “Kickstarter” fundraising drive, where if enough people pre-purchased the book, the publisher, “Editions Valensin” prints the book and handles the distribution by postal mail. If not enough people sign up, they get their book purchase refunded. Search for “Editions Valensin via Kickstarter”. Hope that helps, and good luck on your project, Anne Marie!

    • I like most Kindle books. Occasionally you come across a dud re formatting. I ended up buying the 99 cent version of The Father Brown series bec the free was so badly formatted.
      Oh, and same with the Anthony Trollope collection.

      Books I’d always meant to read, but…and now they’re on Kindle.

      And the five volume bio of Washington by his Chief Justice. Also some good histories on Andrew Jackson. What a life.

  18. Dear Anne Marie,

    This is what hooks me: You said, ” I’ll also describe in detail one of the most significant and alarming realities surrounding this issue — the collusion of the United States of America with Islam. This is an alliance that could well hasten the demise of democracy in the West. It is that serious.”


    I’ve done 5 books using Createspace, which then publish and are sold on Amazon. I prefer the printed editions over the e-books — if (when) the ‘net/grid goes down, at least there will be some hard copies out there somewhere. You can do both hard-copy and e-book using the same file, all in one sweep. I use a WPS word-processer program (downloaded free) which works great. The downloaded template from Createspace is then much like ‘filling in the blanks’ if your material is already written and ready to go, as yours apparently is. Distribution channels are already in place for you; however, creating a marketing plan and advertising is actually the harder part. All costs nothing.

    Please let me know how I can help you in any way. I’m in South Dakota, in the u.s. I have the impression you are in u.k. I will help you in any way I can.

    May God pour out all blessings upon your weary head,

    Sincerely, with hugs, Max

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