Allahu Akhbar! Death to Nudists!

Nude swimming, sports, and sunbathing are popular pastimes in Germany. In the following article from Politically Incorrect, the “FKK beach” mentioned is a family nudist beach, but may have a mixed clientele, some in bathing suits, some not. Xanten is a resort in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

FKK Beach Xanten: “Allahu akbar” screamers want to “exterminate all whores”

A group of young men were extremely insulting the guests and especially the women. “They insulted us, cussed us out, and even spat at us,” says one reader who didn’t want her name to be published for fear of retaliation. “We women are all whores and they would exterminate us all, those were the exact words.” In between insults the men had screamed “Allahu akbar”.

The guests in the leisure center were so extremely afraid that at first nobody intervened — “We were glad when the men were finally gone,” said one mother. Nonetheless, the woman emphasized that these were in no way refugees. “The young men spoke German very well and have been living here for a long time, for sure,” the 53-year-old is convinced. “But this contempt, this aggressive potential really made you fear for your life.” Other guests reported that the men had been there previously on Tuesday, and had been insulting people then. (Excerpt from an article in DER WESTEN)

In the South Tyrolean city of Bolzano as well, an 18-year-old Afghan “refugee” wanted to kill his hosts by hurling paving stones towards a group of passers-by and the police: “S****y Italians, you all have to die, just like the French, get blown up.”

12 thoughts on “Allahu Akhbar! Death to Nudists!

  1. Possible solutions:
    – Armed guards at the leisure centre (expensive)
    – Regular paying guests stop going and the ethnics add a leisure centre to their no-go zone.

  2. These people are getting too easy a ride. Where are the bikers, the skinheads and the football hooligans?

    • I have a feeling that the collective EU governments through their police and intel agencies are spending more resources monitoring the bikers, skinheads, and football hooligans, than the suspected terrorists and Jihadi vermin. Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) is IMHO paving the way for the destruction of the European culture, civil order and way of life.

  3. Ah, great, so people who have lived there for decades or even their whole life behave as if they had just come from Afghanistan. That’s good news.

  4. The women were very afraid and were glad when the Muslim thugs were gone. Makes perfect sense. Women will not fight back. Women will submit. Where are the European men? WHERE ARE THE EUROPEAN MEN?!

    • They’re hiding if they’re smart. There is zero cultural support for standing up. Poor Tommy Robinson has had his life ruined for standing up for “English values”. You have only to watch the continuing persecution of TR – his is a lesson for others who might be tempted to step out of line.


      Or they are moving. We hear from the expatriates sometimes. Hard to leave all that you love because of the repression.

    • Ricpic: Males have been gelded and turned into cowards. When not working they are hanging out in beer joints, coffee shops, or at home playing games on their smart phones or watching soccer on TV.

      • There’s a bigger problem than that. As Dyphna says, in many countries (especially in Europe) self defense has been made practically illegal. So not only does a guy have to be brave enough to risk injury to himself to help someone else, he also has to be willing to go to prison to help someone else.

        Most people are not willing to risk going to prison to help someone they don’t know. Add to that the risk of physical injury and they’re even less likely to do anything.

        For anything to change, self defense laws need to change, and for that to change the societal attitude that anyone who defends themselves or others is a criminal needs to change.

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