A Pack of “Lone Wolves”

Earlier this month a French police officer and his wife were murdered by a mujahid at their home in a suburb of Paris. Before any real investigation had begun, the explanation released by the authorities and dutifully repeated by the media was that the killer, Larossi Abballa, was yet another “lone wolf” killer who had somehow radicalized himself, and lacked any connection to terrorism.

However, additional information has emerged in the last two weeks suggesting that Mr. Abballa was anything but a loner in the world of jihad. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating the following article from Le Point:

Larossi Abballa: A lone wolf, really?

LePoint.fr has gained access to documents that establish concrete links between Larossi Abballa and jihadists well known to the authorities.

Three of them were placed in custody in connection with the investigation of Larossi Abballa, the murderer of two policemen in Magnanville. Although one man emerged free, Saad Rajraji and Sharaf-Din Aberouz, 27 and 29, were brought before the public prosecutor for a possible indictment. Both were familiar with Larossi Abballa. They had been convicted and imprisoned at the same time, clearly progressing in jihadist circles. Abballa’s relational map is gradually emerging . It indicates that the perpetrator of the two murders maintained direct links with members of the group responsible for the Buttes-Chaumont, Forsane Alizza or the Casablanca attacks. The “lone wolf” theory seems less and less likely.

Sharaf Din Aberouz is one of Larossi Abballa’s relatives. The two men were part of a group of seven French nationals suspected of having links with Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Two of them were arrested in Lahore by Pakistani intelligence in 2011, just before reaching Waziristan, where they planned to train for jihad. Back then Sharaf Din Aberouz was 25 years old. He was sentenced to five years in prison in France for criminal association for the preparation of a terrorist act. He was released on 12 November 2015 on a conditional remission.

“Violent in its relations with the disbelievers”

According to the information we have seen, he was far from being a perfect prisoner. The prison administration calls him “radicalized”, behaving “like a recruiter”, and notes: “He approaches newcomers among the detainees, promotes Islam and begins teaching individuals that he takes under his tutelage.” On 21 February 2012, Sharaf Din Aberouz organized a gathering of forty prisoners during the walk and gave a speech for ten minutes “while the prisoners present — who seemed captivated and admiring — listened in complete silence,” noted the worried agents. On 27 January 2013, he delivered a call to prayer in the middle of the night. On June 6, the guards reported “violent behavior in his relations with the unbelievers.” On 31December 2014, he welcomed the announcement of the execution of Hervé Gourdel in Algeria. To prevent him from radicalizing all his fellow prisoners, he was transferred from one facility to another five times over a period of three and a half years.

Those stays in French prisons were also an opportunity to make friends with bigwigs of Islamist terrorism. He met Maximilian Thibaut, a member of the group Forsane Alizza — called nickel feet of jihad — and Teddy Valcy, a well-known relation of the Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly, perpetrators of the attacks in January. Even more troubling, the prison administration noted that Larossi Abballa was friends with Rachid Ait El Hadj, a terrorist, also a native of Mureaux, convicted in 2007 for the Casablanca attacks. The latter was stripped of his French nationality in October 2015. He was not the only member of the Casablanca bombings group that knew Abballa: as explained by our RTL colleagues, Fouad Charouali (also stripped of his nationality), the mastermind behind the Casablanca bombings, was a neighbor of the Abballa family. They lived in the same building.

A self-proclaimed imam

Another relationship brought before the prosecutor was the one with Saad Rajraji. He too was part of the Pakistani jihadist connection busted in 2011. Sentenced to five years in prison, he has been free since November 2014. He also associated with people that aroused the suspicions of the secret service. In the phone seized by the prison administration there could be found under different names with four telephone numbers corresponding to Thamer Bouchnak, a self-proclaimed imam, considered responsible for the radicalization of many inmates. The latter organized the reading of religious texts during walks and enjoyed the attention of many stooges “because of his mastery of religious texts,” noted the administration.

Thamer Bouchnak was a member of the group of the Buttes-Chaumont and trained … Cherif Kouachi. Bouchnak knows Djamel Beghal very well, a former GIA and al-Qaida. According to a source close to the case, Thamer Bouchnak was previously considered by the intelligence services as “most likely to take action.” The investigation is ongoing and will determine whether Larossi Abballa acted on orders received, and if he had any accomplices.

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  1. As the previous generation of Islam types were brought to a bloody halt back in 1945 the local citizens were absolutely shocked to discover that there were concentration camps so close to their very neighbourhoods. Imagine a whole army of the moon god’s wildest with stockpiles of armaments and ammo right across Western Europe. Unbelieveable! I just don’t know what to say.

  2. I have two questions.
    Why weren’t they in solitary confinement?
    Why would they have phones in prison?
    Hello? Nobody have brains anymore? At least in prisons?

    Unbelievable but I will believe it anyway. There are people who obviously do not want to solve this problem, just attempt to bumblingly contain it — won’t work, idiots.

    • Our liberal society has determined that prisoners are entitled to basic rights, a determination that works much better with native Europeans than with Muslim implants from totally alien cultures.

      Middle Eastern dictators developed crude but effective ways of controlling the jihadist fever. The promise of 72 eternal virgins seemed to be less attractive when you were in one of Saddam Hussein’s torture cells.

      Unfortunately, civilized norms are becoming a casualty of massive immigration of Muslims. These people simply don’t respond to the graduated punishments of Western fines and imprisonment, where the prisoner still has the rights of due process.

      The problem seems to be metastasizing to the point where the normal process of justice will not even come close to solving the increasing terror attacks.

  3. ‘Lone Wolves’ no, ‘Known Wolves’ absolutely. We the enlightened are fully aware that all of these ‘Wolves’ get their inspiration and marching orders from the Muslim Manifestos, the Quran, the Hadeiths, and the Suras.

  4. I think calling them wolves are degrading to this fierce and noble animal. They are a pack of hyenas.

  5. Wolves are social animals that live in packs. A lone wolf is a wolf that has been cast out of the pack due to some deficiency. He is not an effective killer and is most likely in a weakened condition. As such, a lone wolf does not survive for long on his own. Therefore, a lone wolf is usually not a threat to other creatures.

    Having stated the above description, a Mohammedan terrorist should not be assigned the label ‘lone wolf.’ He is too deadly to be likened to a lone wolf.

    • How about calling these creatures of the dark ‘Muslim’? We are ‘infidels’. It is now a life and death issue.

  6. Why should it matter? Lone wolves or not, they are following the teachings of Extreme Fascism – Islam and its Sharia obligation to eradicate non-Muslims as well as non-compliant Muslims.

    EU authorities are still trying to hide the facts, doing their utmost to implement the Saudi-controlled UN Human-Rights resolution to suppress free speech while expediting the Muslim invasion. Most European voters are still sleeping ( they’ll die in their slumber ) as they keep voting for Liberal Islam-loving politicians.

  7. .

    “F*** Isis” flag is being investigated as “racial hatred”

    Published July 1, 2016 at 21:21

    Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the Islam-critical EDL, now accused by British police for “inciting racial hatred” after having been wearing a shirt with the message of the Islamic state and kept up an English flag with the message “F*** Isis”.

    In the pictures posted on social media Tommy Robinson poses in front of the flag at the European Championships in France. He wears a sweater that shows how an English soccer supporter urinates at the IS black flag.

    Now, 33-year-old Tommy Robinson’s attorney Alison Gurden tells the International Business Times that police are investigating Robinson for having “incited to racial hatred” against Muslims on account of their messages against the terrorist organization.

    – Both me and my client are very concerned that the police chief in Bedfordshire and British soccer monitoring entity consider that Tommy Robinson’s demonstration against a banned extremist terrorist organization is the same as showing hatred against people of Muslim faith, says Gurden.

    Robinson, who currently leads Pegida in the UK, called the accusation “ridiculous”.

    – In court on Friday, they said that I had incited racial hatred because of the English flag and the sweater I had on me, he says to the International Business Times.

    Tommy Robinson photographed himself when police came to his home and put the clip on Twitter:
    Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra

    Police Imagine being able to come to ya house, intimidate and harass ya family then seize ya passport with no crime
    9:40 PM – June 26, 2016

  8. At least a decade ago Mark Steyn sardonically described a US-based Muslim terrorist who had been reflexively tagged a “Lone Wolf” by an eager and ignorant media primarily keen to assure Americans that the actions of the man were NOT part of anything bigger, organized or with a coherent purpose, a “card-carrying member of the International Union of Lone Wolves (Local No.248)”.

    What is risible is that the MSM is in 2016 STILL jumping to reflexively tag such people “lone wolves”. Even the most casual reader of/listener to the MSM must be wondering: “There seems to be an awful lot of lone wolves with MENA names out there committing acts of terror, month after month, year after year. Seemingly not a week goes by with yet another lone wolf committing an atrocity!”

    Why does the MSM persist in this soothing, nothing-to-see-here-folks propaganda? I guess the answer is they proceed on the basis that the masses are deeply stupid. I recently watched a video with one egregious Tamara Holder, who I’d never heard of before, attacking Pamela Geller for being “hateful”, Brigitte Gabriel for being “the most dangerous woman” and Jamie Glazov as being “disgusting”, so I guess Holder subscribes to the view of the “Big Lie” as originally propagated by Josef Goebbels.

    • Mohammedans are the shock troops for Global Marxism or whatever you want to call the organized effort to destroy Western nations-states and cultures. The whole point is to lull the population with sweet lies and pablum. Fear, once the truth rears it’s ugly head, will be the motivator to strip away rights and freedoms. Look how Orlando was twisted into a whipping session for Christians and gun owners. The MSM gets to control the narrative like any good propaganda arm. Ft. Hood becomes “workplace violence” and the presstitutes roll with it. Speaking out against Mohammedans is “racism” and “islamophobia.” Phobia implies mental illness…ad nauseum

      • In the same video I referred to above somebody referred to the Fort Hood Islamic terror atrocity and the compere Sean Hannity interjected: “That was workplace violence!” and he wasn’t being tongue in cheek in saying it. I was shocked as Hannity is usually quite sound on Islam.

        • It took Hannity and the other talking heads far longer to actually let the word “Islam” pass their lips that I quit trusting any of them years ago…whatever is ‘safe’

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