A “New German” Exercises His Right to Kill His Wife

The “refugees” keep pouring into Germany, and the cultural enrichment news keeps pouring out.

An Iraqi enricher told the court in Regensburg that when he strangled his wife, he was simply exercising his right under the law. Sharia law, that is — not German law. Or maybe Germany has revised its laws by now to include sharia provisions for the “New Germans”. His sentencing is tomorrow — that should tell us.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Die Welt:

“Have exercised my right to kill my wife”

A refugee, charged with murder, is facing the court. It is his right to kill his wife, the Iraqi said to the police. He cannot understand why he now has to go to prison.

The 32-year-old strangled his wife out of jealousy. The refugee submitted no statements about the murder to the court in Regensburg.

According to the prosecution, Jumaah K. was convinced that his 26-year-old wife and the mother of their three children had had an affair with another man. Last November, therefore, the man strangled his wife in their bedroom in Laaber in the township of Regensburg.

During the murder the three small children were in the house

After the murder, the man went to the police and turned himself in, accompanied by his three-year-old daughter. A little later the police discovered the body of the woman. An interrogator reported on Monday that the husband said: “I have exercised my right to kill my wife.” But why he is going to prison, he cannot understand.

The refugee family with three children aged three to eight had been housed in Laaber since beginning of September of last year. According to the prosecution the husband went to the house on November 16th and strangled his wife. The children were present in the house during this time. Whether they witnessed the murder of their mother is not clear.

The process is being continued on Wednesday. The verdict is expected to be delivered on the 22nd of July.

24 thoughts on “A “New German” Exercises His Right to Kill His Wife

  1. What is a girl to do when she doesn’t have four male relatives to exonerate her? Duh!

    Any sensitivity training for this confused lad Frau Merkel? Surely, had he known such an act was against his new host country’s laws, he may have challenged his religious ideology.

    • Maybe Germans could publish another comic book like the one explaining western customs around swimming pools. This second version would specify that you cannot kill a woman in Germany without being punished. Apparently this man went to the police station under the misapprehension that the authorities would dispose of the body for him and there would be just a little paper work to tidy up?

  2. What is the source of this man’s claimed right to kill his wife? ‘Umdat al-Salik recognizes the right to kill one’s child or grandchild with impunity, but where does Islamic scripture recognize the right to kill one’s wife?

    • Yes, does sharia allow a husband to kill his wife without any legal procedure?

    • “What is the source of this man’s claimed right to kill his wife?”

      Let me guess…honour! Very popular in Pakistan.

  3. A critical point in history that tells you that a culture will fall….. When they fail to protect their women. Germany has already laid the blame of rape and molestation on women that dress” provocatively” or are “out too late”.
    This piece of crap will go to jail because the crime is so blatant and heinous it can’t be ignored But mark my words, 5-10 years from now it will be a new ballgame. The erosion of the backbone of the male population and the corruption of the ruling class will make the western “world’s so called “war on women” look like a tea party. Men will have lost their resolve and their DNA will have withered with their backbone. Women will be faced with the grim reality that Bobby Knight’s advise wasn’t so wrong after all.

  4. “After the murder, the man went to the police and turned himself in […]”
    – Why would he do that if it was his right to murder his wife?
    – The Germans should not punish him. That would be Islamophobic and intolerant. Instead they should send him to a “do not kill your wife” class. A coloring book would be nice as well.
    – Eventually there will be Sharia Law in Germany to correct the injustice that has been visited upon by the Shaitans.
    – In any case, Heiko Maas said that refugees are baa-lambs. I believe him.
    – A letter from Germany: http://www.unz.com/ldinh/a-letter-from-germany/

    • He probably went to the police because he didn’t know how to dispose of the body. They are not strong on forward planning.

    • I think they need more of those posters like the ones at the pools with the do not grope cartoons on them. Except of course that they need cartoons for things like do not kill wife, do not suicide bomb, do not run down crowds of people with large truck, etc.

  5. Frau Merkel has shown clear contempt for everything German. She is happy of all the rapes that are happening, just can’t admit it in public. She only regrets that the number of refugees didn’t reach at least 20 million, and this is the fault of little Macedonia.

    • Months ago Mutti Merkel was publicly declared by senior German constitutional judges to have broken German constitutional law in the manner in which she declared Germany’s borders open to the third world (knowingly the rest of the EU’s borders too.)

      Having by passed her political party, Parliament and having not consulted the German people she had no mandate to take
      The actions she did period!

      Surely the German people could “crowd fund” in order to finance a court case against her as have the families in the UK
      Are doing to prosecute the Blair Creature for war crimes in the Iraq war?

      Meanwhile the odious Peter Sutherland is stating that it is everyone’s human right to enter Europe should they wish to do so, refugee, migrant or not, and that popularism and nationalism should be crushed as the elites know best!

      Someone should deposit this moron, penniless of course, with no documentation on the borders of say North Korea, Somalia,
      Iran or Syria in order that he can show us how it is done.

      He, like the UN, is long passed his sell-by date, their only agenda is to drag the 1st world nations down to the 3rd world status of the backward nations of which they are so enthralled.

      Thousands of years of culture and civilisation are going down the tubes because of vacuous, self-loathing apologists such as this, who are they to pontificate what nation states need to do?

      Like Soros he is a bitter, twisted old man who thinks he knows best, the only tragedy is that people feel the need to both fund him through taxation or listen to him. Better yet, perhaps a few hundred people could find out where he lives, no doubt in greater comfort than most, trespass and remain on his property insisting it is only humanly dignified and their right to live in the same manner as he does. Why would this be any different from the principle of third world dross crossing European borders, with nothing to offer, prepared to take advantage of welfare states to which they have not contributed, bringing disease, rape culture, islamification and General chaos?

      The left wingers have given up on the pretence that all migrants are engineers, rocket scientists or philosophers and adopting different tactics accordingly; recognise them for what they are, Quislings.

    • Macedonia is not a state small or big,my dear.

      Macedonia is the north province of Greece and i advise you to have your history lessons right,but if you won’t we will teach it to you some time in the future.

      The state you are referring to is a mishmash of Albanians,Serbs,Bulgarians and 250.ooo Greeks,wich are the children of janissaries who escaped their punisment,for their communist crimes against my country in 1944.

      Your name under the international law,is Fyrom.

  6. Welcome to Eurabia, Merkelstan province, also known as Ger-money or Allahmania.

  7. I have pondered the motives of Frau Merkel for a couple of years now and all of sudden it came to me: she sees this policy of welcoming two million “Syrian” “refugees” into Germany as an act of national atonement for Germany’s actions 1932-1945. That is to say, it is one vast act of virtue signaling: “Look, we Germans were bad then, but we are good now!” There simply isn’t any other explanation for this colossal folly, unless she secretly hates Germany and Germans and wishes to destroy her own nation, but I cannot imagine why she wishes to do this.

    Go back a mere 50 years and imagine someone telling a fellow German that one day there will be men in Germany who strangle their wives (and mothers of their 3 children) to death because they suspect, suspect mind you, that they have been unfaithful to them! And they then, and this is the biggie, will turn up in a court claiming that they had a legal right to do so. The person doing the listening would have insisted that the authorities cart that someone off to an asylum.

    • Wasn’t that a brilliant idea, Julius? Atoning for the Holocaust by importing millions of people who’ve been brought up to hate Jews (among others). I daresay it’ll work out as well as in Sweden and France.

  8. Depending on the outcome, I could have a sudden revelation and have to turn into a muslim. Anyone know if jealousy is the only valid defence? What about failing to shut up when so instructed? Nor do I like that shade of lipstick she wears nowadays – and I’ve told her that a million times. ‘Wilful disobedience’ aren’t the words for it!

  9. Now you can kill anyone. Your gender is what you declare it is. Your religiom is what you claim it is. Pick out your victim and declare he is your wife . Poof.

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