A Kinder, Gentler German Police Force

After the axe attack on the train in Würzburg, a number of German citizens — most, if not all of them, women — have expressed their disappointment that the security police were unable to stop the perpetrator without killing him. The most prominent critic of the police in this regard was Renate Künast, a politician for the Green Party.

Below are three videos related to the killing of the axeman on the train. All three came out before the terror massacre in Munich. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling them.

The first one is an interview with Rainer Wendt, the head of the German Police Union. Mr. Wendt is being questioned about the events in Würzburg, and also Mrs. Künast’s critique:

Translation: Nash Montana

The second video features a woman — not Renate Künast, but another woman of great compassion — who really wishes the police could have kept the poor lad alive, so we could ask him why he did it:

Translation: Egri Nök

Finally, on a lighter note, we have a humorous sketch where the police demonstrate their new non-lethal methods of dealing with axe attackers:

Translation: Egri Nök
Transcript video #1:

0:00   In the studio now I greet Rainer Wendt, the head of the German Police Union.
0:03   Good morning Herr Wendt — Good morning — You have seen in France, of course much much bigger
0:07   and much much more horrible, now this attack
0:11   on a regional train with axe and knife. Is this the new threat?
0:15   Unfortunately this is not new, we have unfortunately experienced this for months,
0:19   that suddenly single offenders attack in this manner, and therefore
0:24   we live in the age of terror, we also live in the age of violence,
0:28   and we have to simply adapt to this without getting used to it.
0:32   The discussion is being held here as well, how to protect oneself, what can one do?
0:37   Yeah, well, first and foremost don’t give in to the illusion of trying protect yourself
0:41   from everything, or that you can protect yourself from everything. We also cannot
0:45   look into the heads of these lone offenders before they commit their attack,
0:50   and there are sometimes clues leading to their radicalization.
0:55   We have to pay attention to those, and we have to react in time beforehand,
0:59   and for instance at schools we can run good programs for the prevention of radicalization.
1:04   We still don’t know what the real motivation was behind this attack,
1:07   but there are these possibilities, as well as the possibility — with young people —
1:13   to look at how they act, and to recognize criminal tendencies preemptively,
1:17   in order to then intervene.
1:20   There are now demands for more personnel on trains and at train stations. Would that be a beginning?
1:26   Yes, sure, but the trains of course have in the past few years substantially increased their personnel.
1:33   The better is the friend of the good. The Bavarian police are generally well-positioned;
1:38   we can also see that the Bavarian SEK was on location,
1:41   and they obviously acted excellently.
1:44   It was good work; they intervened promptly,
1:47   despite the fact that they were there for a whole different reason, obviously,
1:50   but then, so to speak — switched around — and they saw
1:53   the necessity of intervening, and it was excellent and correct this way.
1:57   The offender was shot dead, and Frau [Renate] Künast [Green Party politician]
2:00   immediately tweeted that wouldn’t it have been possible to just shoot him
2:03   so he would be injured, and therefore incapable?
2:06   Yeah, well, this is a downright stupid question, I really have to say,
2:09   from a clueless politician, and it actually gets on my nerves.
2:13   After such an intervention, of course, the entire action is being meticulously recreated
2:17   and examined by the district attorney and by the responsible parties,
2:22   and therefore we really don’t need this kind of parliamentary smart-assery.
2:26   That Frau Künast shouldn’t watch so many bad movies.
2:29   Whoever believes that when a guy charges the police
2:32   with an axe and a knife, that we just proceed to shoot the axe out of his hand,
2:36   or something, that is really clueless and somewhat dumb, and
2:40   our colleagues are rightfully insulted by these kinds of shenanigans.

Transcript video #2:

00:00   He was likeable, he was friendly, he was easygoing.
00:04   Yes, nothing that would make you start to wonder.
00:08   I am very baffled. I am very sad.
00:11   I am also very sad that the boy is dead.
00:18   Because of course I am wondering, and I think the question must be allowed,
00:23   whether they could not have stopped him another way.
00:26   Because now we can no longer ask him what happened.

Transcript video #3:

00:00   The Police Inform
00:02   When Mrs. Künast [Green Party] asked, after the incidents in Würzburg,
00:06   if the deadly shot had really been necessary, it sparked outrage.
00:10   We, the police, are there for saving human lives, not for taking lives.
00:14   For this reason, we have developed new, non-lethal, soft defense techniques,
00:18   so that we we can better counter axe attacks in the future.
00:21   Most of the time, what we are facing are lonesome young men
00:26   who have no one to listen to them. — I love you!
00:30   This form of self-defense requires bravery, but it promises success in more than 40% of all cases!
00:36   Trust is the strongest bond between humans.
00:43   I am putting my life in his hands. And therefore, the moral momentum is on my side.
00:48   When an axe attack is to be expected, it is advisable to carry a log.
00:55   It puts us in the position for a deception maneuver.
01:01   In an emergency, the police officer must be able to take action and stand upon his defense physically.
01:06   The throw of the boot is recommended, as the ultima ratio.
01:12   It does not cause grave injury, and with just a little bit of luck, the attacker will give up.
01:17   Violence cannot be the answer to violence. Thank you, Mrs. Künast, for a debate that is necessary!

21 thoughts on “A Kinder, Gentler German Police Force

  1. I love this gentleman – Herr Wendt. He may be the only sane one left in Germany these days. Surprised he hasn’t been muzzled yet.

  2. When under terrorist attack don’t call the police, call a Greens politician, they know the right thing to do.

  3. Blending and mixing stories some:

    When I first read more about the motorcyclist in Nice who tried to intervene a sour thought did promptly cross my mind. If he had been successful, eighty innocent people may not have died, but the heroic cyclist may have been jailed for assault and islamaphobia.

    And now, frau Kunast.

    Of course he would have been jailed. Editorialists would have bewailed how awful the islamaphobic incident was.

    Our leftists and their allies will demand the deaths of many many innocents before they will learn anything if they learn anything even then. I do not really believe that they can learn or that they intend to learn. It would appear to be in their dna to demand control of the steering wheel, so to speak, but never to evaluate direction or destination. We must not let these people have their way.

    Herr Wendt, may God bless him, is sane.

    • Add; a note:

      It is our innocent who have voted in our current leaderships.

      Biblical innocence is merely absence of knowledge. Understandable in the case of Adam and Eve, before they ate of the tree of knowledge. Understandable in the case of all infants. Not so understandable in the case of a 40 year old, or even a 20 year old.

      Many of our innocents are willing conspirators in their own demise. So far, these people are having their way.

    • At best these leftists are deeply mentally ill.

      At worst they are deeply committed to their treasonous betrayal of our societies.

      Some of these leftists are so demoralized, to borrow from Yuri Bezmenov, that they have actually apologized to their rapists.

      It is not possible to deal rationally with such damaged individuals.

  4. The Left Wing establishment is as great a threat to the West as the Islamists, with whom they are in an unholy alliance. The Islamists will not be stopped until the establishment is removed, and they need to be removed now.

    • The ‘unholy alliance’ is going to get far more influential, unless there’s a sea-change in the political landscape across Europe.

      Islamo-leftists specialise in client voters and exapnding welfare states to bribe voters and the Muslims blok-vote is, for now, what they think will keep them in power.

      Hollande in France is a prime example- he received 93% of the Muslim vote, which were the deciding votes that put him in the Elysee Palace.

      LeFigaro reports on the Socialist think-tank Terra Nova (Google Translate and my bad French);
      “This is an important political fact. The diversity of France is today the most dynamic component, both electorally and demographically, for the left in France”

      Socialists want to import more Muslims because, at the moment, they vote for Islamo-apologists like
      President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

      Of whom, Professor Guy Millière says
      “bear all the guilt. For years, many in France (they) supported any movement that denounced “Islamophobic racism.” They passed laws defining criticism of Islam as a “hate crime.” They relied more and more on the Muslim vote to win elections.”
      He ends his essay with a question, every European should be asking themselves……and then doing something about it.

      “Islamists….seem to feel that the West is already defeated and does not have what it takes to carry the day. Are they wrong?”

  5. These ‘Greens’ are living in some LaLa Land akin to the lunatic, Liberal, Left in the USA, the Police actions were 100% correct, dispatching the inbred mutant with a well applied ‘lead shower’ bringing him to ‘room temperature’ eliminating the threat to the citizenry. I have a lot of Law Enforcement in my family they have stated many times that the last thing they want to do is take a life, however when seconds count,decisive action must be taken without hesitation, that is a hell of a lot to ask of a person.

  6. The axeman was not planning to encounter people who were also armed. He had already proven by his actions that he was less than a cockroach. The police did what had to be done. I will not second guess this action.

    • Milo was right when he said “gun free zones are safe space for killers”. Whole Germany is one big “safe place” for Islamic killers.

  7. These people are isolated, sheltered, and feminized.

    And, I’m actually not being flippant or insulting. The Germans are hermetically protected from violent articles, television, movies, or images. They are barely allowed to touch a gun or knife. So, there is simply no way for them to conceive of violence or bloodletting.

    I used to think the left opposed guns so strongly not to protect people from violence, but to discourage the small sense of self-sufficiency that gun ownership provides. I still think that’s a big part of it.

    The predominant, though not exclusive, feminine mindset is to downplay violent displays, although females also tend to gravitate to masculine, alpha characters. However, females in savage communities, such as American Indian or Afghanistan tribes, had no compunction about slowly torturing a captured outsider to death. Rudyard Kipling talked about saving a bullet for yourself, lest the women and children of the tribes get hold of you when you’re wounded and helpless.

    Americans at least had the background of war movies, cowboy movies and the culture of playing with (toy) guns. Even the idealized fistfight with no blood is infinitely better than the sanitized European movies you see now, completely devoid of any physical conflict.

    In my opinion, the people who make the insane statements about keeping ax killers alive are reflecting their experience, which has been totally sanitized from any displays of violence by a suffocating homogeneity heavily influenced by husband-less, sexually ambiguous women holding government or academic positions.

    • A new medication had me up much of the night so I was on Twitter asking questions. A woman on Twitter last night said Germans have many gun shops and they aren’t hard to purchase. I can’t find any information on that – can any Germans tell us what the story is?

      • “In Germany, you have to have a good reason for owning a gun, like if you’re a sport shooter, hunter or in rare cases, a gun collector. You can’t buy a firearm simply for personal protection—self-defense doesn’t count as a necessity here. The yearlong licensing process involves written tests and shooting practice, and costs several thousand Euros. Every applicant is background checked. And starting this year, every gun owner is tracked on a national register.”


        • THAT was informative…


          In Germany, you have to have a good reason for owning a gun, like if you’re a sport shooter, hunter or in rare cases, a gun collector. You can’t buy a firearm simply for personal protection—self-defense doesn’t count as a necessity here. The yearlong licensing process involves written tests and shooting practice, and costs several thousand Euros. Every applicant is background checked. And starting this year, every gun owner is tracked on a national register.

          Friedrich Gepperth is a sport shooter and gun lobbyist. He’s doesn’t want any additional gun control in Germany.

          “We recognize the situation with our society. Guns are not very popular with the people.”

          But even he says that, on some level, regulation is expected in Germany.

          “On the one hand, we think oh, it’s very restrictive and we don’t like that,” says Gepperth. “On the other hand each case of misuse by a legal gun owner is very bad for us so we are not going against the restrictions very much.”

          According to a 2009 poll by German public television, most Germans support strict gun regulation. But even with the policies currently in place, gun deaths and gun crimes still happen. Each year, about 200 people are killed by guns.

          That’s very low, compared to the rate of gun homicides in the U.S. But gun control advocates like Hardy Schober say that many deaths could be prevented. His organization wants a ban on big bore weapons, like the kind the Winnenden gunman used to kill his daughter. They also want a law requiring sport shooters to store guns at the firing range, instead of at home. Most of Germany’s gun deaths happen domestically, with legal firearms.

          “Since the beginning of 2009 over 50 people have died in similar shooting incidents,” says Schober. “If our demands would have been met then 50 people would still be alive.”

          Eventually, Schober’s group would like digital safeguards to be required on every weapon in Germany. That might involve using a thumbprint scan to unlock the trigger, or including GPS targeted permissions on guns, so they only work inside the confines of shooting ranges.

          It’s hard to imagine discussions of this level in the United States, where the gun control debate is about universal background checks or bans on gun ownership for the mentally ill.

          If we had the technology to do this part, digital safeguards to be required on every weapon in Germany. That might involve using a thumbprint scan to unlock the trigger – i.e, robust safeguards that couldn’t be hacked it would seem workable in a place like Germany. Or in a place like Germany used to be, before the massive waves of immigration brought in all sorts of illegal weapons. Now, they are in the same fix as the U.S. – i.e., a heterogeneous mix of people from varying cultures – so those kinds of laws would be unworkable since the rise of people with no respect for law has risen past any hope of instilling a Germanic ethic among outsiders who are utterly determined not to fit in.

          Here in the U.S., we have failed to fix the far worse carnage caused by alcohol-related automobile crashes. We don’t even give repeat drunk-drivers serious consequences before the fact.


          So until we take real steps to prevent 10,000 (1/3 of the car deaths annually as of 2014) needless murders, a problem for which we already have the tools, I have no patience for the gun control folk. Yep. I want #TruckControlNow…I’m one of them.

          • The stated goal (I don’t believe it for a second, but we’ll go with it) of the gun control advocates is to eliminate every single gun death. They look at nothing else.

            When Australia for all practical purposes banned guns around 1997, it’s true gun deaths went down.

            But, the real question is, what are you giving up? This is never considered by the gun control advocates. They deny out-of-hand the argument that guns serve for personal protection. It seems obvious that females allowed to carry guns will be much freer and safer. On the average, any male has a good chance of being able to physically overpower any female who doesn’t have a weapon.

            So, in a nice, safe homogeneous culture like Sweden before the government went insane or Australia before they accepted masses of Muslims, eliminating guns did result in a lower death rate and might (or might not) have had a small effect on personal safety.

            But, with the streets teeming with young, unacculturated, aggressive males, disarming females will, at the least, make them hesitate to go out in public if they don’t have to. That’s a serious loss of opportunity which is simply not discussed by the gun control advocates.

            Of course, with immigrant gangs hanging around, single males are also considerably at risk.

            So, the risks that unarmed males and females have to face in a dangerous society are lost opportunities that gun control affects, but is not generally discussed.

          • And the results of such onerous regulations are “not seen” – as Frederic Bastiat would remind us. Think of the restaurants and small pubs that never opened because of the danger to those who would frequent them. Think of the loss of the public square and the vitality of public life that was lost. These are hidden because they can’t happen now…but nonetheless deeply affecting for the vitality of a country like Oz.

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