Workers for Médecins Sans Frontieres Required to Obey Ramadan Rules

One of the characteristics of Shariah law — which makes it different from the law of any other religion — is that it must be imposed upon Muslim and non-Muslim alike. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Muslim or not — you must submit to Islamic law; it is the commandment of Allah. Those who have said the shahada and submitted to Allah will wage violent jihad against you until you obey, or are dead.

A recent example of infidels acting in obedience to Islamic law may be seen in this poster put up by Médecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) giving instructions to their workers in the refugee camps of Greece. This image was adapted from a photo taken by Véronique Saunier and posted at the Open Democracy website:

MSF workers are instructed not to eat, chew gum, drink, or smoke, nor “wear revealing or tight clothes” during Ramadan. But what significance do these Ramadan rules have for those workers, assuming they are not themselves Muslims?

Presumably the organization’s leaders want to “respect Muslims’ religious sensibilities” or something similar. But whatever their ostensible reason for doing so, Médecins Sans Frontieres is in fact enforcing Shariah law.

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One more thing to notice about this poster is its assertion that Eid Mubarak is the “Islamic version of Easter feast”.

Until I read this, I had never known that Mohammed had laid down his life to atone for the sins of the world, and that Muslims celebrate his subsequent resurrection at the feast of Eid Mubarak. Did you?

How else could Eid Mubarak be equated with the Easter Feast?

22 thoughts on “Workers for Médecins Sans Frontieres Required to Obey Ramadan Rules

  1. Easter Version? That’s strange. How can you compare fire to frost?

    Yes Islamic rabbits, also known as wombs manufacturing offspring on mass production scale to dominate the Earth. Each rabbit has an average of 11 jihadis or serpents to bite especially Jews and other infidels. And infidels have taken it upon themselves, out of stupidity, and have sworn that they will clothe, shelter, pay welfare money, feed them – out of stupidity- help them train as jihadis out of stupidity, until the infidels surrender their women and countries with humiliation in a humane way.

    Hey infidels only you have valuable values that stem from the wonderful democracy. Just the whole muslim world is stunned by our values, which we don’t know what they are and we cannot pinpoint or define.

  2. In fact, I find nothing wrong with respecting religious feelings.

    What worries me is that it is exactly those liberal, progressive and admirably broad-minded people who insist on respecting religious feelings of Muslims, are the same people who defend the human right of unbalanced persons (like FEMEN, Pussi Riot or the aged female singer who calls herself ‘Madonna’) to insult religious feelings of Christians.

    Another thing that worries me is that I am not sure to what extent the Muslim refugees are ready to respect religious feelings of non-Muslims. Judging by what they do to Christians and Yazidis in refugee centres, it seems that many of them do not care a fig about the latter’s feelings.

    In view of that, I believe that before showing respect to Muslim religious feelings, people who admit Muslims to Europe must tell them in no uncertain terms that they will have to respect religious feelings of non-Muslims. It’s nice to welcome guests, but only if the guests themselves behave nicely.

    • Femen put their freedom, and personal safety, on the line to make their points about the oppression of women by any religion. Only those who are insecure in their beliefs, or don’t understand that the right to free speech is always superior- for all our sakes- should feel threatened.

  3. Islamic fasting is horrible. It cannot be compared to any other religious ritual or fasting philosophy. That’s how it’s done:
    Wake up in the midnight and devour tons of food, then rest the whole day in home or in workplace without drinking or eating. At the end of the day they cannot eat properly because body will not accept it. So they go to bed almost hungry just to wake up in the middle of the night to devour another ton of food.

    1) It’s unhealthy to avoid drinking water. People usually sleep whole day to deny the thirst, but dizziness caused by changes in blood pH could be another reason (could be but I can’t be sure)
    2) It’s unhealthy not to eat whole day, and devour tons of food at 3:00 AM. It’s only cruelty to gastrointestinal organs; symptoms of such “fasting” are quite common among believers. Foolishly they take such symptoms as a sign of cure.
    3) It’s unproductive to rest the whole day.
    4) It has nothing to do with tranquility of body and mind. In Semitic religions they omit meat for sake of tranquility of body, in Indian traditions they rely on water and fruits to sharpen the intellect and get closer to human nature and in Islam they just eat 3-5 times a normal meal at midnight and rest the whole day. Arab intellect shows through.
    5) It’s cruel to others. They will lash anybody who eats or drinks just because they are in trouble fasting like that. Please notice how unprincipled this self-declared religion is. They persuade repulsive response to a primitive type of wrath and lash those who eat, while true religions teach people to control wrath and envy.
    6) During fasting period food consumption actually increases. Official reports (in Iran) reveal 40% increase in grocery and food market.

    • I don’t even consider it fasting. Binge eating and sleep deprivation are the furthest things from fasting I can think of.

      Let’s also not forget the huge quantities of food that are wasted nightly because the believers’ physiology is so distorted they are unable to consume it.

      How is this humble? How does this help one identify with the suffering of the poor? How does this bring one closer to Allah?

    • “…they just eat 3-5times the normal meal at midnight and rest the whole day. arab intellect shows through”.

      You got it perfectly! Nutty Islamic pillocks!

    • Of course it will.
      True Believer Socialism stems from self-loathing so profound that it must be projected onto humanity as a whole. It is suicide, through state coercion, demanded as social justice by the collective. The Jim Jones cult is an example of this. A socialist collective experiment justified by a façade of Christianity purposely misrepresented in order to provide the force of authority to unrestrained government. Congressman Ryan’s trip was a fabricated Armageddon event. Inevitably the outcome would have been the same; just a different trigger. The Kim cult in NorK and the Mohammed cult (Iran franchise) are attempting to maneuver a similar scenario with nukes, terrorism, or whatever will get the Apocalypse rolling. Sooner or later they will be successful enough. A belief held by some historians and psychologists is that Hitler’s core desire was, from the beginning, the self-destruction of civilization.

      Socialism is personalized Original Sin, raised on self-flagellation as growth hormone until it can’t be contained by a single soul, then set loose on mankind.

  4. “edgy and easily stressed” I’m not sure that’s a result of fasting. How is it different from the standard, easily offended condition?

    Now I know what to wear and do when I’m near the Muslim nest in my northern Virginia neighborhood. Thanks – very helpful tips when used in the negative.

    • I expect that ‘Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance’ could be modernised to ‘Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, edgy and stressed’.

  5. MSF used to be on our charity list. Please note: “USED TO BE”. That was a while ago . . . before they began picking sides in conflicts. Our local charities are the beneficiaries of the decision to change.

    • There have been reports some (many) of them will not work with Jews….

      So hardly a lily-white organization.

  6. Understanding is always better than not understanding. You can play nice and pretend to submit to their rules when in such a place, make them believe you are that naive. As long as in reality you’re not and you understand that they will kill you the moment they collectively decide now is the time to take power, and draw the right consequences. It’s all in their book.

    • You write this advice as if you are already cowering from the invaders in your native homeland. “Play nice and submit”. Has the independent minded German citizen who wants his country back already been forced to join the underground? You read like one who has already surrendered. What a shame that the Germans let this happen – yes you did. I only hope that we can stop the same.

      • That is unfair, Rick. No one “let it happen”. Merkel blindsided everyone.

        What have you done personally to push back against our current criminal administration with its cutting the legislative branch and the judicial branch out of the loop?

        Walk a mile kilometer in his shoes before you judge another’s course of action. It’s the least you’d want from someone else before they drop the hammer on you, eh?

        “Play nice” is the result of the feminization of the West. It is everywhere, including the land of the less-and-less “free”…

        • Can’t do much more than vote and speak out. But playing nice and submitting is not in the cards. I’ll play nice with an AR when the time comes.

          The best way to push back against the administration is to appeal to one’s legislative representative. I’m represented by Feinstein and Boxer so I look to other means of activism.

          We knew who Obama was before he blindsided everyone just as the Germans knew who Merkel was before she blindsided everyone. The information was there for anyone who cared to be informed. No one with their eyes open or who has been paying attention should be blindsided.

          My awareness of the world situation accelerated greatly after 9/11. By the time Obama was elected I had gained a pretty good self taught education regarding the threat of Islam and the true nature of the beast by reading, including almost everything Spencer has written. Also have read Bat Ye’or, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rachel Ehrenfeld. I have Bostom and a book that Raymond Ibrahim referred to once, “History of the Islamic Peoples” by Carl Brockelmann, a German orientalist from the ’40s’s, on the shelf to get to.

          Personally I have identified that there is a difference between the unthinking progressive and the person who is merely uninformed and I have spent efforts to reach out and inform the latter. This has included explaining Islam to coworkers (which raised some eyebrows during my last security review as I was working with a Top Secret plus SSBI and some coworkers reported that like they were talking to Stasi) and providing references to those receptive to learn. A really fun thing I do is to take a two page document, printed both sides, that I found online that does an awesome job of summarizing the evil truth of Islam for the uninitiated and placing the document under the first page of those free tabloids one finds in newspaper dispensers on the street. You never know who you might reach.

          I also give to concerns that are fighting the good fight. These include the NRA, Pamela Geller’s organizations, Christian Action Network, and (although funds have become recently limited) GoV.

          There is a tipping point between activism and submission. I don’t think it’s unfair to point out the K. from Germany has chosen submission.

          • You have the luxury of a weapon to “play with”. That isn’t an option for a German. And what he was suggesting for himself is reasonable given where he lives…

          • Twenty six weapons actually. And number 27 has been on order for more than a year. One needs to be patient to acquire a Colt SAA.

            Still gotta love livin’ in the USA.

  7. One can see their hatred even as they try to be “polite” or profit from our vulnerability.
    They(those evil and greedy Islamic people) are the aggressors. They(their Islamic people are well known in their intolerance and hostility towards people who don’t believe in their oppressive and evil faith) are the racists and bigots. They are the enslavers. They constantly caused wars in the Balkans, Middle East, etc. They are the troublemakers(and at every opportunity try to exploit and oppress us) and yet they want they world to believe that they are the victims!

    • You will note that China is not tolerating any such nonsense From it’s Muslim citizens and has ORDERED that life goes on as normal and no concessions being made to anyone fasting for Ramadan period!
      Note not a whimper about human rights abuse from any of our western leaders to craven to take such positive action here in the EU.
      Finally the animals who cowardly shot people in Israel yesterday, including a little 4 year girl, were wildly lauded and celebrated by Palestinians and others which tells you all you need to know about this religious festival.

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