We Get Weather…

For the last few days we’ve had thunderstorms, hail, and lots of rain. Y’all haven’t seen the effects on our somewhat beta-mode internet connection, but let me tell you: it’s as water-shy as a ten year-old boy avoiding the tub.

Every time the connection goes out, I fret about the unmoderated comments that lie waiting as the result of this intermittent summer Sturm und Drang. Each time — so far — the connection is restored and I breathe a sigh of relief. But with this accumulation, I fret. Will this current level of rain (probably three inches, plus hail, in the last twelve hours or so) finally so waterlog the phone company’s internet system out here in the wilds that it drowns entirely? Who knows for sure? Certainly not the phone company.

At any rate, letting you know that we might get clobbered eases the strain.

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Yes, we’re still grateful for the rain. It hasn’t moved over into monsoon proportions as it has in Texas. Every event is worse/better in Texas. Which is why Texans are Texans…outsized and entertaining.

Put your umbrella by the door…

5 thoughts on “We Get Weather…

  1. The phones always used to get knocked out by heavy rain when I lived by the beach in San Diego (Pacific Beach).

    I remember one day I came home to my apartment and my friend was waiting for me in the courtyard. I told he should have called because I’d been away. He told me that he tried to call me several times but each time he tried the call went to someone else’s home, a house full of room mates. My friend told me that they were becoming angry with the situation. So I grabbed my phone and called my own number and sure enough, it started to ring the line. When someone answered I said, “Hi this is Rick, are there any messages for me?” I heard another voice asking who it was, when the fellow answered that it was Rick asking for his messages you should have heard the cussing! I didn’t even have time to ask if they had Prince Albert in a can or if their refrigerator was running before the call ended.

    Apparently it takes a long time to grow up!

  2. I grew up and lived most of my life in Hurricane country. Now, we’re in Tornado country. I feel for anyone that’s subject to the fury of Mother Nature. People we know in New Jersey are still battling with the insurance company. Awful. Bug out kits are well worth the expense.

  3. Same here where I am at the moment, Dymphna, although the rain is quite warm and for some strange reason I’m still picking up 4G!

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