Twilight of the Shmoos

Al Capp was an American cartoonist whose greatest creation was the comic strip “Li’l Abner”. The strip, which was very popular, had its heyday back in the 1940s and ’50s. In addition to the eponymous hero, Mr. Capp gave us Mammy Yokum, Daisy Mae, Marryin’ Sam the preacher, Senator Jack S. Phogbound, and many other memorable characters. He also created a new American institution: Sadie Hawkins Day, when single females chase down bachelors and force them into wedlock.

And then there is the shmoo.

Shmoos (also shmoon) have an overwhelming desire to provide any and every service to humanity that the latter could desire, including turning themselves into delicious food, or into leather for our shoes. Shmoos have no limits to what they’re willing to sacrifice for us.

Dymphna has written a number of times in the past about the tendency of Westerners to turn themselves into shmoon when faced with the problem of Islam. Here’s what she said when I asked her about it earlier today:

While it’s true we haven’t yet figured out a way to create free food out of nothing just to feed Islam, we’re getting closer with each self-abnegation.

Perhaps soon (especially if they happen upon any ancient Al Capp comic strips) Islam will be able to declare us halal meat, and our various body parts permitted sources of protein for all believers, especially during Ramadan. At that point, the imams will have beaten even Jesus’ miracle with the loaves and fishes.

It must be a continuing source of wonder for Muslims when they see how anxious many infidel sheep are ready to lie down with Islam’s wolves in a show of perverted “brotherly love” — also known nowadays as “interfaith”.

But we have done it to ourselves: Islam has but to stand around looking martyred and aggrieved, and before long we shmoos are falling all over ourselves to bare our necks.

I bring all this up because Australia now seems to have more than its share of shmoos. The Muslim into whose frying pan a lot of Aussies are eager to jump into is an imam named Sheikh Feizel Chothia, an immigrant from South Africa who now lives in Perth.

Last Thursday the well-known Australian opinion writer Andrew Bolt departed from the preferred shmoo-narrative and wrote about the sheikh, who — like any other devout Muslim — advocates the death penalty for homosexuality:

“Capital Punishment for Homosexuals.” Why is This Sheikh Still Preaching Here?

The Turnbull Government this week cancelled the visa of an Iranian-resident Muslim cleric, Farrokh Sekaleshfar, who says gays should be killed.

But it still allows Feizel Chothia, a Muslim cleric from South Africa, to live and preach in Perth.

From Chothia’s book Sex and Sexuality in Islam:

Islam prescribes capital punishment for Homosexuals. While such punishment may seem cruel, they have been instituted to maintain the purity of society and to keep it clean of perverted elements…

It is one of the major sins Islam. The Holy Qur’an says:

“And We sent Lut as a Messenger: Remember that he said to his people, “Have you become so shameless that you commit such indecent acts as no one committed before you in the world? You gratify your lust with men instead of women: indeed you are a people who are transgressors of all limits.” (7: 80, 81)

Here and at other places the Holy Qur’an declares that sodomy is a heinous sin that warrants the wrath of Allah…

European nations in the modern world… are doing their utmost to propagate and have succeeded, to a large extent, in giving this filthy act legal sanction…

As if this wasn’t bad enough, many homosexuals (and some heterosexuals) enjoy hurting or being hurt by their partners, through tying each other up, whipping or hitting each other!

Who let him in? How many other imams think gays deserve execution? And is Islam compatible with a society like ours?


About Chothia:

Sheikh Feizel Chothia is a qualified Islamic scholar, author and an experienced instructor. A member of the Council of Muslim Theologians — South Africa and Western Australia, Sheikh Feizel has served as Imam in numerous Mosques both in Australia and South Africa and is actively engaged in Islamic instruction and developing Islamic Studies curricula and materials for Islamic elementary and secondary schools as well as Islamic enrichment programs for non-Muslim audiences.

Here is how the West Australian newspaper has described the sheikh:

Sheikh Chothia… heads a collection of moderate Muslims known as the Lighthouse Group…

If this is moderate, imagine what the hard-liners are preaching.

What is the Turnbull Government going to do about this?

Now let’s take a look a recent article from Scoop. It’s part of a seemingly endless wave of puff-pieces about Islam that now flourish in the Western media like toadstools after a summer storm.

Entitled “Not in Their Name”, its subhead tells us:

WA Muslims face a growing tide of misinformation and ignorance about who they are and what they believe. It’s time to sort the facts from fantasy and fiction.

OK, fantasy vs. fiction — let’s take a look.

I couldn’t bear to read most of the smarmy feel-good interfaith gobbledygook in this piece. It’s the kind of article that makes me throw up my hands in despair and cry, “We’re all screwed!”

However, I did notice that Dr. Anne Aly, an Egyptian-born Muslim academic at Curtin University, “specialises in research into violent extremism.” This is evidently the Australian branch of the “Countering Violent Extremism” project, a Muslim Brotherhood/OIC special. The whole point of CVE is to make sure that “right-wing extremists” are targeted at least as much as Muslim terrorists. To be fair. To avoid “profiling”.

For an expert’s take on CVE, watch two informative videos by Maj. Stephen Coughlin, “A Narrative Overriding the Facts” and “The Triumph of the Narrative Over Reality”.

But I digress… I want you to pay special attention to a fictive “moderate” Muslim in the Scoop article. He’s partnered up with an Anglican priest named Peter Humphris in a Western Australian Church, where Muslims come to pray every Friday:

The collaboration between Sheikh Feizel Chothia and Reverend Peter Humphris at St Paul’s Anglican Church sets a standard for interfaith community.

Yes, that’s right: it’s the very same Sheikh Feizel Chothia, whose book emphasizes the necessity for putting down homosexuals. Check the photo in bolta’s piece — it’s the same dude.

So who has the better handle on the facts — Dr. Anne Ely? Or me, Andrew Bolt, and all the other “Islamophobes”? Well, we must be wrong, of course. What we say doesn’t fit the Narrative. We’ve just made the mistake of believing our lyin’ eyes.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if St. Paul’s has set up a lovely memorial to the victims of the Orlando massacre, with lots of candles and flowers and rainbow flags and stuffed koalas and so on. Which Sheikh Feizel’s congregants had to mince their way around on the way into the church last Friday, where they prayed and maybe heard a sermon about their righteous martyred brother in Orlando who executed Allah’s sentence against forty-nine sodomites and brought joy to the entire Ummah.

Yep, that’s the crowd that the Gutmenschen of Beaconsfield invited into their church for a nice heart-warming batch of “interfaith”.

Here’s more about the sheikh and his pet shmoos, if you can stand it:

Sheikh Feizel Chothia, a South African-born Islamic scholar who teaches and preaches in Perth, gives another perspective. He lays the blame on what is happening in the Middle East on a mixture of centuries of meddling by the West, and on Wahhabism, a violent jihadist movement.

“Firstly, I need to emphasise Wahhabism is not part of mainstream normative orthodox Sunni Islam,” he says. “Secondly, it is a factional subversive movement that has always been a terrorist entity in the Islamic world, and that has simply been co-opted, firstly by the English in the wars against the Ottoman Empire. It re-emerges in modern history, with America emerging as a dominant world power, its need to co-opt these extremist groupings in the subversion and even subjugation — brutally so — of target populations, and the Muslim world is that target.

“Also, it represents a very convenient pretext to justify any unjustified incursion into Muslim lands. For example, Australia sent a couple of bombers and SAS military under the pretext of protecting the poor Syrians from these brutes — the Wahhabi extremists. So it just becomes a very convenient pretext.”

Friday prayers at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Beaconsfield, W.A.

So politics again intertwined with religion, then. Or maybe, just maybe, religion can find a way forward through political difference by working together. Sheikh Feizel relates how he was searching for a place to hold Friday prayers in the Fremantle area, and knocked on the door of St Paul’s Anglican Church in Beaconsfield to ask if there was a room he could borrow.

He was unaware at the time that the vicar was a man very open to other religions. In fact, the Reverend Peter Humphris had Muslim prayer mats that he’d brought back from his travels in Asia, kept in a meditation room in his church.

“We don’t know God — we’re looking for God, and we need to be attentive to and mindful of those who are also looking,” says Rev Humphris, explaining that faiths should be seen as circles which overlap, rather than segmented boxes. “If you don’t look in the overlap, your vision is limited.”

And how did his parishioners react to his welcoming Muslims to pray on St Paul’s church grounds on Fridays?

“No-one has voiced any open objections,” he says. “Not one.”

Nobody objects! Not a single person! And that’s not surprising, because they’re all SHMOOS!

They don’t object to being fried up for a halal Ramadan dinner. They love it — they’re eager to jump in the pan.

But isn’t the rector of an Anglican Church required to do due diligence when arranging a partnership such as this one?

And what about the vestry? Assuming Australian Anglican churches have vestries.

And what about the parishioners? Due diligence, anyone? Maybe a quick Google search on the name of your esteemed partner in monotheism?


No, they’d rather be shmoos, and give up themselves for kebabs and shoe leather to be distributed to the sheikh and his zealous followers.

God help the Anglicans of Perth. And all the other good shmoos of Australia.

And God help the rest of us, too, because we’re really, really going to need it.

27 thoughts on “Twilight of the Shmoos

  1. [NOTE FROM THE BARON: Put this comment on the news feed post. It is definitely off-topic in this post!]

  2. That is why my Church the TOCC UK does not “Interfaith dialogue”….

    The other Churches will not talk to us now either because we are “Christian extremists as bad as Islamic extremists!” and my “My views are too strong and full of….Hate”.

    Neither will we perform same sex “marriage”. The Police tried to arrest me.

    • Even as an atheist I much prefer the messages of Jesus to those of Mohammed. And I have many gay friends who do see a pretty big difference between a church choosing not to wed gay couples and a mosque advocating their murder.

  3. I’m so glad that picture of Reverend Peter Humphris is cropped! Judging from the eyes and the grin, I’m pretty sure he’s not wearing any pants!

    What damned lunatic. (And I use the word “damned” very, very intentionally.)

  4. One University Teaches That Eating Jews And Christians Is “Permissible”

    by Shoebat Foundation on April 11, 2015
    By Walid and Theodore Shoebat

    “Other Al-Azhar textbooks say that eating dead Jews, Christians and non-believers can be allowed not only out of necessity, but also as a punishment for heresy.

    In the book “Persuasion in Resolving the Words of Abi Shoga” that takes after the Shafi school of jurisprudence, the author says a Muslim warrior may kill and eat infidel men, women and children if they were not warriors themselves.”

    And so on. Oh, the joys of reading Arabic.

  5. Down Under has two Egyptian born Muslims engaged by universities to lecture about Islam: Anne and a slime bag Waleed Aly who along with his convert first wife dined with the fake conservative prime minister Turnbull as the obligatory iftar dinner, and is a prominent news / current affairs personality on television after starting out as the must have a Muslim to prove how tolerant media is.


    Anne herself is also a Labor party (think Democrat) candidate in an upcoming election so has leveraged herself up the ladder of prominence, trading on being the must have Muslim.

    These two people use their positions to deny any connection of terrorism as being to do with Islam, never mentioning jihadist theology in their commentary. Yet both of them obtained their places on university faculty on the basis that being Muslim gave them insights into terrorism not available to others.

    In other words their very appointments are proof of there is a link between terrorism and Islam !

  6. WHAT? Nothing is off-topic!

    Great piece of writing, Baron! I remember shmoos from years and years ago, also Mr. Capp.

    When will the west pull its collective head out and recognize islam for what it is?

  7. What the Rev. Anglican is doing is called appeasement. A term well known to all readers of this blog and all similar blogs world-wide. It is a dangerous activity and will lead to the appeased (in this case the imam) despising the appeaser since he sees this submission as a weakness – a flaw, if you will – indicating that the priest doesn’t respect his own God enough and needs to “add” other gods to his faith vacuum. Actually, I think the Anglican priest looks half-crazy in the photo!

    Islam is not compatible with our Australian culture. This fact should have been sorted out by our Foreign Immigration Department decades ago, before the Welcome Mat was put out for all and sundry to enter the Lucky Country. Short on historical research, brimming with unrealistic expectations of a multi-cultural paradise, our pollies started the process of our national disintegration by allowing Islamic migrants (or refugees) into Australia.

    We are now saddled with a Prime Minister who is poorly educated in the historyof Islam throughout the centuries. And still refuses to be told. Like Obama and Merkel and many others who are being led by the nose by their open borders masters, inter alia. With an unholy zeal this Prime Minister absorbs the lies and flattery of influential Muslims, who feed his insatiable desire for approbation and approval. (These Muslims are only influential due to the success of Hirja – the Islamic doctrine on immigration. Look it up if you are uncertain of it!).It is a shameful and embarrassing situation for the true conservatives in this beautiful country of ours to witness this prostitution of the highest political rank in the land.

    The Labor alternative is not much better, being full of wannabe Marxists and closet Greens whose intelligence levels approximate, in my opinion, those of the amoeba. This species will go to the highest bidder – at present the Australian Trade Union Movement – although bidding is always open.

    Does this sound cynical? It is – because that is the state of play here in the sunburnt country and I, for one, find it disgusting!

    • ““we know he was a person filled with hate,” …. So said President(?) Obama about the murderer who recently murdered close to 50 individuals in a Gay and Lesbian bar.

      Yes, OBVIOUSLY he was a person filled with hate … you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion …. in fact, even a mild retard would also have come to that conclusion.
      You’d think that this man, Obama, who sees himself as an intellectual, aloof from the common man, would at least not insult the intelligence of the common man and woman.


      He wasn’t born filled with HATE. He didn’t go out there into the world, as a young 5 or 6 year old, searching endlessly for what he needed to fill himself with HATE. He didn’t ask his parents for toys that would encourage him to HATE.

      NO !!! …. From a relatively early age he was “brain washed”, in various degrees, by his PEERS, his parents, his teachers, his “religious(?)” fraternity, to accept the dictates of his religion(?) which entirely subjected him to its rules and regulations and constraints, and FROM THERE it was a short journey away to twist and turn and manipulate those dictates into a vile sub-human ideology by which a human being can be convinced that his action of killing fellow human beings can be JUSTIFIED(?) because that is the WILL(?) and INSTRUCTION(?) of the interpretation of the god(?) of that religion.

      You cannot get a human being to kill himself or herself unless you instil or infuse that human being with a BELIEF SO STRONG that it surmounts and overcomes a human being’s natural, in built mechanism and instinct for survival.

      And INVARIABLY that BELIEF is Governed, and has as its OVERRIDING FORCE, an assumption as to what a DEITY is all about. Because it is that Deity which gives the individual the confidence(?) that his, or her, vile inhuman actions are somehow JUSTIFIED, as they are approved and sanctioned by that assumed Deity …..

      If humanity wants to rid itself of the likes of ISIS and any other vile anti-humanity groupings that have their origins in religion(?), then that is where it must start, because you can kill its followers until the cows come home, but they will continue to spring up like those unwanted weeds in your garden because they BELIEVE that they have JUSTIFICATION(?) for their actions and life styles.

      And banning them from a country, because you can recognize and identify them from their race, may have a certain effect. BUT there could very well be Caucasian citizens of that country, that will also take up the deformed interpretations of that religion, and then what will you be able to do about the problem ??

      And I’m not saying that humanity must just lie down and do nothing to protect itself, physically, from these brain washed murderers. Of course a special force individual, or a SWAT member, or the Police, or a citizen with a weapon purchased for his or her self defense, must take out a murderer.

      What I’m saying is that to EFFECTIVELY DEAL WITH THIS SCOURGE OVER THE LONG TERM you have to TACKLE THE PROBLEM AT ITS ROOT CAUSE, because to continue to battle the symptoms will not delete it from this planet …..

        • You have a sharp eye. I finally did a search to find it:

          And banning them from a country, because you can recognize and identify them from their race, may have a certain effect….

          Islam is not a race and not a religion (of peace or otherwise).

          If we can get average people like us to grasp the juridical nature of Islam, it supremacist utopian ideas, we would be satisfied that protecting our culture from the onslaught would be more likely.

          It is difficult to comprehend the true nature of an ideology when it points to a purported godhead, aka, Allah. Had Mohammed not been fighting for supremacy against the Jews, he’d never have bothered with his evolving “theology”. It wasn’t until he hit on the idea of telling his followers that Gabriel said it was okay to kill outsiders (Jews) and take all their women and their stuff that he began to really attract followers…like flies on a carcass.

          • What I’m primarily against is the assumption about Who and What “God” is …. we, as mankind, do not have the human/mental capacity to have the slightest inkling about the infinite wherewithall of God, irrespective of what name or label anyone or any “religion” puts to that Diety.
            Mankind has, over the centuries, put human characteristics to the “nature” and “behavioral characteristics” of God. They believe he seeks revenge, they believe he gets angry, they believe he is vengful, they believe he wishes to be feared, they believe he demands obedience, they believe he has favourites, they believe he wishes to remove a “sinner” from his presence for all enternity, they believe he wants one of his creations to end the life of others that he has created, … ad nauseam. Those are Human Characteristics that have absolutely Nothing to do with what is the true nature of a Diety.
            That is so far removed from who and what God is that to put that distance in Billions of Light Years would be too short. Over the centuries man has come up with and created “religions” in the name of whatever interpretation they have for their “god”, without having the slightest true understanding of what such a Diety is.
            Much the same happened with the “religion” that is puported to have started with Mohammed. And from within his circle we have the Koran …. the “word(?)” of God ??!! The words and commands of God written dowwn by a prohet(?) ?? Really ?? God has no need to get anything “written down” … God, that infinite in all things, Diety, has created a universe of thousands of galaxies with all that is in them, be it planets, or suns, or human beings, or whatever …. and ALL OF THAT operates and works infintely well according to the laws of its construction and existence, be that on a physical or “spiritual” level. All that “mankind” has to do is to strive to get a far better understanding of what that all consists of and how it operates and how he/she of the human race can operate within it and to experience its laws and work with them. God is not interested in what any of us does or doesn’t do. God created all his creations and has given them free will to experience his all encompassing Creation. You cannot give Free Will and then have “strings attached”. It’s either Free or it isn’t.
            If you have an interest to know more about what I’m referring to then you may want to buy yourself the following book by Neale Donald Walsch called “God’s Message To The World … You’ve Got Me All Wrong”.
            Just remember, more human beings have been killed, slaughtered, dismembered, burned to death, beheaded, drawn and quartered in the name of one “religion” or another than in all the conventional wars combined.
            And one other thing to think about ….. just think about when God created the first of his Souls, or Spiritual Beings.
            From WHAT could God have created it ? What else could there have been at the time that God carried out that creation ? What other “source of material” could God have had at that time ? There couldn’t have been a second God-like “source of material” next to God, because God was and is all there was and is. So where could that source of Spirit/Soul “material” have come from ??? Here’s an analogy to think about ….. Think of God as this enormous Fire. You put a twig into the fire and you pull it out. What have you got at the end of that twig ? You have a flame which will burn you as easily as the you will get burnt from that fire. In other worrds the properties of the Flame are the properties of the large Fire. So is it with each and every Soul/Spirit. Each and every human being has a soul within them. And the “properties” of that Soul/Spirit are the same as the God from which it originated. There is nowhere else from where it could have come. So just think about that when one human being on this planet takes the life of another human being, seeing as, in essence, we are all connected in terms of where our indestructible Souls come from …….

        • Of course it isn’t …. I’m perfectly aware of that !! My reference to “race” had to do with IDENTIFYING those, within a community, of most likely being Muslims or Islamists. Look at the majority of Iranians or Syrians or Iraqi, etc…. They are virtually all either Muslims or Islamists. Correct, or not ?? Do you not discern a certain similarity in their racial features compared to a predominantly Caucasian community. That’s just the way racial features are. It’s a fact of life. It’s got nothing to do with prejudice, or similar, which maybe is what you are getting at …

          • Then you would have to identify Christianity as a “non white” religion, because according to the latest Pew Research, 75% of Christians are black and Asian etc.

            Race has nothing to do with a worldview.

            I hope Dympha has a better answer for you.

      • We have to be careful with the term ‘hate’, as governments are making laws against ‘hate speech’ to silence any valid criticism of islam.

        Only calls for actual violence should be illegal speech, and the koran is certainly full of those!

        • Yes, maybe the “koran” is full of whatever or references to violence or hate, etc.. BUT as I said above, where did a book and its writings such as the Koran come from ? It is assumed, by millions today, and by millions in the past that it is, in essence, the word of Allah, or God by a name that others give such a Diety. Allah telling human beings, through his human authors, what Allah wants and doesn’t want them to do, etc.., etc… Sorry, but that’s not what a Diety, infinite in ALL RESPECTS, is all about. That may be what a human being’s interpretation of what a God, with human being characteristics, would do, but that’s not God. God has no need to tell us anything. God has created a unimaginately perfect and awe inspiring universe, cosmos, call it what you will, for us to live in and experience, where everything works according to how it must BE and always will be, and we have virtually all infinity to get to understand it and to know it.
          Unfortunately the best that something like the Koran can come up with is to expect its readership to believe that Allah, i.e. God, wants one set of his creations to kill another set of his creations because the latter set doesn’t “obey the rules” !!! Can you believe it ?? Can you believe that mankind, with the mental capacity to put a man on the moon, to transplant a human heart, etc.., etc.., cannot come to a logical conclusion that such a “requirement” of God must be a complete fallacy and cannot, surely, originate from this Diety of INFINITE LOVE FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THAT DIETY’S CREATIONS ???
          And that is why I wrote in my original message, that until such time that mankind starts to work towards getting an understanding about what God is all about, or, at the very least, what God is not all about, we will never rid this planet of the scourge of an Isis, or similar, because there will always those who will be brainwashed into believing that a God, or Allah, has instructed them to murder/kill other fellow human beings in his “Name(?)”. And it is from that BELIEF SYSTEM that they obtain the Confidence to do what they would never otherwise, in a million years, normally do ……..

  8. I don’t believe the Fremantle reverend is engaged in appeasement at all. He doesn’t know that Islam wants to kill or subjugate him, because he hasn’t bothered to look into it. He is an unknowing shmoo ,which is not really a shmoo at all, but a different species. He wants to believe, and thus has persuaded himself, that there is just a smorgasbord of religions out there and that they are all good; he is encouraging the bringing of God into people’s lives through whichever channel suits them. He is not a Christian. But he is a tragic and dangerous idiot. His facial expression in that photograph tells us all we need to know about him.

    On the matter of Malcolm Turnbull, his electorate, Wentworth, is the most heavily Jewish electorate in Australia. So paradoxically he can afford to cosy up to Imams because his seat is an ultra-safe Liberal Party (what passes for Australia’s right-of-centre party) seat. Turnbull is a disaster for Australia.

  9. What I find most disturbing about Imam Chothia is not his anti-homosexual views as they are par for the course, notwithstanding the fact that in the Muslim world male-male sex is ubiquitous. It is his reference to sado-masochistic practices. One must wonder what it is that causes him to bother speaking about practices that only a tiny fraction of the population engage in. Why is this of interest to a man of God? In the fullness of time I expect some BDSM madam to go to the media and, honestly, claim that the Imam is a client of hers. Watch that space!

    • “why is this of interest to a man of “God”

      Where he comes from, it has long been the practice to vilify sexual practice which is tempting to members of some or other group…….for instance, the Afrikaaners introduced their ‘immorality act’ to prevent their own from engaging in sexual activity with so called other races.
      Could it be that sado-masichism is tempting to a certain ideologically influenced group?

  10. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if the Anglican Reverend’s church only has four or five parishioners, all of advanced years and either soft in the head or attending out of habit. It’s par for the course at many Aussie Anglican churches these days. I know one family that attends a local Anglican because they live so far from any other church and their 2 daughters *are* the Sunday school. Otherwise, the congregation consists of their parents and several old age pensioners. Fortunately, the family has taught the girls well with respect to ‘interfaith’ nonsense and they know who the enemy is. For a time, my wife and I thought to introduce the girls to our church which is an Pentecostal Assembly of God outlet with thriving children and youth wings, but I’ve cooled on the idea as it’s veered toward the Hillsong/deafening music/prosperity preaching gig in recent years. It’s getting hard to find a decent church these days. And I use *decent* advisedly.

  11. The imam Chothia has put a new statement on his facebook account about homosexuality, probably in an attempt to fog over his previous statements:

    Get this: “10) if a muslim rejects the sinful nature of homosexuality, then he is no longer regarded as muslim and therefore no longer subject to the shariah. hence no punishment is executed over him.”

    This logic is hilarious!

    note: I had to read that first sentence a couple of times: he means, ‘A Muslim who denies that homosexuality is sinful’

  12. This ninny “church” is a couple of suburbs away.
    In the same state whose “conservative” premier said of Geert Wilders “I don’t want him in MY state” Grotesque parody of liberalism.

  13. Thanks so much for bringing back the shmoos! I loved them then, and I love them now.

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