Trump Addresses What Obama Cannot

This was to have been Donald Trump’s full frontal attack on Hillary. Instead, because of the need to address the more immediate issue, The Pulse Massacre, he aimed a few arrows at her ideas and then devoted the rest of his talk to the problems we face with unvetted immigrants coming across our borders, in addition to the existential problems the West faces from radical Islam.

There is a transcript of this speech at Saint Anselm’s College posted at Conservative Tree House. They may have taken it from the Trump website; I didn’t check.

In addition, CTH has a good explanatory dig into the logistics of the events of The Pulse Massacre. Or whatever it will come to be named.

The American Interest has a short opinion piece on the slaughter in Orlando. Here is a snip with my emphasis:

The purpose of terrorist attacks is not, first and foremost, to kill and maim people, but to sow fear and distrust, to undermine the public spirit — to undermine the very fabric of a society. Depending on the circumstances, guns may or may not be more effective instruments of murder than any other tools terrorists have used in the past. But there is no question that they are superior when it comes to one thing: Pitting Americans against each other.

Guns occupy a critical space in America’s increasingly acerbic culture wars, a manifestation of the broader social convection currents taking place below the surface. For Jacksonians who are losing faith in the ability of established institutions to preserve order, the Second Amendment is a bulwark against totalitarian movements, like Islamism [sic] that would undermine American liberty. Under this deeply held view, attacks by ISIS-enthusiasts strengthen, rather than weaken, the case for gun rights. But for cosmopolitan liberals, gun rights are anachronism — a symbol of all the wrong-headed views espoused by working class whites. Set these two warring camps against each other in the context of an ongoing terror threat, and you push an already divided society even further down the path of tribalism and fracture.

I respectfully disagree with his opening point about our culture wars:

He says, The purpose of terrorist attacks is not, first and foremost, to kill and maim people, but to sow fear and distrust, to undermine the public spirit—to undermine the very fabric of a society.

Yes, the sowing of fear and distrust is a goal, but Rage Boys like this one in Orlando rilly, rilly do want to kill as many people as they can take out in one go. The foremost purpose of this traitor was to kill as many gays as possible. Because he truly hated gay people, as those who had to work with him, and who disliked him, have attested.

But we didn’t need these terrorism threats; our country has been deeply divided for a long time now. The fractures began to evidence themselves more obviously in Hillary’s generation, in a general uprising of college students and their intelligentsia “adult” followers throughout the West. Back then, the core tenets of Islam were not on anyone’s radar. But silly children were putting flowers in the rifle barrels of the military sent to bring peace to their campus. And those flower-bearers surely believed in their own moral superiority. They still do. Or rather, they ignore the horror and ruin of black-on-black crime in Chiraq’s south side to talk about the evils of white gun ownership.

In the intervening years between 1968 and now, no experience to the contrary of their utopian shield system has changed their minds. Often not even the deaths of their own children, e.g. Daniel Pearl’s father. Perhaps this delusion, which flies in the face of every atom of normal fatherhood, allows him to get up in the morning? Does he ever say to himself, “What if everything I believe is wrong?” It is a question many former Leftists have had to face as they could no longer hold together the irrational house of cards they’d built.

A rational person is open to change. A leftist, especially an ambitious one, is not. Delusional belief systems are never based on fact, nor are they open to revision. Their core belief is based on feelings about what they want life to be, never on the facts in front of them. That’s why we have the silly, trivial “social justice” meme. Justice has always been social, as is every other human virtue. None of them exist in isolation.

By now, you’re perhaps thinking “the heart has its reasons…” But look at Blaise Pascal’s quote in full:

Le cœur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point. On le sent en mille choses. C’est le cœur qui sent Dieu, et non la raison. Voilà ce que c’est que la foi parfaite, Dieu sensible au cœur.
The Gutenberg translation:

“The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know. We feel it in a thousand things. It is the heart which experiences God, and not the reason. This, then, is faith: God felt by the heart, not by the reason.”

He was slightly off point, was Pascal. Before him, in a passage from Matthew 22, Jesus had already given his Two Commandments to supplement the Ten his disciples knew so well:

To love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

The culture of the West is/was largely based on those two ideas, though we’ve long lost the keys to this saying. For example, how do we define “love”? Nonetheless it was in attempting to follow the Great Commandment that we became a high-trust culture — just look at the Quaker merchants in England who revolutionized business dealings and became so wealthy that the most intelligent of England’s leaders saw the inherent wisdom in simple trust. The unintended outcome was to be that our high trust in social exchanges hastened the changes for the better in all areas of endeavor, as demonstrated in the amazing innovations that each century left for its descendants as their heritage.

Still, that wasn’t a clever bon mot Pascal left behind; it was a crucial issue with which he struggled. Think of Jacob’s long night of wrestling with the angel who would not give his own name, but instead changed Jacob’s name to Israel. So while Jacob/Israel survived that long dark night of the soul, for the rest of his life he walked with a limp. A reminder of what it means to fall into the hands of the living God.

For all of us, believer and non-believer alike, it has come down to Benjamin Franklin’s warning about cultural cohesion: We must, indeed, all hang together or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading the video.

36 thoughts on “Trump Addresses What Obama Cannot

    • Trump can speak more truth in a hundred words than all the 100,000 word laws the O[bamas] in Washington can crank out in a year.

  1. Wonderful and spot on! Americans you better make sure you elect him, I believe he could turn the tide for Europe too

    • It may be too late for Europe as so many have flooded these countries and leaders are pushing Shiria law, condoning lawlessness, banning free speech, etc. In the U.S. and elsewhere, a so called Tet offensive carried out in various cities could start a civil war before the elected president take office.

  2. “We must, indeed, all hang together or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    I agree, but how can this fractious country ever again do that? We seem to be so divided, not only by geography, but by belief, opinion, and so on. We have a divider-in-chief instead of a uniter-in-chief in the White House. I don’t have any solutions, so I can only hope that somewhere there is a young man or woman who is thinking along these lines and may come up with something useful. Or am I just wishfully thinking?

  3. Both of those commandments are from the Torah. The first is from the Shema, recited by religious Jews at least twice a day. The second is from Leviticus, I believe.

    • The Shema is excerpted from Deuteronomy. These are among the 613 basic commandments.

  4. Just two little bug a boos.. The Islamist that shot up Pulse was an American. Born is NY.
    Possibly Mr Trump misspoke when he said that the shooter was born in another nation.
    Another is that Mr Trump would have to fire at least half of the state dept to instigate what he is trying to say.
    Read “the” if you don’t believe me.

    • My virus protected noted an attack when I tried to access a link at “”. My advice is to be very careful with this site.

      • I’ve been reading Diplomad for years with ZERO security concerns and I operate a highly effective security infrastructure. I will pass on your concerns to Mr. Amselem.

        I get much of my Information Technology (IT) advice and Technology Security information from Leo Notenboom at Leo is ex-Microsoft and brilliant at what he does and readable.

        I’m a 35 year IT veteran myself.

        • Same here – reading Diplomad, I mean – but have never been warned off. A nefarious trick. Some people have gotten warning messages about our website.

        • I’m still getting a message when I follow some of the links there. Something is not right. Could you include an actual link that I can click on? The address is “”. I click on “Political News” and it gives link headlines like “Bush is killed by ISIS”, “Trump is killed by ISIS” etc.

          My protection is Norton, which picked up a web attack. Other links just connect me with a search. There is no actual content from “”. So far, nothing worth looking at.

    • The Orlando shooter’s parents were born in Afghanistan, but Omar Mateen himself was born in NY. I heard part of an interview with the father on KCBS radio last night; Omar didn’t fall very far from the tree.

    • “Born in NY”

      It doesn’t matter a 10 cent damn where a moslem is born, he is a moslem; a moslem living in the west, and never an American, Australian, Swede or Brit, etc..

    • It is often the second generation Muslims who become violent – the ones who actually migrated here know how much islamoland [is not a] succ[es]s. The second generation is tempted by all the vices here, but feel superior because of their “religion” – also superior because they are “special needs”, supported and protected by our scumbag elites.

    • That is just fine the shooter was born in NY.

      It simply makes him an AIPO – American in Passport Only.

      The same goes for all those born in Europe who cling to the culture and ways of their parents’ or grandparents’ countries of origin.

      There is a far more to being a true citizen of any nation than the possession of a simple piece of paper.

  5. It seems that the Democrats are rather tame opponents of Trump, compared to the so-called Republicans who are very publicly criticizing him and looking at parliamentary maneuvers to deny him the nomination.

    These Republicans are perfectly aware that jimmying the rules at the Republican convention to replace Trump would blow away any chance of a Republican President.

    Why would they blow off any chance of getting a Republican President, especially as Trump has already made a rock-solid commitment to appoint Constitutional judges?

    The Republican neo-coms are not really Republicans, or conservatives, or patriots, but are globalists, people who wish the US to use its people and resources to institute a world order based on international corporate interests. I have nothing against international corporations, except when they try to use the political process to secure unearned advantages for themselves.

    Neo-coms come from a leftist, socialist background. They carry with them the desire to institute a global system of power, and a dislike of national identity, which by its nature limits the ability of a country to impose its ideas by force or economic manipulations. I never thought to see these people reveal themselves so blatantly. I can only conclude they see their dreams for international adventures and oppressive, mega-governments as having more chance under a Hillary administration than under a Trump. Their willingness to have the Supreme Court packed with judges such as Elena Kagan or Sonya Sotomayor shows that their allegiance to constitutional government is paper-thin as long as they can get international commissions, banking, and military interventions.

    • That’s a sad summation, but accurate as far as it goes. However, never overlook plain old envy. Which is a large part of the anger driving these folks, of whom Romney is the most obvious sufferer. Others, like Bill Kristol, are stuck in the imperial past with George Bush. While the rest of us are sick of the misguided “nation-building” that sent us to Iraq, that crew hasn’t changed its ideology, even with the evidence mounting against their ideas…

      …for the most part, Americans are sick of sending young men to die for nothing. But the neocons are down with Hillary’s version of foreign policy – which means to stick our noses in where we don’t belong.

      Others simply hate change. They are used to being in second place and prefer powerlessness-with-perks as long as they don’t lose access. They fear Trump is going to be a new broom and they’ll be forced to work for a living.

      The Constitution?? Oh that thing…

  6. Just report here that on the UK the EU Referendum debate will be decided on the subject of immigration. Everyone wants answers, Remain goose step over the issue, call people racist etc. Now a fifth Poll has put Leave ahead of Remain.

    There are nine days left and now the ruling Conservatives have asked the Labour Opposition to save their bacon. However Labour are just awful and can’t make a positive case for continued EU membership.

    Unless Gordon Brown can pull of a massive stunt, the UK will be leaving the Marxist EU. I am hoping that this will trigger the liberation of European cousins from the tyranny of multiculturalism and imposed genocide. I pray to God The Almighty to give us the strength to vote sensibly and vote Leave. It is probably our last throw of the dice.

      • Sorry it’s from the MSM, but this BBC News report from 2012 will show you why the immigration issue appears to be winning out over the predictions of financial Armageddon from the Remain camp if the UK votes to leave the EU.

        Admittedly, it is the immigration issue from within Europe, which is exercising much of English public opinion at the moment, (given the undoubted strain on public services and housing, to say nothing about social cohesion and the protection of our ancient European identity) but it is also bound up with mass immigration from out-with the EU, which is ironically even greater in terms of numbers.

        Most people in the UK are relaxed about European people coming to live and settle in the UK, and given that we share a common Judaeo-Christian heritage and cultural values, assimilation is not an issue. It is the scale and speed of it perhaps that people are struggling with, and they want control back which membership of the EU club does not allow, given that free movement of peoples is a foundation policy. Out of the 28 EU member states, it is only (approximately) six that large numbers of EU and non-EU peoples moving to. The UK is one of them.

        Many people in the UK feel that we have lost control of immigration and see ‘Brexit’ as a mechanism for taking back control. Personally, I hope we can then go on to severely curtail migration from the Middle East and Africa, because for me at least, this is the single most important issue affecting our country and Europe generally.

        The link below will show you what the globalist’s agenda for Caucasian Europe consists of. It amounts to no less than a mass immigration programme facilitated by domestic, EU and international law which sees unprecedented and unending levels of mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa into the heart of Europe.

        Our countries are changing before our very eyes, courtesy of our treacherous political elites who promulgate this policy without the permission or authority (in the form of a manifesto commitment or referendum we can reject or endorse at the ballot box) from the people who elect them.

        Mass immigration is much too important an issue to be left to the discretion of these traitors. Direct democracy is the only legitimate bull-work and safeguard when it comes to issues of sovereignty and national identity. Mass immigration by definition will fundamentally change a country for good or ill. We the people must be the final arbiters of such a profound and momentous decision.

        What Western Europe has achieved over recent centuries through often violent upheaval, in terms of our humanist, egalitarian and enlightenment traditions, are in very real danger of being destroyed within two generations by the irresponsible actions of our political elites.

        For me personally, the direction of travel is Chrystal clear. European political elites, with the exception of one or two, notably, Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary, are intent on mass immigration into Europe as an ongoing political objective, with a corollary, given the numbers involved over succeeding years, will fundamentally change Europe’s long established ethnic populations and cultural values.

        Before European populations are eclipsed or reach a demographic tipping point of no return, given the dramatic demographic projections and rates of reproduction by the Islamic peoples who continue their unstoppable march to western Europe, I believe that popular European resistance at a political and civil level will become inevitable and unstoppable.

        Similarly, it is the globalist’s agenda, in terms of facilitating mass open-ended immigration, that is inevitably, once again, sowing the seeds of war in Europe.

        • This is a breathtaking article, focusing on Peter Sutherland, the British, so to speak, UN special representative on migration. He makes two main points from what I see: migration is needed to replace the indigenous populations supposedly because the native birth rates are too low; and that even the faintest hint of “international law” is enough to invalidate a duly-enacted national policy or law, duly passed by Parliament.

          One thing it illustrates is that the elite are abysmally, egregiously ignorant of genetics and any sort of biology. They assume that one human baby is the same as another human baby, so might as well pour in a mass of people from sub-Sahara Africa to puff up the Nordic population, which is dropping below the level needed to assume rising profits for Goldman-Sachs, of which Peter Sutherland is, not by coincidence, the chairman.

          These ignorant dodos put more care into selecting the family dog than they do the population of a country.

          Ultimately, the UK has to not only leave the EU, but the UN. The fallback position of the European and American elites is obvious: if they can’t wedge the EU or NATO into a global government, they will pump up the UN, which rivals the EU on overpaid, unaccountable, super-powerful desk-warming, control-freak bureaucrats.

          The best way to assure a maintenance level of indigenous population is to dismantle the public welfare state. The welfare state, by definition, lifts resources from productive people who require all their wealth to raise and nurture children, and passes the wealth along to non-productive people, or marginal cases requiring maximum resources for minimal benefit. I’m thinking of the recent migrant to the US who suspected she had a Zika infection, and sneaked across the border just in time to have her microcephalic baby which will require up to $1 million in lifetime maintenance.

          I realize the issue of population maintenance is far more complex than that, but an international government is the very last agency that is qualified to deal with the problem. In fact, my opinion is, the US itself is too large and too diverse for an efficient or even a coherent government to enact anything.

          People like Peter Sutherland are born into wealth and power, and are simply incapable of putting the effort into understanding the physical world which shapes their options. They are too arrogant and spoiled to even conceive of how abysmally ignorant and incompetent they are.

          • the US itself is too large and too diverse for an efficient or even a coherent government to enact anything.

            That is why it will eventually fragment into its constituent parts. There will be no Abraham Lincoln determined to keep the country together at all costs, nor will there be any force of unity or symbol of identity to trump (so to speak) the increasingly fragmented identity politics on both sides of the political spectrum. How that dissolution will work geographically remains to be seen.

          • Peter Sutherland is IRISH not English or British; greater the shame. My sense of Irish pride and honour was severely dented when I first discovered this traitor to everything my nation, culture and beliefs stand for, is Irish. I was literally in shock and feel bile rising anytime I see his ugly mug or irritating voice.

            He was NOT born into wealth and power as neither of these attributes were in much supply amongst Irish natives, resident in Ireland, when he was born.

            What makes him the human detritus he has become was his education under the Jesuit Order, in Ireland, which propelled him into the legal profession and subsequently the role of non-Executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International (amongst many other disturbing roles).

            He is a banker and Globalist, of long experience and at the very cornerstone of all that is evil in Brussels and the world. An embarrassment to decent Irishmen and western civilization.

            RonaldB, your stuff is usually excellent..but?


            The Irishman.

          • Celtictothebone,

            I plead guilty to carelessness and sloth in not checking out my assumptions. My apologies.

    • I hope you’re right, but I fear you’re wrong.
      I would put NOTHING past Cameron and the EU–including voter fraud!

  7. ‘order order. com’ has some exellent up to date political stuff, Dymphna, and even better coverage of the ins and outs of Brexit, but I would warn you that the comment sections are not for the faint hearted and far from suitable for a blog like GoV.

    I would suggest that you in turn warn any of your readers that they go there of their own volition as I must point out that commenters’ are on the whole red blooded Brits who consider political correctness to be a degenerative disease of the mind.

    The humour is great as well but it is rough edged and does require a better than average knowledge of what is going down and of the cast of political and other shady characters involved. As for me I suppose you could say that I have an equally outrageous sense of humour and I rarely stop laughing; humour is a very powerful weapon indeed

    Also, it is a very fast moving blog, often following events almost in real time and readers do need to update regularly in order to keep up with the memes of the moment.

    Rgds, S III

  8. We have problems called Open Borders,Diversity,Poltical Correctness and Liberalism as well as the Demacrats and the United Nations

  9. The delusions of the Leftist set are also why they cannot see how they are simply the Ummah’s useful idiots at this stage of the process.

    The Left simply cannot conceive of how they will be summarily liquidated at a later stage of the process when they are no longer useful to the Ummah.

    This is because the Left cannot conceive of an equally rigid belief system originating from a totally different worldview.

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