Thor Finally Struck

We were awakened in the middle of the night by a huge flash of light in the midst of what appeared to be a windy storm…the electricity was gone…between the continuing booms and bangs we slept fitfully far past first light.

A robo call came in a while ago telling us our electricity had been restored. But it hadn’t…one reason we keep a plain land line, not a wireless wonder, is just for such cases…

We were able to contact the electric co-operative’s office to tell them we were still out and needed someone to inspect the transformer sitting at the very edge of our yard, between us and the long cleared out area where the power line runs from the house to the road…

…Thank heavens,and our donors we have a gas cooking range, so all is not lost. And we have this ability to reach you because the Baron plugged us into the UPS (a battery backup). This will give out soon, but at least I can let you know why it’s so quiet around here.

Update from the Baron: The power just came back on, so that wasn’t too bad. The outage gave me the opportunity to sleep really late, so I’m quite refreshed at the moment, sitting here with a nice cup of coffee.

The jury-rig I put together with the UPS, the modem, and the wireless router worked well. Along with Dymphna’s tiny little computer (which, to my deficient eyes, has a screen the size of a postage stamp), that gives us a way to post notices and approve comments when the electricity goes out. Provided we retain phone service, that is — which we did this time.

I woke up about 5 o’clock this morning when the rumbles started. And then there was a sudden loud click with a simultaneous bright flash that lit up the room, followed a tenth of a second later by a tremendous BANG! Which means it was a lightning strike on one of the oak trees at the edge of the woods, or maybe on the transformer at the top of the pole just across the yard.

The booming and banging continued off and on for several hours, accompanied by intermittent heavy rain. Then it was quiet for a while they fixed the outage, but now it’s rumbling and raining again. Here’s what the regional radar looks like at the moment:

That mass of yellow-orange stuff in the central Piedmont is where we are. You can see the angry red stuff coming at us from over there in West Virginia. So who knows how long we’ll be on the air?

Carpe diem! Now I have to catch up on Brexit and the hostage situation in Germany and all the other stuff that happened while we were incommunicado.

8 thoughts on “Thor Finally Struck

  1. We had a wonderful thunderstorm in S London last night (if you like that kind of thing, which I do!) Electricity is fine; there are some advantages to living in a country where power lines are usually buried.

  2. Since relocating South, we’ve realized that thunderstorms often mean much more than big noise and a light show. Stay safe!

    • We are getting a lot of “unsettled” weather…the internet keeps cutting off and on. I think the Big Hit in the middle of the night may have damaged some electronic gizmo on our HVAC bec. the temperature is not registering correctly.

  3. Not to be a “tin hatter” but, have you considered options for continuing this “blog”, should “something” happen, that disables your current physical address, and all of your equipment, forever? Possibly even you personally?
    Seriously, how hard would it be to erase you by a government that doesn’t want your words seen by anyone?
    If sitting Congressmen can violate the Rules of the House, and not be touched, who is going to notice you missing?
    We all know free speech in Europe is being criminalized.
    Where will all of us go, when you no longer exist? I know you can’t tell us if you have a plan, but how will we find you, if you no longer exist?
    This is not impossible.

    • Yes, the plan is in place. The database and everything involved are hosted somewhere else, backed up in yet other places.

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