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  1. I’ve never seen that particular photo before. The muslim SS division was the brainchild of SS chief Himmler and his pal the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who spent most of WWII in Germany helping the Nazi war machine. The division were recruited from muslims in the Balkan states and the key recruiting strategy appealed to the mutual hatred of Jews in Islam and Nazism. Himmler also opened at least two schools for training Imams in Germany, one was in Dresden. The Mufti (who escaped the war crime trials after the war) was also active in assisting German intelligence networks in Arab countries.

    • Bosnian muslims who had a hatred of Serbian Orthodox Christians, Jews and Romas.

  2. A very horrid chapter in Nazi/Muslim history rarely discussed in the media or academia.

    • And it is for that very reason why Islam remains untouched.

      I am sure the islamists and Naxis would have eventually turned on each other had the Allies not triumphed in WWII.

      The question I want answering is why was Turkey never charged for War Crimes concerning the Armenian Holocaust? Why have the elites never exposed the Islamic involvement in the Nazis and the Bosnian SS Divisions. Something is up.

      I would say the ruling elites need islam and jihad to finish off their job to bring about the NWO.

  3. I believe it was as early as 1928 that Hassan al-Bana (founder of Muslim Brotherhood, Ikwahn als-Muslimun) had a personal meeting with the brother of Rudolf Hess (a later high ranking member of Nazi Regime).
    At the end of the Second WW a whole bunch of arab nationalists found themselves trapped in Austria (Ostmark), trying to get away before beeing captured by the Allied Forces.
    The former Saudi King was proud to call what was belived to be Hitlers dagger his own (a personal gift ).
    And the arab nationalist-socialist Baath-Party of course was influenced by the NSDAP.

    • Not only that, but St John Philby, father of the infamous Kim Philby was trying hard to negotiate deals between Adolf and the King of Saudi to supply oil as soon as Rommel cleared the British out the way, Philby had already had dealings with Haj Amin at the time of the British military attempts to pervert the Balfour declaration.

      Being a traitor must run in the genes……

      • Or you have to be raised by one, perhaps. I notice in this country that political beliefs are inter-generational. And as we become more politically polarized, any deviation from Papa’s belief system is seen as treason, too – all across the political spectrum.

        What is interesting about the Trump phenomenon is how he has managed to cut a Gordian knot and pull in a broad spectrum of enthusiastic followers. Win or lose, his place as the current front-runner among Republicans will be studied for years to come.

        There are predictions now that some portion of Bernie followers, bound to be crushed by (Criminal) Hillary’s nomination on the Democrat side, will defect to The Donald. Meanwhile, he has Mexicans for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Green Martians for Trump, etc., etc.

        With those Saunders’ defectors, there will be #BitterBerniesForTrump and they’ll stick with their motto, “Feel the Bern”…

        …obviously I am fascinated by this whole process, unprecedented in our lifetimes. The closest we can come is perhaps the election cycle that saw Andrew Jackson invent the class of leaders called “Jacksonian Democrats”…they grew to be respected centrists and their brand lasted over a hundred years. The last of them was probably Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who warned LBJ that his “War on Poverty” would kill off the black family structure. LBJ said it didn’t matter because from then on, blacks would be Dems…what price power??

  4. And even the fascist Franco in Spain might not have been able to come to power without his Moros from Morocco (Moroccan soldiers in the Spanish colonial-army).

    They were feared for their blind brutality on prisoners by the forces of the Spanish government and by the international socialist brigades.

    They were told that they would fight against disbelievers (it seems that always works with muslims ).

  5. We’ve all been inundated for years with Nazi documentaries on this aspect and that of the Third Reich, but never this chapter. Fascinating. I wonder if this is what Farrakhan was referring to when he said that Hitler was a “great man”?

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