9 thoughts on “The Orlando Massacre, the Koran, and Islamic Law

  1. As we have borrowed much money from China, I guess they get the same reward we do. Just trying to stir up trouble here.

  2. A fine video from David Wood as usual. I detected only one slight weakness, in my opinion — namely, his emphasis on the Western Kuffar militarily intruding upon the Muslim world as a provocation, when we already have known for years from Raymond Ibrahim that this pretext is only propaganda for Western consumption; it’s not really an Islamic concern, since the mere fact that the West thrives at all whilst refusing to submit to Allah and his Prophet is sufficient provocation for Muslims and, according to Ibn Kathir’s tafsir (see Sura 9 especially), constitutes for Islam the sufficient causa belli.

    Aside from that, I was told by a counter-jihad civilian “DK” (he does have a blog, “Answering Abraham”, but like mine, it doesn’t rise to the level of the “big blogs” of the CJ) who has known David Wood for a time, that a few months ago he was banned by David Wood from David Wood’s Facebook page because DK insisted on voicing support for Trump in the wake of Trump’s December 2015 proposal of a moratorium on Muslim immigration into the US. According to DK and another counter-jihad civilian acquaintance of mine, “apologistkj” (another erstwhile friend of Wood), Wood began “unfriending” many more FB friends who dared to voice support for Trump.

    Knowing this strange behavior on Wood’s part, the 30 seconds of words near the end of this video (6:25-34) —

    “…an informed population of free people will elect leaders who make good decisions, not sniveling cowards who sacrifice their country on the altar of political correctness”

    — ring bitterly hollow, if not ironically surreal.

  3. David Wood and Acts17Apologetics is highly recommended. A few days ago I have begun to watch a number of the videos on their YouTube channel before the Orlando jihadi attack occurred. I was utterly enthralled by his testimonial of why he became a Christian; having been familiar with him for a couple of years now, I was unfamiliar with his backstory and would never have guessed it to be so sordid, especially given his sober delivery. Accepting his recounting as truthful helps explain his fearless zeal in proclaiming the Gospel and criticizing Islam; to have gone to such an extreme with Naturalism and sociopathic self-deification only to have one’s own rationality deconstruct itself to the point one has to accept that which one was trying to disprove tempers a will that becomes unflinching and steadfast. Godspeed.

  4. For someone who spent (5) years in prison for nearly killing his father with a hammer while a teenager, David Wood has come a long way. Lucky he met a Christian in prison who was smarter than he.

    St. Paul was no saint at first either.

  5. If the military is the problem, then military has not been allowed to finish their jobs.
    When the military’s job is finished than the problems with Islamists should be finished as well. End of story.

  6. David, great piece but you must fact your statements. One of the worst mass shootings in history occurred on Sept. 11, 1857 when the Mormons slaughtered 110 men, women and children above age 4 of the Fancher wagon train in Utah territory. The Mormons shot them in cold blood and at point blank range. Google Mountain Meadows Massacre and for more detail, get the William Wise reprint at Amazon, Massacre at Mountain Meadows. His book is the best as he is not a Mormon trying to exculpate the Mormon church from any responsibility in the slaughter. I have studied this event exhaustively. My mothers maiden name was Fancher.

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