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  1. Nice, but Austria was unsure at the time if it was Serbia who actually spilt the drink, because it was Bosnia who bumped but Serbia may have pushed Bosnia, so Austria assumed Serbia was guilty (which in hindsight it probably was but there was no proof at the time) because it was looking for an excuse to steal Serbia’s whole flagon of ale.

  2. Actually, by the time the USA actually got into the barfight: Britain and Germany had punched each other senseless, France and Italy had essentially been pounded into paste and given up to sit out the rest of the fight on the other side of the spittoon from Austria-Hungary.


    NEARLY HALF of the German Army–Freed from ITS fracas with the Romanov’s bunch in the bar next door (thanks, Lenin)–comes bursting in through the back door spoiling for a fight!

    The end did come rather quickly–but as Wellington would say, “t’was a close-run thing.”

    • Lenin had been sitting in Switzerland lamenting that the revolution would never come during his lifetime when the fracas started. It was the German High Command that gave him free transport into Russia in a sealed railway car. They freely admitted that they were sending Lenin into Russia the same way that they would send such things as poison gas and bombs. Terrific strategy for them in the short run, but in the long run……

  3. Downloaded it, saved it. If it weren’t for WWI, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.

    I read somewhere that Germany actually hadn’t invaded Belgium – it was reported in the MSM, then Britain declares War on Germany.

    The MSM caused WWI by false reporting, the rest is history.

    • I’d like to see your evidence for Germany’s non-invasion of Belgium. Post-WW1, there was a revisionist version of the history touted, claiming that the German atrocities against Belgian civilians (“gallant little Belgium”) were a fiction; actually they’re well documented.

      This story does remind me of a tv show I saw decades ago, possibly on (UK) Channel 4, wherein an advertising executive was accused by feminists of exploitation of women. Leaving aside the merits of the case made against him and his colleagues, I enjoyed his response.

      He said his critics were “out-at-elbows”, a saying he attributed to his native Yorkshire. It refers to the man who stands in a crowded pub, holding his pint with arm akimbo, and when someone accidentally jostles it and spills his beer, he picks a fight. In other words, he’s looking to be offended. I wouldn’t presume to suggest that feminists (or other groups, insert you own bugbear) might adopt such tactics, but if anyone sees an opportunity to use the phrase against Muslims or their apologists, be my guest!

      • Germany didn’t invade Belgium until after we declared war on them. Peter Hitchens wrote an article about it.

        • Germany’s mobilization plan included an attack on Belgium. In other words, as soon as the mobilization order was given they were committed to attacking a neutral country, one whose neutrality they themselves were amongst the guarantors of.
          No one elses mobilization plans included even attacking their actual enemies, let alone invading a neutral country.

          The difference is picking up your gun and shooting your neighbour if you think someone is trying to break in, rather than picking up your gun and waiting for the burglar to come through the window.

      • It wasn’t an invasion. Germany wanted to install a freeway to Paris and asked Belgium for the right of way. Belgium, being unreasonable and anti-progress, said no. So, Germany merely exercised its right of eminent domain to take the land for the new freeway. Germany installed the freeway through Belgium, but ran into trouble with the French unions who insisted on three month vacations and began digging deep ditches across the path of the freeway and shot at the German engineers. England tried to mediate the disagreement, but talks stalled. As a result, the freeway was never completed.

    • Correct, in the aftermath of WW 1 the seeds of WW 2 were sown out of vengeance, a sense of retribution, and an intense greed for the spoils of war.

  4. Slightly off topic here, but opinion polls for EU Referendum shows BREXIT starting to make a breakthrough. Unlike Austria there’s no gender divide, however ethnic minorities are predicted to vote 70% Remain, 30% Brexit. Scotland and Northern Ireland shows 65% support for Remain. Every area in England favours Brexit except London (57% support for Remain) while the North East is 50-50. Its touch and go at the moment, but hopefully we can save Europe again by voting OUT.

    • predicted to vote 70% Remain, 30% Brexit”

      THAT”S because Londonistan belongs to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, it happened after Britain was hurt badly mentally in the bar fistfight, rendered unable to differentiate between friend and foe, assumed an unfriendly attitude towards Greece and Israel, and all Christianity in general.

      Britain . . . taking off HER pants, developing an eerie love affair with Turks and Pakistanis and urging HER mature and immature teenagers to do the same and telling them what a wonderful experience is to be in bed with the world jihadis.

      The Great War as a Bar Fight :
      By the way I read about the real events and Gavrilo Princip, that’s why this rhetoric produced in this genre of trope . . . is tickling.

      That was one bar fight. In the Continent of Cowards , amnesiacs, tranced, comatose we will soon have many bar fights and all countries of the Continent of Dhimmitude.

      What an opportunity for 5 million Turkish troops to come to save Europe from its folly.

    • Well, if Britain hadn’t punched Germany in that bar fight, it wouldn’t be having this problem now.

      Why do people in Scotland want to stay in?

      • Although the UK is one of the few net ‘payers’ in the EU, Scotland receives more than it contributes. Much of the gross receipts by the UK goes to Scotland, and it is noticeable how much better infrastructure is in Scotland than in England/Wales.

        Scotland is 90% socialist, and has no fear in loss of sovereignty to a socialist tyranny, if the English had had a vote in the referendum on independence for Scotland then the Right (not Conservatives) would have voted yes just to get rid of the Labour party in UK once and for all. The Conservatives would have become the new party of the centre-left and a new nationalist party would have grown based on UKIP.

  5. Hilarious! I have added Sipsey Street to my morning computer trolling. . . making me even later to start the housework! (YAY).

  6. Great, even as a German you can laugh about that!

    If it weren’t such a tragedy and cost so many lives on all sides,
    and – as somebody mentioned above – was the starting point for the mess we are in today.

    I would even say “Germaby was so drunk to give Austria a blank cheque to Support it whatver it does” (if Christopher Clarke is right?!).

    • Hi I am an Englishman and what has angered me the most is that European nations have never recovered after the two disastrous wars. We find out that plans were devised to turn us into Eurasians […] as far back at the 1920s, cultural Marxism was devised at the same time to undermine our cultures. If only we had all known about this none of us would have lifted a finger to fight the wars and the bankers plans failed, no Islam in Europe, no decadence and so on.

      Opinion Polls in the UK are now starting to show that we are going leave the Marxist EU. Should OUT or BREXIT win, it will be the shot in the arm all indigenous Europeans need to reclaim their countries. We only five to ten maximum to change things around, after that it will become Eurabia.

      • European nations have never recovered after the two disastrous wars.

        You are right: Europe and the world were deprived of the cream of the DNA crop. Millions of young men who never had the chance to reproduce…is it any surprise that the remainder wanted the safety of socialism?

        Same goes for Russia. They were left with the Stalins and Putins while the real Russians were murdered, slain for nefarious reasons. I still haven’t gotten over the revelation that FDR knew American soldiers were being sent to the gulag. Truman did, too, for that matter.

        Dark evil times that stained the future of the West.

  7. It’s become received wisdom that Germany was punished unduly by the victors at Versailles. Well, maybe Germany deserved to be punished, witness the way the Germans were spoiling to go at it again before a mere twenty years had passed. And don’t tell me Hitler. He had the gleeful, almost hysteric support of great masses of the German population, to conquer again.

    • On the other hand, Marie Curie’s comment on the Versailles Treaty seems relevant here. “Unless the Germans are exterminated to the last man, which I certainly don’t advocate, they must be given a peace that they can endure”

  8. Realize that four days prior to the entrance of the United States into the First World War, “President Woodrow Wilson had asked for the war. He had appealed ‘for the rights and liberties of small nations’, ‘for democracy’, for people throughout the world ‘to have a voice in their own government’. When he pleaded for conflict and cried out, ‘the world must be made safe for democracy’, Congress rose in applause. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court led the cheering. Senators who had opposed the president rushed up to assure him that he had made his name great. Yet that evening in the White House Woodrow Wilson told his secretary: ‘My message today was a message of death for our young men. How strange it seems to applaud that’! Later that same night the President laid his head on the Cabinet table and sobbed bitterly. Well might he weep if he could have foreseen that the world would not be made safe for democracy, that the rights of small nations would be cast aside, that streams of blood would flow in vain and billions would be futilely squandered. For in 1939 the powers that were, decreed that the struggle was not finished; that the whole gory thing must be done again, that youth must die again. Once more it was the same applause, and we sent a third of a million of our physically strongest men into a war from which they never returned. We destroyed one evil influence, only to see others take its place” (Walter A. Maier, “Global Broadcasts of His Grace” [Saint Louis: Concordia, 1949], page 229f.)
    To be sure, Wilson, in bad faith, plainly had lied about the real reason for wanting war. “An allied commission, it may be recalled, came over shortly before the war declaration and called on the President. The President summoned a group of advisers. The head of the commission spoke. Stripped of its diplomatic language, this is what he told the President and his group: ‘There is no use kidding ourselves any longer. The cause of the allies is lost. We now owe you (American bankers, American munitions makers, American manufacturers, American speculators, American exporters) five or six billion dollars. If we lose (and without the help of the United States we must lose) we, England, France and Italy, cannot pay back this money… and Germany won’t.
    “Had secrecy been outlawed as far as war negotiations were concerned, and had the press been invited to be present at that conference, or had radio been available to broadcast the proceedings, America never would have entered the World War” (Major General Smedley D. Butler, USMC, retired, ‘War is a Racket” [Last Word Press], pages 10-11).
    Indeed, a few years back a book came out with the title, “Twelve American Wars: Nine of Them Avoidable” (Eugene G. Windchy). I contend that all twelve of them were avoidable. Yet as a Louisiana father once described it in his own earthy way in a letter to his son in the Confederate Army, “This war was got up drunk but they will have to settle it sober” (Carl Sandburg, “Abraham Lincoln” [Pleasantville: The Reader’s Digest Association, 1970], page 366).
    A few years after World War I, Woodrow Wilson saw this and came to the following conclusion, “Our civilization cannot survive materially unless it be redeemed spiritually. It can be saved only by becoming permeated with the spirit of Christ and being made free and happy by the practices which spring out the spirit. Only thus can discontent be driven out and all the shadows lifted from the road ahead” (Walter A. Maier, “The Airwaves Proclaim Christ” [Saint Louis: Concordia, 1948], page 18). Indeed, only thusly will the Almighty graciously use his power to prevent our government from unwisely declaring war, and to prevent others from making war on us.

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  9. Greetings

    Britain (Lord Gray)had already, before 1912, chosen to to help France even if France invaded Belgium (see Ponsonby regarding falsifications during WW1).

    France’s military previously stated it would not hesitate to invade Belgium to get to Germany, to avoid having to fight on France’s territory).

    Moreover, when Germany invaded Belgium in WW1, British troops were already in Belgium and therefore Belgium was no longer neutral. Belgian civilians attacked German troops as they moved towards France. When the Germans took reprisal and executed civilians they were accused of lying about being attacked by civilians. However, Oscar von der Lanken visited hospitals and found that hundreds of German soldiers had been shot by shotguns which were illegal as military weapons under international war (the Germans never used them).

    You did not mention that in 1916 (100th anniversary this year) Germany offered peace. Germany had fought everyone to a standstill and was speaking as a victor when it said that everyone should take their weapons and go home to their borders before the war. Germany did not want compensation/reparations – the most generous offer in history of warfare.

    As I understand it, the order of entrance into the war was:
    USA (Zionists tricked the US into the war, after Germany offered peace). Study the Balfour agreement and Untermeyer’s blackmail of US Pres. Wilson.

    When Pershing’s almost five million fresh troops defeated Germany, Britain’s illegal naval blockade starved 800,000 Germans to death by (it did not allow food to enter germany) to force Germany to sign the treaties of Versailles. The attendees there imposed the least generous conditions – they seized huge territory, seizes Germany’s vital colonies (none of which were obtained by force), imposed unfair collossal debt and disarmed Germany and made it the most plundered nation in history. Germany was tricked into peace by Wilson’s 14 points peace program that Wilson later stated was “just air’. The other nations did not disarm as they had promised, thus they, not Germany abandoned the Versailles treaties.


    • Oh, not the bloody zionists again. Which of them crewed the U-boat that sank the “Lusitania”?

      • Greetings

        You should study the Lusitania case.

        As I recall it, [redacted]

        [I warned you before: if you’re going to post conspiracy-related material that is this controversial, it must be SOURCED. Otherwise I won’t let it through. –BB]


    • @Rolf
      Please define your term ‘Zionist” in the context of the above, it appears to spoil and otherwise profound analysis of the situation.

      I would disagree about Serbia before Austria, when, on the basis of not letting a good crisis go to waste, Austria blamed Serbia (without any proof) and invaded as had been the intention anyway, just as soon as a suitable opportunity arose.

      “I’m big, you’re small, I’m right You’re wrong” (Roald Dahl: Matilda)

  10. some bar fight! everyone woke up with hangovers and grudges and decided to have another go at it after tossing the bartender out to the street and having a few more rounds on the house, and even the roof. Then America solves the problem by building a new bar on its soil and staffing it with security guards in case the patrons become drunk and belligerent. now some new neighbors have moved in down the street and they are demanding that the bar be razed so that their own social club can be built in its place. that does what centuries couldn’t do, unite the grudge-carrying patrons to run the upstart newcomers off the block, until someone had to remind the patrons that the newcomers held the mortgages to the bar and their homes.
    stay tuned, film at 11:00.

  11. This reminds me of a WWll story I was told many years ago by an older colleague who served in the Long Range Desert Group. It involved what sounded like the Mother of Bar Room brawls and took place at an establishment in Libya. The principal adversaries were British and Canadian squaddies aided and abetted by Australians, New Zealanders, Free French, Greeks and various assorted Arab tribes people.

    I am not sure whether there were any fatalities but the place was devastated and there were many injuries, some serious. I lost touch with the narrator and he must have passed away by now. It sounded then like one hell of a story has anyone else heard it?

    Does anyone have any links or anything that might substantiate what I heard.

    • In December 1939, my father was on a merchant ship docked in Montevideo harbour, while the “Graf Spee” was sheltering in the estuary, ie neutral (Uraguayan) waters. Dad and some of his shipmates were in a bar, as were some of the Germans. Voices were raised, insults hurled, and I’m afraid fisticuffs ensued. The police, entirely impartial, put them all in jail for the night.

      Not sure how relevant this is, but you should know I’m the son of a hardened criminal!

    • As a young officer in the RN I had the dubious privilege of receiving the drunks back on board in the middle watch, we knew when there were going to be fights (rather than the odd scuffle or two), it was always when the Canadians were present. Our Joss (Master at Arms) sent out joint patrols with his US Navy equivalents, but Brit and Yank (and Johnny Reb) tended to get heartily drunk together; and instead of fisticuffs, they tended to laugh and have another round. Not so with the Canadians.

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