The FPÖ Will Contest the Austrian Presidential Election

As reported here a couple of weeks ago, there were irregularities in the recent Austrian presidential election, especially concerning the postal votes during the runoff on May 22. Norbert Hofer, the candidate for the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party), was in the lead until the absentee ballots came in. The postal vote just happened to tilt overwhelmingly towards the Green candidate, Alexander van der Bellen, who eventually was declared the winner.

In the following press conference Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of the FPÖ, announces that his party will contest last month’s election result, based on numerous irregularities for which there is sworn testimony.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating these excerpts, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:16   …since we now had to determine a myriad of irregularities
0:19   and glitches, we are thankful to the voters for
0:26   the many hints, but also we are obligated to our voters
0:30   and to Democracy and to our Constitutional state…
0:40   …we will therefore dispute this election…
0:48   …we have received countless verified hints under oath,
0:53   and I am telling you in plain language that the extent of these findings
0:57   is more than frightening, and it is more than relevant…
1:11   …at seven district election authorities the counting did not take place
1:15   through the relevant election board, but instead through non-authorized persons,
1:20   and therefore 58,374 polling cards are affected by this…
1:30   …under these circumstances, as we have shown today,
1:33   as you heard for yourself, 573,275 voting cards were affected,
1:40   and under those circumstances it cannot be assured that everything was done correctly,
1:46   because the law has already been violated,
1:50   and therefore we have to challenge the election result.

12 thoughts on “The FPÖ Will Contest the Austrian Presidential Election

  1. I hope they win. Vote rigging is on again in the EU Referendum with registration deadlines extended by two days. As far as I am concerned everyone should have been registered weeks ago.

    • Won’t make any difference, voter fraud is absolutely ubiquitous–to be found everywhere in Europe, down under, and North and South America.

      Years ago I lived in the idyllic Gulf Islands between BC mainland and Vancouver Island, where an entire referendum was hi-jacked! Everyone was just walking around shell-shocked! Voter fraud? Naaaah, ‘It couldn’t happen here’, oh, but it did! As everyone later found out–by then it was too late. Typical.

      • Yes, that is indeed an idyllic place. But today I read – and tried to comprehend the maps – about the probability of earthquakes in that region. What a shame…there’s always some kind of trouble in Paradise.

        Voter fraud seems to be a feature of socialist politics. The fraud is in a good cause: keeping the evil authoritarian dictator conservatives out of office. In socialism the endgame does indeed justify whatever underhanded step one needs to take to keep the polity pure and safe from conservatives…

        Which is why I’m always pleasantly surprised when a donor comes from that region.

        • Thanks Lady D., the Southern Gulf Islands are idyllic, (Canada’s Riviera) but were at least partially ruined years ago when the BC government of that time moved a lot of hippy welfare-bums to the islands because rents were cheaper there.
          They never left. I could tell you some stories!
          Not a good place for a conservative to live.
          Apologies for going OT.

    • Apparently, postal votes are being opened as they arrive, instead of on the referendum day. Plenty of scope there.

  2. Same here in the UK, Government extends DEADLINE for dimwit young voters (who are more likely to vote remain than for BREXIT) because web site crashed yesterday. The fact that people have known for months about the referendum would appear incidental as does the meaning of the word DEADLINE.
    The establishment will undoubtedly get the remain vote that it wants as the main pillars of society, the church, the media, the banks, the Trade Unions and big business wish it so!
    This will result in turbulent times ahead. If the Tory BREXIT campaigners truly believe in their cause they should resign the Tory whip and become independent or UKIP members instead. The despicable Cameron and his sidekick (Caligula) Osborne only achieved a majority of 12 in the last general election by overspending in many seats by illegally not declaring hotel and battle buses usage correctly. Nigel Farage was denied a seat yet again by dodgy tactics and postal votes yet again when it was obvious to any impartial observer he was a shoe in candidate!
    When the citizenry of any nation sees this blatant chicanery going on
    They will eventually turn from democratic methods and resort to direct action. You have the mad Merkel destroying Germany and Europe for that matter too, her handbag carrier Hollande aiding and abetting her and the creepy Hillary Clinton undoubtedly about to replace the useless Obama.
    Is the west finished, has it reached a tipping point and about to be plunged into an Islamic dark age? I fear so but desperately hope not.

    • If it was only to the politicians then perhaps, but don’t forget ordinary people in the equasion

  3. The Worm has finally turned! Hopefully it will not be stamped on and squished by Juncker like jack boots!

  4. Absentee ballots should be banned. If not, the next election in the USA will be determined by absentee ballots mailed from Mexico.

    • Just a few prime examples, there are a few counties in the USA where there are more folks registered to vote than the population count. In CA there were discovered some dead folks voting, ‘equal voting rights’ for all.It has been reported that India with over 500 million voters and many political parties requires government issued to vote, Here in the USA the leftist agitators scream ‘racism’, assault on the poor, and voter suppression when the subject of voter ID is even mentioned.

  5. Voter fraud rampant in Britain. Described by a judge some years ago as “reminiscent of a banana republic” (no slight on banana republics intended.)

    One such fraud was witness – it was that blatant : votes counted = 25 votes BNP. more votes counted = 25 votes BNP = 50 votes BNP. More votes counted = 25 votes BNP =75 votes BNP. More votes counted 25 votes Tories = 100 votes Tories.

    Don’t suppose it was the only instance in the thousands of counting halls across Britain. Also, muslims are well known for voter fraud.

  6. ‘Uncle Joe Stalin’ loosely quoted “it is not who votes, but who counts the votes”.

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