Orlando — The End of the Rainbow Coalition

Rembrandt Clancy has translated an overview of the ramifications of Sunday morning’s jihad massacre in Orlando, as seen from a German perspective.

Orlando — The End of the Rainbow Coalition

by Falko Baumgartner

Original German Language Source: Politically Incorrect
Translated by Rembrandt Clancy

13 June 2016

Many details are still unclear, but yet one thing is certain: the Muslim terrorist attack on the gay disco “Pulse” in Orlando (Florida) constitutes a milestone. The largest terror attack on American soil since September 11 2001 has claimed 50 fatalities. It is the bloodiest killing spree in recent US history and the worst attack on homosexuals ever. An additional 50 people were injured and some of them are fighting for their lives in intensive care.

For the presumptive democratic presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, the attack constitutes a political meltdown. Like her party colleagues and her former presidential rival, President Obama, Clinton counts on a broad-ranging coalition of so-called “minorities”, of both the ethnic type (Blacks, Latinos, Asiatics, Muslims) and the gender kind (women, gays, lesbians, LGBT). The only factor common to this exceedingly heterogeneous alliance is the joint struggle against allegedly “privileged”, white, heterosexual, masculine Euro-American, who is thought to bar these groups of persons from social, legal and political equality. There has never been a good relationship among most of these groups, but that has played no special role, provided a sufficient share in the spoils could be cut for everyone out of the treasure belonging to the American nation considered as an historical entity (“affirmative action”). Also, whites like Hilary Clinton or current Vice-President Joe Biden can still occupy leadership positions in the party, as long as they devote themselves to the policy of redistribution and the self-disempowerment of whites.

But now the bloodbath in Orlando could blow the rainbow coalition of the Democrats apart. One minority (Muslims) massacres another (LGBT) out of hate for the latter. Many of the victims were moreover Latinos, another group for whom liberals demand protection, for it was “Latin Night” at the Pulse. The perpetrator, Omar Mateen, is a second-generation Afghan immigrant with American citizenship. Clinton faces an unparalleled political balancing act. How can she relieve the growing anxiety of the gays over the importation of Islamic homophobia, when at the same time she supports the mass immigration of Muslims to America?

Liberals hasten to sidetrack the narrative; in his short statement, Obama attempts to draw a connection to gun laws. But did the strict European gun laws prevent the Islamic attacks in Paris and Brussels? What commercially available weapon runs around shooting or bombing while shouting “Allahu Akbar”? That the common denominator of San Bernardino, Bataclan and Maalbeek is the Islamic religious ideology common to the assassins, is becoming ever more difficult for the liberal deniers of reality to gainsay.

The FBI questioned Mateen twice regarding his radical tendencies — inconclusively. But if Western domestic secret services are unable to examine even one suspect effectively, then how can they assess the danger of terrorism coming from hundreds of thousands of unknown Near Eastern “refugees”? Does it suffice to rely on the Merkel-metaphysics — “We can do it”?

With extraordinary courage, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shortly after the Islamic Massacre in San Bernardino in December, had already called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. This public demand would have finished any other top-ranking Western politician, but Trump not only survived the unprecedented liberal s**tstorm, but even gained support in the opinion polls directed at the Republican primaries. His warnings have now been tragically validated in Orlando.

Trump has thereby gained political room for manoeuvre to prevail against the antagonistic mass media and win voters from Clinton’s shaky coalition of antagonisms. He can now use the initiative to promote his project of a comprehensive securing of the American nation-state against the barbarism imported from the Third World. Clinton, on the other hand, has for the first time been forced on the defensive. With lasting effect Orlando will shake the religious faith of the Left in the superiority of the United Nations of America over the United States of America, of imported diversity over organic homogeneity. Nothing in their self-assured world will remain as before. Orlando is the beginning of the end of the coalition of everyone against European man. The moment for a foundational paradigm change in Western politics draws nearer.

37 thoughts on “Orlando — The End of the Rainbow Coalition

  1. Bravo. I hope author’s predictions will materialize themselves in a tangable victory over political correctness and leftist policies

    • I hope the leaders of the leftist coalition will make the ultimate apology for their stupidity, avarice and shameful incompetence – they could at least show some sincerity by apologizing with the Japanese ritual called “sepuku” – disembowel themselves. Seriously, nothing short of that would be an adequate apology and failure to apologize will show they have learned nothing.

      I used to wonder how the Japanese could be THAT ashamed, but watching the leftist clowns so damage the world, the nation, their party really makes sepuku seem a realistic alternative.

  2. Money.
    That’s right–MONEY is what did it.
    For Trump.

    Anybody–or any politician, that is–could have done exactly the same thing. Said the same things–demanding we boot out illegal Muslims and Mexicans ( but that would require courage–also lacking in our ‘political class’). Anybody could have–545 of ’em.

    Why not? Those are excellent, popular issues, but any other politician would lose HIS DONORS! NO more$$$$$$$$$$! End of contributions! End of THE WORLD!
    T’would Never happen.

    Enter the Trump. He don’ need noo STEEENKING CONTRIBUUUTIONS!
    (Much tumult clamor, wailing, sobbing, gnashing of teeth follows………..)
    And so, here we are.

    Good thing he’s rich. His dough just might save the country, after all.

    • I am as cheap as the next guy, but I have come to think that elections should be publicly financed – then campaign finance law could be simple and easier to enforce: give money or a job to a politician and both of you go to jail. No more “campaign contributions”, no more travelling around giving private speeches to donors.

      It is the information age, it’s dirt cheap to get a message out. There’s a hundred million retired Americans who don’t have to worry about getting fired, have the wisdom of age, well established reputations AND would mostly say the same sort of stuff Trump does.

      • I think you’re wrong about banning private contributions to politicians. What you will do is to put all political activity directly under the control of the government. It doesn’t take any insight to know that messages deemed to be marginal or offensive will simply not receive funding on some pretext or another, and that will be that. It’s a pipe dream to think that someone with Trump’s positions would receive public funding.

        You could make the argument the other way: that wealthy individuals could completely fund a candidate, as long as the funding is completely open and public. Trump happens to combine wealth with personality. but is there any reason why a wealthy person with Trump’s views but not his speaking ability shouldn’t fund a politician with similar views?

        • In the UK, candidates’ spending is limited; not so for parties, but sources must be made public. Not perfect, but I think preferable to the US system.

  3. Very good article with a prescient conclusion. Moreover, Brexit vote is behind the corner and if the Leave win, domino effect will ensue. I dare say the said British vote will be the bellwether.

  4. This is a very good summary of what has been going on, and it’s so refreshing to read something that doesn’t mince words in the various ways that American media almost always does, including the “conservative” ([redacted]) media. I’ll be curious to see how long this German guy keeps writing before Merkel’s minions haul him away.

    Let’s hope that the “foundational paradigm change in Western politics” really is drawing nearer.

  5. Cologne meant end of popular feminist support & now this.

    West is not gonna go for end islam movement though. Only Aryas & Sakas will because they border them. O well, West will probably deport muslim & be working with them Vs India Russia in 50 years. Same old..

    • Islam is in the process of destroying itself. I fully expect to see a Muslim-on-Muslim genocide in my lifetime. The world will stand by in horror. What goes around comes around.

  6. An interesting point of view, but I have learned the hard way not to take seriously any simplistic predictions – especially those that result from wishful thinking about some sudden miraculous shifts toward mass sanity and moral uprightness. Those who fight for freedom can never afford wishful thinking, not when the stakes are so high.

    We should always keep in mind that the current predicament isn’t just something that Islam is doing to the West. It is mostly something that the West is doing to itself, with Islam being merely the weapon du jour for committing this very prolonged and consistent cultural suicide.

    Yes, Islam wants to destroy the West and take over the world. But in the last couple of centuries it couldn’t realistically get anywhere near that goal without taking advantage of corrupt civilizations that are ripe for subversion and self-destruction.

    Even if Islam were to be totally eradicated tomorrow, the West would still be marching toward cultural and physical suicide. Always remember who invented Marxism, Communism and the rest of that odious soup. Remember who created Socialist democracy to destroy genuine democracy. It wasn’t Mohammed.

    Never forget that it’s a self inflicted catastrophe, And it’s not some temporary bug. It’s a hardwired feature of Western civilization; its freedoms are the result of perpetual cultural disintegration, like a nuclear reactor that maintains a controlled chain reaction to generate electricity. When control is lost over this same process, we get a meltdown or a nuclear explosion.

    Defeating Islam is paramount, but we must always keep in mind that it’s only a symptom, not the disease itself.

    • I totally concur with Mn statements. There is no one extant on the scene that can reverse the course that the culture in this country has embarked upon. In fact it now afflicts all of Western Civilization!

      The civilization in this country , particularly the culture, is ( as we use to remark about terminal patients) circling the drain!

      Using the metaphor of a river, under normal circumstances Culture is at the headwaters, Government is further down the stream, and even further is politics. That hierarchy has now been totally reversed. Politics now occupies the headwaters, Government is downstream, and Culture (if indeed it exists) occupies a small tributary further downstream. Then to add to the disaster is the fact that Politics in this country has lost its soul, indeed it is dead. Government under these conditions has become a criminal enterprise.

      This country is now cursed with a large number of its citizens who are voluntarily assisting in the suicide of this culture. Added to that number to make a majority is a large number of people who have become soft and are jealously holding on to their addiction to their materialism, consumerism, relativism, addition to spectacles, deification of celebrity, along with a healthy dose of nihilism and hedonism!

      Government cannot legislate morality, virtuousness, and critical thinking!

      This situation is essentially over but the shouting (and wailing)!!!

      • Government cannot legislate morality, virtuousness, and critical thinking

        It can stop rewarding immorality – there is some upper limit of baby fathers for numerous children which makes the actions necessary to produce them “immoral.

        It can legislate virtuousness by rewarding virtuous actions. For example, good medical treatment for wounded veterans.

        It can legislate critical thinking by paying for classes in school which actually teach the requisite skills. If we can teach reading and writing (however poorly that is being done
        in some govt schools) we can teach ‘critical’ ‘thinking’…but then that would result in an informed electorate.

        Are these things likely with socialists in charge? No.

        It has to begin with those who see the curse you mention and take corrective measures within their own immediate circle. Will it be a long and difficult row to hoe? That’s hard to say since it’s essentially chaotic.

        History can and has ‘flipped’ by the action of a minority – e.g., the three per cent of American colonials who were determined to break free of England. Their determination was so strong that many of those who were afraid of overt rebellion moved to Canada in order to be safe.

        • You are certainly correct that a minority can do much to influence history, but I am not aware of any historical precedent where an entire civilization shook off its decadence and moral corruption to be rejuvenated as the healthy culture it had been before its original disintegration. It seems to be a one-way street, even if there are occasional fits of forced attempts at revival.

          Even if the American revolutionaries’ ideas about freedom weren’t shared by the colonial majority, the revolutionaries at least didn’t have to face civilization-wide insanity spanning each and every country controlled by that civilization, as is the current case with the West.
          The fact that this corruption is consistent across the entire West, rather than being limited to certain countries, shows that the defect is in the civilization itself, not in localized political circumstances.

          Are there such precedents? Has anyone ever been able to dial back the suicide of a civilization hell-bent on self-destruction? I hope so, but if not, it’s hard to imagine something like that happening for the first time in the most grotesquely insane times ever recorded.

    • Mn,

      I agree with you that it’s wistful thinking that gays, latins, women and blacks will abandon the Democrats simply because the Democratic policies are exposing them to risk.

      In fact, the relatively high number of latins and blacks who already support Trump shows that those who are willing to apply rational thought to their political positions are already in Trump’s camp. I’m afraid a very large proportion of the electorate is committed to the narrative, rather than the reality.

      The outcome of the election may very well hinge on whether Trump is perceived to have recently insulted some woman gratuitously. It’s already obvious that Hillary’s supporters are entirely immune to her scandals. Also, the Sanders supporters are not going to go to Trump. They hate the cultural US as much as Hillary does.

      I’ve always held a suspicion that the slide of civilization into self-destruction is a result of genetic drift due to the lifting of environmental pressures rather than a change in the cultural philosophy. On the other hand, reading an account of the crusade of 1201 showed me that European leaders of that time were just as greedy, shortsighted and destructive as the leaders today.

      • Actually, you’re wrong about the Sanders supporters. There is a bloc of them — not sure how big, but it exists, and has prominent spokescreatures — that sees Hillary as more dangerous than Trump, and will migrate to The Donald to keep Hill out of the Oval Office. Read up on it.

        This is the craziest and most interesting election in my lifetime.

    • “Even if Islam were to be totally eradicated tomorrow, the West would still be marching toward cultural and physical suicide. Always remember who invented Marxism, Communism and the rest of that odious soup. Remember who created Socialist democracy to destroy genuine democracy. It wasn’t Mohammed.”

      I think you completely misunderstand the trauma Islam inflicted on Europe for 1000 years. Western thought has such a massive blindspot concerning this trauma, that I think none of us have sufficiently grasped the scale of the trauma. For example, there are a few books which compare Islam to Marxism, seeing the latter as an atheistic form of Islam.

  7. Sorry, folks, but trending on Facebook is a statement to the effect that the Orlando massacre has now galvanised the LGBTetc community and made all its members ardent supporters of: gun control.

    • This is realistically the result moving forward. Start taking sheep from the periphery of the herd and all that the herd does is pack tighter together. I have seen herds pulled apart only to find several sheep pushed together in the middle so hard they couldn’t breath and smother standing up. Sheep find this preferential to dying on their feet fighting; otherwise they wouldn’t be sheep.
      Homosexual SJW’s have no answer for the genuine Wrath of Allah that Jihad brings, so their answer is to pack the herd tighter. Because they were taken hostage by Big Socialism back in the 60’s and succumbed to toadyism (weaklings hate bullies until they’re picked for the bully’s team) they are replaying yesterday’s dodge ball game, still trying to win Uncle Joe’s approval.

      • I think your graphic description of sheep behavior is the most cogent summary of what is going on.

        Paradoxically, the nightclub massacre might provide a boost to Obama for coming out and looking forceful, and to Hillary for pushing for a solution designed to appeal to the most shallow thinkers imaginable.

        The most depressing aspect of the situation is that the cohort which was shot and killed will themselves never learn or change from the experience. They will redouble in enthusiasm for the very same policies that got them killed in the first place.

    • The weak and easily fooled make up most of the democratic party base. Like a foxhole convert, they’ll eventually scream for heads of sticks before too long.

    • It’s too early to tell. And with Facebook that’s just coerced astroturf made-up ‘trending’. Don’t believe it. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if gun control comes out as the winner in this. Truly ironic. Disarming people just before Hillary ramps up the migrant incursion to hundreds of thousands will only result in one turkey shoot after another.

    • Yep, the event which should make all LGBT people sit up and take a good hard look at Islam and what it means for them, is instead being diverted into a gun control issue.

      The highly influential London Review of Books has a blog spot on Orlando and the comments have gun control as the big issue.

  8. You would have to say Hillary and the Democrats worst nightmare has come true. And that is an Islamic terror attack on the American homeland during the election campaign. It is reported Hillary said on being briefed on the attack “!@…! why did it have to be a muslim?” She knows it makes her campaign all the harder if it shifts to focus on growing Islamic terrorism, as she was part of the “do nothing” Obama Administration that allowed ISIS to fill the void created by Obama’s Iraq exit policy and meaningless red lines in Syria.
    This attack is a political gift for Trump who poll’s better on national security than she does. Concerns about Trumps views on Mexican judges will be forgotten this week as people begin to think which candidate will keep the nation safe.

    • I think your phrase “Trumps views on Mexican judges” needs to be expanded to ” Trumps views on Mexican judges who belong to a Hispanic supremacy legal organizations whose founder stated that whites in the U.S. should go back to Europe.”

    • “Why did it have to be a Muslim.” Isn’t it scary the way Democrats think it’s just a random thing, a roll of the dice whether it’s a lone wolf white guy or a Muslim jihadist. The majority of such attacks, in the US and globally, are clearly jihad-motivated. There will likely be 10 or 20 such jihad attacks for every liberal nutbar mass shooting. The only ones who don’t freak out and murder people are conservative gun owners.

    • ” Hillary and the Democrats worst nightmare has come true.”


      The rational people in all camps are already supporting Trump.

      Hillary’s main problem is to not look bad in interviews where the obviously contradictory nature of her statements is pointed out. Image is everything, and for Hillary to look flustered might lose her a few points. Fortunately for her, as a pathological liar, she never concedes a lie and always is able to concoct a cover story.

      You have an illustration of this in her email scandal. Her supporters don’t care at all about the security abuse. A majority of her supporters concede that she acted negligently and possibly criminally, but support her anyway. Her defensive statements simply don’t make sense to a rational listener, but are enough to convince her supporters that appearances are maintained.

  9. I have to disagree with the several points in this article.

    First, the Ummah are at the top of the Left’s victim totem pole, so the only thing that will happen is mass hand-wringing over the supposed “backlash” against them.

    Next, the media has already successfully spun this as a case of a lone wolf motivated by the mental illness of his repressed orientation.

    Then of course, you have the Left’s predictable cognitive dissonance that this individual is representative of all gun owners, thus we must cancel the 2nd Amendment and confiscate all private firearms to prevent future tragedies.

    Finally, the FBI missed the boat because our society and government has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Ummah. Thus, they have been neutered in their ability to detect and detain obvious extremists like this individual.

  10. Orlando is being spun as a gun control issue, not a muslim control issue. Muslims and radical homosexuals will continue to vote for democrats. After some weed, they’ll forget it all happened. All they’ll remember is, mark an X by the jackass.

      • That was fascinating. He says:

        For decades, the Left (including the Leftist media) have been working to protect Islamo-Nazism from criticism. This has meant that the % of Muslims in Western countries has doubled and doubled again. And because the Left and the media protect the Islamo-Nazis from criticism, necessary precautions are not taken and the Islamo-Nazis grow increasingly bold. The Muslim who gunned-down gays in an Orlando night-club had been a terrorist suspect of the FBI’s for several years.

        Do you really think that the 2016 Orlando massacre came out of nowhere? If you do, then I’m guessing you did not know that in Seattle at the end of 2013 another Muslim attempted to burn down a packed gay club. The Muslim arrested for this arson attack had been previously designated by Obama as a “Cultural Ambassador”. He was indeed an ambassador for the culture of Muslims. Islamic State are throwing gay men off buildings to kill them, whilst the Islamic Republic of Iran has been hanging gay men for decades. It’s quite appropriate that Obama should have chosen a Muslim who sought out gays to murder as his Cultural Ambassador, for this gay-hatred is endemic in the Muslim world.

        The Muslim who tried to burn out the Seattle place, called “Neighbours”, was caught…on his way to the airport with a one-way ticket to Turkey. Quelle surprise!


        and at The New English Review, he continues on with even more:


        Perhaps you think the attack on Seattle was not enough to say that the Orlando massacre was predicable. Well in 2011, Muslims in London plastered the city with stickers declaring the Muslim-dominated areas as a “Gay Free Zone.” When this event first occurred, the Leftist BBC waited days before they even reported the story. What could explain their delay? They were looking for an angle to make Muslims look good! The BBC story says that “locals” removed the stickers – what the BBC did not say was that these locals were non-Muslims, and that they were threatened with violence by Muslims for trying to remove the stickers. That’s a text-book example of how the Media work to protect Muslims from criticism.

        There’s not one Muslim country in the world which has gay rights, and there’s not one Muslim country in the world which will support gay rights at a UN level. There are twice as many Jews in the USA as there are Muslims, yet it was not Jews carrying out these attacks on gay bars. The warning to gays in the West is clear: you can have gay rights or you can have Muslims, but you can’t have both

        That’s my emphasis, above – D.

        He continues:

        Yet East London had indeed become a Gay Free Zone. In 1991 there were approximately 15 LGBT venues in a radius of about 1 mile: by 2011 that number had dropped to 3 gay bars. In 2 decades, the population of London increased by over 1 million new residents, yet the number of gay bars near Muslims was decimated: no other area of London had seen a decline in the number of gay bars that was anything remotely like this “ethnic cleansing” in East London. Indeed, those 3 remaining gay bars in the Gay Free Zone of East London are all to be found in areas where there is no mosque in the vicinity and where there is a significantly large ghetto of non-Muslims. Everywhere else, where the Muslims move in, the gays move out.

        Around 2011 I spoke to a manager of one of those 3 remaining venues, who told me that his venue frequently came under physical attack by Muslims in religious garb, but that the venue was so secure they could not force their way in. Another pub manager from the area told me that a long-standing gay bar had closed down because when the customers left late at night, they were being attacked by gangs of Muslims. But only a right-wing Little Englander would believe this kind of thing, right? Well, here’s a video of one of those 3 remaining gay bars, with a Latino customer explaining how “they” come out of the surrounding streets and attack the bar.


        Just makes you wonder how far the gay cleansing of Londonistan will extend now that they have a Muslim mayor.

  11. I wonder if you can really take away guns. Quite a few people have machine tools and could easily machine the receiver and barrel and associated parts. Ammunition seems a little more daunting, but getting some brass and reloading equipment and a few presses to make the cartridges seems easy. The hard part is probably the chemistry of the powder and fuses. But the world is reeking with all these components and a bit of importation might be easy.

    But you know that if the laws did not change and they just made it difficult to buy store-sold guns, mans’ ingenuity would soon fogure out a way to have plenty of guns.

    But, if the laws changed, most people are law abiding and it would be a rare person who would risk committing a felony to manufacture his own gun.

    So careful protection of our laws seems more important than what happens to gun availability, although both are vital.

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