Once More With Feeling: Weather Be Comin’

I remember thinking when Spring came, “at least we won’t have to worry about snowstorm interruptions to the internet”…Duh.

As if we didn’t live smack dab on the line of the Summer Clipper’s main stops. Nothing like Oklahoma, thank Thor, but still, those paper clips holding our internet connection together don’t like it…

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It’s 91 degrees out there and the weather warning… Oh never mind. Why not do a more-or-less cut’n’paste from a few weeks ago? It’s simply a heads-up so you needn’t worry that the P.C. forces have taken us down. Not yet anyway…

Instead of Rembrandt this time, how about a tune?

For the the last few days we’ve had a lot of heat. Y’all don’t always see the effects on our somewhat beta-mode internet connection when thunderstorms arise, but let me tell you: those paper clips and rubber bands are about as water-shy as a ten year-old boy on Saturday night avoiding his turn in the tub.

And every time the connection goes out, I fret about the unmoderated comments that lie waiting as the result of the latest summer Sturm und Drang event. Each time — so far — the connection is restored and I breathe a sigh of relief. But the current warning is marked “SEVERE” and that makes me fret. Will this newest Big Mutha Brunhilde of a storm with tornadoes attached so waterlog/destroy the phone company’s internet system out here in the wilds that it drowns or fragments entirely? Who knows for sure? Certainly not the phone company.

Thus, letting you know that we might get clobbered eases the strain of any silence that may ensue.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Yes, we’re still grateful for the rain. We’ve been left high and dry since that last Weather Warning, so if it doesn’t knock down the trees (mighty oaks pruned to fall away from the house), and we’re not disconnected for too long, it’s all good. I hope.

Here’s what NOAA is saying:

…damaging thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening. Residents all across the Baltimore and Washington DC Metro areas… north and central Virginia… much of Maryland and the eastern West Virginia Panhandle should monitor this situation very closely and ensure your NOAA weather radios are set to alert Mode. Severe weather warnings may become necessary. Here are some safety rules to keep in mind when severe weather is expected or is occurring.

If a warning is issued… seek shelter indoors immediately. A severe thunderstorm is defined as producing quarter size or greater hail and wind gusts of 58 mph or more.

Tornadoes often form very rapidly from severe thunderstorms. If you are in a Tornado Watch… and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued for your area… monitor local conditions closely and be ready to take quick action to save your life.

Yeah, we have a safe spot: under the stairs. If we have time to reach it.

3 thoughts on “Once More With Feeling: Weather Be Comin’

  1. What a genius! (Sinatra, that is). His sessions in the ’50s were usually led by violinist and conductor, and family friend, Felix Slatkin, Curtis alumnus, leader of the Fox studio orchestra (from the age of 22!), founder of the Hollywood String Quartet (with his wife, cellist Eleanor Aller), and conductor of some of the best ever recordings of light classical music (“William Tell”, “Light Cavalry”, “Bolero”) with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony.

    A golden age, much of which was, fortunately, captured on record. Sadly Slatkin died at 59, overweight, alcoholic, and smoking three packs a day, but he burned very brightly.

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