4 thoughts on “Nigel Farage: “Even No Deal is Better for the UK Than the Current Rotten Deal”

  1. No, Nigel Farage is a courageous Englishman who has stood by his beliefs and has been
    unafraid to broadcast his ideals for many years now. I wish there were more people like him. If he makes people uncomfortable, so much the better. Squirming in their seats was a new experience for many of them!

  2. Wonderful response to the buffoon Juncker’s retort of “why are you still here?”
    The answer Mr Juncker is that
    A) Until article 50 is invoked and the UK leave he is still an MEP.
    B) He was elected with an overwhelming mandate from the British people.

    Shall we spell it out for you D E M O C R A CY.

    Something you know nothing about obviously, so why don’t you just go and drown your sorrows on one of your £130 per pop bottles of whiskey and stuff your miserable face with lobster Thermidor which is something you can just about manage!

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