15 thoughts on “Next: Transgender Imams

  1. I’m *all* in favour of transgender imams.

    In fact, I’ll happily take on their Human Rights case for FREE if they want to sue a mosque. I’m sure that the rest of the GoV readers would chip in for the filing fees!

    It would be amazing, watching Politically Correct against Politically Correct!

  2. Thass just terrible–terrribbble terrrribbbble.
    Don’t they know their OWN THEOLOGY ANYMORE??????
    ( I see a tit there in the lower left hand corner, I do. Mebbie more, but the ‘ol eyesight isn’t what it used to be.)
    Ain’t the wimmen supposed to be in the BACK?
    Just askin’.

    • Yes. It’s almost certainly a photo by Spencer Tunick that was used to make the German graphic.

    • That’s one of the biggest problem in the west: joking about everything, including some serious stuff, on TV, media, everywhere. The result being that common people are rendered incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong, serious priorities and trivial.

      As a matter of fact people prefer trivial stuff over serious matters that need thought, reasoning, . . . some effort to sort things out. That’s why serious things ( say national debt, borders, immigration, national health programs , . . . are never discussed. That’s why any candidate who cracks jokes, embraces trivial things, has a bushy hair, handsome, rubs shoulders with “celebrities”, used drugs inhaled or not, plays music during campaign, . . . gets elected.

      GETS ELECTED. People elect their spitting image.

      Look around and observe: no one discusses the disastrous history of EU. EU steals money from Europeans and lavishes it on Gazans, Hamas, Palestinians, ( directly or indirectly) , or any muslim who asks for it ( e.g. Turks, to save EU from its own folly).

      EU has done nothing to Europeans except pain and corpses by the jihadis it has imported. Everything and every EU decision is for the benefit of islam and muslims ( empowering them to take over Dar-Al-Harb).

  3. You could have strung me along a little bit longer with out the picture.

  4. Let’s assume that it is preposterous to “integrate” Muslims into European societies–EU or no EU–and that the state of these places are just fine–EU or no EU. What is the solution to “the” problem? I’m referring to Leftist-Progressive dominance. Hidden within the question is the fact that we not of the Left must be the agents of change.

  5. What gave it away right away was that males and females are praying together.
    Islam, especially on that scale, observes strict separation of the sexes.

    Speaking of which, can you imagine a mosque that has 31 segregated areas for each gender as recognised by New York City?

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