Montreal: The Muslim Brotherhood at Prayer

A prominent Muslim leader who led street prayers in Montreal is also an unabashed affililiate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec. The report below details his connections and associates in the wonderful multicultural utopia that is 21st-century Canada.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita and CB Sashenka for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article about Samer Elniz and the Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec was originally published at Poste de Veille. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Who is the pro-sharia Islamist behind the street of prayer in Montreal?

Samer Elniz, one of the leaders of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec, invoked Allah and prayed on Ste-Catherine Street in Montreal, on the steps of St. James Church, June 7, at a ceremony co-organized by the United Church of Canada and the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) of the Muslim Brotherhood.

(Photo caption) Samer Elniz, executive director of the Laurentian Community Centre and responsible for the Al-Rawdah mosque, proclaimed the prayer was called “sunset” before the faithful prostrated themselves in the church square, the women behind the men.

The al-Rawdah mosque led by Samer Elniz belongs to the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), an organization that openly proclaims the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Mr. Elniz appeared in photos with veiled girls published by the website of the al-Rawdah mosque, reprinted by Djemila Benhabib on her blog, in a post titled “Small veiled girls: our big hypocrisy,” where she denounced “this blatant and cruel inequality imposed on some small Muslim girls.”

(Photo caption) Samer Elniz on one of the pictures that Ms. Benhabib published on her blog to accompany her post “Small veiled girls: our hypocrisy.”

As a result of his article, she was sued by the mother of one of the girls. Fortunately, Ms. Benhabib has won this case.

The al-Rawdah mosque is the largest house of Sharia in Montreal belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist sect classified as terrorist entities by several countries (Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates).

Mr. Elniz also co-militates with Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum, the first Muslim lobby in Quebec, and with Said Fawaz, the representative of the Muslim World League in Canada, a pro-Sharia organization based in Saudi Arabia.

(Photo caption) We see Mr. Elniz (right) in this photo taken July 4, 2015 in Montreal with Samer Majzoub (left), president of the Canadian Muslim Forum, Sheikh Fawaz of the Muslim World League (center), and Mullah Ali Sbeiti.

The Muslim World League, of which Fawaz is the representative in Canada, recently sent propaganda materials to public libraries in Quebec denigrating the emancipation of Western women, criticizing the rejection of polygamy by Christianity, and boasting about Islamic values.

Every year Ali Sbeiti organizes a ceremony in his mosque where girls 8-9 years of age swear by Allah to do everything possible to wear the hijab until death (2014, 2015, 2016).

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In 2015, the specialist Wael Saleh warned against the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood:

As local affiliates of Muslim Brotherhood, it is vital for the Muslim Association of Canada and the Islamic Society of North America to set up schools and mosques, according to an expert on Islamist movements at the University of Montreal.

“One of their main goals is to monopolize the Muslim public space to become the sole spokesman of this religion,” said Wael Saleh.

This infiltration of religious communities is extremely disturbing, he said.

“The Brothers are seen by many researchers as the birthplace of the terrorist religious movements.”

Video transcript:

00:00   Who is the Islamist behind the prayers in the street in Montreal
00:04   on June 7th on St. Catherine St.? His name is Samer Elniz,
00:08   one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec.
00:12   Samer Elniz is Executive Director of the Laurentian Community Centre.
00:16   He is also responsible for the Al Rawdah Mosque
00:20   which is situated in the same building as the headquarters of the Muslim Association
00:24   of Canada in Montreal (MAC). The Muslim Association of Canada.
00:28   So it is he who led the prayers,
00:32   and who prayed with other believers on St. Catherine St.
00:36   Allah Hu Akbar, Allah…
00:40   The women behind the men
00:44   Samer Elniz
00:48   leads a mosque which belongs to the Muslim Association of Canada,
00:52   And that association openly declares that it belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood.
00:56   It openly declares the founder (Hassan Al Banna) of the Society of Muslim Brothers,
01:00   of the Muslim Brotherhood movement.
01:04   Allah is our goal; the prophet is our guide.
01:08   The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood: The Koran is our constitution, Jihad is our way,
01:12   dying as a martyr is our greatest hope.
01:16   And the MAC openly declares the approach
01:20   embodied by the founder of the brotherhood:
01:24   Hassan Al Banna dreamt of restoring a caliphate,
01:28   a state under the authority of a descendant of the prophet ruled by
01:33   Islamic laws. To achieve it, he proposed a strategy
01:37   in stages: Firstly Islamise the individual, then the family
01:41   then the people, before the installation of an Islamist government
01:45   at the local level, then internationally.
01:49   Mr. Elniz is the same person who appeared with the veiled little girls
01:53   on photos published by the Al Rawdah mosque that
01:57   Djemila Benhabib republished on her blog, where she denounced
02:01   the veiling of the little girls.
02:05   Following this, the mother of one of these little veiled girls took legal action
02:09   against Djemila Benhabib. Luckily the famous secular militant
02:13   won that process. The Al Rawdah mosque, which Mr. Elniz leads,
02:17   is the most important house of sharia in Montreal, and belongs
02:21   to the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB are banned in several
02:25   countries and classified as terrorists. Notably in Russia,
02:29   Syria, but also Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
02:33   In certain countries, leading politicians have officially confirmed the danger
02:37   of this organisation. For example, in Great Britain, David Cameron
02:41   affirmed that to adhere to this ideology is a sign of extremism.
02:45   In the USA, a bill has been proposed to add the
02:49   Muslim Brotherhood to the list of terrorist organisations.
02:53   Mr. Elniz not only leads this mosque, he actively lobbies
02:57   with other influential Islamists in Montreal and
03:01   Quebec, like Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum.
03:05   What is important today is that you have many
03:09   politicians, leaders of civil society, religious leaders (Mr. Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal)
03:14   Being part of the first political-media Islamist lobby in Quebec,
03:21   Samer Majzouba, a former spokesman for the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) of the Muslim Brotherhood,
03:25   also co-founded a high school, called “Le Savoir” (knowledge),
03:26   where the veiling of girls is obligatory
03:29   The uniform the girls are required to wear includes the hijab. Their building belongs
03:33   to the Muslim Brotherhood of Canada. Here we see
03:37   Mr. Elniz with Sheik Fawaz, the representative in Canada
03:41   of the Muslim World League. This community needs more mosques.
03:45   A pro-Sharia organisation based in
03:49   Saudi Arabia. The Global Islamic League is based in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
03:53   This organisation is hostile to democracy, human rights and freedom.
03:57   They finance with billions of dollars, the advance of Sharia in the world. By the way,
04:01   they have here, in Quebec, a representative (Fawaz) who was behind the project to install Sharia,
04:05   an Islamic court in the 2000s. And next to Mr. Elniz on the right
04:09   we see the pro-Hezbollah mullah, Ali Sbeiti, who
04:13   every year organises in Montreal the ceremony
04:17   of the “Veil of the Sharia”, where the little girls pledge to Allah to do everything in their power
04:21   to preserve their hijab until their death.
04:25   I chose to veil myself because such is the order from Allah.
04:29   Elsy Fneiche, Montreal
04:34   Ceremony of the Veil of the Sharia — because Allah demands that we veil ourselves, that’s how it is under Islam.
04:38   So, here we have
04:42   fanatics of the hijab, political militants who advance,
04:46   under the cover of “religion” the promotion of the interests of the sect
04:50   to which they belong. Of course, Mr. Elniz of the Muslim Brotherhood
04:54   does not belong to the same Khomenist sect, pro-Hezbollah, pro-Iran
04:58   as Sbeiti, but they have in common the promotion of the veil of the Sharia.
05:02   So they will unite to oppose secularism
05:06   and to prosecute in court people like Djemila who expose
05:10   their Islamist projects.
05:18   I have met the Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.
05:22   He presented me with his demands.
05:26   What did he demand?
05:30   Firstly, he told me, you must impose the veil in Egypt,
05:34   and you must order every woman, who goes out into the street to veil herself!
05:38   (laughter)

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  1. This report illustrates a fact that has been talked about before in these pages:

    Muslims act as a cohesive racial group when they get the numbers, and are adept at applying political and financial pressures to enact Islamic practices in their host society.

    One of the bedrocks of Western society is one-man, one-vote and the maximum liberty granted to each individual other than enforcing security and a civil society. A predator group such as Islam makes this aspect of Western culture into a fatal weakness, using it to gradually change the nature of the society itself.

    Once you admit appreciable numbers of Muslims, the nature of your society will change. Either you modify the principles of maximum liberty and discretion for each individual, or the Muslim political associations will change the laws and the application of law anyway.

    The wearing of the hijab in public is a perfect example. It would seem to be a matter of individual rights for a woman to wear a hijab in public, but in fact, appreciable numbers of women wearing hijabs totally changes the nature of the culture. Another example is the right to criticize Islam, which is generally the first right to disappear with an appreciable number of Muslims. We in the US pride ourselves on the protection of the first amendment, but I wonder if the first amendment would stand up to the challenge of additional Muslims. We already have a sitting President and Democratic Presidential nominee who have made it completely clear they would enact legal sanctions against criticism of Islam if they had the power.

  2. Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog , as long as islam exist , any muslim could be dangerous , so for saving dog and community should fight against rabies not dogs .

  3. Islam is not a religion , is a death cult , if you deal with islam , soon or late shadow of death will come upon you and your family and you wont believe it until you loose one member of your family .

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