Matt Bracken’s Story is on the Sidebar

I had to take “Piss Christ? Piss Koran!” off sticky, because Brexit is now the crucial story and needs to be featured. I’ve set up a graphic for PC-PK on the sidebar (just like the one at right) that has links to Matt Bracken’s story in three forms, Serial, plain HTML, and PDF.

Also: I will be out the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, so posting will be light until then.

2 thoughts on “Matt Bracken’s Story is on the Sidebar

  1. Thank you, it’s a great short story.

    After reading it I find myself in a censorship struggle with a news website down here. They posted an opinion piece and although there were a few comments voicing good information, all my posts were deleted.
    I cited personal experience from my family in America where my uber leftie relative bought a gun because she researched and decided that the bad guys shouldn’t be the only ones with guns;
    stated that most murders are by pistols by young black men on other young black men and that the real cause of most shootings was the lack of a father in the home and the resultant off-track boys, unfortunately disprotportionately high in the black community;
    and tried to correctly define what an “Assault rifle” actually is (and how a semiauto rifle is not one) and the floundering that American authorites involve themselves in trying to cerrectly define an assault rifle.

    Repeated attempts to post were censored.

    Again, Stalin was right: “Those who vote are nothing, those who count the votes are everything”. If they don’t report it, that means it doesn’t exist. I have to say that, despite reading of it, to actually get shut out by a media outlet simply because they pushed an ideological barrow was much like hearing about taqiyya and then having someone stand up and say “Islam means peace” to me. I knew they did it, but to experience the delusion first hand is something else.

    Mr Bracken knows whereof he speaks.

  2. Mr. Bracken; You Sir, are an excellent word speeler. I still have reservations with the reality of how the actions of Mike would have been reacted to by the “media”, and even every other person in the story, but that’s just my interpretation. You write what want to. PERIOD.
    Your books sell better than mine, so I am in no position to advise you.
    I was glad to see from the comments that you are continuing your sailing focus. I wish you the best in this endeavor. I want to get out there myself.
    From where I sit now, it seems impossible, but I plan to be off Plumb Pudding Island for the 75th anniversary of JFK swimming ashore in that place in August ’18. It would be great to compare notes then.
    Until then, may your days be filled writing the words all the world is dying to read.

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