10 thoughts on “Like a Bird on a Wire

    • The man can’t sing for toffee, but who cares? His poetry will outlive most of us.

      • “can’t sing for toffee”?? That’s an interesting idiomatic phrase…

        He sings well enough. And his voice sounds much better on its own without the back-up women vocals and the strings and such. Just Cohen and his guitar.

        • I grew up with the phrase. A quick Google suggests either a) Would be unsuccessful at singing for his supper, or b) Can’t sing for (worth) beans, offered as a US equivalent.

          We must differ about LC’s vocal prowess!

  1. yes, that is what the Teacher told me, suntan, drink in hand, lyin’ there in bed. 🙂
    Jethro Tull: Benefit 1970. one of my all time faves

  2. German MEPs are now threatening us if we leave the EU. BREXIT Polls continue showing Leave ahead.

    George Soros will place more bets on Stay winning therefore helping the Remain side.

    This referendum is a bit like the Scottish referendum two years ago. Britain have is too small and too weak to leave type of arguments.

    • Yep, Germans threatening the Brits, sky’s going to fall, etc., anyone remember Y2K? —and nothing happened.

      However, if the Brits DON’T leave, it will be a vote not just to give in to the German/E.U. bullies, but to hasten the Islamic control of U.K..

      • “anyone remember Y2K? —and nothing happened.”

        A whole lot could have happened . . . and some of it actually happened – even if the sky did not fall. A great deal of dedication and hard work happened so that “nothing” could happen. Alas, that is the thankless nature of working in I.T. systems: The users only notice you when something goes wrong; all of that which goes right . . . is “nothing”.

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