LBC’s Stig Abell and the Ugly Face of the Totalitarian Left

Below is the latest essay from our English correspondent Paul Weston.

Note: In Stig Abell’s interview with Mr. Weston, the radio host quotes Jack Buckby’s statement about “mosques sprouting like triffids”. The reference is to a fictional plant, venomous and deadly, that was featured in the science fiction novel The Day of the Triffids, written in 1962 by John Wyndham.

LBC’s Stig Abell and the Ugly Face of the Totalitarian Left

by Paul Weston

In the aftermath of Jo Cox’s horrible murder, all the main political parties have issued a statement saying they will not contest her electoral seat of Batley and Spen. Liberty GB’s decision to call this an anti-democratic nonsense and to stand Jack Buckby in the upcoming by-election has caused a predictable torrent of rage and hate to spew forth from the Left. Yesterday, I was interviewed about our “fascistic intention” to field a candidate by an earnestly bearded gentleman called Mr Stig Abell (@StigAbell) on LBC radio, which quickly degenerated into lefty emotive attacks rather than a discussion about democracy or historical precedent. I recommend readers listen to this in order to fully understand the chilling, bullying and ugly face of the totalitarian Left.

Democracy is a very precious thing. We hardly need look very far, both geographically and historically, to see the horrific results of countries governed without a democratic mandate. Our graveyards are testament to the sacrifices made by millions who risked and lost their lives fighting for democracy, yet a handful of disingenuous, hypocritical, sanctimonious, virtue-signalling left-liberals and cowardly centre-right politicians have now decided that democracy must be put on hold in the interests of purported sensitivity.

First of all, has this suspension of democracy ever happened before in England? The answer to that is no, it has most emphatically not. Three Conservative politicians have been assassinated by IRA terrorists. In every instance an election was contested. The first, in 1979, was that of the war hero Airey Neave OBE, DSO (Distinguished Service Order) MC (Military Cross — awarded for conspicuous gallantry). Mr Neave was a wonderful man. He was also the first British soldier to successfully escape from Colditz! 1990 saw the last political murder of a Conservative politician when MP Ian Gow was blown up by a car bomb. There were no calls from the left to allow uncontested elections on the grounds of “sensitivity” in those democratic, halcyon days.

I think we can safely say, therefore, that to propose an uncontested election is a historically unprecedented event. As such it is of immense political importance, and really ought to be debated at the very highest levels of political and cultural thought in Britain. Instead, however, it is left to a fledgling party like mine to defend our democracy in the face of oafish and hateful attacks from a hysterical, bit-part, left-wing totalitarian radio show host.

I don’t believe Stig Abell, LBC radio’s oaf in question, has thought very deeply on this supremely important issue. For example, Jo Cox won the marginal seat of Batley and Spen with 43% of the vote, which basically means 57% of those who voted did not vote for Jo Cox. Do the political views of the majority really matter so little to the Left? And what does this say, in very serious tones, about the Left’s view of democracy?

Why do leftists like Stig Abell get so hysterically angry about offering democratic representation to the majority of Batley and Spen’s constituents? Has he actually asked them their views about this, or has he just decided that his liberal emotions are far more important than their democratic mandate? What would be his response to Conservative or UKIP-supporting constituents who demanded — as part of the democratic process, as part of their bloodily-defended democratic right — that they be represented by a Conservative or UKIP candidate who reflected their political views, as has ALWAYS been the case in democratic Britain?

Could Mr Abell really say to them that because he feels hurt and upset about Jo Cox’s murder, they must sacrifice their right to democratic representation? Could he seriously say that? And if they refuse to do so, or if they argue for their democratic rights, will he also label them as fascistic, inhumane and insensitive? Really?

Have left-liberals gone entirely insane or just entirely totalitarian?

And it’s not just the Left at fault here. Britain’s entire political establishment has effectively said there will be no democratic mandate for the constituents of Batley and Spen. David Cameron is not a dictator. He has no right to bend the Batley and Spen constituents to his dictatorial whim. Surely the suspension of democracy necessitates the proposing and passing of legislation, right up to Royal Assent? Am I going mad, or am I only the person able to see this chilling and unprecedented assault on our democratic rights and freedoms?

One imagines Stig Abell would struggle, in an impartial arena, to support his argument, which essentially calls for a suppression of democracy in the face of aggressive left-wing political machination. One either believes in democracy or one does not. I can only assume Mr Abell shouted me down and silenced me with the mute button built into his LBC bully pulpit because he knows he is intellectually, democratically and morally bankrupt. His only way out was to resort to smear and slander; to typical left-wing bully-boy totalitarianism.

But in the event he might like to debate with me live, without a mute button and with an impartial adjudicator, he has only to name the date and venue. But I rather suspect he will not. Cowardly, ignorant, leftist totalitarians like him never do.

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Update: I am hearing rumours that Ed Balls who was rejected by voters in the 2015 General Election, is to be shoehorned into the uncontested Batley and Spen by-election. If this turns out to be true, will David Cameron finally realise what he has done to our democracy?

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK, and is also the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

18 thoughts on “LBC’s Stig Abell and the Ugly Face of the Totalitarian Left

  1. I do not understand why, when the interviewer repeatedly states that Cox was elected by a “majority,” Weston does not contradict him. Unless “majority” means something different in the UK. Weston clearly states that Conservatives and UKIP together would have won. Therefore, we would say that Cox won by a plurality, not a majority. I don’t know what the voting system is in England. Perhaps someone can explain.

    • The UK does not use the term ‘plurality’ and uses the idea of ‘majority’ to describe the biggest individual ‘score’ of votes over and above that of the runner up. Jo Cox won because the conservative vote was split, more people voted for conservative parties, but they lost the election.

      Jo Cox loved everybody, well almost everybody, she had to make certain exceptions and compromises to win the Muslim vote. In the UK these days, and in many constituencies, the minority muslim vote dictates the outcome….

      The nails are already in the coffin lid, and the hammer is raised

  2. Tried to listen to the interview .Had to stop. WHY must interviewers be so rude in talking over the guest, asking questions,which cannot be answered because of over talking and interruption. It seems to be a habit with the media to day and is b….y terrible

    • They do it as a kind of ‘performative’ to show how horrified and revolted they are. And the interviewee’s argument, made in a modulated, reasonable way, is discredited emotionally. They talk over the interviewee b/c whatever he says is irrelevant to the interviewer, it’s just fodder for his performed disgust. It doesn’t always work; if it’s overdone it can backfire. This is the West’s version of rhetoric, using form over substance to bully opposition into submission.

      • I heard David Cameron being interviewed by John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme this morning. At one point DC said, “You’ll be interrupting yourself next!” Not that I’m a fan of our blessed PM, but he had a point.

  3. As an aside, I note that Jo Cox would have been celebrating her birthday on the 22nd, the eve of the Brexit vote. I’m no tin foil hat loon, but they do say there’s no such thing as coincidence in politics..

  4. It’s curious how often in a very close election there’s an outlier event in the closing days of the campaign which distorts the vote in favor of the Leftist side. It’s happened dozens of times over the decades, in referenda and elections. It happened at least once in Obama’s case, plus of course he always had the media on his side. In this case I had a very strong feeling something would definitely have to happen to ensure the Left got its way. Plus it works in an advantageous Catch-22 way. Any rational response by the Leave side will be spun by Leftist media ideologues to make the Leave side appear nativist, regressive, dangerous, etc etc. And if the Leave side doesn’t fight back then they’d be dismissed as lacking conviction and the will to stay the course. The Left always seeks to place the opposition in such a Catch-22 as it does ensure the Left’s victory. Notice how any rational and fair discussion of the issues is sidelined and victory is gained through manipulation and emotion.

    The Right has to learn that the Left will increasingly conduct their campaigns in this way. They really don’t care what happens to the country; their ideology is all that matters. So how did this killer come to take this action at this specific time? It’s very unlikely it was pure coincidence. I don’t doubt that strategists on the Remain side compiled a list of unstable individuals who might be goaded into resorting to violence. It wouldn’t be difficult. This was probably done with dozens of individuals and they waited for one of them to ignite. Is it paranoid to postulate such actions? There are numerous cases of the Left taking such actions. It’s not conspiracy theorizing. I would say it’s rare that any voting situation does not have such covert psy-ops happening in the background. The Left is Macchiavellian in their approach; their ideology trumps morality; and for the Left the end usually justifies the means.

    The Leave side will now lose (tragic when you consider they were winning), and Britain will sink far and fast. Several things will happen in the coming months and years. The EU will retaliate against Britain in dozens of small ways that accelerate Britain’s economic decline, and will maneuver to send huge numbers of migrants to Britain. When the Labor Party wins the next election one of their first actions will be an exponential increase in migrants, also done in retaliation against conservatives. Cox’s name will be used in a catchy campaign slogan to be used in all future elections. Any new immigration bill in Parliament will likely bear her name.

    The Left never thinks rationally about the consequences of their actions, and is so obsessed over imaginary conservative culpability, that introspection and soul-searching just don’t happen.

    In the midst of these actions by Labor and the EU, the predictions by Weston of more violence will surely unfold b/c nothing is being done to address the rage people feel over losing their culture and home. That too is a Catch-22: any violence that occurs will be convincingly and credibly blamed on conservatives. A majority of Americans believe Mateen was not a ‘real’ Muslim, that he betrayed Islam, that the shootings happened b/c he could obtain guns, and his derangement happened b/c conservative discourse led him to feel excluded. Most Americans do believe that, so Obama and the Left have used Orlando and won the debate just like Labor used Cox’s death and won in Brexit.

    I suspect such Alinsky radicalization of the Left, winning at any cost, is now routine in most leftist parties across the West.

    I have no idea what the solution might be. What happened in history when such immoral manipulation came to dominate politics?

    • I have to disagree with you re: the Orlando shootings and the public reaction.

      ” A majority of Americans believe Mateen was not a ‘real’ Muslim, that he betrayed Islam, that the shootings happened b/c he could obtain guns, and his derangement happened b/c conservative discourse led him to feel excluded.”

      I don’t think the majority of Americans feel this way. In fact, I think they are tired of being lied to and feel the exact opposite way. Anyone watching the network news coverage had to say to themselves “Oh for God’s sake.”Here we go again…”

      And they are tired of it. Trot out all the reps of CAIR that you wish, there is something terribly wrong with Islam and the American people know it. And they are tired of it and they want it to stop.

      Stop all immigration of refugees, migrants, what ever you want to call them. Stop it! Our next election will tell. If one more Islamic slaughter like Orlando happens, DJT will be measuring the drapes in the oval office.

      Why do YOU think the DOJ redacted the shooters message? Why do YOU think the FBI lost the wife last Saturday?
      I’m pretty sure she is safely ensconced in a country far away.

  5. Well, for some time now, I have thought we no longer lived in a democracy. And it would seem I am right. I feel for Jo Cox’s family and friends, and no one deserves to be murdered. But…..She entered the political arena in full knowledge of all that entails. We must have a by-election on the death (by whatever cause) of any MP. TO do otherwise is yet another widening of the cracks we already have in our democracy.

  6. Paul Weston had the measure of that intellectual midget. Even though the midget’s manner and constant interruptions were annoying Weston managed to deflect them and expose the leftist fool with logic and reason.

  7. Classic example of the totalitarian left in action. Paul did very well to get his point across but will be smeared with BNP/Brevik comparisons for his pains. Are the left really going to use this by-election to get Ed Balls back into Parliament? He and I do not get on.

  8. Concerning Brexit. Somehow, it will probably end up be a stolen referendum. After the professional mourners dry their crocodile tears and everything is settled down, and the Remains “win” there’s going to be a lot of bitterness when they realize they have been robbed like the rest of the Europeans. Truly, truly this is The Age of Stupidity.

  9. Wait till Brexit!!! They’ll go ape. They simply will not al
    low it.

  10. On the subject of the Brexit, I’m seeing complaints in social media that the EU referendum is causing a lot of social division, even within families, and that the scars of similar disruption caused by the Scottish vote have not healed. For the democratic process to cause that much angst it would seem that the British are not often enough asked their opinion. Here in Australia we had the constitutional crisis of 1975 and the republic referendum of 2000 and we still speak with each other.

  11. I was disappointed with Paul’s performance in this interview. Saying the Labour Party had “blood on its hands” because its MP had been murdered did not make sense, and sounded almost like a justification of the murder. The way to get rid of MPs we do not agree with is through elections, not murder. Yes, sometimes the electorate can be foolish, and not get rid of an MP that it should get rid of. That’s democracy. We have to live with it, unless and until we can devise a better system of government. Gunning down MPs with whom we don’t agree is definitely not a better system. I’m sure Paul know this, but it doesn’t help when he speaks like he maybe doesn’t, especially when there are a lot of people who would be delighted to paint him as a violent right wing nut whatever he said. I expect he was just tired. His other interview posted here was much better.

  12. Should the Brits vote stay, there is an alternative. Leave – that is yourself. My ancestors left, and I am so glad they did. In 1634, 1636, 1640 from England/Scotland and finally from Germany in 1838.

    Pack up, go and leave your little island like millions before you. You won’t miss it at all – I don’t.

    Funny, my daughter reversed course lives in Belgravia/London with her nice husband and my granddaughter. Crazy how the world works.

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