German Court Applies Sharia to Child Marriage

The following report from the German website Einwanderungskritik (Immigration Criticism) is all but unbelievable: a district court has cited sharia law to validate a Syrian immigrant’s marriage to a 14-year-old girl. An act that would land a native German man in prison for child molestation is being sanctioned by the court as a valid “marriage”, simply because it as recognized as such by Islamic law.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Scandalous judgment: Islamic pedophile-marriages are valid in Germany

“A marriage that has been performed according to Syrian law in Syria with a 14 year old bride and a man of legal age, has to be recognized as valid if the husband belongs to the Sunni religion and the marriage has already been executed.”

by Robin Classen

With mass immigration, not only terrorism in Paris and Brussels and the sex crimes on New Year’s eve came to Europe, but also very different social and moral values. For instance, Islam allows men to marry multiple women.

Extremely problematic: Mohammed married his “favorite woman” Aisha when she was just six years old. That is not an unusual Islamic opinion; this is widely uncontested knowledge in Sunni as well as in Shiite Islam. In Germany however, as part of sanctioned lying to advance the cause of Islam (taqiyya), those who ask critical questions are often told: Aisha was after all already 14 years old when she married the 50-year-old Mohammed. Even more common is the lie that around the year 700 children were a lot more sexually mature. That one cannot compare the nine-year-old Aisha therefore with a nine-year-old of today, that she was a complete woman. That all the focus on cleanliness and coddling in the modern world is what delays a girl’s menstruation more and more.

The opposite has been scientifically proven: In Germany in 1860 girls got their first period at the age of 16.6 years old. In 1920 they began to menstruate at 14.6 years old, in 1980 at 12.5 years old, and today even sooner yet. And all this of course completely independent of the fact that a first menstruation is only one step on the way to become an adult woman and it does not signify the ultimate end of childhood.

Forced marriage of children is completely okay in Islam

Since Mohammed was deemed to be an exemplary ideal and virtuous man, this moral assessment applies as well to his marriage with multiple women and the child Aisha, which is why forced marriages of children in Shiite as well as in Sunni Islam are entirely normal. Often children die on their wedding night due to fatal internal bleeding caused by their Muslim husbands. This behavior is now entering Germany.

Here’s the case of a 22-year-old Syrian man and his 14-year-old wife — probably a more benign example — a couple who came to Bavaria at the end of 2015. They are also cousins — since marriages among relatives, too, is a custom that is accepted in Islam, which has for centuries harmed the gene pool of the Islamic peoples. According to one BBC study 55 % of the Pakistanis living in Great Britain are married to relatives. And worldwide, half of all Muslims are living in incestuous marriages. The consequences are an average IQ that is 10 points lower, and a significantly higher risk for psychological and physical illnesses.

Youth welfare service unsuccessfully tried to protect the child from German justice

The two youths were separated immediately after their arrival in Germany: The Youth welfare office took the child into custody. The man then submitted a lawsuit — in all likelihood at taxpayer’s expense — and verified through a Syrian marriage certificate that he was effectively married to the child he according to Syrian law. The district court then reinterpreted the lawsuit which demanded that the child be handed over to the husband, and granted visitation rights to the “couple” so they could meet alone on the weekends. But the youth welfare office lodged an appeal, arguing that the “wife” is a child and acts like a child. That she is not in a position to lead an autonomous, self-determined life as a “wife”, and that there is the danger that the two have sexual intercourse on the weekends, which according to German law constitutes sexual abuse of a minor.

The subsequent decision of the OLG Bamberg (regional appeals court Bamberg) is simply mind-blowing: The OLG decided that international privacy rights have to be applied to the Syrian couple. During the trial the court had received a “crash course in Syrian marriage law” and had decided that the couple were effectively married. That even the German “Ordre Public”, the public policy doctrine, cannot stand in the way of this. If anyone would like to know what is possible concerning the Islamization of German law, they should read the resolution from May 5, 2015, file reference 2 UF 58/16 of the Regional Appeals Court of Bamberg.

OLG is exclusively applying Sharia law

One paragraph after another the judge cites openly and absent of all critique sharia law, which they then apply one-to-one. For the Bavarian judges, according to their own statements, it is therefore only important “whether the marriage of a Muslima with a non-Muslim is void”, since Islamic law prohibits such. In other words, if there were two refugees with a Syrian marriage certificate, and then it emerged that one of the two was a Christian, a German court would void the marriage, since a Muslim Herrenmensch (overlord) cannot be married to a Christian Untermensch (subhuman).

According to Syrian-Islamic marriage right there is a minimum marriage age of 13 years, but it is invalid if the wedding has already been performed. So therefore, there really is no law for a minimum age, but this seems to pose no problem for Bavarian judges. It seems more important to the court in Bamberg that the dowry was paid by the parents:

Apart from that, Article 51, section 2 of the PSG (strengthening of the care-giving act) on defective marriage contracts after cohabitation, decides, among other things, the obligation of paying the dowry, the obstacle of in-law relationship to marrying, and the obligation of observing the legal waiting period in cases of dissolution of marriage either by divorce or death. Therefore, Articles 47 to 52 PSG cannot be interpreted as a regulation to the effect that a defective marriage contract after cohabitation leads to a void marriage.

The child has to endure abuse so that “integration” is successful

After all this, the court came out with the real tear-jerker: The “husband and wife” had endured so much together already during their “flight”! Additionally, a recognition of their marriage for the purpose of integration is vital. The two had already rejected participation in integration courses long before their marriage was validated, the German judges seriously lamented.

The youth welfare office and parents do not play a role anymore for the court: The child is legally married and, according to Syrian law, parental responsibility has thereby lapsed. Punishability according to § 182 III StGB is swept under the rug by the OLG Bamberg: That counts as “a matter of interpretation”. The bottom line is that the higher regional court, as the second most highest civil rights entity, has applied sharia law, which thus with one swipe suspends German family law, and especially criminal law, and has therefore deprived a 14-year-old girl of all protection given to her by the youth welfare services, and instead has exposed her to her “husband” defenselessly.

The legal court documents about the case:

OLG Bamberg, Beschluss v. 12.05.2016 — 2 UF 58/16 — Bügerservice

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  1. Poor child, and a warning to all women in Europe that their hard-fought equality will be extinguished at the stroke of a legal pen. I would like to know the names of the judges and lawyers for the Syrian man.

  2. Has no one e.g. Pegida opposed this decision? Appealed against it? Or is this a 4th Reich Legal Diktat administered on behalf of Saudi through Turkey for Global Islamisation…?

  3. What is the point of having (and paying for) German law if it does not apply?

    Under Papua New Guinea law a man is entitled to eat his defeated adversary. Of course this has to override German law?
    Yes? No?

  4. These so-called “justices” are just as vacuous, inane and stupid as Merkel and all her ilk, including the Catholic Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne, Rainer Maria Woelki.

  5. There is a lot of hypocrisy in our laws and attitudes to the so called “child’s sexuality”. We are ready to call a man a pedophile, if he gets into sexual relationship with, let’s say 15 years old. At the same time we accept that 11,12,13 and so on, regularly engaged in sexual activities with boys of the same age. I can assure you that there is no difference in how those sexual activities are performed. It is the same for all ages. If we tolerate promiscuity at any age, marriage is probably the least damaging for both sexes.
    We have to go back to the old values, recognizing sex only as an activity between husband and wife. We have to teach our boys not to settle for “second hand woman”. My advice to those boys, when they about to kiss such a woman is to think what she had in her mouth before.

    • It’s not the physical activity. It’s the experience and maturity. The thinking is that an 18 year old, or older male, has much more persuasive tools available to get a 13 or 14-year old girl into sexual relations. A 12-year old boy with a 12-year old girl at least involves comparable levels of experience and maturity.

      Our society has decreed that adults do not have access to adolescents below a certain age. The penalties may be too draconian in many cases. There was an example in Texas where a 17-year old boy had relations with a 15 1/2 year-old girl whom he later married. He was registered permanently as a sex offender and was unable to attend the graduation of his own children. There’s no idiotic extreme that an ambitious prosecutor won’t go to.

      Nevertheless, adults do not have access to adolescents. That ought to be especially made clear to Muslims. If they can’t abide the laws of their host society, better to go elsewhere.

      • Not in my world. I understood long time ago that the only way an individual can change anything is to make it a principle for himself and his family.

        I remember getting dirty looks when I married a girl, who was 16 years younger then I was. She didn’t have sexual experience, but in many ways was more mature then I was.

        It doesn’t matter now after 35 years and 6 children. We brought up our children with understanding that sex is part of marriage. It can and should be fun, but only within certain boundaries. We didn’t know if it will work, but it did. Even if it didn’t, it is worth to try. Children know if the parents are honest and will follow if they are.

        • Great story. Your children are adding to the sum total of happiness – or at least not adding to the total of sadness or anger/resentment.

          Age doesn’t matter. The B is ten years younger than I. As he said often, “aren’t we lucky it was only ten years?” The father of one of his college friends, when we told him our ‘good’ news, turned to Ned and said, “I hope you know what you’re doing”. Usually such rudeness causes me to immediately dissociate (go someplace else in me head) but this time I managed to hang around long enough to say, “thank you. I think we will be”…iow, as if he had wished us happiness. It was a small thing, but for me, a major victory in poise.

  6. Just one more illustration of the fact that Western liberals are an even greater existential threat than Islamic jihadis, and in fact that the two groups are actively co-operating in the destruction of Europe. Tragically, the mainstream churches, and most especially the Catholic Church, have now effectively joined the liberal establishment in the work of destruction.

    • The church’s stand on sex with children is well known…they are enthusiastically for it. It does not surprise me they are advocating for like minded Islam in Europe and elsewhere.

    • Good, Emmet.
      To attach themselves to Islam–a belief system almost totally opposite to overt progressivism–means they believe they can use Islam to advance their cause, but it also means that progressives have no principles, and actually believe in nothing except seizing power. Blah blah. It is an empty, hollow movement of people who want to control others.

  7. This is crazy sharia and it should not be valid here. This is America and that is that.

    Although I suppose Germany is a different story, since Merkel surrendered to sharia some time ago, the stupid witch.

  8. Disgusting and totally unacceptable!! They are in the minority in European countries so when do the leaders grow a spine and tell them to abide to our laws?

  9. I suppose that it is impossible in the legal system to consider a foreign couple to have automatically “divorced” the minute that they arrive on German soil. Perhaps that ought to be changed.

    But here’s the thing: married or divorced, that doesn’t justify the child abuse, and I’d get him for THAT.

    I believe that the above reasoning is how one U.S. state put a Saudi prince in jail for quite a long time, to my great satisfaction. There are some states in the U.S. that, almost uniquely among Western countries, still have a backbone for doing this kind of thing.

  10. Bribery.
    Left, right, up –down, and sideways.
    Government “leaders”, the Powers-that-Be, TV, newspapers–oil $$$$$$ until they are DROWNING IN IT! (Merkel? Anti-BREXIT?)

    ALL of that oil $$$$$$ that has flooded into the Mideast over the years is now coming back to bite us. The “migrant” invaders, their new clothes–their pocket money and transportation costs; payment for the bus/boat rides/ferries water, food and incidentals—-ALL OF IT stems from that cash.

    UNTIL they arrive–natch. (Then it’s all-of -a-sudden on OUR dime.)

    NOW, we are getting judicial approval for all the Muslim nonsense that has turned the Mideast until it is an unlivable hellhole .
    THEN it will be Burkas for ALL.
    Mosques on every streetcorner.
    THEN compulsory attendance.

    That oil $$$$$$$$$$ brings it here.

    Ain’t that special?

    • I think you have that right. For instance, who is paying for all of the inflatable boats and outboard motors? They all have cell phones. You can steal a phone, but what about the service? Someone is funding this invasion. As you point out, bribes may be a part of it.

      • Rick- I hadn’t thought of that. Our old “candy bar” cellphone from the 90s or so finally fell apart. We could never afford those hugely expensive phones nor the extortionate monthly bills. So we do without…

        I did try Nokia/Trakfone for a prepaid cheap-as-can-be bottom of the line. But they won’t deal with me bec we have no cellphone coverage here where we live. When I try to explain I don’t *need* coverage here but it would be good to have on the road – in town, for instance – I get nowhere…

        Oh…and try finding a working payphone to tell the dentist you’ll be late bec of an accident on the road…nada.

        • Tracfone isn’t as horrible as it used to be. First, they have a forum for problem solving, you no longer have to call them. Also, they now offer actual smart phones for cheap. I just ordered something for $39, with the next to last version of Android. If you go to their website and shop for phones, you’ll get a prompt to enter the zipcode where you’ll be using it. It says:

          NOTE: If you are purchasing a TRACFONE as a gift, please enter the ZIP Code where the TRACFONE will be used.

          In other words, they no longer care where you live. Or at least I hope this is what it means. If you have a problem, use the forum, it’s pretty good.

        • with an old ipod or cellphone, Google voice, and a free WiFi connection at Mickey D’s, you can phone the dentist that you are en route.

          • We don’t have an ipod. I wouldn’t know one if I tripped over it. What is Google voice? The nearest Mickey D’s is 21 miles from here. We have ZERO cellphone coverage here. Which is why we never bothered.The Catch 22 is buying a phone for a zip code with no cell coverage.

            It’s drivng me nuts.

  11. I can’t predict what the future will be, but I have a strong feeling that this will not end well. I’m trying to look forward, to see what Red/Green’s strategy is. There is a reason this direct action is being staged in Germany, instead of say, France or Sweden which are also headed for basket-case status, and in fact may be closer to the drain than Germany. I think it’s one of optics, how it will appear when the tide turns, and it happens in THAT European country versus the other occupied territories. I’m sure I’m not the first to imagine this scenario. Thoughts?

  12. Sack the judge, retrieve the legal aid granted to the pervert abusing this child and imprison him for paedophiliac behaviour at the same time too.
    Ensure that the solicitors who represented him are barred from further legal practice with immediate effect whilst you are about it too.
    Has it occurred to the morons in charge that this judgement could open the door to German nationals suddenly becoming “Muslims” and holidaying in an Arabic / Muslim country to find a child bride to bring home ( as opposed to the usual spirits and cigarettes) with whom they can indulge their repellent fetish upon? After all a Muslim is a Muslim regardless of nationality so be prepared for the whirlwind you have sown.

  13. There are those who say that if we don’t give into Muslim demands that there will be trouble.

    What those people are really saying us that they are aware that the Muslims are violent and uncivilised, and that it is our fault if they become unruly.

    It is time to call their bluff and force them tobaccept our rule of law. Should they resist, we can accept this as a declaration of war, and any non uniformed occupation army will be treated harshly.

  14. Well, apparently Germany, much like England, lost its “best and brightest” in two world wars as well. The lunatics and “Minderwertige Leute” are running the asylum.

      • That was ordered by a madman. According to a senior Nazi general (I think von Runstedt) interrogated by the Soviets, Hitler intended invading Russia in 1943, when he would have been better prepared, but the British victory in the Battle of Britain prompted him to attack earlier (no disrespect to the heroism of the RAF, but the Royal Navy would have slaughtered the invasion force anyway). Not the answer the General’s interrogators anticipated; they wanted his opinion as to which was the decisive battle of the European war, expecting the answer “Stalingrad”.

  15. This change in Europe is way beyond simple left-wing political correctness. It’s clear that their politicians have been turned. Most are purchased or blackmailed. I suspect a substantial number of them are actually Muslim converts behind closed doors.

  16. Well, I don’t see anything wrong with this. Islam’s specialty is pelvic area and I bet the moment Muslims step out of their Deutsche Spaceship onto the Mars surface they will start examining Martians’ sex organs for the purpose of Islamification of Mars. It’s not the appropriate time to discuss human rights; unite, tear down the mosques and send them Bolsheviks of EUSSR back home before it’s too late.

  17. I know this is well off topic but can anyone explain why English, Northern Irish and Polish football fans were attacked?

    Surely those “Russians” who attacked England fans could have been Chechens and or Turks masked as Russians. I am aware that many local “French” Muslims were involved too. Why would Russians Ally with muslims to attack England fans

  18. The legal system has always been the back door by which the Left could overturn a modern society’s cultural mores’ simply by fiat . This is why the Left worked so hard to gain control of large portions of the judicial system in the West.

    Once under their control it allows them to make new cultural values via edict and enforcement mechanisms already in place. There is no appeal once the highest courts decide a issue unless you’re willing to rebel against the government.

    This is where Germany and Sweden are, we are probably a couple years behind them, should Hillary win.

    The bottom line is that the system has been co-opted by groups hostile to the West and its culture.

    • The UK with its three jurisdictions, England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is probably near to that point too.

      In England and Wales we have the Crown Prosecution Service dealing with crime. Unfortunately this CPS is riddled with jihadists, leftists and anti white racists, and there’s little we can do. Defence costs are massive and even you succeed, you can only reclaim no more than £5000 back in costs, so many defendants either give up or defend as “Litigants In Person”, often a more successful method than using expensive multicultural [epithet] solicitors.

  19. This should not surprise us. The establishment will do what it can until it is stopped

  20. Germany’s been insane for at least one century so this shouldn’t shock anyone. All German men can now convert to islam and rape young children – a fitting end to a century of decline.

  21. Germany is lost if this decision is allowed to stand.

    All right-thinking people should flee while they still can.

  22. That contraption on his belt, if this is the actual picture for this story, isn’t it a paddle for spanking her?

    • I think it’s a ceremonial knife. But that’s a generic photo for child brides; from Pakistan, if I recall correctly.

    • No. That’s a stock photo I used for illustration. I think it’s from Pakistan.

  23. Well Germany can still have a Monarchy. The Government never abolished the Monarchy. The last Kaiser after WWI turned in by demand the Prussian Royal titles because Prussia was no longer going to exist. Now the Kaiser turned in his own family lines titles to the German Royal titles and exiled to Luxembourg, and got separate Royal titles for that particular country. If history serves me correct, Empress Vic and Kaiser Wilhelm I had about 8 children. The second son (whom Empress Vic really wanted to rule) would be up for the German Royal secession line. Reinstating a Monarchy would eliminate a lot of the BS that the current German Government is allowing to happen.

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