16 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: Will the General Betray Us?

  1. What’s this in response to, and which general? Very interesting to speculate though.

  2. I’m watching! As a combat veteran that served in Iraq with the 101st airborne division, and still a physically fit and competent man/soldier. I stand with the people and the constitution!

    • He has made abhorrent remarks, recently, relating to the subject of the illustration, and free speech, and some would say were (to be generous), anti American principles. Also other remarks, IMS. (if memory serves).

      Thanks for your service, Nick! I had applied for USAF pilot training, but they shorted me to navigator position, ‘though I was qualified in spades, and a full civilian pilot as well, but lacked my full degree, had only two years at top engineering school, and they wanted any degree “in basket weaving” so declined the slot, and went back to college, and then got married, and missed the whole thing. Bothers me to this day. And hadn’t really thought of Navy, Army at that time. Damn. Oh well…..

      • You may yet get your chance, but I assure you that I am praying not. No sane person would ever want that. No one prays more for peace than a soldier who has been to war. Having said that sometimes the only peace worth having lies on the other side of a conflict. PRAY!!

  3. Betrayus is an opportunist who will use the whomever is nearest to elevate his diminished stature.

    Pray that Trump is elected.

    • Yes. It is important to keep Matthew 6:24 close to your heart as you endure the trials and temptations of this life:

      No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

  4. It would be interesting to know just how many Generals are on the “team”. I remember Casey making crazy noises about “diversity”, and recently saw a post by someone, who said if the ever caught General Vines on the street…

  5. The picture is of Petraeus. Recently Petraeus works for the private equity and hedge fund firm KKR. KKR has projects and big plans in asia. Petraeus is now lobbying and making the big bucks.

  6. Petraeus is the consummate political general, much like Casey and others exalted rank.

    Look any officer who designs a set of ROE’s to make himself look good to the political ruling class while getting his soldiers needlessly killed is a scumbag and fraud. You can’t expect such a creature to be honest nor honorable. Heck the air that he exhales probably comes out crooked.

    You cannot expect such a creature to do anything but feather his own bed. IOW he’s the sort who would have no qualms ordering American soldiers to fire on American civilians if they resisted the rule of Hillary or protested the upcoming war with Russia.

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