4 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: Our Slaves Are Happy

  1. Once again, the Democrat Party is the pro-slavery party.
    This time, it’s gender slavery instead of race slavery, but if you are a 12-year old who is forcibly “married” to a 40-year old first cousin, and you have no right to refuse the “marriage,” and you have no right to refuse his sexual demands, and you can be beaten for not satisfying his lust, what is the difference?

    Slavery is slavery. Hillary has taken tens of millions of dollars from slave regimes, and has never said one word against the slave masters, or in favor of freedom for their slaves.

  2. Any time a politician makes a remark like that, he or she should be removed from office. Immediately!

    It is obvious this man does not know where his pay check comes from therefore he needs a sharp lesson.

  3. European countries welcoming in Muslim invaders are pushing slavery agenda for their women and girls. Most of the Euro males will be killed off to avoid any resistance when families are split up and women are forced into marriages. Child marriages with older men will be the norm. Euro folks are so dumbed down blindly following their pro Islamic leaders into becoming a caliphate.

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