From Matt Bracken: Claude Juncker and the Brexit

If I had more time, I’d digitally alter this photo to include some strategically placed hammer-and-sickle emblems:

Mr. Bracken also sent this cartoon; I don’t know where it’s from:

And here are a few “Greatest Hits” selected from the anti-EU graphics in our image archives:



11 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: Claude Juncker and the Brexit

  1. The Mac cartoon is from the Daily Mail which has supported Leave.

  2. If we vote to Remain, we will have lots of reading to do bearing mind the following :

    Pythagoras Theorem : 24 Words.
    The Lord’s Prayer : 66 Words.
    Archimedes’ Principle : 67 Words.
    The Ten Commandments : 179 Words.
    The US Declaration of Independence : 1,300 Words.
    EU Regulations on the sale of cabbages : 26,911 Words.

    I do hope Cameron’s prophecies of doom do not come true if we vote Brexit. I have to say my tap water is turning very slightly red and there are a lot of frogs about. And as for the flies …..

    • Re Cameron’s prophecies of doom;
      Are Norway and Switzerland floundering in doom?
      Remember Y2K? Planes were going to fall out of the sky, ships would be lost at sea–nothing happened.

      OTOH, the way Britain has capitulated to the onset of sharia law gives me the horrible feeling they will bow to the EU and the Cameron gang, and remain.

    • Pres. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: 272 words

      (just to keep the historical comparisons going)

  3. My wife and I are about to go out and vote. I really hope enough us vote Leave not only to save ourselves, but the help save our Continental and Irish cousins too.

    We were lied to from the start and we were lied to again to attend.PT to bully us to Remain.

    The last debates have not changed opinions. All Remain could do was call Leavers liars and racists for wanting to control immigration.

  4. An UNELECTED plutucrat, wisely rejected by his own countrymen, suffering from delusions of grandeur.
    Unfortunately for him the genie is out of the bottle, people will NOT stand by and see their countries swamped by third world migrants whilst he and 10,000 others ride high on the hog ( someone might have to explain the phrase to Cameron when he becomes a Commissioner to avoid any embarrassing faux pas on his part) “earning” £150k per year.
    Some battles will be lost on the way but the war will be won.
    How can any organisation that thinks Turkey is part of Europe be taken seriously?

  5. Very interesting weather in the UK today, and which some news outlets suggest could favour Brexit.

  6. I hope that the wise and patriotic Britians flock to the polls and negate the brainwashed mass of lemmings being sold this alleged European Utopia.

  7. “Too many people are listening to their national opinion…”
    What an extraordinarily stupid thing to say! (but par for the EU course)

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