French Patriots: Taking it to the Streets

Ramadan has begun in earnest. The United States got its first taste of the “holy” month last Sunday in Orlando, and the French experienced their own Ramadan festivities with the murder of two French police officers by a mujahid and the stabbing of a woman by a Muslim obeying Allah’s command.

A series of rallies is being organized for this coming weekend by French patriotic groups. Below is a press release from Pierre Cassen of Riposte Laïque and Christine Tasin of Résistance Républicaine Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

French people, let’s take to the streets! A tribute to our murdered police! Out with this government!

June 14, 2016

Two police murdered by a known Islamist! We demand the resignation of this government! French people, let’s take to the streets!

A pair of police officers was killed in Magnanville [Translator’s note: suburb of Paris] in their home in front of their three-year-old child, by a Muslim “under surveillance for terrorism”, who had been left at liberty by our socialist state, as were tens of thousands of others.

This murder, perpetuated a few hours after the Orlando killings, a few weeks after the massacre in Brussels, a few months after the slaughter at the Bataclan, and a year and a half after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, confirms that the Western world suffers from a barbaric war waged against it by Islam, on the West’s own territory.

In our country, France, since January 7, 2015, our government has taken no effective measures to protect our compatriots. Instead it has multiplied its acts of allegiance to the religion of the killers. It did not shut down any mosques, it has not expelled even one apologist for jihadist terrorism, it has taken no action against the proselytes of a dogma which, via the construction of mosques, the profusion of Islamic veils and halal butchers, targets our country with increasing aggressiveness.

Worse still, since January 7, 2015, this regime and its interior minister [Bernard Cazeneuve] have imposed on France tens of thousands of newcomers, mostly Muslims, often aggressive towards our police and our countrymen, as shown daily in Calais.

Even more damning, instead of devoting all the forces of the state apparatus to the fight against Muslim terrorists, this minister has dared to file complaints against the patriots who resist, and orders his services to increase the persecution of the French who dare to challenge his angelic vision of Islam.

It is high time that the French react and take to the streets, wherever this can be organised. This interior minister must be dismissed forthwith, and this entire government, unable to protect our compatriots, must resign.

We propose that during this weekend of 17, 18 and 19 June, on the anniversary of General de Gaulle’s call, wherever possible rallies must be held by patriots paying tribute to two murdered police officers, but also to all the victims of Islam in France and worldwide.

We ask that these rallies take place in a united and unifying spirit. We will take our responsibilities particularly seriously in Paris, with other political or associative forces, for a gathering to be held in a place and on a date to be specified in the coming hours.

Christine Tasin, President of Résistance Républicaine
Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laïque

10 thoughts on “French Patriots: Taking it to the Streets

  1. I am more inclined to invest in sales of flowers and stuffed animals . . . but that’s just based on my expectations in these cases.

  2. Just feeling very uneasy and suspicious about what’s cooking in the EU right now. Why haven’t there been any spectacular jihadi strikes so far, way into the fasting month : I understand that Cameron had warned Brussels to hush up about their latest steps towards pan-European dictatorship legislation until after the Brexit vote.

    Could there possibly be a similar arrangement with ISIS in Europe to reign in their attackers until after the referendum, to ensure that British citizens remain blissfully unruffled ?

    • Attacks will explode in celebration when the UK votes to ‘Remain in slavery’ within the EU, ending Ramadan with a bang. The government will celebrate with new waves of migrants.

      • I think your pessimism is correct.
        Even if the Brits do vote Brexit, Cameron and his EU traitors will find a way to say “Soooo close! But we’re staying in the EU, hooraaaaay!”

        Vote fixing is not exactly dead; ubiquitous would be a more apt description.

        In any case, I don’t think this vote is binding–maybe the Brit government can just ignore the result?

    • Orlando has changed that. The European attacks are too recent. It is OK socially to say leave; it would appear from the polls.

  3. These F – – – – will not be characters out of Flushed Away! It’s time for another Charles Martel.

  4. Living in France I’ve not heard anything about this, there is no info andthe whole thing ad hoc.

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