Farage’s Speech to the Enemy + Another Sturm and Drang

A passing storm – fierce while it lasted – has knocked out our power. AGAIN. This is brought to you via battery.

I haven’t even finished watching this piece from Peter Schiff’s channel on You Tube. But I thought most of our readers would enjoy this childish uproar. Ain’t it a wonder how lefties the world over sound the same?

While I enjoyed this (and will finish watching it along with y’all) I can’t help but note what commenter Hesperado pointed out with his link to Debby Schlussel’s rant. Her title encapsulates the whole problem:

Brexit, Schmexit – All Irrelevant Without Islamexit

It’s a shame the accompanying text is so unrelentingly mean-spirited, e.g.,

You have to laugh at the stupid British, quarreling with themselves over something that will be completely irrelevant in just a few decades. Without getting rid of Islam and Muslims from their country–which they’ll never do–whether or not the UKistan exits from the European Union (EU) just doesn’t matter. Brexit is meaningless without Islamexit.

There’s more at her website, unfortunately written with the same bilious pen that marks her style. Why is this woman so angry? It’s as though someone ran a spike through her soul and left it there so she’s had to grow scar tissue around it to survive. Yes, I am well aware she’d treat my comment with her usual derisive smack-down. That’s okay…[but, Hesperado, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t let her know, eh? I’m too tired to fight]…

Londonistan, the biggest financial capital in the EU, is fast becoming a foreign country in the midst of the rest of England and Britain.

So…Brexit is what, precisely? Perhaps a prelude to a start of a beginning of The Beginning. In the midst of unremitting bad news, let us celebrate.

By the way, if you want to see how good Hesperado is,read this gem,
from 2008 no less.

40 thoughts on “Farage’s Speech to the Enemy + Another Sturm and Drang

  1. Hesperado and her mean-spiritedness:

    1) History is made by unreasonable men (and ladies)
    2) The UK needs more Thomas Paine’s (Tommy Robinson comes to mind) and fewer Tory fellow travelers and you can forget Labor – they have sold their country out just as
    they did post WWII
    3) There is a time to be courteous and a time to take your gloves off.

    Some of us are not mean-spirited but we are past the Constitution, Congress and so forth in this. Way past.

    • I agree. But I believe in staying on message rather than banging people on the head for being “stupid”…

      You can take your gloves off courteously and tell your opponent whatever rules you chosen to deal with them. Sharing your objective is not the same as giving away tactics, of course.

      Even the non-Scripturally-minded would surely appreciate Jesus’ advice to be as innocent as a dove and as wily as a serpent. IOW, never limit yourself to one path…re-read Sun Tzu. Or John Boyd’s OODA loop. Oh, wait – I just remembered an available online page by Sir John Copley- not the Art of War but the Art of Victory:


      A real polymath and renaissance man…I’d love to meet him. Some readers become annoyed because he lays out what he think likely future scenarios may be but he doesn’t offer pat solutions. I like such thinkers: they make ME think.

      • I just finished Tommy Robinson’s book and he calls plenty of people in British authority stupid and lot more colorful words. Maybe it doesn’t help his cause much but Tommy is an “in your face guy” for all 330 pages.

        Thanks for the link and your always sage advice.

  2. I just skimmed over her venom (and some odd comments below, including one that blamed contraception and abortion for population growth – what???). The demographic tables were worth seeing – absolutely frightening.

    • I keep referring people to the future that the UN, China, India, and other countries with large populations see coming down the road ~ mid-century. History is not linear. NOT. LINEAR.

      Not a rhetorical question: why do you think China has gotten rid of its one-child policy? What do you think of Russia’s concern with the coming population implosion? No, Islam won’t escape either: just ask Iran…

  3. She appears to be missing the point that I tried to address previously: If we regain control of our own political system, then we can influence what happens in our own country.

    So her assertion that nothing will ever be done in the UK about this problem that is manifesting itself may be true … then again, it may not.

  4. Personally, I see nothing wrong or ‘mean-spirited’ about Ms Schlussel’s ‘rant’–she is right on!

    I realize a very large percentage of westerners have been brainwashed into believing:
    “moslems are our friends, they are coming here for a better life….etc., ”
    The facts show otherwise–world wide. You all know damned well moslems NEVER fit in with any other people anywhere, they have to rule, and that’s why they are in our countries, courtesy of our ‘leaders’.

    As you say, Nick, we’ll have to see what happens in the UK, but again I agree with Schlussel–the Brits will not turf them out; so the problem in the UK is there to stay, and Brits will never again be safe on their own streets.

    • I agree with your thoughts regarding Islam’s inability to fit into the wider world. However, calling the British “stupid” is in itself a poor tactic for persuasion. It will divert energy from the central problem and eventually ends up in intramural squabbling…

      We don’t know *what* the Brits will do. What other country has produced a Tommy Robinson, for instance??

      Bad-mouthing our allies is an unwise tactic. It’s part-and-parcel of Obama’s “lead from behind” theory of foreign policy…

      I can’t believe I’m defending my erst-while frenemies, the Brits. What they did to Ireland was/is unspeakable. Sometimes I think they’re so loaded with karmic debt they’ll never get out from under. But that isn’t the British peoples. It’s their greedy, opportunistic “leaders” – I often wonder on which circle of Dante’s Inferno their gross negligence, greed, and the deliberate destruction of vast swaths of native populations just for their own profit (China’s opium degradation, to name one) will land them.

      • Concerning the Irish Famine in from 1845-52, the blame rests entirely with the corporatists who control our nations. Muslim regiments from the British Empire were used to remove food from Irish farmers, and has been airbrushed from the history books. Troops wearing Fez were observed in the 1840’s yet the likes of Gerry Adams want to conceal this fact and just blame the “English” all the time ignoring the corporate Rothschild involvement and Islamic jihad to kill white people. Sinn Vein or should I say Sh@t Fein goose step over this fact because they are under the pay and control of the House of Saud.

        • Say what you like. The English were in control and it is on their heads.

          They are still in bed with Saudis, witness Londonistan.

          And the famine is still an English karmic debt.

          Your arguments do not persuade.

      • “What other country has produced a Tommy Robinson, for instance??”

        Ours. Filip Dewinter. The only reason he’s barely known outside Belgium is the media blackout.

        In countries like The Netherlands or the UK, even though the Dutch or Britons are basically all affected to one degree or another by political correctness, there still *IS* a semblance of a free press. In the UK e.g., OK, you got The Independent, The Guardian… but there’s still The Daily Mail, The Telegraph.

        There is NO such thing, not even close, in Belgium. It’s why over here, we refer to ALL written press as “de regimepers”. Regime Press, of course.

        • Outlaw Mike

          This is a genuine question: are there really no independent, ie privately owned, newpapers in Belgium? Or is it like Sweden where there are, but as they depend on government subsidies to stay afloat they thus have to operate within loose government-determined editorial guidelines and push a government agenda? Or is it just a matter of voluntarily going along with a broad editorial policy that is suitable to the government, be it centre-left or centre-right

          • Mr O’Malley,

            they ARE privately owned newspapers, all of them. But for some reason there is NOTHING like The Daily Mail or, in The Netherlands, De Telegraaf. Zilch. I know all of their editors and columnists – people like Karel Verhoeven, Steven De Foer, Evita Neefs, Walter Pauli, Yves Desmet, Dominique Minten, Tom Naegels, Joel Ceulaer, Bart Brinckman, Paul Goossens… that’s but a sample of the big names in our (written) media landscape, and you can safely label ALL OF THEM to the left and/or extreme left. These are the people that dictate the news. That “make” the news.

            I am always struck by the massive discrepancy between the reporting in our “fatherlandish” press vis-à-vis the Anglosaxon world. There, you get both sides of the story. Here, the omission of certain key facts, particular viewpoints, angles to look at a given story… are baffling.

            It is most disheartening to be in a situation where you meet with friends, relatives who you know to be naturally ‘rightwing’ inclinated, but who express leftist viewpoints and platitudes because they-simply-have-not-heard-anything-else.

            One of my sisters has a leading function in a big real estate cy., Cushman & Wakefield. Although not married, she has a stable relationship with a normal guy, plus two kids. She is a strong believer in meritocracy. She does not fool around, knows what she wants, will fight to the death so to say for the wellbeing of her family. Although she would not label herself such, she’s definitely a rightwing personality.

            Yet she thinks very highly of Obama!!! When I try to explain to her that under Obama budget deficits thrice or even four times as big as the last one under Bush got institutionalized, she dismissed it. She is firmly convinced Obama has been a massively good POTUS: budget deficit and national debt are down, unemployment also, that the whole of the ME is on fire has NOTHING whatsoever to do with O proudly announcing to the Taliban that he will leave on this or that date etc…

            By contrast, according to her GWB was a completely irrelevant fool and ignoramus.

            I proposed to her, after dinner at my mother’s house, that we check out some CBO graphs showing the evolution of the US Budget Deficit.

            She didn’t want to take a look.

            Nothing is allowed to shatter her image of Saint Obama.

      • Surprized Herr Kapitan Kepha hasn’t rolled by to upbraid you regarding your dastardly admonishment of the frenemies. All in due time I reckon; although I see frankie substituted (wonder wot he bin smokin? ).

        I must rush off to referee a football match (3 actually and the Canadian variety, not Peil nor footie although I also do those), so will comment post-match.

  5. I think people are overly optimistic about how they will limit the growth of Islam in the UK. Yes with the Brexit, they have at least some hope to do something about it, but extreme measures will be required. I am talking about [intemperate suggestions redacted]… These are horrible things to even talk about it but in reality that is what to be expected or United Kingdom will be United Kaliphate in 20-40 years. The Muslims will not go away peacefully. They never did in the history of their sad cult. (Spain was freed after long and bloody wars).

    • BREXIT is only the start of the process and even then the powers are trying to block it but they won’t succeed. The House of Saud is furious with the result as is George Soros.

      Everywhere I go now I see a new confidence I’ve not seen since I was a child, ethnic minorities now look less arrogant and possibly know that it is us who now call the shots and not them. Out of all nine English regions, all eight outside if London voted Leave, London being the exception voting 58% Remain, 42% Leave. In most English dominated areas we voted typically 60-40 Leave and this was after the Cox Project Grief and Project Fear campaigns.

      Once we repeal the European Communities Act 1972, the multicultural enforcement apparatus can be easily removed. It will of course make it more difficult for muslins to exploit the legislation for their sole gain.

      The multicultural left are now turning on each other after they lost and I expect the left to decline very rapidly. The Muslims will probably form their own political parties, but will face severe opposition from the natives, they will continue to self segregate, and they have even tried to demand independence from the UK which has not gone unnoticed.

      The reality is we might actually diffuse the Islamic timebomb before major atrocities occur, however I do expect some form of armed insurrection at some stage.

      • Have you, like me, put on a few pounds since last Friday? I’ve been feasting happily on lefty tears as the little darlings sob uncontrollably into their fair-trade hankies. Oh woe! The racists won the referendum! Oh woe!

        Merkel allowing all the filth of the middle East to invade Europe has stirred the political pot and led directly to Brexit. With more to come. Stay tuned for a Europe wide revolt against the elites who did this to us and subsequent push back against Muslim invasion.

        We can win this. Debbie Schlussel is clearly – CLEARLY – an embittered Jew who actively wishes harm on us. To be ignored.

      • I share your optimism, Brexit is a very significant and powerful first step, both in terms of national morale and national legislative sovereignty.

        The UK can now pass legislation addressing a myriad of Islam issues asserting the paramountcy of British national values, though I don’t hold out much hope for a Boris Johnson led Tory government in this regard. Hopefully UKIP will win some parliamentary seats (Labour will implode as Corbyn – elected by a very large majority of Labour MPs as party leader quite recently – is jettisoned and traditional Labour voters flee to UKIP) and introduce legislation that will garner cross-bench support. All Imams to preach only in English, all Islamic schools to teach only in English, no public universities to have Islamic prayer rooms (see how the German State recently very effectively dealt with this matter), no segregated public swimming pools. Convicted criminals, including blatant welfare fraudsters such as Anjem Choudary, with dual nationality to be deported to their other nationality after serving their time.

        The real, achievable, legislative possibilities are endless, see Geert Wilders sensible ten point program for curbing Islam in the Netherlands. Islam in Britain will get a very strong sense that the tide has turned against them and Londonistan will shrivel as such. The Muslim population will continue to grow, but will become far less assertive.

        Further, there will be no more “human rights” appeals to the European Court of Justice, whereby some Islamic terror plotter gets convicted and is ordered deported then appeals to the ECJ which voids the deportation order because he’s at risk of harm if he goes back to Egypt.

        It is all well and good for Debbie Schlussel to go on her wild rant that Brexit won’t achieve anything re the Islamification of Britain, but what concrete proposals does she have? Intern and deport 3.2 million Muslims? Amongst many other practical and legal difficulties, the logistics of doing so are huge. How many passengers can fit on a 747? How many flights would it take? To deport a mere 100,000 would take years.

        • Julius, both Canada and the USA rounded up all Japanese during WW2 as you know, and while they were not deported, they certainly could have been; after all they did get to North America.

          How to deport them? Absolutely enormous cruise ships are being built, and as moslems look for new targets…..
          Cruise lines will suffer as soon as they are targeted, and could then be used to deport large numbers. Just a thought.

  6. I have to throw my two cents worth: and about Hesperado and his “asymptotic” classification and his consequent characterization or people.

    The fact is, if people in a position to change things, like Trump, talked about “Islam” rather than “radical Islam” when he specifies danger, then nobody would listen to him. It’s the same thing with people like Robert Spencer. Spencer is a world-class authority on Islam and a source of oceans of examples of Islamic dangers and atrocities. And yet, Spencer draws Hesperado’s ire because Spencer does not declare that every Muslim is dangerous.

    Similarly, with Stephen Coughlin, the author of Catastrophic Failure, a book crammed with chapter and verse of canonical Islamic doctrine of oppression, aggression and infiltration. Yet, Coughlin speaks of Muslims in Egypt who can’t believe that the US makes itself vulnerable to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Anyone with two brain cells can read Spencer’s, or Coughlin’s books, and know that Islamic doctrine is totalitarian and aggressive. But Coughlin, asymptotic as he is, still got kicked out of the programs to educate security and military personnel about Islam.

    I say, if we can cut off further Muslim immigration or visitation, as Trump says, until we “figure out what is going on”, I’ll be happy, even with the Muslims that are here. Why? Because that is reality right now. If Trump went further, he’d lose the election. Also, if we take Trump at his word, and take what Spencer has said, we’ll know that it is impossible to tell which Muslims are safe and which aren’t. So, “until we figure out what is going on” can take a long time indeed..during which, Muslims will not enter the US. What’s not to like?

    You don’t need a “holistic” or totally uncompromising view that every Muslim is potentially violent, to know that the Bush and Obama administration, and likely Bill Clinton’s also, were riddled with Muslim supremacists in positions of power and influence. Why get into unnecessary fights with people who are unwilling to rub people’s face with the assertion there are no safe Muslims, when these people, people like Robert Spencer, are doing so much to publicize not only the dangers of Islam, but the progress Islamic institutions like the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and ISNA have made in infiltrating our society?

    Let me be clear. I don’t object to Hesperado’s stating his viewpoint, which is rational and possible, and certainly needs to be heard. But, he has criticized by name people who are invaluable in the fight against Islamic takeover, because those people are not as uncompromising as he would like them to be. I disagree strongly with this approach.

    • I agree. It is refusing to go with the “good enough” and demanding perfection. That’s Hesperado’s Achilles Heel…but he and I have had that conversation many times over the years.

      There are ways to tell who are the “safe” Muslims. David Yerushalmi devised a longitudinal observation of one hundred or so American mosques to ascertain which were “radical” and which weren’t. He and his team had an interesting set of criteria, one of them being whether or not men and women were segregated during Friday prayers…and some surprising other behaviors.

      Here’s the study:


      Interesting. Just now when I did a google search for that study and clicked on the link, I got a warning that they were ‘checking’ the site for a DDoS attack. Sure they were…I wonder if potential readers are being scared away by such tricks??

      Sometimes these Zucksters are too clever by half.

      Note: 20% of the mosques were declared to be ‘normal’ – i.e., not potential places to radicalize young men.

      • “Just now when I did a google search for that study and clicked on the link, I got a warning that they were ‘checking’ the site for a DDoS attack. ”


        I got the same warning when using Google.

        I tried the same search using duckduckgo.com and bing.com, which gave me much more complete results for that search:
        “Yerushalmi mosques” and no warning.

        Even more interesting, after accessing a few of the sites, I did the Google search again, and this time, no warning.

        In the scale of problem severity, I think this type of petty harassment is minor. I’m much more concerned with the plans of the Obama administration to divest US control of web address assignments to international bodies. It’s more than obvious that the Obama administration is trying an end run around the first amendment by allowing international bodies not bound by the first amendment to filter the assignment and retention of web access.


        The malevolence of the Obama administration to the liberties and freedoms and security of Americans has to be seen to be believed. The amazing part is that there are not more people who resign from the administration, to denounce the most virulently anti-American Presidency ever.

        Both Democratic and Republican administrations have developed methods of retiring military leaders and civil servants likely to act on principle rather than expediency and career advancement.

        • Yes, indeed. I’ve been concerned about this for some time. I wonder what counter methods and who might be able to stop yet another strike on the civilized world.

  7. Hesperado/Voegeliinian/Fessitude says:

    “The Koran explicitly tells Muslims to hate (terrorize, subdue, oppress, and slaughter) the unbeliever until Islam is supreme in the world”

    This is not true. It took me 3 years to realise it but the Koran only tells Mohammed’s followers to terrorise, subdue, oppress and slaughter the local unbelievers. It is the later Islamic tradition (hadiths, sira, tafsirs and sharia) which turn Islamic domination into a global enterprise. To claim that the jihad verses apply to all unbelievers everywhere and for all time is to shoot ourselves in the foot when trying to convince neutral non-Muslims of Islam’s real supremacism. Here’s why:


  8. This woman Schlussel is very hateful and that is a good thing. Hates helps to clear up the mind and define borders. It is a useful tool in the fight against islam. Without flaming hate there is only a kind of “civilized and bloodless” passion which leads not to victory against the enemy. Without flaming hate there will be no real will to save our western civilization but just a little bit of dutyful commitment. And if we go civil war there will be an ocean of hate nonetheless.

    Just ask the russians. Without hating the germans they would have been wiped out by them 70y ago.

    • JohnKD, you say it so much better than me with less words.

      In a way it’s sad that we have come this far, that we *HAVE* to hate. It runs contrary to my religious beliefs (I’m a Christian, though far from a perfect one). But… that’s how it is. You are correct, without a healthy dose of hate we won’t see this thing through.

      • Hate gets in the way of a firm resolution to remove the source of the problem. And since we stood by while it happened, we now play the price of clean-up. The more you choose hatred, the more like Islam you become.

        Your religious beliefs would tell you that it is to your spiritual advantage to develop discernment. That includes our responsibility to figure out what we missed that allowed us to get to this emergency situation.

  9. ECAW,

    Not sure what the difference is. Assume I am an Imam telling my adherents to go kill Jews.

    1) The Koran says so
    2) The Hadiths say so
    3) The Sira says so
    4) A Muffasir says so in a tafsir
    5) The Ikwhan says so
    6) The Islamic say so
    7) A fatwa says so

    Look, Islam is supremacist. If you are making a fine point about whether Sura 876 (making it up) says to kill Jews not Sura 4,876 (making up a number) that is your choice. If you are a Jew you are dead in any of these cases so I fail to see what difference it makes which Muslim canonical work, which order by a Mullah/Imam tells the Muslims to kill Jews.

    Similarly, all these references talk about swords, smiting the neck and so forth but in 2016 a rifle bullet, pistol bullet or bomb although they are not in the Koran are being used by Muslims just fine.

    • This is the response I always get. Everyone who has read the blogpost and responded elsewhere looks at it from the perspective of Muslims, Imams and Islam as you do even though I have tried to make it plain that my concern is with non-Muslims. Have you ever debated with neutral or Islam-sympathetic non-Muslims? I have and I found that when I tried to cite the Koran as a source of the supremacism inherent in Islam they immediately responded that the jihad verses could all be understood contextually.

      It took me some time and re-reading the text to realise that it supports their view. That means that my attempt to convince them of Islam’s supremacism falls at the first hurdle and they go off confirmed in their original view. It’s a shame. There is just no point insisting that the text means more than it clearly says.

      • Great. So convince al Azhar university and get them to issue official signed fatwas affirming that this position is now mainstream Islamic scholarship.

        Otherwise you’re just falling for the usual taqiyya.

        • Clearly you didn’t take the time to read the blogpost properly. I have no intention of trying to persuade al Azhar of anything. I am well aware that they and the whole Islamic tradition interpret the Koran as Hesperado does. No one yet has even tried to refute the very specific and limited claim that I make, just preferring to argue with something I didn’t say. If Muslim apologists did that we would call it deflection or, oh yes, taqiyya.

  10. As fro Debbie Schlussel, her style is, imho, irrelevant. Yes, she may be an acerbic personality. Then again, on my blog I don’t shy away from coarse language. And why is that? Because I think the impossibility of getting angry is not necessarily a good thing. Quite the contrary, actually. When I observe the people around me, basically ALL-OF-THEM… they are increasingly leaning towards fin de siècle, après nous le déluge mentality.

    They lack anger. They should be angry because their land is being invaded and their future, and the future of the generations after us, is being threatened.

    I will take a Debbie Schlussel approachover a dhimmi approach any time. Even if it means that generalizing. Even it it means writing off those Brits who know what’s happening. Yes, she may hurt good people’s feelings. But simultaneously she may shake them clear awake too. Compare it to a working environment where 90% are slackers and 10% are doing a good job. The sloppiness of the 90% rubs off on the whole department. The boss comes in and raises hell, blaming and cursing EVERYBODY. Sure, those 10% will feel they’ve been treated unjustly. But they will work even harder to get it right and start reprimanding the 90%, whereas previously they were content to lie low. To me, it’s the same with Schlussel blaming ALL the Brits.

    As for “really moderate” muslims – I’m past caring about them. If as a muslim you haven’t figured out yet that the only sensible thing is to leave the “faith”, there’s no use for you.

  11. What is fascinating is the response from the Speaker some while after Farage states, with the MEPs behind him smirking and chortling:

    “I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives”

    The Speaker asks Farage to apologize for telling the assembled MEPs that they haven’t done/had “decent” jobs. Perhaps the word “proper” doesn’t translate well into other languages. All English speakers know exactly what Farage meant. And it is an entirely accurate statement. It would be illuminating to establish what each of the hundreds of extremely well paid MEPs did before being elected to the non-legislating, powerless, waste of money that is the European Parliament. Only a tiny minority of MEPs would have worked in the private sector, and they would be on the right.

    The conventional career path for a UK or Australian Labor party politician over the past three decades is as follows. Get a degree in Arts, majoring in Industrial Relations, Political Science or Economics, or get a law degree, then get a job as a research officer in a trade union, then get a paid party political position, then obtain paid elective office. Then retire. The second last Australian Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, spent years as paid student union leader, was given a non-job* in a law firm, then got elected to parliament. Her successor, Kevin Rudd, spent a mere 7 years working for the Department of Foreign Affairs before a lifetime in political office.

    *It is customary that politically connected law firms, depending on government work, will give select anointed Labor Party hacks a job in their firm. Usually a salaried partner. They aren’t expected to actually do any legal work, they just use the provided office, phone, staff to develop their political careers. The firm makes its money back in the fullness of time.

    The people of the UK and ultimately of Europe owe Nigel Farage a huge debt of gratitude for the 17 years he tirelessly campaigned to abolish his own job. Having given up a lucrative career as a metals broker. Until only a few weeks ago those 17 years were spent being mocked and derided as a preposterous and absurd figure; such was the low esteem in which he was held he wasn’t even deemed suitable to be an official member of the “Leave” campaign. Look whose laughing now, indeed!

  12. I voted Leave on Thursday but the blame should be placed firmly on our leaders the UK government and UK MPs. Only 5% of blame should be shifted to Brussels.

    Our governments have WANTED to use the EU as a weapon to attack their indigenous peoples, and that is why they wanted us in and want to prevent us from leaving. The EU has accepted the referendum result and wants to sever asap.

    The Remainiacs are the problem, but thank goodness the EU doesn’t want them anymore.

    We are seeing the true colours of the Remainiacs continuous spin, lies, deceit after they lost.

    • That is a very good point. Similarly, the Democrats in the US are using Muslims as their private army and the UN as their excuse to get “refugees” here.

  13. “It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.”- Martin Schultz, President of the EU Parliament

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