Europe’s Youth, Reconquista!

The video below shows a recent demonstration in Vienna by the Austrian Identitaire movement, and the “anti-fascist” counter-demonstrators who confronted it. Notice how many police it took to keep the antifas away from the Identitaires.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Reconquista, Europe’s Youth, Reconquista!
00:05   Nazis out! Nazis out!
00:12   Fine like this? All dandy?
00:15   Our home, our nation is torn down, we are Islamized and becoming a minority in this country.
00:22   Home, Freedom, Tradition. – Multiculti Endstation.
00:28   Home, Freedom, Tradition. – Multiculti Endstation.
00:33   (German:) Von Ottakring bis (?)
00:40   (Italian:) … tutti antifascisti… (?)
00:51   Home, Freedom, Tradition. – Multiculti Endstation.
01:14   Nazis out!
01:20   Europe’s Youth, Reconquista! Europe’s Youth, Reconquista!
01:30   (Italian or Spanish): … antifascista… (?)
01:34   Europe’s Youth, Reconquista!
01:47   (Italian or Spanish:) We are all the anti-fascists!
01:54   Nazis Out!
02:17   Get the cars out of the way!
02:30   Sign: “Take it down!”
02:54   (bang) – “Move!”
03:12   We’ll be back. The Reconquista has just begun.
03:16   2016 will be the year of the patriots.
03:20   Sod off! Sod off!

13 thoughts on “Europe’s Youth, Reconquista!

  1. Well, that was interesting. Can anyone explain the flag symbolism? The yellow and black flags with a symbol similar to the Mazda car logo, whats that all about? Saw one checkered flag as well.

  2. Really interesting how the Leftist brownshirts screaming “Nazis out”. Truly astounding mindset.

    • Its the same scum that you will find at anti-Israel protests, or any other given leftist topic.

      They dont even mind going side by side with fundamentalist muslims.
      As long as they can scream the same slogans.
      To dumb to notice them.

    • It epitomises the vilification tactics of the EU-backed antifas- a compliant media lights up and legitimises the target – first the smears e.g racists/xenophobes/homophobes/Islamophobes etc
      These are the nebulous terms that form the blasphemy laws of the so-called progressives and Islamo-leftists who promote EUrabia.
      The state had antifas bussed in to confront Pegida in Dresden;
      For after the vilification come the no-platforming tactics.

  3. Is there some law that keeps the reconquista people from calling the other side communists or stalinist? It seems the other side has no problem calling the reconquista people nazis. Call the other side exactly what they are but then they may take as a complement.

    • Often a part of them openly carries communist symbols during protests.
      So this would not be an insult.

      I just call them “Jihad Deniers” (Jihad-Leugner) or “Idiots”. 😉

  4. That filthy hag doing the hip swing in front of the Spartan battle line at the end of the video – I would have broken ranks and given her a vicious frontal cross-check…hey equal treatment, and at that moment I’d be self-identitying as a Spartan wife!

  5. Call the anti-fascist mob “Nazis” right back, for they are all about “lebensraum” for Islam, the replacement of indigenous populations of Europe, and for the conquest and subjugation of Christian society under local Gauleiter loyal to the EU. Very much the modern-day Nazis.

  6. It`s really hard to stand that all the MSM is calling them Right Wing-Radicals.
    When at the same time it was the left “activists” who choose to act violent, throwing stones and bottles (at the peacefull demonstrators and at the police).

    One demonstrator was severly wounded on the head by a stone and had to be transported to an intensiv care unit for medical treatment.
    Usually demonstrations in Austria tend to bei relatively peacefull.
    Its said to say, but with the heavy influx of students from Germany (with a violent protest culture), that has dramatically changed in the last years.
    And nowadays even the youth organisations of the green- and the socialist party in some cases openly called for violence.

    • Violence is not that bad at all. Sometimes its a very useful tool to win a war. Now we are at the crossroad to preserve our way of life or not. If this not the case when violence is allowed I dont know.

      • Very soon the situation will be insolvent. THEN violence will be upon you (us) whether we would have it or not. So YES soon it will be time. Not that I call for that or want it….but can do it.

  7. Anti demonstrators were speaking Italian (tutti/ fascisti) not Spanish (todos/fascistas).
    Thanks the European Youth for using “Reconquista” – The NW of Portugal and Spain was the first land in Europe to get rid of Moslems. Etymons: re (=again) conquista (=conquest). But to us here means recover, our ancestral land: Portuguese or Spanish

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