Dentist Hounded by Antifa Mobs for Supporting the AfD

A dentist in Berlin is being harassed and threatened by Antifa mobs because he is a member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) party. The lefties who demonstrate in front of his office have the stated intention of shutting down his practice.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from BZ Berlin:

State-supported leftist mob harasses dentist because he is a member of the AfD

For years, the dentist Dr. Marius Radtke (64) has been treating patients in his practice at the Pistoriusstraße in Weißensee.

Marius Radtke works as a volunteer in the function of spokesman for the Lichtenberg district association of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party. This has made him a target of left-wing groups who are determined to make his life difficult.

They dropped “warnings” into mailboxes in the neighborhood, which were meant to inform patients that their dentist was a member of the “racist, antisocial and hypocritical AfD party”.

Then they sent warnings to the other dental practices in the area and asked the “dear practice teams” not to refer any more patients to Dr. Radtke. In this manner they have tried to ruin the dentist economically since April 13. On their portal “Antifascist Initiative” the leftists celebrate concerning this action, using the motto: “Pulling out Germany’s teeth!”

Demonstration in front of dentist’s practice

Then, on Thursday, May 12, it happened: 60 black-clad people demonstrated in front of the dentist’s practice. The police secured the door behind which Dr. Radtke worked with his dentist’s drill in hand, while they hurled insults at him from the street.

The march to the dentist’s office, which used the title “Weissensee ist bunt”, (Weissensee is colorful), was supported by three groups. One of the groups is the “Willkommensnetzwerk Pankow Hilft” (Welcome-Network Pankow Helps). This network receives direct financial aid from the federal government, specifically the Ministry for Family.

“Pankow Hilft” is the recipient of plenty of praise and favorable mentions in public for their voluntary work with migrants and asylum seekers.

Now, the helpers have turned up at Pistoriusstraße, not to help, however, but to insult a dentist because he is a member of the AfD.

All this happened a week ago. The public wasn’t mentionably upset about it. And that may be the worst yet. Because if this becomes the norm, that people because of their political preferences may be harassed by an angry mob with the goal of keeping that person from practicing his livelihood, then democracy has arrived at the end. Then we will enter very quickly into a new age of street fights.

Berlin city officials cloaked in silence

In April, the minister president of Thüringen, Bodo Ramelow (Left) vehemently condemned in clear language the demonstration of left extremists in front of the residence of the leading AfD figure Björn Höcke. Ramelow spoke of “Nazi-tactics”.

It’s with this same kind of bluntness with which the campaign against the Berlin dentist should have also been condemned. But the city leader cloaked himself in silence. As did other politicians, from whom not a word was heard as well.

If one wishes to dispute Dr. Radtke, he should be invited to a discussion. But that is apparently not at all what these left marchers want. They want to finish off a person, because they don’t like him.

41 thoughts on “Dentist Hounded by Antifa Mobs for Supporting the AfD

  1. This sounds like a dry run for a President Clinton, who stated publicly that the pesky First Amendment prevented the US from passing laws against the defamation of Islam. Our alternative, thus, was to “publicly shame” the critics. I’m sure a President Clinton would see nothing wrong in government-subsidized groups “publicly shaming” a businessman or wage earner who strayed off the PC reservation. Further, a partisan Supreme Court, packed with committed leftists by Clinton, would back up the subsidy.

    This is the future that not-so-ex leftist radical Bill Krystol wishes to foist on the country as punishment for Republican voters not choosing his anointed candidate for the Republican nomination. Clinton is committed to involving the US in foreign wars and interventions totally peripheral to real US interests, which is what makes Krystol absolutely radiant about the prospect of a Clinton Presidency.

  2. I have a great dentist. And the one before him, she was great also but retired. What kind of goon hates a dentist? I hate the left.

    That’s it! From now on I’m only making right turns. It may take longer to get there, but that’s my political statement. Or maybe not. But it’s better than joining a mob. The mob mentality is not civilized. The lefties are as big a problem as the migrants for Germany, in fact they are two sides of the same coin.

  3. Chilling echoes of Nazi Germany when they drove Jews from their businesses.

  4. Simply more evidence that Europe has been conquered. The police will not make the crowd disperse. Useless politicians who also use dental services will not do a thing. losers.

  5. I see what is coming.
    Kauf’ nicht bei Afd (Boycott AfD businesses). AfD ‘raus. Little yellow stars. Blackshirts on the streets. Smashed windows.
    And nobody is publicly standing up for this man.
    To think I once lived in this country and admired its people. And thought they had grown out of fascism.

      • I keep saying the EU is a fascist front organization.

        These BROWN SHIRTS are the beginning of the end of a free Germany and Europe.

        The muslims will be used as the SS enforces… JUST WATCH.

        • Attack cat: Makes sense, even police depts are hiring Muslims in some areas. EU is turning into a caliphate, and SS killer teams gearing up to be released on infidels along with mayhem and destruction. Rambos and biker gangs needed to defend the EU countries now. But I don’t see them standing up at this point.

  6. The new Germany — same as the old Germany. If you can’t win by discussion or verbal argument, then start the mobs up instead. The Nazis may have been banned in Germany, but at heart some people are always Nazis (just as some are always communists or socialists or gasp! conservatives).

    Part of me feels sorry for Germany but the other part doesn’t since she (Germany) has brought this on herself by voting for people like Merkel. And also allowing PC to dissuade them from speaking up about these things.

    I see it here (only 7 more months to go!) too, as Obama tries to funnel in as many muslims as possible (and perhaps Mexicans too — I don’t know that for sure, but it’s no accident that our border is “porous”).

    • Correct on all points.

      I feel like Winston Churchill… watching the Nazis take hold of Germany but now there is the FASCIST EU to contend with. THE NEW HITLER , the EU rises like a poisonous snake to take on the lovers of FREEDOM.

      GOD help us all.

  7. Sturm Abteilung….. 21st Century style. Organised by Merkel and Co

  8. So many of these types of stories and so little outrage by society. It is very frightening to think that people are so passive when it comes to the annhilation of their own freedoms, or rather, the future freedom of their own children.


  9. We DESPERATLY need a nice, cute, catchy term explaining that these ‘anti-s’ are the new, true fascists of our 21st century.
    It should read both in English and German, as well.

    Lock and load, boys and girls.

  10. Young, stupid, feckless, but very dangerous. What is it with these left wing lunatics? Do they believe that the third world dross they welcome into their country appreciate their efforts? They will mug, assault and humiliate them too at the first opportunity and have worse in store for their women folk.
    When will the vast, decent but far to silent majority of Germans react and put this rabble in their place. The politicians, the police, long since emasculated by the odious Merkel are patently not going to do it for them.

  11. When I was a kid I read a children History book about the Roman Empire. The description about how the Gauls were conquered was simplist but mainly was about the fact that the tribes were not united up to some point.

    There was a funny cartoon in that book in which one gaul was telling another something like this: “After my tribe deals with yours, my tribe is going to defeat the romans”.

    In the end the gauls only won in Asterix’s village.

    My point is this: we are the gauls of that book from my childhood. We have many enemies, as this german dentist is experiencing. And I don’t know how to defeat them all at the same time.

  12. In the age of easy video, one way to retaliate is to make video recordings of such demonstrations, and put them up online. People may think twice knowing their antisocial, anti-democratic behavior is recorded for posterity.

    I have heard of people appearing in masks at demonstrations. This should be strongly illegal (with strong punishments) if it is not already. Also the police should make a priority of arresting any masked demonstrators first.

    • Appearing masked is illegal. But in Austria and Germany Police are advised to do nothing against it.

  13. The useful idiots for the “Antifa” puppet masters are exemplars of ignorance and low IQ . . . and they are more than a little irony-challenged.

  14. Is there any way to support this dentist financially? If everybody chipped in, it might help make up for any money he has lost due to the demonstrations etc.

    • don’ t worry about the welfare of german dental surgeons.
      In his age group he must have made min. 10,000 € a month through decades.The ones I know of have houses on the mediterranean or elswhere.They are rich.

  15. for the first time yesterday, I visited a website of those self- acclaimed antifascists here in Germany.Although I knew before, I was still shocked.
    There were slogans like ” do it again Harris” ( Dresden), and ” Germany, you big turd”, and ” no tears for Krauts” – in english.Can anybody here explain, what those people expect,Germany once destroyed?The state who gives them a workless living on welfare?I am old, was once a leftist myself but do not understand these people.Are they sick? I think yes.From my own experience: a couple of years ago, a huge house in renovation of my neighbourhood was squatted by those individuals. As they were expelled by police and gathered on the sidewalk in front of my place, I could look in their faces as they screamed slogans against the police: they were incandescent, white-hot with rage – to wit: expelled from a place where they had no right and no reason to be.And more: they had the faces of upperclass schoolkids, probably from the leafy parts of town, not of proletarians in need of affordable accommodation.

    • I just found this interesting article at Wikipedia:

      “a militant extremist extra-parliamentary network in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and other countries, whose stated goal is to ‘smash fascism in all its forms’. Some of its members are influenced by the theory of triple oppression; its members oppose SEXISM, RACISM and CLASSISM. The point of the organization is to exchange information and to coordinate activities between local groups.”

      Of course, those WORDS are popular dog whistles of totalitarianism, i.e. communism, or “internationalism and libertarian socialism” as they call it at

    • Note also the commies’ delightful, unintended humor:

      “All Swedish antifascist groups are not part of the [Anti Fascist Action] network.”

      ‘Tis just as we suspected.

  16. wished this dentist take his tools and pull all Merkels teeth out. Tie her to the chair und los gehts.

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