Brexit is Only the Beginning

After last Thursday’s vote in favor of leaving the EU, the British people — and possibly even the English people, if events continue on their current trajectory — have regained the right of self-determination. Instead of being told what to do by their distant and unaccountable masters in Brussels, they will now be told what to do by their masters in London — who, at least theoretically, may be held to account when they thwart the will of the people.

Now the UK can determine how it will spend taxpayers’ money. It can regulate the size, texture, and ingredients of its own cheeses.

It can decide how many immigrants, if any, it wants to allow into the country. Maybe the British people want to import millions more Third World immigrants, or maybe they don’t. But they get to decide.

And Britain can decide what, if anything, it wants to do about the problem of Islam, without worrying about being slapped down by the European Court of Human Rights. In the seventeen years since he began his quixotic effort to get the UK out of the EU, Nigel Farage consistently refused to deal with the issue of Islam, because he (quite rightly) feared that touching this third rail of British politics would marginalize him completely and guarantee his political ineffectiveness.

And now, almost two decades later, he has achieved his goal. Now the British people may decide all political matters for themselves.

It’s like the old question about the dog who chases cars: What would he do with one if he caught it?

Well, you caught one, Nigel. Now what?

42 thoughts on “Brexit is Only the Beginning

  1. I fear you’re right, Baron. NF’s record with Anne Marie Waters does not bode well. Living close to central London, I should be the last person to say this, but maybe it will need a major terrorist attack here to wake people up; we (surviving) Brits may get a better grasp on the situation than the French and Belgians have. The powers that be are at least on notice following the Brexit poll.

    • Given that the 11th anniversary of the July 7th attacks is next week you may have your terrorist attack sooner rather than later.

    • They have had a major attack. Didn’t wake them up enough. Dhimmis just cower after attacks – exactly as intended.

  2. One thing here that’s incorrect. The European Court of Human Rights is an institution of the Council of Europe. It has nothing to do with the European Union. There is jurisprudence at the ECtHR which can be drawn on in argument for banning and suppressing Islam as a political religion which advocates the overthrow of the state.

    • Thanks Michael. How about the fact that islam advocates domestic violence and antisemitism? Has the ECtHR ever been asked to even consider these facts?

      • The ECtHR only determines applications from individuals who claim that one or more of their rights under the Convention have been violated. Alternatively (which hardly ever happens) a member State can bring a claim against another member in its own name. The Court doesn’t investigate violations committed by Muslims.

  3. When you have a vicious dog that has sunk its teeth into your leg, it’s sufficient to focus on removing the teeth from your flesh without addressing the details of your life after this is accomplished. In fact, any kind of life without teeth in your flesh is an improvement.

  4. So true, that Brexit is only the beginning. The EU and UN are evil. And powerful. Folks are calling Brexit their ‘Declaration of Independence. BEWARE. The Declaration of Independence was followed by the WAR for Independence. You can bet your Birkenstocks that the globalists will not let people free without WAR.

    • I am not yet convinced that hot lead is imminent, but we (British) must keep the politicians’ feet to the fire until we get out exit. And that is going to be a long job, for we must
      1. agree on what we want the future to look like (3 months?)
      2. issue Article 50 notice, and then negotiate (2 years)
      3. draft and pass the necessary legislation to implement (9 months?)

      That of course assumes that the EU side will negotiate in good faith. There is a summer agricultural show near me in the next few weeks. I am eagerly anticipating the aerobatic display from the Flying Porcines.

  5. “It’s like the old question about the dog who chases cars: What would he do with one if he caught it?”

    I saw a dog who caught his tail once. He started chewing it off. Maybe that dog was crazy, maybe that’s what dogs just do. I dunno, don’t dogs ever look back and know that that’s their own tail?

  6. Sure he got what he wanted. There’s an awful lot that’s going to keep Farage (and the rest) busy and it will also depend on what Brussels does. There will be counter-moves by the globalists, attacks on the sterling, financial pressures, to justify the self-fulfilling prophesies of gloom and doom of the defeated Remains. Psychological pressure organised by ‘civil society’ organisations, such as Soros financed Avaaz masquerading as grass-roots social media protests. As usual, the liberal élite’s trained media propaganda monkeys journalists will be busy full-time lying and twisting truth, anything to help derail the process of Brexit which could take two years. The power holders will never give up control without a fight and that fight will be an underhanded, unethical, goal-post moving kind of fight full of lies and propaganda to persuade the gullible and the ignorant, the “soft” Brexit voters to change their minds

    • “to persuade the gullible and the ignorant, the “soft” Brexit voters to change their minds”

      Yes, a second referendum straight away to give the opportunity to vote in the Korrekt manner would be a bit blatant. But give it a year or so … … See how they handled the Irish!

      As has been said by someone else, we live in the age of the “re-sit generation” who throughout their education have been allowed to re-sit any test or examination they didn’t get right until they did. They have no idea of the Quality mantra “Get it right, first time, on time, every time!”

      • I suspect that the UK has been such a consistent thorn in the EU’s side they’ll be glad to see the back of us.

        • Yep. Britain hasn’t changed a bit. Messed things up for Hitler too. Now once again with Angela and her Soviet swing.

  7. I agree with you Baron that someone had better come up with a plan and move swiftly and resolutely to complete it. Global Progressivism is an apocalyptic cult that, rather than let Alexander cut the Gordian Knot, would burn down the temple with all inside and then stone to death anyone who claimed that it had ever existed. They can be given no room to maneuver.
    I do not think Socio-Fascism will go quietly into that good night because a few million peasants have dismissed it.

    • Once the referendum passed, that was that. Britain will leave, and be able to sign trade agreements with the rest of the world. Their old friends who were shunned when the UK joined the common market are back looking for trade deals. Minis for roast lamb.

    • She is sooo good at analyzing issues and situations. Obviously extremely intelligent. But her rage level is wearing.

      From the post, a good analogy:

      If, G-d forbid, you had deadly cancer which was fast taking over your body and which already metastasized, would you be worried about whether or not you still belonged to a glorified country club of fools? Nope. If you had any common sense, you’d ignore the country club and focus on the cancer, lest it kill you. You’d fight […] to survive and get rid of the cancer.

      But that’s not what Great Britain–soon to be Greater Arabia Britain–is doing. Its people are bickering about whether or not they should remain in the neo-Marxist, Third-World-pandering EU. And while Brits should support the Brexit, none of it matters anymore. It’s too late. Too […] late. Way too […] late.

      • Wearing is right. I read Schlussel and the take away is she hates almost everybody who isn’t Debbie. She is, most of the time, right. But never without vitriol. Perfect example of how the sphere of opinion on the right is a circular firing squad.

        Smart and mean, that’s about it. She only posts about once a week and when she does, half the time it’s gay bashing or movie reviews. She is, after all, a lawyer. So she’s busy and she’s an [body part which facilitates the evacuation of waste]*.

        *Saw that coming, thought I’d save you a moment.

        • But the Baron’s edits are always so funny … don’t deprive the readers, [imperative invoking perdition]!

        • Even if “Rick” is correct about every last thing he says about Schlussel, that is irrelevant to the cogency of her jeremiad.

          Red herrings much…?

          • No need for quotes around my name, for that truly is my name.

            I’m not sure what your red herrings comment really means – I find it rather obscure. I laid it right out there: I agree with Debbie most of the time but I think she can be a [gluteus maximus]*.

            *loc cit

          • Actually I’m a fan of the greased herring. It’s a cross between a red herring and a greased pig.

      • If we are going to do this legally, then we must regain our own ability to govern ourselves. Otherwise we degenerate into mob violence indistinguishable from the other side.

        As for being too late, I think that Diana West could be construed as suggesting that the Left (who are trying to act as Islam’s puppeteers) got themselves into positions from which they could not be evicted by early 1940. Ever since then it has been inevitable that the forthcoming tragedy will be unfolding shortly before our very eyes.

  8. Check out Farage’s latest comments, suspecting that the even the LEAVE Tories are going soft.

    • Been saying for the last three decades that westerners are FAR too soft; only to be labelled a ‘radical nutter’.

      Schlussel is absolutely right! Why is it that so many people are such slow learners? islam is the enemy; it has always been the enemy, and as long as it’s adherents follow their terror manual, aka the Koran, they always will be the enemy!

      • Yep. But good luck finding any Western official or media person who will say that. It’s the eternal search for “radical” Islam, Hefalumps, and Woozles in the Deep Woods. Soon, very soon, we will find them.

        15 years after 9/11 and that’s the state of the art Western strategy — find “extremists”; import “moderates.”

        • And any attempt to determine which kind of Islam is being imported is called “Islamophobia”!

          They’ve got us stitched up all right.

          • Don’t pick a fight with me, Hespie; that’s exactly my point.

            They have us stitched up thus:

            1. They convince us that there are “moderates” (good) and “radicals” (bad).

            2. Then, when we investigate to try to make this illusory distinction about any particular Muslim or group, our acquisition of data is called “profiling”, “discrimination”, and “Islamophobia”.

            Now do I make myself clear?

  9. A victory for the free world. People who have no ties or have ever been to England were cheering. They were cheering in New Zealand, at McMurdo and on French Frigate Shoals. Yes, I hope this is only the beginning and that the moment is unstoppable, but the 23rd was a bright spot in an increasingly dark sky.

  10. Nigel can look back on his life with no regrets – this major accomplishment is more than most politicians could muster in 100 years. I’m afraid you’re all right – if article 50 isn’t evoked quickly this whole mess could go sideways.

  11. Cammy is going to hang on just long enough to muddy the water…..

    What we now need is UDI like Ian Smith and Rhodesia….

    (Universal Declaration of Independence)

    • Forgive the correction, MC, but it was “Unilateral”.

      I recall that the Liberal Party called for a UK invasion; the humorous (?) magazine, “Punch”, imagined the scenario:

      Ministry of Defence to RAF: “Bomb Salisbury”.

      RAF to MoD: “Salisbury obliterated”.

      MoD to RAF: “Bomb Salisbury, Rhodesia”.

      Amazing the stuff that sticks in one’s brain.

  12. The British media is working overtime to portray a “morning after regrets” narrative for Brexit leavers. But apart from 3.5 million signing a petition (a drop in the bucket) and a few hundred protesting outside parliament (another drop in the bucket) where is the evidence? One thing an analysis of the polls is showing is “Leave” support has been constant for months and understated by many pollsters.

  13. Yes Brexit is only the beginning. We need a general election asap followed by a purge of the entrenched Common Purpose placemen who infest every NGO, charity, research institute, school and university in the land, not to mention the BBC, social services, police and judiciary. While we are at it we can kill off the sacred socialist cows known as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and repeal the hate laws so that we are free to criticise.

    I have plenty of ideas for the next steps.

  14. IMO, what England (and Europe) need do is to deport muslims back to their sandy lands as soon as they step out of line one inch. And then keep them there. Let them recreate Alexander’s hanging gardens if they have time on their hands. Well, they would never think of that, of course. After this last terrorist attack I have a hard time understanding why deportation has not been considered and implemented.

    Yes, I do realize I am rather simple-minded and think in a stright line rather than the way more clever people do.

    • The problem with the solution of mass deportation that so many promote is that only naturalized citizens or visiting foreigners can be deported. Europe, the UK, and the US have had generations of Muslims coming in and many of the trouble makers are now native born. The only way to expel a native citizen is expatriation, not deportation, and there really is no effective mechanism for expatriation.

      I’m sorry to say it but I think the most effective fix would be a Way-Back machine: never let them in in the first place. Think of rat-proofing a home. But the high and mighty progressives shouted that down long ago.

  15. Another Balkins-up. The current infidel free zones where no natives dare thread is just is not working for the new generation of Muslims. A declaration of independence from Islam and its creature torture comforts and domination tricks is on all western nation’s agenda hopefully.

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