Boris Johnson: “Our Country’s Independence Day”

Boris Johnson is the Conservative Mayor of London (and also Donald Trump’s closest competitor for the coveted “Most Eccentric Hair on a Political Head” award).

Below is a speech given yesterday by Mr. Johnson in a BBC debate on Leave vs. Remain. At the end of his brief pep-talk he received a standing ovation from the audience:

Hat tip: Nick.

10 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: “Our Country’s Independence Day”

    • Yes, I know that, and should have included the word “former”. But I was typing in haste. London now has a lovely culture-enricher for a mayor, who will fix everything. Maybe a new motto: “Sadiq’ll fix it”, à la Jimmy Savile.

  1. Fantastic! Exhilarating! Heart-Warming! Thank you Gates of Vienna!
    Whatever the outcome of the Brexit Referendum, I shall never forget
    this speech! Rule Britannia! Britons never shall be slaves!

  2. It’s a clear choice and even if, I fervently hope, the OUTs win, the EU government is likely to activate article 50 of the EU Treaty, which foresees that the status quo is maintained for two years and that both parties are given the chance to renegotiate their relationship. “Renegotiate” like they did to the Irish when they didn’t vote the right way the first time. If that happens anything can happen.

  3. Powerful little speech; I particularly liked his point about British voters being able to give voice to “millions of Europeans” who currently had no real say – in terms of voting at least – in the governance of their nations. Quite true. A gifted and charismatic speaker, clearly – and nicer hair than Donald Trump! 😉

    On a slightly different note: I am personally so nervous about this vote because it seems to me that so much is riding on it. A “Leave” result could (emphasis on that word, of course) amount to the first slow, lazy snowflake that announces a blizzard, the subtle shift of a section of snow on a mountain that sets off an avalanche. This could be a statement by average people that they’ve finally reached the point where they will resist the elite’s manipulations of their societies, wish to choose their own course, and want their “independence”, as Johnson said. This could … well, time will tell, I suppose.

  4. All the referendums that have taken place in the UK and EU are frauds to begin with.

    Proper democracy and genuinely free voting can only be said to have taken place when:
    The electorate is genuinely informed about the issues and their relative significance
    The voters have not been threatened or bullied in any way
    The vote has been called willingly by the Government of the day
    All the previously agreed rules and regulations have been observed by those on either side of the argument(s).

  5. Boris J is no friend of islam-critics. He wrote a stupid article about the wonders of islamic Spain!

    Ah well, at least he wants UK border control back – it’s a start.

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